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Subjects in "Suicide and Life-Treatening Behavior" Section:Link

Supplement 25, 1995: Special "sexual orientation" issue of Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior.

Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior rejects the first study which not only replicated the Bell and Weinberg (1978) "suicide attempt" study results, but also confirmed the often hypothesized overrepresentation of homosexually oriented males in male youth suicidal problems.

Comparing Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior to the Vatican.

Ignoring "homosexuality issues" has been the rule in mainstream Psychology.

Mental Health: A history of harming homosexually oriented people.

Mainstream youth suicidologists. have generally ignored "homosexuality issues" in their research work.

The negative result of the 1994 NIMH/CDC/AAS workshop on "homosexuality issues" in having adolescent/youth suicide problems addressed.

A research paper which totally ignored "homosexuality issues" was published in the special "sexual orientation" issue of SLTB.

Mainstream suicidologists ignore or dismiss important research results related to "the homosexuality factor" in adolescent/youth suicide problems.


Homosexuals accounted for one-third of the suicides in a 1985 study of 500 psychiatric outpatients

A 1985 study of 2,753 individuals hospitalized for depression and/or being suicidal reported that homosexual/celibate and bisexual/sexually active males were an at risk group for suicide.

About 25% of self-harm cases reported in the literature involved homosexual individuals.

A longitudinal study of 400 individuals from age 5 to 21 has identified gender nonconformity (detected at age 5-6 years) to be related to suicidal problems occurring in adolescence. Problems are generally interrelated and longitudinal in nature.

A study links suicidal problems in homosexually oriented young adult males to still being in the "tolerance" stage of the "coming out" process, as opposed to the "acceptance" stage. Indications are that problems for some homosexual and bisexual males may be ongoing, as opposed to temporary.

Subjects in "US Department of Health and Human Services" Section:Link

Percentage of adolescent/youth suicide research papers addressing "homosexuality" issues.

A CDC information search reveals a neglect of "homosexuality issues" at the Centers for Disease Control.

A NIMH information search reveals a neglect of "homosexuality issues" at the National Institute of Mental Health.

The beliefs of Dr. Peter Muehrer (NIMH) with respect to "homosexuality issues" being related to youth suicide problem.

The homophobia of former US Secretary of Health and Human Services: Dr. Louis Sullivan.

An American homophobe: Tony Marco.

Implementing the "homosexuals/bisexuals should not exist" ideology.

Major results of the 1996 Seattle School study.

Caveats related to the 1996 Seattle School study.

The 1996 Seattle School study results replicate the trend reported in Bagley and Tremblay study: Homosexually oriented youth are at greater risk for the more serious suicide attempts.

Implications of suicidologists neglecting "homosexuality issues" in their adolescent/youth research and adolescent / youth suicide prevention / intervention work.

Problems in gay/lesbian/bisexual communities.

Gay youth (via XY magazine) report on the "sexual" nature of gay communities - as in not meeting their "love" needs.

A significant HIV-related problem for gay and bisexual teenagers and young adults.

The Calgary Board of Education must have appropriate "Safer Sex" education supplied to adolescent boys who will be seeking older men for sex/love relationships.

A major lesbian study result: Lesbian of colour a two-times more likely to have been suicide attempters than their white counterparts.

A media investigation of the widespread abuse and neglect of gay and lesbian youth is advocated.

Subjects in "For Journalists, Advocates, and Activists" Section:Link

Media reports related to the Bagley and Tremblay study. Related distortions and omissions.

An important caveat to note when reporting on the Bagley and Tremblay male youth attempted suicide rate.

Mainstream journalists have a history of ignoring major abuses in society.

A mainstream media investigation of the "at risk" status of gay, lesbian, and bisexual children, adolescents, and young adults is requested.

The available data indicates that sexual minority youth are at the highest risk for committing suicide.

The homophobia in youth suicidology (and its negative results) should be investigated and reported on my the mainstream media .

Mainstream journalists have a history of ignoring major abuses in society.

Homophobia at the Calgary Herald.

Failure to have CLBT suicide problems addressed may spell doom with respect to having other problems addressed.

Generally, professionals working with youth have either ignored or harmed sexual minority adolescents / youth.

