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May, 1999

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The Save-The-World Factor in Anorexia
The Miriam Case Study: Introduction



In late November, 1998, Miriam - a 20-year-old European individual - sent an e-mail to inform me of her STW (Save-the-World) related status and a seven-year history of anorexia. Given that I did not think surviving anorexia would be possible for cases associated with this highly wonderful aspect of Self, I was skeptical at first, especially because I did not think one could recover from anorexia and still remain connected to this highly altruistic part of Self. The possibility nonetheless existed and an exploration followed via numerous e-mails which became more like a meeting of two 'souls' producing a remarkable free-flow of information. This was recognized by Professor Ramsay (who has a copy of all correspondence), and with whom I discussed many of the related issues, including the possible dangers associated with the exploration of inner realities. Most important, however, were the ethical issues related to the "no harm" factor which dominated the life of "X" - as it does in my life - in ways not yet recognized by mental health professionals; they have a history of inflicting great harm on many sectors of our population.

Professor Ramsay had given me the "X" suicide note in August, 1996, because he had recognized that I was struggling with a similar situation. A study of the note then caused many emotionally turbulent problems (related to Chaos Theory) out of which came the first Internet-published document on The Save-The-World Factor  deemed to be associated with suicide and related problems. It also appears to be implicated in some forms of schizophrenia (with a 15% to 20% risk for suicide) and, on the basis or what Peggy Claude-Pierre (The Montreux Clinic) had reported with respect to many of the most life-threatening cases of anorexia, the The Save-The-World Factor is Implicated in Eating Disorders.

Miriam "survival" status fascinated me, especially because she seemed to have the STW attribute - as it became more apparent with time, and she also had expressed a desire to know everything about anorexia for altruistic reasons. She wanted to help others in similar situations, no matter what the risks, and especially the ones for whom 'severing' the connection with an inner wonderful part of Self was not possible. At the time, she had not recognized that the knowledge sought probably existed within her, as I then informed Professor Ramsay on the basis of  a "special" skill - a psychological attribute - Miriam credibly claimed to have. Therefore, the yet unknown information only had to be accessed with the help of someone not seeking to invalidate (even pathologize = harm) her. As it has been repeatedly reported with respect to many individuals with anorexia who read Peggy Claude-Pierre's 1997 book, The Secret Language of Eating Disorders, all had apparently remained silent about their inner STW-related thoughts and aspirations most likely for fear of "freak" labels, or worse. Miriam also occasionally expressed relief from this fear as realities were rendered and responses were not what would be expected from "normal" people, and even from 'mental health' professionals.

After five months of communication that Miriam often found to be both exhausting and liberating, her STW status had been confirmed within three months, and the implicated factors - such as the preoedipal "I-and-Mother-are-One" situation - also became evident, often in spectacular ways.

The preoedipal stage is the first life situation (a "whole" psyche state of being) experienced by an individual before ego differentiation, ego consolidation, and apparently evolved and improved "object relations" takes place, as psychoanalysts 'explain' it when referring to the later psyche structures deemed "normal" for humans. An exploration of the preoedipal period is in progress, with the hope of better understanding major human problems linked to our early "psyche" splitting history. The great difficulty in this respect is related to the sought information lying behind the psyche 'structure' responsible for what is called "infantile amnesia."
Therefore, some of the information to be rendered on these pages is not yet known, as is some of the related understanding. It was nonetheless time to release some information because others may be in desperate need of it (as Miriam was in need of related information when she encountered my web pages) - if they are ever to survive in this world. We - Miriam and I - therefore welcome you to an ongoing case 'study' - more like an inner exploration collaboration - of a girl who recovered from anorexia (Note 1) without the intense 'reprogramming' involved for the ones admitted to the Montreux Clinic at a cost of about $2000.00 per day for a minimum of 6 months, to more likely a year.

