Gay / Lesbian Youth Suicide Problems in Australia / New Zealand?
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Suicidality Results from More than 30 Studies in Four Categories!

Table 3: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Suicide Attempt Studies
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History of the Suicide Problem in Gay Communities
Pierre J. Tremblay

Presented at the Sixth Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, Banff, Alberta, October 11-14, 1995, (c) Oct 1995. First made available on the Internet on January 19, 1996.

Table 3: Gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth: studies reporting suicide attempt incidence.

Gay-related stressors, attempters versus non-attepters. Out to parent (53% vs 30%), discovered gay by parents (37% vs 23%), by others in family (41% vs 28%), ridiculed for sex identity (57% vs 45%), all not statistically significant. For all males: lifetime prevalence rates 50% higher for alcohol use,  300% higher for marijuana use, and 800%   higher for cocaine / crack use than national average for same-age youth. Lesser differences reported in Magnuson (1992) study..
Related Factors/Reasons: Substance abuse problems 26/37 males, 7/13 females. Positive family relationship: only 2/37 males. Most prevalent feeling for females: isolation. First sexual experience for males at 14 years (average), all with strangers. 35/37 homosexually active. For females 5/13 = 38%. Most suicide attempters got mental health services outside school. All deny their homosexual orientation to mental health professionals.

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