Coming soon: The "gifted" and "altruistic" factor in the youth suicide problem.
See: The-Save-The-World Factor.

A homophobia problem in the field of "child sexual abuse."

Learning about the deadly consequences of society's homophobia from the Sheldon Kennedy "sexual assault" case.

Older males have traditionally been available for "interested" 12-year-old Calgary boys. Related dangers (such as abuse and rape) and problems (such as drug and/or alcohol abuse, suicide attempts, etc.) have also existed.

Some dangers related to intervening in relationships which have developed between boys and men.

The Calgary Board of Education must intelligently address the "boys with men" reality.

Homosexually oriented teachers and school counsellors who have sex with gay/lesbian/bisexual students.

Calgary: A history of ignoring sexual minority adolescent/youth problems.

The "Silence Kills" phenomenon in AIDS organizations and in gay communities.

Gay sons 'cause' distant fathers who are more likely to be violent. Some gay boys are lucky; they do not have homophobic fathers.

Positive 1997 changes at the Calgary Board of education.

Dangers to GLBT adolescents and youth in GLB communities.

An indifference to the welfare of GLB children, adolescent, and young adult problems has existed in Calgary's GLB community; this includes "youth exploiting youth" situations.

An explanation for the negative results of some suicide prevention programs.

The peer review status of the Bagley and Tremblay "suicidality" paper. It will be published soon.

Research result: Homophobic heterosexual males may not be as "heterosexual" as they claim to be.

Male prostitution and the murders of older gay males.

Subjects in the "Update 1996" Section: Link

Many street/homeless youth are gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Heterosexual boys may be assaulted and even raped in detention centres and group homes because they were believed to be homosexual.

Homophobia and related abuses in substance abuse treatment programs.

An AIDS-related problem for some gay youth: ecstasy and crystal (two methamphetamine)

Homosexually oriented male are overrepresented at Calgary's detoxification centre.

Alberta Family and Social Services begins to educate staff working with youth about homosexuality issues.

Alberta's Children Commissioner has generally been indifferent to the health and welfare of GLBT youth, especially with respect to initiating problem prevention measures, or even recognizing this need.

Some Alberta politicians are openly highly homophobic.

Homohatred: the status quo in Alberta

Homophobia is alive and well at the Calgary Herald.

Poor investigative work done on youth suicide by Maclean's magazine.

Maclean's publishes two letter from those concerned about GLB youth suicide issues.

The Canadian media and suicidologists have been a negative force in having the GLB suicide problem addressed.

The mainstream media needs a GLBT children and youth education.

Educating Calgary's Roman Catholic schools about GLB issues.

Possibly the first article about GLB youth in a Canadian Catholic publication.

Calgary Catholic students appear to be less homophobic than public school students.

The "homosexuality factor" existed in two of the three adolescent male suicides in Calgary in 1995.

A Calgary Forum on youth suicide: March, 1996.

The indifference of mainstream research suicidologist with respect to homosexuality issues.

Professionals are generally indifferent to GLB youth issues.

Counsellors being educated/trained at UBC have not been receiving information about GLBT people.

The high cost of not addressing GLBT problems.

The betrayal of GLBT children and youth by GLBT professionals, including mental health professionals.

A modern version of the J. Edgar Hoover Syndrome.

ANGER: a warranted response of the ones who are knowledgeable about GLBT children and youth living in a homophobic society.

The first major positive development for GLBT children and adolescents in the Calgary Board of Education (June, 1996).

A new Calgary GLBT youth group - I-DENTITY - is founded by Dana Benson: related developments.

A problem in the "child sexual abuse" field: boys who seek men for sex/love reasons.

A GLB youth suicide problem may exist in Norway.

Media coverage for the book "The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem." Related education and political work.

"The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem is available in British Columbia through GALE, BC.

Subjects in "The First Report Related to Calgary Professionals and their ignorance of GLB "at risk" Issues (1991), with some updating information (1998). Appendix E in The Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Factor in the Youth suicide Problem (2nd Edition, 1994). Link.

The high level of homo-negativity in the Canadian adolescent population - manifested by 60 to 80 of students- based on data from the 1988 Canada Youth & AIDS Study of 38,000 students (A Health Canada document).

