Need to Explore and Synthesize Freud, Jung, Lancan, and Others.
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Spirituality and Sexuality in African-American Experience.
Semen / Milk

In Acadian culture, I encountered some cases of semen being called "milk." Also, on a television program, the semen being removed from salmon was referred to as "milk."

The Sambia: semen = milk.

"Together they show that, for Clement's hearers blood, menstrual blood, semen, and milk were related and even interchangeable substances. 18" (Engelbrecht, 1999: 513-4. "God's Milk: An Orthodox Confession of the Eucharist")

In Freud, orality is both affectionate and hostile. Eating something is a way of keeping it with you forever, but it's also a way of destroying it. From her experiences as a child analyst, Melanie Klein drew a candid and grisly image of the infant's cannibalistic urges:

     In the very first months of the baby's existence it has sadistic impulses
     directed, not only against its mother's breast, but also against the inside of
     her body: scooping it out, devouring the contents, destroying it by every
     means which sadism can suggest. 38

To master a love-object that is sometimes frustratingly withheld, the infant indulges a fantasy of total sadistic control.

Melville must have found the same ambiguity in his sources about cannibalism. The same Langsdorff who suggested that prehistoric German cannibalism lurked behind the expression "eating someone through love" also suggested it was the motive for the expression "blood-thirsty." 39" (Caleb, 1994)

"I looked up in time to see Marty open his eyes to watch me express my total need to be a part of him and for him to be a part of me... I nursed on him like I was a baby and his cock was my bottle.  "That's it baby", he said.  "You're mine now and I'm yours for the rest of our lives"" (Man, 1997).

.."warm milk poured our of my dick... warm cum milk on my lips..." (Gaybook).

Two slang words given for "ejaculated semen": "cream" and "man milk" (Ellsworth, 2000).

"...milked his cock ... milking him ... He stayed there and let his throat muscles milk the juice out of me" (Master).

"So he stuck his cock back in my mouth and with his finger tips he milked his cock head back and forth until every last drop of his hot jism spurted forth in my mouth" (Satnite).

"Justin Force Feeding Eric His Cock & Sperm Load!" (PornHome).

"Seeking local cocks to feed my hungry mouth! There's nothing's better in this world than a heavy milking cock unloading in my hot mouth! I love eating hot cum and I can't get enough of it!" (Jim, 1997).

Need to Explore and Synthesize Freud, Jung, Lancan, and Others.
Spirituality and Sexuality in African-American Experience.

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