Military Trade: The Gay Quest For Highly Masculine Males
To The Seminal Truth? Table of Content.
Male Heterosexuality: Rooted in Love or Hatred?
  Trade Ideology in Greater Society?

"It is anal intercourse that the heterosexual man generally thinks of when he thinks of when he thinks about homosexual sex at all, and it is a possibility that arouses nearly universal feelings of fear, anger, shame, humiliation, and degradation in heterosexual men" (Odets, 1995: 189).

"Men give and women receive, men are external and women internal, men fuck and women get fucked. What is most distressing about this dichotomy is the contempt... [felt] for the 'feminine' position and, by implications, for homosexuality. Men who routinely penetrate women vaginally (or anally) and ejaculate within them so often harbor a deprecatory sense of... ...women are weak, helpless, soiled receptacles of men's externalized semen. For a man to experience the feminine position psychologically or enact it sexually arouses contempt in other men, often in women, and, often, profound shame in homosexual man himself" (Odets, 1995: 191).

"So, while homosexual rape in prison is initially a macho/power thing, slaves are created because a need exists for slaves - a need for a woman-substitute.. The identification is always on a continuum of passive and dominant, weak and strong, with the weak and passive viewed and related to as being 'female.' ...The 'stud' in a homosexual relationship does not consider himself to be a homosexual, or even to have engaged in homosexual acts" (Scacco, 1982a: 9).

"Receiving semen provides many women with identity as a heterosexual woman; ejaculating semen into a woman provides many men with identity as a heterosexual man" (Rofes, 1996: 162). [Citing Andrea Dworkin, but much unspoken here to be recognized. To be deconstructed.]

"Within gay male relationships the exchange of semen, anally or orally, is often experienced as an important expression of intimacy, just as it is vaginally, anally, or orally within heterosexual relationships" (Odets, 1995: 195). "Intimacy?" Have heterosexual relationships - historical situation between males and females -  'really' been rooted in "intimacy?' or "love"? Fiction?

[Continued] "Within gay male relationships, this exchange often holds an especially important position, for it not only leaves behind tangible evidence of powerful intimacy, it stands in defiance of prohibitions against homosexuality: we put our semen where we want to" (Odets, 1995: 195). Was the situation similar during the 'Trade' days? Who were the defiant ones then? "Powerful intimacy" or  'something' else?

"Anal sex has interpersonal and psychological meaning for many gay men - in other words, for many men it is comparable to vaginal sex between heterosexuals or lesbians" (Odets, 1995: 189).

"Clearly, even many of those who are able to think about the meaning of vaginal sex have not been able to translate that understanding to gay sex" (Odets, 1995: 196). Meaning? Understanding? 'Amnesia' here?

Military Trade: The Gay Quest For Highly Masculine Males
Male Heterosexuality: Rooted in Love or Hatred?

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