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Northern India: Semen Loss and Semen Value
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Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary: Main Entry: sem·i·nal, adjective -- Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin: seminalis, from semin-, semen seed - more at SEMEN - Date: 14th century -
1 : of, relating to, or consisting of seed or semen -  2 : containing or contributing the seeds of later development: CREATIVE, ORIGINAL <a seminal book> <one of the most seminal of the great poets> Also: Seminal fluid / duct / vesicle

"We discover in Rom. 5:10 the seminal truth which Paul explains more completely in Rom. 5:12-21: all  humanity is divided into two camps. From God's perspective, mankind is separated into two camps: those who are His  enemies, and those who are His children by faith in Jesus Christ. These are the goats and the sheep. These are the offspring of Adam and the disciples of Jesus Christ. As a comfortable human construct, we imagine that there are many ways to get to God, and that all are God's children and will eventually get to heaven in their own way and their own time. Nothing could be further from the stark truth of the Bible: if we have not yet been reconciled to our Creating God through faith in Jesus Christ, we are enemies of God. There is no way to get around it."
Followill, Dorman. GOD'S GREAT NEWS - The Gospel in a Nutshell: Christ's Life in a Believer (5:10). Internet Availability: - .

"Quantum and cosmic ratios and distances aside, because I believe the Gospel of the God who was "ignomiously executed" is the seminal Truth of all human existence (of all existence in fact), the Truth from which all other truth emanates, the Truth upon which all that is real rests, the Truth into which all else can be resolved and which itself cannot be resolved into anything else--and because I believe all this with all my heart, when the door opened for me to promote it as I never could before--what else could I do but step through?'
Obiter: Goodbye and all that. Liberty Magazine, May, 1999. Internet Availability: - .

THE HINDU ONLINE : Tuesday, February 03, 1998 Entertainment ...thousands of years ago. If this seminal truth is firmly understood... ...meeting with the Guru. The Ultimate Truth, the word in the cave, has to... (Page not available).

"We should remember a seminal truth pointed out by Gore Vidal in a recent NEW YORKER article (Nov. 10, 1997): "our writers and directors tend to know as little about the country's history as the audience, so when they set a story in the past the characters are just like us except they're in costume." That directors and producers prefer historicized fiction to true history itself simply makes them the same as the audience."
Hadden, Sally (1998). H-NET FILM REVIEW. (January). Internet Availability: - .

THE IBIS TAPESTRY by Mike Nicol (Random House): "Here we find one answer to my earlier question: why attempt to write about the truth commission in a novel? Nicol's novel can function as a timely demonstration of how one story masks another. What at one level might appear to be some kind of detective story is, at another level, an inquest into the possibilities and limitations of narrative per se. The seminal truth this fiction serves to disclose is that there are "truths" to fiction." Novel probe into the workings of the truth commission. Insight. Sunday Times, South Africa. .


The word "seminal" is usually associated with body parts related to the production of semen. "Seminal truth," however, is often equated to "an ultimate truth," and a "seminal paper" or "seminal book" refers to a work in which a new idea or concept had its inception - as in being like a "seed."  This meaning of "seed" is intimately associated with semen and probably dates to the period when producing an offspring was believed to result from a man's "seed" having been [im]planted in a woman. This is an example of how many men have greatly overvalued the contribution of semen to the production of offspring.
Semen: The Basics
Northern India: Semen Loss and Semen Value

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