The coordinator for Guidance & Counselling in Alberta Education reports that the word homosexuality" does not exist in their literature.

The coordinator of the Canadian Mental Health's suicide prevention program reprots that the CMHA ignored GLB suicide issues.

A former junior high principal (who had become a school dropout reseacher) had recognized the serious GLB adolescent problems but ignored this issue in his major study of school dropouts.

The Calgary Roman Catholic School directive relating to homosexuality.

"Homosexuality" described to be "a hot potato" in Calgary, with reference to Calgary's Mayor Al Duerr. See reference note 5.

The unwritten law in Alberta schools: Not saying anything positive about homosexuality.

Deadly logic by school officials helps to keep GLB teachers in the closet so that GLB adolescent will not have positive role models.

AIDS Calgary violates the recommendation of its study by adhering to the law of not saying anything positive about homosexuality in schools and higher HIV infection rates may be the result of such HIV prevention education.

The predictable relationship of unsafe sexual activity and feeling suicidal.

At least until 1997, suicide prevention services in Calgary continued to ignore GLB issues, including a PFLAG collaboration in maintaining this lethal situation.

Project 10 only had a local effect. Most of Los Angeles County public school still doing little to help GLBT adolescents according to a 1995 study.

The situation for GLBT adolescent in Boston schools could lead to the conclusion that the Massachusetts' Commission on Gay and lesbian Youth did not exist.

Really helping GLBT youth will require major changes in the social construction of adolescents who deem themselves to be heterosexual.

Subjects in "The Addition Problems of Gay and Lesbian Youth of Colour, with some updating information (1998). A chapter from The Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Factor in the Youth suicide Problem (2nd Edition, 1994.) Link.

The abusive nature of most families in which GLB children of all colours are growing up.

Added stressors for GLB.people of colour.

Racism in Calgary's white-dominated GLB community and related distress in GLB people people.

'Homosexuality" may be a factor in delinquency problems in many cultures.

The "conditional love/acceptance" attribute of most human groups.

The lack of unconditional acceptance of GLB people of colour by white GLB people.

Research and understanding needed about Third World sexual minorities.

The available studies suggest higher suicide attempt rates for GLB youth of colour.

Homophobia problems in American Black communities.

GLB youth problems in Native-American (First Nations) communities.

Information related to the berdache in Native American communities.

The additional problems of Latino/Latina and Black GLB individuals in the United States.

Disownership of GLB individuals in East Indian communities.

Information from a Canadian paper on GLB youth of colour.

The former greater acceptance of homosexuality in China and the recent censorship related to this aspect of their history.

We are all responsible for GLB suicide problems.

An Alberta Blackfoot gay youth reports on the abusive nature of heterosexual males in his community and related problems.

A short summary of the history of shamans and homosexuality in Native American cultures from a book by Havelock Ellis published in the late 1890s.

The white homophobic culture and the historical "suicide" effect in Native American cultures.

Disownership of GLB individuals noted to be common attitude in Calgary's Chinese community.

The "Gay Factor" in the Street Youth Problem. A chapter from The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem. Link

Many runaway and throwaway kids are homosexually oriented.

GLB street youth have more problems than heterosexual counterpart.

GLB adolescents often hide their sexual orientation.

Youngest GLB runaway in group is 8-years-old.

'Prostitution' and GB male adolescents: the "sugar daddies".

The Calgary boy's stroll.

What is worse? Society's abuse of GB male adolescents - or - being sexually used by men?

Adolescent male prostitutes may be living up to the social 'education' they received.

Living with a series of men permitted a Calgary boy to continue going to school.

The negative experiences of GB male prostitutes in Calgary.

Internet links to male hustler/prostitute information on the Internet.

Gay and Bisexual Male Youth Overrepresented In Suicide Problems And Associated Risk Factor. Link

The homosexual/bisexual risk factor in suicide.

The homosexual/bisexual factor in male youth suicidal behaviors.

The "child sexual abuse" risk factor in male youth suicidal behaviors.

Homosexual/bisexual males at high risk for attributes and experiences associated with high rates of suicidality.

The gay/bisexual male overrepresentation in mental disorders.

