Northern India: Semen Loss and Semen Value
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Semen Concepts: India - Indonesia - Thailand - Sri Lanka
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"According to the Chinese text, The Manuals of the Immortals, the adept can make the semen 'nourish the brain' by applying the two middle fingers to 'a spot behind the scrotum and in front of the anus, while at the same time the breath should be fully expelled through the mouth, none being retained (in the lungs)'; thus, the semen 'will come back from the Stalk of Jade and mount upwards to enter the brain.'" See Fan Fu Ruan, Sex in China. New York: Plenum, l991" (Schuchard, 2000).

"The Science of the ancient Sages (SIDDHAS) teaches that the sexual reproductive power (the Life Force) can be transmuted into superior forms of energy called OJAS and TEJAS. The practitioner causes his seed to rise up to his crown center (SAHASRARA), where it becomes transformed into SOMA, the Nectar of Immortality. Through the TANTRIC procedures, [via the "lymphatic system"], the semen reaches the brain (CORPUS CALLOSUM) where it is processed into extremely subtle energies (OJAS and TEJAS) used by the higher mind. As the physical brain needs oxygen and proteins to function properly, the higher mind (superconsciousness) needs big quantities of OJAS and TEJAS energy. The TEJAS energy is that energy which produces the halo around the saints' head. The OJAS energy is that energy which confers an extraordinary vigor, power and virility" [Also possible in women.] (Roman)

"Semen retention is very valuable for both spiritual and material health. Semen retained in the body goes upwards to nourish the brain, rendering the body robust, and the memory and intellect incredibly sharp. Confidence, determination, optimism, willpower, fixed intelligence, noble character, photographic memory and shining good health are all fruits of conserved semen... In the beginning, Brahma created four great sages named Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana and Sanat-kumara. All of them were unwilling to adopt materialistic activities because they were highly elevated due to their semen’s flowing upwards" (Brahmacari, 1997).

"196. Observance of Brahmacharya would appear to be meaningless, because scientists, through laboratory tests, have proved that semen cannot be reabsorbed into the system and that the brain has nothing to do with semen."

[Answer:] "Semen is a mysterious secretion that is able to create a living body. Semen itself is living substance. It is life itself. Therefore, when it leaves man, it takes a portion of his own life. A living thing cannot be put to laboratory tests, without first killing it. The scientist has no apparatus to test it... I have thousands of letters from young men who have wasted this precious fluid and are in a miserable plight. Several young men even go to the point of committing suicide! Through reckless waste of semen, they lose all their physical, mental and intellectual faculties. Those who are perfect Brahmacharins have lustrous eyes, a healthy body and mind, and a keen, piercing intellect... Through the practice of Yoga, the seminal energy— not the gross physical semen— flows upwards and enriches the mind. This has been declared by the sages. You will have to experience it yourself" (Sivananda, 1997).

Northern India: Semen Loss and Semen Value
Semen Concepts: India - Indonesia - Thailand - Sri Lanka

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