Semen: Views from Ancient Greece to Medieval Period
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Semen and The Sambia: New Guinea - Gilbert Herdt
  Semen 'Cults': Melanesia

"The patterns of (RH [ritualized homosexuality]) examined below are clearly known from only a small number - perhaps 10 or 20 percent - of all Melanesian groups that have been studied" (Herdt, 1984a: 8).

"The homosexual act incorporates the boy into a new group, the ritual cult, with a new status and role. The boy's insemination coheres with the native view, universal in (RH) cultures, that the key (manifest) goal of homosexual contact is to get sperm inside the boy's body [orally or anally] so he can grow"  (Herdt, 1984a: 61). They are to grow into very masculine adult male who will then inseminate younger boys and then marry and have children.

"What about the erotics of ritualized homosexuality? Let us underline the obvious: without erotic desire, arousal, and consummation, any sexual intercourse is impossible" (Herdt, 1984a: 63).

"The theme of this study, semen transaction, may appear esoteric, not to mention vulgar: certainly the question of who gives and receives sperm is not one that much concerns Westerners today. Indeed, human fluids in general seem obvious and trivial, even embarrassingly natural, or unnatural, as the case may be. Seldom do we wonder how and why they are produced, or where they are consumed or discarded, or by whom. The perspective in certain Melanesian societies, however, is contrary to our view..." (Herdt, 1984b: 167).

"Male growth after weaning comes mostly from homosexual insemination following initiation. This semen-nourishment form is male monjapi'u, which men liken to breast-feeding... In sum, semen creates biological growth directly in initiates and wives through sexual contact, primary fellatio, whereas it creates growth indirectly in fetus and newborn through being transformed by a woman's body into fetal tissue and milk" (Herdt, 1984b: 182).

"It is a moot point whether the sensitivity of Western anthropology has inhibited their studies of human sexuality in general..., but there is no denying the paucity of anthropological data on homosexual behavior... Responding to these international sensitivities [re: homosexuality], because anthropologists need the support of many foreign governments, the Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association resolved in 1975 'not to endorse anthropological research on homosexuality across national borders.' Though I believe the resolution was subsequently rejected, following protests from some of the membership, the blanket ban, which did not take into consideration the possibility of some positive responses from host governments, is indicative of the persistence of Western attitudes toward homosexual behavior as a 'sensitive' subject which, though it is probably as prevalent as witchcraft, is morally distasteful and unnatural, that is, less than 'human'" (Read, 1984: pp. 216-7).

Semen: Views from Ancient Greece to Medieval Period
Semen and The Sambia: New Guinea - Gilbert Herdt

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