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Book Review by Monteagudo (1999): Military Trade by Steven Zeeland, Harrington Park Press.

Steven Zeeland has carved a niche for himself with his books about male homo-sexual behavior in the U.S. military. This self-styled "lover of soldiers" has covered the field in Barrack Buddies and Soldier Lovers (1993), Sailors and Sexual Identity (1995) and The Masculine Marine (1996).

As a rule, "military chasers" don't chase after gay servicemen, "don't ask don't tell" or not: "Most of us [says Zeeland] are gay men who pursue sex with straight men. And often we do it in public." "Gay boys, to me, are just not sexually interesting," says "Cory", one of Zeeland's subjects. "They're a total waste of time."

Gay or not, servicemen represent masculinity to those who seek it; as one of Zeeland's subjects says, "In most cases, you're guaranteed that if the guy's a soldier, he's gonna be a real man." "Among the reasons that immediately come to mind are a certified masculinity; the association of masculinity with potency, with aggression, with being on top, with large genitalia, with buckets of semen", says another, more scholarly, "chaser."

"Years of recreational sex with sailors taught me many things about them, about me, and about life. Including this valuable life lesson: "No matter how much you like a guy, and no matter how many times he lets you suck his dick, don't get emotionally involved. He'll only make you cry," says "Maynard", who spent his adult life "servicing sailors". Still, in spite of this, "Maynard" has no regrets:

Most military trade are "gay for pay". "I'll leave my phone number with some phrase like 'BJ for USMC' ... [or] 'Good $$$ for BJ for USMC'," notes "Cory".

"Finally, social research (Component 5) has discovered: ...The belief among [Indonesian] transvestite and gay CSWs that they will retain their sexual youth by ingesting semen from young men. This oral sex they often provide gratis." (Davies, 1999)

Finally, social research has discovered: ...The belief among gay military chasers that they will (......?) by ingesting semen from ultra-masculine "buckets of semen" male icons. This oral sex they are more than willing to pay for. (Author?)

The Trade System in Gay Communities?
Trade Ideology in Mainstream Society

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