India and China: Semen and Spirituality
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Semen, Spirituality and Magick: Western Homosexuality
  Semen Value
Northern India / Sri Lanka / Indonesia / Thailand...

"The internalization of truth as semen - where 'real' selfhood is thought to be biologically located - is in many ways a radical, and some may say radically paranoid, attempt to control female sexuality by defining it as not only dangerous but as antithetical to truth... ...the discourse on male celibacy is effectively and self-consciously silent on the subject of female bodies, while loudly evoking the danger of heterosexual sex and blaming women for erotic passions that men are not able to control. The insidious nature of the discourse on seminal truth is of course that it is insipidly gendered and almost pathologically male... my concerns is to show how truth - distorted, essentialized, a reified - can be powerfully embodied" (Alter, 1997: 279).

Here we can recognize the logical conclusion Indians draw from the obvious effects of the semen: if its drying up makes one old, that is because it has rejuvenating power. This is why older women have such an eager desire for it. This substance of maturity, of vigorous age and vitality, is the real alexir of youth [6. In the kathayoga, as in the rasayoga of Indian alchemy, both occult longevity techniques, immortality is believed to be reached through the mastery of semen.]" (Bottero, 1991: 308, 318).

[Semen] is the real alexir of youth. There is no shortage of stories of old Brahmans who have no hesitation about obtaining (per os) some of this rejuvenating semen from innocent pubescent boys. And if this practice is unanimously condemned, it is not as a Western observer would expect for its paedophiliac dimension, but because it is absolutely criminal. To rob young people of some of their life is definitely to condemn them to a premature death" (Bottero, 1991: 309).

Indonesia: "Finally, social research (Component 5) has discovered: ...The belief among [Indonesian] transvestite and gay CSWs that they will retain their sexual youth by ingesting semen from young men. This oral sex they often provide gratis" (Davies, 1999).

Thailand: "Bunmi says that a pandaka is 'a person who has a deficiency in the signs of masculinity...' (Bunmi 1986: 235) and goes on to describe five types of pandaka identified in the Abhidhammapitaka...:

    asittakapandaka—A man who gains sexual satisfaction from performing oral sex on another man and from ingesting his semen, or who only becomes sexually aroused after having ingested another man's semen (ibid.: 235-236)." [Jackson, 1993]
"Attribution of power to semen is widespread in folk medicine from Africa to China" (Money, 1989). Sri Lanka: The loss of semen syndrome in Sri Lanka: A clinical study.(de Silva & Dissanayake, 1989)

"In the Bible (Genesis 38-9), the principle of semen conservation became identified with the sin of Onan, who spilled his seed upon the ground..." (Money, 1989). Leviticus: semen is a polluting substance. Therefore it is also given a high exagerated value, but in a negative sense.

India and China: Semen and Spirituality
Semen, Spirituality and Magick: Western Homosexuality

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