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21 Years of Love... Laughter... Life

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched...
but are felt in the heart.  - Helen Keller

December 1991 - Florida: Bruce reunited for a week with his mom, Roz, shortly after a 2.5 day disappearance when he was seriously comtemplating suicide the first time. He admitted he had 'considered' ending his life, but fabricated his reasons for wanting to do so, which were believed. Mom relieved and grateful he is okay... Bruce not really 'okay'... succeeded ten months later.

Left: Beaming with happiness at his elementary school gradution from Colonel Farewell in Whitby, Ontario. He received awards for Music and French. Bruce played sax in the school band and was infamous with his brother, Scott, for 'breakdancing'. He ventured into acting and had a talent for art. He was a real 'out there' kid... and happy.
Right: Graduation from Henry Street High School where he was Vice President of  Students' Council, with his best friend, Andy, as President. Bruce's last two years, especially, he was extremely studious and goal-oriented. A creative thinker, dedicated leader, fun person and loyal friend. From all outward appearances, Bruce was doing just great.

Bruce visiting at his maternal Grandma in Jersey City, having by then lived in Canada for two years. He loved his Grandma's cat as much as his own three at home!

Bruce on the left with his fraternal twin brother, Scott, on the right. They were in kindergarten and living in Port Reading, New Jersey... their first home.

Bye...  Bruce

From All Who Knew You

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