Research and Understanding Problems: Words.
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The Historical Meaning of Male-Male Anal Sex.
  Gay Identity / Anal Sex

"It is anal intercourse that the heterosexual man generally thinks of when he thinks about homosexual sex at all, and it is a possibility that arouses nearly universal feelings of fear, anger, shame, humiliation, and degradation in heterosexual men" (Odets, 1995: 189).

"Most campaigns to encourage gay men to use condoms skirt the issue of signification altogether, or imply that a change from unprotected to protected is insignificant and meaningless. Yet swallowing semen or being fucked have tremendous meaning and provide significant pleasure for individual gay man (Rofes, 1996: 146).

[Micheal]  "When I first came out [in 1978] there was tremendous pressure [in the gay community] to have sex - I mean you name it, but especially anal sex, which was something I've never been into. And if you weren't into it, well then, your growth was stunted, or something like that, and people would tell you to get into a group to work it out. There was this idea that you just hadn't gotten over your own homophobia if you weren't into a lot of sex, and especially anal sex (Odets, 1995: 130).

The Jeff Stryker Affair (Late '80s, Calgary): Generally, any idea that he was "gay" was negated by the fact that a male could not be seen anally penetrate him, nor at the "very least" was he permitting a penis to be in his mouth. That he may be "bisexual" was also in question. So what is the definition of a "gay" male? Still "trade" based?" Active/Passive? Is it only the "passive" male who therefore gets the label(s): gay, homosexual, fag, etc.? A social construction? Still the "Trade" definition?

As I've listened to men speak about the transformative powers of getting fucked, I often find myself relating to feelings and thoughts which seem to fall out from the act. The relationship between receptive anal intercourse and alternative visions of masculinity and male identity has struck me as particularly appealing. A penetrated man remains a man, but he may be different from men who don't get fucked. As a man in the latter category, I feel the difference acutely (Rofes, 1996: 169).

"I remember very well the first time I got fucked. Exhausted and relaxed after all-afternoon sex, I lay sprawled on my boyfriend's bed and uttered those fateful words "do anything you want with me"... I knew what was about to happen. I had no fear, only a deep sense of relaxation. It didn't hurt, but at the moment of penetration, one self died and another was reborn. An 'initiation', certainly...
...What feelings does being fucked stir within me? Two words perhaps, describe them best - abandonment and possession. In being fucked, I am abandoning my ego-defences, opening myself at a deep level to another person, and able to cast aside the socially-crafted 'masks' I put on to deal with the world. I abandon myself to total pleasure, and to the pleasure of my lover...  A lover's orgasm within me brings about a feeling of deep peace and satisfaction. I feel as though I have been revitalised, and can go forth into the world with an inner glow. I regret deeply, in these AIDS - conscious times, that I cannot receive into myself a lover's semen. Yet it is as though in abandoning myself to another, I reaffirm my sense of selfdom" (Phil Hine).

Research and Understanding Problems: Words.
The Historical Meaning of Male-Male Anal Sex.

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