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Community Attributes & Problems

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Index:Community Attributes  &  Problems Index - Couples / Families / Children / Adoption / Spousal Violence - The Elderly - Bisexuality - Religion   &  Spirituality - GLBT  History - HIV-AIDS - Male  Youth Prostitution - Race/Ethnic Minority Issues: U.S., Canada, Europe,  New Zealand & AustraliaLatin America / Africa - Middle East / Asia - Homosexuality:  Biological  or  Learned ? Public School Issues - Transgender / Transvestite / Transsexual - Lesbian  &  Bisexual Women - Homo-Negativity / Phobia - Identity Formation  &  Coming Out - Counseling  &  Therapy - Professional Education  - Gay & Bisexual Male Suicide Problems - Drug / Alcohol Use / Abuse / Addiction

Community Attributes  &  Problems Index:

Part 1 (This Page): Community / Culture / Pride - Publications & GLBT Book Listings - The Arts - Classism - Ethnic / Race Issues & Racism - Stereotypes? Negative Stereotypes? & Scapegoating --Sissyphobia / Transphobia / Effeminaphobia.

Part 2 (Other Web Page):- Anonymous Near - Anonymous Public Sex / Promiscuity - Intergenerational Relationships - Sadomasochism - 'Different', Not Fitting in, Community Rejection/Abuse, Being Fetishized - Ableism: People With Disabilities - Body Shape/Size & Other Attributes - Rape and Sexual Abuse - Full Text Papers.

Part 3 (Individual Pages): Bisexuality, Biphobia,  and Related Issues / Abuses - The Elderly and Ageism - Intimate Relationships - Couples, Marriage & Adoption - Violence in Relationships - Drug / Alcohol Use / Abuse / Addiction

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Sexuality Policy Watch (2008): Position Paper on the Language of “Sexual Minorities” and the Politics of Identity.

Queer Community  Attributes
&  Problems - Part 1

Community / Culture / Pride

Points of View about The Word "Queer". - Objections to using the word "queer" in the African American GLBT community. - Use of Same-Gender-Loving (SGL) by African Americans. - Queer Geography: Do gays exist? - A Queer Co-Optation Looking for Identity in All the Wrong Places: "We knew, always should have known, that there were many times more bisexuals than homosexuals." - Gay and Lesbian Language: A partial Bibliography. - As you may have noticed in watching QT, queer natives refer to themselves as two-spirit or two-spirited. In Changing Ones Roscoe explains how that became the term of choice. - How do sexual minorities express their cultural or sexual identity in virtual worlds and what does it mean for them? - Gay Species: Language and Social Construction. - Performing Sexual Identity: Naming and Resisting Gayness in Modern Thailand. - ...these images offer insight into the dominant notions of the white heterosexual male that are that are embedded into the West’s nationalist discourses, and offer insight into what bodies, and what desires, are left out of these discourses. A Study into the perceived in-fighting of Queer Collaborations. - Queer Theory's Heist of Our History (Larry Kramer). - Sapphic Salon: We're Here, We're Queer, But Our Successors Think We're Incapable of Change. - Is the gaybourhood unravelling? gay Village / Besieged by soaring rents and beguiled by online community, North American gaybourhoods are in flux (2008). - Why the gay rights movement is a sham (2011). Why the Gay Scene has got to Change (2011). - The International Gay Games: Subverting Homophobia or Selling Out? (2003).

Gay men and ambivalence about 'gay community': from gay community attachment to personal communities (2011): "While some men believed that a gay community existed in Sydney many of these men were unsure whether they wanted to belong to it. Others questioned if there ‘really was’ a gay community, compared with other social or cultural groups. Some men struggled to match their experience of gay life with the idea of a gay community, which to them seemed to imply solidarity, mutual understanding and support. The halcyon ideal of gay community often seemed far removed from the realities of gay social life. Other suggested the term gay community implied a sense of unity or uniformity that did not exist. Dennis suggested that assuming gay men shared a sense of community was problematic and that there were other characteristics that drew people together and produced a sense of solidarity... The idea that there had been a cohesive gay community in the past that is now lost (or fragmented) was a common one in participants’ accounts." - Pride in Grindr: A Sex-Positive, Global Cyber Space for Gay Men (2012): June is Gay Pride Month. What better time to celebrate Grindr, a sex-positive, global cyber space—and meeting place—for gay men. Yup, you read right. That’s Grindr, a free geosocial networking application that enables gay men to locate other gay men within close proximity.  Launched in March of 2009, Grindr has quickly become a worldwide hit... Grindr is about many things. Sex is one of them, an important one of them. But it is also a place to make friends, combat loneliness, diminish shame and to celebrate gay male identity. Sadly, a part of that identity sometimes includes some self-reproach. Nonetheless, a defiant openness and optimism prevails. And that’s what Gay Pride is about. - 'It felt like being on another planet': Peter Tatchell reveals how Gay Pride went global (2012).

