Gay / Lesbian Youth Suicide Problems in Australia / New Zealand?
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Table 2: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Suicide Attempt Studies
Pierre J. Tremblay

Presented at the Sixth Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, Banff, Alberta, October 11-14, 1995, (c) Oct 1995. First made available on the Internet on January 19, 1996.

Table 1:  The most representative studies reporting on the suicide attempt problem for gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth.

Related Factors/Reasons: Adolescent HJealth Questionnnaire (AHQ). Family & Self-perception (Good Indicators), Social Environment (Moderate Indicator). Three indicators correctly classify 56% of attempters.
Related Factors/Reasons: Constellation of predictors of suicide attempts: low self-esteem, alcohol abuse, depression, loss of friend due to being gay/lesbian, plus negative familial response to coming out.
Suicide attempt Reasons:: Family problems (44%(, Personal/ interpersonal turmoil related to sexual orientation (33%), depression (30%), peer conflicts (22%), substance abuse (15%), romance (11%). 75%  of suicide attempts after self-identification, 1/3 within first year after. Multiple Logistic Regression Results: 3-times risk for suicide attempt associated with being feminine and using illegal drugs. With each year delay in self-identification (mean age = 13.7 years), risk drops by 80%. Average age of suicide attempt = 15.5 years. Sample resembles suicide completers with respect to family dysfunction, subtance abuse, and many being repeat suicide attempters.

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