The Construction of Machismo in Cuba: Torre
To The Seminal Truth? Table of Content.
Yukio Mishima: Saint Sebastian Eroticism.
The 'Unconscious': Explorations
Burroughs, Dostoyevski, and Mishima.

William S. Burroughs?  - "Important to consider here is that the death-defying and mind-altering toxic/erotic activities described in the Red Night trilogy are voluntary, not engineered by a totalitarian control machine or alien entity, such as the 'milking machine' extracting semen for replica production in The Ticket That Exploded..." (Langeteig, 1997: 156). "'Orgasm death,' a recurring theme in the surreal sex fantasies featured in the Nova trilogy, refers to involuntary orgasm produced either by hanging or by electrical stimulation in a Reichian-like orgone accumulator. See, for example, TX, pp. 3, 134" (Langeteig, 1997: 168). [Orgasm = 'La Petite Mort" OR: Its Opposite - The Ultimate Death! Is the 'Ultimate Death' = to LIFE?]

"43. This line credited to Hassan I Sabbah, also known as the Old Man of the Mountain, makes several appearances in Burroughs's novels, as representative of his revolutionary philosophy, and can be traced to Dostoyevsky. In the context of his essay on gay liberation, James Darsey writes: "Dostoevsky, in The Brothers Karamozov, presents us with the potentialities of a world where God is absent. 'When there is no god, everything is permitted,' is Ivan's refrain. If there is no god, no absolute truth, there is no law, no ordonnance, no basis for prohibition; the consequences are at once liberating and terrifying" ("Dies Non: Gay Liberation and the Rhetoric of Pure Tolerance," in James Darsey, Queer Words, Queer Images: Communication and the Construction of Homosexuality [New York: New York University Press, 1994], p. 48) (Langeteig, 1997: 168).

Dostoevski: The Brothers Karamazov. Quoted as a beginning to Mishima's Novel "Confessions of a Mask" (1960).

"….Beauty is a terrible and awful thing! It is terrible because it never has and never can be fathomed, for God sets us nothing but riddles. Within beauty both shares meet and all contradictions exist side by side. I am not  a cultivated man, brother, but I thought a lot about this. Truly there are mysteries without end! Too many riddles weigh man down on earth. We guess then as we can, and come out of the water dry.

Beauty! I cannot bear the thought that a man of noble heart and lofty man sets out with the ideal of  the Madonna and ends with the ideal of Sodom. What's still more awful is that the man with the ideals of Sodom does not remember the ideals of the Madonna, and in the bottom of his heart he may still be on fire, sincerely on fire, with longing for the beautiful ideal, just as in the days of his youthful innocence. Yes, man's heart is wide, too wide indeed. I'd have it narrower. The devil only knows what to make of it!

But what the intellect regards as shameful often appears splendidly beautiful to the heart. Is there beauty in Sodom? Believe me, most men feel their beauty in Sodom. Did you know this secret? The dreadful thing is that beauty is not only terrifying but also mysterious. God and the Devil are fighting there, and their battlefield is the heart of man. But a man's heart wants to speak only of its own ache. Listen now I will tell you what it says…."

Mishima's adolescent hero has a very special sexual fantasy after he recognized the high sexual appeal of depictions of St. Sebastian: an Icon Renaissance transformation of a death / murder - via being "penetrated" by arrows - into homoeroticism. His fantasy is represented on the cover of Mishima's novel reproduced on the next web page. For an excellent reporting (in French) on the transformation of Saint Sebatian's murder into erotic art by Italian Renaissance artists see Ressouni-Demigneux, Karim (1996). "LA CHAIR ET LA FLECHE: Le regard homosexuel sur saint Sébastien tel qu'il etait representé en Italie autour de 1500."

The Construction of Machismo in Cuba: Torre
Yukio Mishima: Saint Sebastian Eroticism.

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