Male Heterosexuality: Rooted in Love or Hatred?
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A hatred of Feminine Males in Gay communities? Part 2
 Femininity Issues in Gay Communities
A hatred of Feminine Men?

The extent that lying by appearance - via muscular development - exists in gay communities is unknown, but some gay males believe what Scott Thompson of "Kid in the Hall" fame noted in a Salon Magazine interview: "...the sissy is the truth. The muscle queen is not. That is a false construct held up by wires, strings, steroids and the gym. It's not real. And if gay men aren't going to accept the sissy, then they're doomed" (Morgan, 1998).

"One would have anticipated that gay liberation and the commercialization of the lives of gay men in inner-city neighborhoods like the Castro and Christopher Street would have significantly changed the way that our culture views effeminacy, providing a new protective environment in which to experiment with unconventionally masculine forms of behavior. A central paradox of the birth of the subculture, however, is that in resisting the effeminate stereotypes and gestural paradigms that have tyrannized gay men of the past, we have created a new Frankenstein - the "good gay," masculine, assimilated, forceful, deliberate, his body no longer a boneless frenzy of threshing arms and legs but a militarized automation patrolling his beat at a brisk goosestep" (Harris, 1991: 76).

"In liberating themselves from effeminacy, homosexuals have taken on yet another albatross, accepted more, not less rigid notions of how they should express their homosexuality, and essentially invented - to borrow a stereotype ridicules in the black community - the gay oreo, effeminate on the inside, masculine without. In the final analysis, liberation has liberated homosexuals into a new totalitarian attitude towards their mannerisms, a new contempt for effeminacy, and above all a new body language, the masculine majority's depersonalizing Esperanto of frigid gestures and flinty smiles" (Harris, 1991: 76).

"...rather than endorsing effeminacy, gay liberation has led to the institutionalization of its ridicule" (Harris, 1991: 78).

For a discussion of femininity in gay and bisexual males, the over-representation of femininity in these males, anti-femininity attitudes in and outside gay communities, and related negative consequences (such as incidences of attempting suicide for the most feminine gay/bisexual male youth compared to their most masculine counterparts: 48% vs. 11%) see the section on femininity by Tremblay (2000).

Male Heterosexuality: Rooted in Love or Hatred?
A hatred of Feminine Males in Gay communities? Part 2

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