The gay/bisexual male overrepresentation in alcohol and drug use problems,

The gay/bisexual male overrepresentation in child sexual abuse.

Specific gay/bisexual male risk for mental health problems and suicidality.Coming out, effeminacy, and family problems. The gay/bisexual male high risk for social abuse and violenceThe gay/bisexual male high risk for becoming runaway/homeless/street youth and negaging in prostitution.

NEW Info. Links - Most Recent - Since January 1, 1999

1993 Youth Risk Behavior study of Massachusetts students, published in February, 1998, reports that homosexually active adolescents are more at risk for having a number of problems than are heterosexually active adolescents.

1995 Youth Risk Behavior study of Massachusetts students, published in May, 1998, reports that GLB students are at greater risk for having a number of problems than heterosexually identified adolescents, including suicide attempts.

The chapter, The "Gay" Factor in the Street Youth Problem, is now available with a 1998 Update and Links to "Male Youth Prostitution" Internet Resources.

The chapter, The Additional Problems of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth of Colour, is now available with supplementary information and Links to North American and World-Wide Internet Resources.

A Wealth of Internet Links Grouped into 15 Subjects is NOW AVAILABLE!

A new page related to the 1996 study revealing that hidden desires to have sex with other males is implicated in the homophobia manifested by many men. Links to related Internet Pages are available, and additional insights are supplied.   The webpage contains part of Pierre Tremblay's autobiography published in a 1997 book authored by Dr. Chris Bagley.

Important topics written about in the above-noted webpage:

The high risk of young males being raped in prisons.

The "high risk" status of gay street youth: North America, Ireland, Australia. Includes great abuse by some homosexually oriented males.

The "Trade" and "Rough Trade" Males: Heterosexual-identified males (including adolescent males) who have "insertive" sex with gay-identified males.

The serious problem-causing harmful nature of Calgary's "Gay & Lesbian Community Services Association" (Formerly gay-identified and called "Gay Lines") when it became under the domination of totalitarian reality-denying lesbian individuals and a similar group of lesbian-approved gay males.

"The basic of "The Psychology of Sperm" concept based on historical North American gay male sexual realities. This phenomenon must be understood if anything positive is ever to develop with respect to ending the ongoing AIDS epidemic in the gay/bisexual male population.

AIDS Calgary (and similar organizations) as a major factor at the causal end of the ongoing AIDS epidemic in the GB male population.

Information from the Youth Risk Behavior study carried out in Vermont Schools in 1995 was publish in The Journal of Pediatrics in July, 1998.

Additions 1998:

An American study of 54 gay, lesbian, and bisexual students in a rural university setting reported a 32% attempted suicide rate for the sample.

An Australian thesis study of gay male youth aged 18 to 24 reports higher attempted suicide rates for these youth compared to a comparable sample of heterosexual male youth. Study was completed in October, 1998.

A 1998 study sample of HIV+ and HIV- gay and bisexual males from the French speaking part of Switzerland reports elevated attempted suicide rates for both groups of males.  About 23% of these males reported having attempted suicide.

A 1998 study presented at a European Symposium on Suicide (September, 1998) reports elevated attempted suicide rates for lesbian and gay youth compared to their heterosexual counterparts. Relevant information is now available on a Belgium web page. Related information is available in the "europe.htm" web page.

  New Web Pages:

A European GLB Youth Suicide Problem?   A scan of the available information indicates that here is a gay, lesbian, and bisexual male youth suicide problem in some European countries.

Australian Intitiatives.  There are a few individuals in Australia who have been attempting to have GLBT issues addressed.

Problems with Professionals:   Many professionals are reported to be "causal" in GLB suicide problems. In a world where mainstream suicidologists have often denied the existence of significant  GLB suicide problems, certain parts of the American GLB world had - by 1997 - joined forces with these suicidologists to maintain the "The Killing Fields" situation.

Site Dedication: In Memory of....    Contains interesting information, including increased suicidality risks for boys who fall in love with men - or are seeking to be loved by a man - and fail to obtain what they want and sought.

InfoSearch Page.   Links to major GLBT information sites and search engines have been made available.

A 1998 study of 90 gay and lesbian youth (14- to -21-years of age) predominantly Black or Latino/a) reports a suicide attempt incidence of 26% for gay youth and 38% for lesbian youth.

