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Table Of Content
The Introduction: The Seminal Truth?
To The Seminal Truth? Title Page

Cover / Title Page
Semen / Seminal / Seminal Truth
02-Semen: The Basics
03-The Definitions
Male Homosexuality: Understanding Needed
22-Some Major Problems - Words
23-Gay Identity / Anal Sex
24-Anal Sex: Mainstream Historical Meanings
25-Becoming as Defined?
Semen Perceptions: Worldwide
04-Northern India: Semen, Health, Superconscious
05-Semen / Spirituality: China / India
06-Sri Lanka / China / Indonesia / Thailand
07-Semen/Spirituality: Western Male Homosexuality
08-Western World: Recent History / Semen Loss
09-Ancient Greece to Middle Ages
10-11-New Guinea / Melanesia - Gilbert Herdt
Conscious / Unconscious: 
The Unconscious
26-In Human Sexuality
27-'Unconscious' Controls?
28-Kinsey Institute Exploring Unconscious
29-Related Thoughts
Male Homosexuality & Semen Meanings
12-Profound Ignorance
13-Deadly Ignorance - 1995
14- Greater Understanding Needed
14b-Do we want to know the truth?
15-Semen Needed?
16-Semen - Meaning of?
Conscious / Unconscious: Manifestations
30-Vampirism, Dracula, and Related Concepts
31-Cannibalism: Melville (Interchangeable with homosexuality)
32-Cannibalism / Homosexuality: Recent Writers
33-Walt Whitman: Spermatic / Phallic Imagination. 
Male Homosexuality: The 'Trade' System
17-History of 'Trade'
18-'Trade' Ideology in Gay Communities?
19-Military Trade Today. 
20-'Trade' Ideology in Mainstream Society
21-Male Heterosexuality: Love & Intimacy?
21a-21b-21c-Hating the feminine in gay communities? 
21d- Hating Bisexuals? The Perils of Postmodernism? 
Conscious / Unconscious: Explorations
34-Freud / Jung / Lacan / et al.
35-Milk / Semen Equation & The Unconscious
36-Spirituality and African-American Gay Males
37-The Social Construction of Machismo: Cuba
38-Semen Perceptions in Middle Ages & AIDS Era.
39-William S. Burroughs / Dostoyevski
40-Yukio Mishima - Sexual Fantasies

Conclusion: - Effect of Sex Roles on Semen Perception (41) - It seems like scientists (biologists) will write the opposite of what they "see" if observations challenge socially learned gender perceptions. Social scientists have likely been doing the same. Gay Identities are Social Constructions / Smen Needs / Conclusion  (42). The deadly effects of learned perceptions of semen / sperm: A Gay Male Health Issue. Bibliography: 51. Message Board: 50.

I thank you for attending the presentation and I hope that a discourse related to the meanings of semen will result. A New folder at - - will contain all information made available at the Gay Men's Health Summit presentation.

To encourage related dialogue, the web folder will be linked to a message board where visitors may leave comments to be read by all. You are most welcome to become a participant in this endeavor.

Special thanks to Eric Rofes for his invitation to make a presentation, which then became two presentations. More than a "Thank You" to Paul Farley who supplied, free of charge, my accommodations while in Boulder, and for also picking me up at the Denver airport!

Comments to Pierre Tremblay: or - (403) 245-8827 - Calgary, Alberta.

To Title Page: The Seminal Truth?
The Basic Constituents of Semen

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