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Training in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Psychology: PhD, PsyD

Received September 5, 2003

Hi, Pierre:

The current description of our GLBT training emphasis within our Clinical Psychology doctoral programs is attached as a MS Word.doc. Could you post the attached if it still seems relevant to visitors to your websites?  As far as I know, we have the most extensive GLBT faculty resources of any psychology department in the U.S.

Thanks and best wishes,

Robert-Jay Green, PhD, Professor & Associate Director
Clinical Psychology PhD Program
California School of Professional Psychology
Alliant International University--San Francisco Bay Area Campus
Email: rjgreen@alliant.edu
Alliant International University Website: www.alliant.edu

Training In Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Psychology

California School Of Professional Psychology
Alliant International University
San Francisco Campus

The APA-Accredited Clinical Psychology Program at the California School of Professional Psychology (which is now part of Alliant International University) offers advanced training in GLBT psychology.   We have an elective emphasis in Gender Studies (includes GLBT issues), and we have three core faculty members and several adjunct faculty members actively involved in mentoring students studying GLBT topics.  Some of the faculty members most involved in this work and their clinical/research interests are listed below:

Robert-Jay Green, PhD, Professor (gay and lesbian couples; gay and lesbian parents; children of gay and lesbian parents; family of origin relationships of gay/lesbian adolescents and adults, gay-affirmative individual, couple, and family therapy and support groups)

Valory Mitchell, PhD, Professor  (lesbian and gay couples, lesbian co-parenting, children of lesbian and gay parents, family of origin relationships of lesbian and gay adolescents and adults, gay-affirmative individual and couple therapy)

Eduardo Morales, PhD, Professor  (HIV prevention in gay/bisexual Latino and African American men, gay identity development of GLBT people of color, community psychology with gay/bisexual men)

Karen Franklin, PhD, Adjunct Faculty (homophobia, hate crimes against GLBT persons, forensic psychology concerning GLBT issues, GLBT parents and their children)

Wendy Stock, PhD, Adjunct Faculty (bisexuality, sex therapy, gay/bisexual-affirmative therapy)

With the above faculty members and our strong connections to the tremendous clinical, training, and research resources in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are able to offer more expertise in the area of GLBT psychology than almost any other psychology department in the U.S.   Applicants should keep in mind that this training occurs in the context of a “generalist” clinical psychology doctoral program (as required for APA-accreditation).  Thus, the major part of one’s studies here would be in the general field of clinical psychology with opportunities to specialize in GLBT psychology primarily through individually-selected field placements (practica) and through PhD or PsyD dissertation research.  In August of 2004, our campus will be moving to a new location in San Francisco from our current location in Alameda, thereby enhancing access to the large GLBT community and related psychological resources in San Francisco.

If you are interested in applying or wish further information about our APA-Accredited Clinical Psychology PhD and PsyD programs, you can get a copy of our program info and application materials from our website (www.alliant.edu) and contact Ned Doherty, Director of Admissions at the San Francisco Bay Area Campus, EMAIL: ndoherty@alliant.edu

September 5, 2003

Email:   Pierre Tremblay: ----- pierre@youth-suicide.com ----- (403) 245-8827
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