A 1998 Australian study of HIV-positive and HIV-negative gay and bisexual males reports elevated "suicide attempt" rates.

Photographs of the author and some other family members are now available. From childhood to now. These supplement the "bio" information given in the "adams.htm" and "sathewo.htm" files.

The 1999 Additions January to June (July to December):

Revision of "Save-The-World Factor" files with a new Overview/Contents file and related information from the African Dagara tribe. (Jan. 1999)

The addition of a new web page in which suicide and HIV issues are related.(2/99)

A special insight/report into male homosexuality in Bangladesh. (2/99)

The 15-Category GLBT Web-Link Education is now 18 Categories, with a new Index Page for the section! (2/99)

A Calgary Gay Youth Attempts Suicide & The Suicide of Bobby Steele are now available at the site. From the Book, The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem. (2/99)

  Two more pages have been developed.  One is for the visitors who wish to quickly view the available emprirical data on gay/bisexual male suicidality. A total of 30 study results are listed in four tables on one web page. (2/99)

  The 1995 Seattle Schools Youth Risk Behavior Study contains data making it possible to estimate the extent to which homosexuality issues - such as homophobia and related abuses - are implicated in adolescent suicidality. Relevant information is now located in one web page.  (2/99)

A very important page on the concept "Better be Dead than Gay" is now available! (3/99)

All Youth Risk Behavior Survey Studies with "Homosexuality" Information Now on One Web Page. (4/99)

Studies which have Solicited "Homosexuality" Information from Adolescents / Youth may have GREAT ERRORS!. A new Page.

First of a series of reports on The Miriam Anorexia Case Study related to  The Save-The-World Factor  reported to be associated with suicide problems. (May, 1999)

The 18-Category GLBT Education section is expanded to 20 Subject Categories. A "Latin America / Africa" & Asia / Middle East" page added. For faster uploading, the Community Attributes and Problems Page has been split into two pages.

  Additional result for the 1995 Massachusetts' Youth Risk Behavior Surver Study - Garofalo et al. (1999) - became available in May. It is estimated that GBN males are 6.5 times more likely to be suicide attempters (in the past 12 months), and that these males (4.7% of male public school students) account for 25% of the male suicide attempters.

  Results of a Vancouver, Canada, study of young adult men who have sex with men (MSM) given at a May 1999 Conference. About 20% of males had attempted suicide. Study Highlights.

The 1999 Additions July to December

The U.S. Surgeon General will help? The Oct. 1998 Reno Conference. New Web Page - with "Deadly"July '99 News. (August, 1999)

A 20-year-old American female reports on a secret only one other student knew about: The grade-9 boy who committed suicide at school was gay. "Dead Gay Kid's Don't Talk, But..." (September, 1999)

A mother's letter to her son who, in his suicide note, revealed that he was gay and could not live with that. (September, 1999)

  Two studies published in Archives of General Psychiatry replicate the higher suicidality risks for homosexually oriented individuals. Longitudinal Youth Study in New Zealand (By age 21: Suicide attempt incidence for GLB identified youth is 32.1%, and 7.0% for the others. - A Sample of Vietnam veteran twin (one homosexual, one not).

The 2000 Additions

February, 2000

Carl Gustav Jung & Other Save-The-World Kids ! ? Perceiving psychosis in a different way. Individuals at high risk for suicide?

March, 2000

To: San Diego paper - The Social Construction of Male Homosexuality and Related Suicide Problems...
Final Version of the Paper Presented by Pierre Tremblay at The 11th Annual Sociological Symposium: "Deconstructing Youth Suicide," San Diego State University - March 17, 2000.

May, 2000

Odds Ratios were generated for the 1995 Seattle Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

Two more studies report that homosexually oriented individuals are at greater risk for a number of problems, including suicide problems. Cochran and Mays (2000) report on men having sex with men compared to men who only had sex with women, and Lock and Steiner (1999) report on an California upper middle class high school sample with 6% of students identifying as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Coming in next few months! Three Quebec Studies Exploring suicidality of gay and bisexual males. One study: 639 gay / bisexual males - lifetime suicide attempt = 36%.

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