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The Binary & Bisexual Erasure
A Hatred of Bisexual People in Gay Communities?
Yoshino, Kenji (2000). The epistemic contract of bisexual erasure. Stanford Law Review, 53(2), 353-461. Full Text.

"...gays delegitimate bisexuals in two ways. Again the more obvious way is simple denigration - 'the lesbian and gay community abounds with negative images of bisexuals as fence-sitters, traitors, cop-outs, closet cases, people whose primary goal in life is to retain heterosexual privilege,... Less intuitively, gays can also delegitimate bisexuals by impersonating them... such gays may later reveal themselves to be gay, thereby detracting from the credibility of those who experience their bisexuality as a stable identity" (p. 399).

"Bisexuality implies that sex need not be as important in our desirous lives as we have made it. Bisexuals and asexuals are thus the only individuals who at least have the capacity not to discriminate on the basis of sex in any aspects of their lives... Straights have a distinctive investment in bisexual erasure relating to the primacy of sex. This is because sex is currently understood through a heterosexual matrix; that is, straights have a monopoly on sex norms. And bisexuality, unlike homosexuality, has the potential to disrupt that monopoly" (p. 415).

Current norms of sex and current norms of heterosexuality are thus implicated in a feedback loop in which each shores up the other. Homosexuality does not present much of a challenge to prevailing sex..." [Are not homosexual males general more like females, as "bio" research suggests?] "This is a modern vestige of the older trope of homosexual as 'invert' - a 'woman trapped inside a man's body' or vice versa. The logic of the invert is the means through which homosexuality is read back into a straight paradigm" (p. 416).

As a positive matter, however, the day when gays (or at least gay men) renounce the immutability defence appears distant... The immutability argument is often the only effective strategy for gays 'seeking to persuade their parents, coworkers, and neighbors that they can love someone of the same sex and remain fully human.' Continued gay reliance on the immutability argument may lead to continued gay reliance on bisexual erasure" (p. 407).

"As Naomi Mesey has argued, straights collectively attempt to preserve a 'heterosexual ethic,' that is, an ethic that heterosexuality has a monopoly on sexual virtue. In order for the heterosexual ethic to present itself as congruent with virtue, however, the homosexual ethic must be presented as congruent with vice. The survival of the heterosexual ethic is thus dependent on a binary world view of 'right and wrong, or health and sickness, or heterosexual and homosexual.' Mesey describes the martial rhetoric of homophobia as arising out of this dependence. She then astutely notes that the real enemy to the heterosexual ethic is not the named enemy of homosexuality, but the unnamed enemy of bisexuality. By deconstructing the straight/gay binary, bisexuality reveals that it cannot be isomorphic with the virtue/vice binary. It thus threatens the heterosexual ethic at the collective level as well as threatening heterosexual identity at the individual level" (p. 404).

Comment: Therefore, gays appear to have been created and exist to maintain the status of virtue and power that heterosexual males continue to enjoy which, in turn. implies that "being gay" is a double bind. Gays were created by heterosexual males to maintain what has been termed "hegemonic heterosexuality," and gays act accordingly. Why gay males seem to have crawled into bed with heterosexual males with repect to abusing bisexual males and desiring their non-existence remains to be analysed for all its implications.

For a discussion of bisexuality and the abuse of bisexual people in gay and lesbian communities, see the first two sections of Tremblay & Ramsay (2000).

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