A Hatred of Bisexual People in Gay Communities?
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Gay Identiry Related to Anal Sex and Receiving Semen?
  Some Major Problems

"Levine and Siegal (1992) use these examples to show how sexual passion, sexual desire, or lust become motivating factors for unsafe sex. The authors explain:

Nearly all the men offering this excuse felt their behavior was uncharacteristic of them and attributable to uncontrollable urges, which overwhelmed their intent to use protection. These men typically described these urges as powerful biological needs and drives, which they dubbed passion or 'horniness.' (Levine and Siegal, 1992: 62)" [Leap, 1995: 234]
"Lust and passion are issues in these discussions, and they do influence the respondents' decisions to participate in high-risk behavior. However, lust and passion are secondary to the assertions of agency presented in these texts and to the effects which differences in agency put on risk-related decision making in each case... But a closer reading of the respondents' - as text - suggests the need to distinguish between different constructions of passion, particularly as each construction intertwines with, and is shaped by, different assertions of power within each erotic domain" (Leap, 1995: 237).

"We have countless studies in which 'promiscuity' is a variable and which never mention love in this context as if love could not be involved in 'casual' encounters... Only normal, monogamous heterosexual, bourgeois, middle-class white folks truly know love, and they are not at risk; that seems to be the assumption" (Bolton, 1995: 296).

"Yet AIDS and sex both involve irrationality. AIDS is fundamentally a problem of rationality; to give but a few examples: (1) Do you understand my infected friends who say they wish they were infected? ...Irrationality is at the base of religious systems..." (Bolton, 1995: 293).

"When we started this research, some of us were surprised that gay men still had unsafe sex... It was primarily we women that we so astonished... This is a view that stems from a rational choice model. But the world is not that simple. We hope that this has served to show that unsafe sex is also rational behavior, and that a wider understanding of rationality is needed: one that includes longing and love as motives for action" (Prieur, 1990: 115).

The following words are often used but they are rarely defined. This creates a major problem when understanding is sought.

Sexual Passion
Sexual Desire
Feeling of Oneness
A Hatred of Bisexual People in Gay Communities?
Gay Identiry Related to Anal Sex and Receiving Semen?

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