It may, however, be possible to overcome such highly life-threatening cases of anorexia (and likely cases of suicide) associated with the STW factor, simply by validating and accepting the status of these individuals. A very important development is also needed if most of these kids are ever to survive. Human collectives will have to significantly change from what they have repeatedly proven themselves to be, at least since pre-Jesus time given his condemnation of former societies for the repeated murders of the "social/religious hypocrisy" ferreting prophets: the fate also awaiting him. An important factor implicated in the problems of STW kids is also the apparent "normality" of people on the planet which may not be what it seems. A history-based description of "normal" people is given in Robert Young's  Psychoanalysis and the other: psychopathology and racism located at: http://www.shef.ac.uk/uni/academic/N-Q/psysc/staff/rmyoung/papers/paper16h.html N/A (Archive Link) . Other link: Download PagePapers by Robert M. Young

After reading the essay, you may understand why individuals with a STW attribute or status - as described in previously written web pages - were unlikely to remain as "one of US." This is related to how they process information - knowledge - about who / what - in the final analysis - WE "all" have been throughout recorded human history. Information presented in the above cited document about the psyche structure(s) intimately implicated in our morbid history also hints at a possible outcome of the collaboration between Miriam and I. For some unknown reason, it may have become possible to crack the "psyche" code possibly needed to end human history as it has been - but about which WE often lied to our children, and also lied about just how 'pathologically' abusive and cruel WE have always been to "others," maybe even to our own newborn children, and especially to all STW kids who 'somehow' escaped the fate of becoming normal.

Miriam's first "contact" letter follows, and more is to come in the future. We hope you will stay tuned because the endeavor may be of significance. Although this is partly "My Story,"  it is mostly Miriam's Story, and I will therefore be following the procedure used in the past (See: A Calgary Youth Attempts Suicide) when reporting another person's story - especially when harm to the individual and others could result if certain information was reported about oneself. Most important, however, is reporting all things as accurately as possible, and considerable input from Miriam is required to accomplish this. She is therefore reading everything written in these web pages - often many times - to assure accuracy with respect to the events, feelings, thoughts, and thought processes related to her.

Miriam has nonetheless been emphatic about "telling it as it is," because doing otherwise would defeat the whole purpose - which is a predictable STW attribute after validation has occurred; they begin to lose their fear of ostracism and abuse - even pathologization - from others if their inner realities are revealed / reported. Her welfare, however, is of great concern to me and we have arrived at an agreement about changes to be made in the edited documents, but most of these are related to syntax and spelling. For example, in her first letter, she had rendered the feeling - concept - really "interpretation" - that she and other STW kids had been "sent" to this planet. This "interpretation" is likely a product of individuals attempting to "make sense" of the STW attribute dominating within - and they essentially 'borrow' well known - widely believed - religious concepts from their culture to accomplish this. This is understandable given that alternative explanations - except for a possible "psychotic" diagnosis - are not yet available. These religion-based "interpretation" manifestations have also been reported by psychiatrists describing what they call "pathological grandiosity" in schizophrenia-like disorders.

In this respect, we agreed that anything initially omitted  or changed - always with her consent - will be rendered later, probably as a section addressing the many ways a kid harboring a STW attribute may end up manifesting this life-threatening aspect of Self. When a human mind/brain system is placed under the threat of death it may behave in extraordinary ways, and the result may even be labeled "pathological" - when, in fact(?), the outcome was a positive life-saving event. Therefore, the 'cure' for these individuals may well be opposite of whatever mental health professionals have been inflicting on them. The same would also apply to what anorexic individuals are subjected to at the Montreux Clinic in Vancouver, Canada. However, as Miriam articulated in the true spirit of a STW kid, Peggy Claude-Pierre is doing good work. She is preventing these kids from dying - a biological outcome - but she probably does not understand the implications of her discovery, nor what she is actually doing to these kids. Most important is the lack of recognition that, on this planet, "being normal" or "becoming normal" is not something to be proud of now, nor at any point since our history has been recorded. Will it be possible for Claude-Pierre to understand this?

