Qualitative and Ethnomethodology Studies Needed.
To The Seminal Truth? Table of Content.
Gay Semen Needs: Oral and Anal Sex
  Ethnomethodology / Qualitative Studies
Do Gay Males Want the Truth to be Known?

de Luze, Hubert (1990). Regards ethnométhodologiques sur le mensonge dans le village des dragueurs homosexuels parisiens du 15-11-1989 au 15-4-1990. Université de Paris, Diplôme D'Etude Supérieures Spécialisées.

Most gay and bisexual males lie in one or more ways when meeting each other with a "sex" (maybe "love") objective in mind: "The majority of homosexual males I have met would rather not know the truth (in spite of their professed desire to know the truth)... The very frequent use of lying by cruising homosexual males sometimes causes problems. For example, after sexual pleasure is experienced a love (passion) response may result. Is a relationship possible? Based on what? Being blind? In fact, when we are relating with an entrenched liar, there are no rational ways to detect where the lie end and where truth begins (Conclusion - Translated by author). One of the ways gay males lie, of the many ways listed in four major categories and 34 subcategories, is via in their appearance, and "muscles" headed the list of eleven ways gay males lie physically.

Seal et al. (2000). HIV prevention with young men who have sex with men: what young men themselves say is needed. AIDS Care, 12(1), 5-26.

YMSM's attempt to conform to a free-love lifestyle often conflicted with their need for emotional attachment and support. Many younger men expressed difficulty in finding emotional intimacy within the gay community (p. 9)

{On "gay couples who could serve as gay role models"}. There is no such thing as a gay role model. I don't know any couple that doesn't have an open relationship, that aren't sluts. So everyone follows the stereotype: 'There is no such thing as a relationship. We can't get married.' (p. 10)

Low self-esteem and self-worth, a lack of self-care and self-love, hopelessness and depression and teen suicide factors were believed to underlie unsafe sexual behavior: (p. 10)

Several respondents reported that more and more YMSM found sexual excitement in the 'Fuck of Death', that is, conscious unprotected receptive anal sex with a known HIV-positive partner or 'bug giver'. (p. 11)

This man was beautiful. After the fourth time we had sex in 14 hours, we were laying and he said he had something to tell me. I was just thinking please don't tell me he's going to say that he was HIV or something. And he just kind of turned to me and said I should have told you earlier, but I'm positive. (p. 11)

Many respondents noted that bars, raves and house parties were central to the social fabric of the gay community. For many young men, their emerging identity as a gay man was associated with their ability to enter gay bars. Often, this happened before the men reached a legal drinking age. A variety of strategies were available to under-age YMSM who desired access to gay bars...(p. 12)

It's [the gay community] a very pressuring community. A lot of peer pressure when it comes to being gay or straight. For some strange reason bisexuality isn't really considered sexuality. (p. 13)

A few participants reported rape experiences: ...Most older men want fresh meat. They want someone who is new and someone that people haven't dealt with. (p. 14)

So many organizations address the needs of White youth, but Black youth tend to fall through the cracks. (p. 17)

More information from the Seal et al. (2000) study: Web Page.

Qualitative and Ethnomethodology Studies Needed.
Gay Semen Needs: Oral and Anal Sex

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