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Definitions: Seminal and Semen
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India & China: Semen and Spirituality
  Semen Loss / Semen Value
Dhat Syndrome: Northern India

"Ayurveda itself teaches a physiology of the production of sperm, based on the central idea that there are seven essential constituents of the body (the seven dhatus: chyle, blood, flesh, fat, bone, marrow and semen) produced through a cycle of successive internal cookings and transformations. The ultimate distilling, the most concentrated and hence the most precious, is semen" (Bottero, 1991: 306).

"The present study indicates that the attitudes toward semen loss constitute an organized belief system... [more common in] low-education and low-income groups...  Semen is considered a precious material formed by the distillation of blood. Forty meals gives rise to one drop of blood. Forty drops of blood give rise to one drop of bone marrow. Forty drops of bone marrow give rise to one drop of the elixir of life, semen. One ejaculation of semen will lead to wastage of a wealth of energy. This belief can be traced back to the holy scriptures (Sushruta Samhita, 1938; Charak Samhita, 1949; Gandhi, 1957; Kuma Sutra, 1967). It is being propagated by the lay and pseudoscientific literature (Mishra, 1962; Chand, 1968) and has fascinated many scientific investigators..." (Malhotra and Wig, 1975: 526).

"Celibacy improves the condition of your semen. However much semen you are able to retain, you will receive in that proportion greater wisdom, improves action, higher spirituality and increased knowledge. Moreover, you will acquire the power to get whatever you want. (Yogacharya Bhagwandev 1992: 15)" [Alter, 1997: 280]

"If semen remains in the body, it is the essence of vitality, and many writers spare no hyperbolic in their descriptions of a body glowing with energy of semen.

Semen! What a beautiful, sparkling word! When reflecting on it one's mind is filled with grand, great, majestic, beautiful, and powerful emotions. [Shastri n.d.[a]:10]" [Alter, 1997: 284]
[Abstract] "A large segment of the general public from all socioeconomic classes believe that semen loss is harmful. Seminal fluid is considered an elixir of life in the physical and mystical sense. Its preservation guarantees health, longevity, and supernatural powers" (Malhotra and Wig, 1975: 519).

"Nocturnal emission, or svapna dosh (dream error), is given special consideration by all authors. Kariraj Jagannath Shastri devotes his whole book to the subject, and because of its 'involuntary' nature, calls svapna dosh the worst of all 'personal diseases'" (Alter, 1997: 287).

Definitions: Seminal and Semen
India & China: Semen and Spirituality

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