The Conscious / Unconscious: Some Thoughts.
To The Seminal Truth? Table of Content.
Homosexuality and Cannibalism Interchangeable In Melville's Writing.
Semen Stealers?

Dracula: End Note107: "Ernest Jones, On the Nightmare (New York: Liveright, 1951) says that blood often stands in for semen in the context of vampire narratives." (Schaffer, 1994: 425). "A Wilde Desire Took Me: the homoerotic history of Dracula".  "In the rest of the novel [by Bram Stoker], Dracula's victims constantly negotiate between hiding or revealing their condition. Dracula seems to be structured by the anguishing choice between repressed helplessness and dangerous action, and it is the unconsciousness of the whole problem that gives the novel its mythic status. The crisis of the closet in 1895 makes Dracula a horror novel..." (Schaffer, 1994: 381).

"Not one critic, however, has recognized that Stoker began writing Dracula one month after his friend, rival, and compatriot Oscar Wilde was convicted of the crime of sodomy. Wilde's influence on Stoker has been neglected partly because much of Stoker's biographical information has disappeared" (Schaffer, 1994: 381).

Scotland:"I was honoured (I think!) recently to be given yet another term of endearment by one of the gang up here, now not only referred to as Auntie or Mother or Mother Inferior, now in some circles I am referred to as a Semen Vampire! I don't think further explanation is needed do you!? I've heard that "Oor Gus" has been a bit of a Semen Vampire recently (or was that sunflower?) on his visit to the Toon of Aberdeen, brazen nubile young(ish) wench that he is!"

France - Fin-de-siècle: "So powerful were these normative sexual categories that, while elsewhere in western Europe Freudian explanations for homosexuality were leading to more social tolerance, France rejected both the homosexual and his/her psychological apologists. As alarming as the homosexual was the specter of the sexually insatiable and predatory libertine whose abnormal sexual demands might permanently steal bourgeois virility. Thus the bourgeois was everywhere threatened" (Hildreth, 1996: 151-2).

Boston, 1999: "Some [Boston FTM] participants felt that  having male energy was as important to their transition as having a male body. Semen had significant value as a source  of male energy and nourishment. [17: Herdt G. (1981) Guardians of the Flutes: Idioms in  Masculinity. McGraw-Hill: New York. Herdt writes about the  Sambia tribe in New Guinea in which young boys ingest the  semen of older males to acquire male sexual energy and  power" (Hein and Kirk, 1999).

Pornography: Heterosexual Pornography (John Leslie): "The sex in his appartment is fevered (the scene has more than passing interest in Leslie's penis). When he ejaculates, they share his sperm (a nice play on the obvious symbolism of so many vampire movies). The next day, suddenly gripped by a force she does not comprehend, Jennifer rips off her clothes and claws at the floor" (Slade, 1997: 120).

Vampire Films: "Our enduring fascination with these deadly creatures of the night, many posit, has its roots deep in the unconscious mind, where sex and death and body and soul and blood and semen percolate and stew in a steaming cauldron of Freudian confusion. This primal witches' brew manifests, at the mythic level, in legends of the incubus, the succubus, and other nocturnal demons who sap the sex and/or suck the blood' (Cinematheque, 1998).

Added (September, 2004): - It's what you do: Most of the men who have sex with men in the South probably don’t identify themselves as ‘gay’ or ‘bisexual’. Jeremy Seabrook explains why it’s vital to recognize this: "many think not only that sex with men is safe, but that the discharge of semen into their body makes them stronger and secure against infection." - Love in a Different Climate:  The Meaning of Men who have Sex with Men in India - 1999 - by Jeremy Seabrook (Review) (Review N/A) (Review) (8 Sample Pages)

The Conscious / Unconscious: Some Thoughts.
Homosexuality and Cannibalism Interchangeable In Melville's Writing.

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