Recent History of the Male Homosexual 'Trade' System.
To The Seminal Truth? Table of Content.
Military Trade: The Gay Quest For Highly Masculine Males
  The Trade System in Gay Communities?

Sodomy  =  Anal Sex  =  Male Homosexuality  =  Gay  =
Female Role  =  Sexually Passive  =  Penetrated   =  Inferior?

"It is anal intercourse that the heterosexual man generally thinks of when he thinks of when he thinks about homosexual sex at all, and it is a possibility that arouses nearly universal feelings of frear, anger, shame, humiliation, and degradation in heterosexual men" (Odets, 1995: 189).

"Many gay men as well have similar feelings about receptive anal intercourse, and, contrary to popular ideas, there are many gay men who have never had - especially receptive -  anal intercourse and have no intention of ever doing so" (Odets, 1995: 189-90).

"The issue is so significant among gay men that most, whether consciously or not, have self-identification and ideas about others that create one of the most pervasive and powerful divisions in gay communities - that between "tops" (insertive partners) and "bottoms" (anal receptive partners). The distinction between tops and bottoms is not simply about sexual behaviors, but also important psychological issues" (Odets, 1995: 190).

Insertive or receptive (active or passive). After the decision is made to engage in anal sex, the next issue to be addressed is which role each partner will take. Most men in our study has a specific role preference (de  Zwart et al., 1998: 95),

"Men give and women receive, men are external and women internal, men fuck and women get fucked. What is most distressing about this dichotomy is the contempt... [felt] for the 'feminine' position and, by implications, for homosexuality. Men who routinely penetrate women vaginally (or anally) and ejaculate within them so often harbor a depracatory sense of... women are weak, helpless, soiled receptacles of men's externalized semen. For a man to experience the feminine position psychologically or enact it sexually arouses contempt in other men, often in women, and, often, profound shame in homosexual man himself" (Odets, 1995: 191).

Recent History of the Male Homosexual 'Trade' System.
Military Trade: The Gay Quest For Highly Masculine Males

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