Nothing, however, appears to be "absolute" in our universe (Note 2), except for the statement itself. The implication of this may be that "the system" making the statement could be 'linked' to something unknown and not "relative" or "non-absolute," thus suggesting that a yet undetected fundamental aspect of the universe awaits discovery. We therefore welcome you to the mind/brain world of two interacting STW kids who will be rendering concepts known or not yet known with the greatest humility, although it may initially receive the "arrogant" (or worse) label. The many fears associated with such an endeavor will also be addressed, and especially the courage needed to venture into what WE were programmed to not know, and probably not want to know. The latter outcome, however, is in total violation of the innate - or "primal" - nature / spirit of children who generally want to "know" - not only EVERYTHING, but especially the "WHY's" related to all things. How WE have traditionally been transformed into the opposite of our primary "child" Selves - to becoming normal - will require an understanding of the socialization process and the associated evolving psyche structures that Freud was the first to outline.

A major result of our socialization was described many decades ago by Wilhelm Reich who, like Freud and others, had realized a very important human reality given their personal and professional experiences with psychoanalysis as a Knowing / Understanding of Self endeavor:

You think you can determine your actions with free will? Far from it! Your conscious action is only a drop on the surface of the sea of unconscious process, of which you can know nothing about which, indeed, you are afraid to know (1: 33).
It would therefore seem that "conscious" people - or the "normal" ones - have always been unconscious, meaning that true consciousness may only be possible if one's "unconscious" was made conscious again (Note 3). A part of that unconscious also includes all(?) of the Self WE had before "infantile amnesia" became an attribute of our psyche, the implications being that becoming "as a child again" may be required to be fully conscious, or whole as we once were.

About 2000 years ago, Jesus emphasize that "becoming as a child" was mandatory if ever one was to acquire the ability to 'see', and if she / he was  to also acquire something very special in the realm of the positive human potential - very much related to altruism. Four hundred years before, however, Socrates had been teaching the same(?) secret - via an emotionally troubling belief destroying self-evaluation method - rendered as "Know Thyself," or "Connais-toi toi-même" (Know Thyself, Thyself) as the French would say.

The suggestion that two entities - or parts of Self - are involved in the Socratic "Know Thyself" process leads to the curiosity-laden query: "How may parts of Self - or "selves" - are there in the normal  individual?" More important would be also knowing what an individual with varying degrees of connection to their inner selves would look like compared to mostly "unconscious" apparently normal people? Would they be deemed "abnormal" or even "freaks"? What does "normal" mean? A important part of the answer was articulated by Robert M. Young in:

Psychoanalysis and the Other: Psychopathology and Racism

Miriam's Contact Letter


Notes / References

Note 1: Although Miriam has "recovered" from anorexia in a biological sense - having gone from weighing 31 kilograms (68 pounds) to 53 kilograms (116 pounds), she was still perceiving herself at risk for anorexia problems. This situation is changing, however, as related issues are tackled. The ultimate outcome is awaited, and related reports will be made. Miriam only began  investigating / exploring / understanding the implicated STW attribute five months ago, and this factor is not yet recognized by professionals and most people. What has been happening within her is therefore exploratory - or experimental - and the outcomes are unknown. To date, the self-study and related understanding events have been a curiosity-motivated enjoyable challenging experience for both of us.

Note 2: In the social sciences, the relative nature of human 'realities' is rendered under the term Postmodernism. After reading  The Perils of Postmodernism by Richard Mohr (The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review, Fall, 9-13. 1995), one may be tempted to 'see' something a little more 'absolute' operating in the human psyche, as implied by Mohr's use of the word "perils." Full text online.

Note 3: This is a major problem likely implicated in a situation described by David Chalmers in the paper, Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness (Journal of Consciousness Studies, 2 (3), 1995, 200-219):  "Consciousness poses the most baffling problems in the science of the mind. There is nothing that we know more intimately than conscious experience, but there is nothing that is harder to explain. All sorts of mental phenomena have yielded to scientific investigation in recent years, but consciousness has stubbornly resisted." Full text online (Alternate Link). A listing of paper available on the Internet (by David Chalmers) is at - http://www.u.arizona.edu/~chalmers/online.html .


1.  Reich, Wilhelm (1948). THE FUNCTION OF THE ORGASM.  Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1961.  First published in 1941, 1948.  Edition used: Bantam, 1975.

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