Researchers examine patterns in gay speech: Linguists identify phonetic characteristics that seem to make a man's voice sound stereotypically gay. - Gay lisp. - Beyond Lisping: code switching and gay speech styles: Many gay men are effectively bilingual, and can elect whether to sound gay or straight, depending where they are or who they are with. Just as an African-American individual may switch from Ebonics to standard English, or the other way around, gay people can switch from 'straight' to 'gay'. This is an example of code-switching. - Sounding gay. - Speech, male sexual orientation, and childhood gender nonconformity. - Sexuality as Identity: Gay and Lesbian Language (PDF Download). - In Search of Gay Language (PPT Presentation). - Gay and lesbian language. - - The lost language of camp. (Alternate Link). - Lavender linguistics (Alternate Link).  - Studies on LGBTQ Language: A Partial Bibliography. - A Semantic Look At Feminine Sex And Gender Terms In Philippine Gay Lingo (PDF Download). - Ideology of Gay Racialist Skinheads and Stigma Management Techniques. - Men’s Bodies: Listening to the Voices of Young Gay Men: Current body-based issues are identified, highlighting the plight of many gay males regarding the physical-aesthetic-driven culture in which they exist... - Fragments, edges, and matrices: Retheorizing the Formation of a So-called Gay Ghetto through Queering Landscape Ecology (2010) (Google Books).

About Queer Space: Queer space is a highly specific mode of space, with its own complex meaning and significance. It is always already contested, not only because of the often marginal character of queer subcultures and activities, but because of the contestedness of queer identities themselves - balanced between a desire for rights, recognition, and acceptance on the one hand, and distinction, difference and alterity on the other. Queer space thus plays a key role in the construction and maintenance of community, society, and culture in a diverse slice of contemporary society. It is imperative that this role is understood. - All papers presented at the conference, and published here, were subject to a process of blind peer review at both abstract and full paper stage. - ‘You show me yours, I’ll show you mine’: the negotiation of shifts from textual to visual modes in computer-mediated interaction among gay men. - Cultural Communication via the Internet and GLBT Community Building in China (PDF Download). - Gay Specificity: The Reworking of Heteronormative Discourse in the Hong Kong Gay Community (PDF Download). - Spaces to Be Maneuvered: Lesbian Identities and Temporality (PDF Download). When the Clothes Came Off: Jeffrey Escoffier looks at beefcake, porn, and society’s changing homo-sex mores. - Urban Space and Homosexuality: The Example of the Marais, Paris' 'Gay Ghetto'. - The Boy Mechanic / Project Description: The Boy Mechanic is an ongoing project that will document the history of lesbian bars in cities and towns across the United States and Europe...

About Queer Space: Download Page For Papers'GWM ISO GAM': Mediated identities and ethnicity fetish'. - Crafting queer spaces: privacy and posturing. - Reconciling self: gay men and lesbians using domestic materiality for identity management. - The Centre of Periphery: the Case of Contemporary Bangkok's Gay Spaces. - Queer Space and the City: What Adelaide's Queer Community Said. - Queer space in Seventeenth-Century Lisbon: Centres and Peripheries. - Bondi's underbelly: the 'gay gang murders'. - Queering the space of the Public Toilet. -  lost in space: Changes in physical, legal and linguistic frameworks relating to the New Zealand public toilet. - Queensland's emerging homosexual subculture and public space, 1890-1914. - Chilling out in the country? Interrogating Daylesford as a 'gay / lesbian rural idyll'. - Conceptualising Place in the Lived Experience of Gay Men in Rural Communities. - Slash as Queer Utopia. - Cavity Filler: The Queer Interstice. - Queer Space as Installation.  -  'With their bodies on the line': activist space and sexuality in the Australian alter-globalisation movement. - American Stories: Narratives of Family in Public Discourse. - Any Queeries.

About Queer Space: Download Page For Papers: Architecture and Hermaphroditism: gender ambiguity and the forbidden antecedents of architectural form. - The Onanist's Escape From Architectural Captivity. - Homosexuality and the Star Hotel: Exploring the traces of Queer Space in Newcastle in the 1970s. - Queer Workshopping: Constructions of Self, Space and Perverse Toys. - Provincial Paradoxes: 'at home' with older gay men in a provincial town of the Antipodes. - Gay Ghettos for the New Millennium: Oxford Street meets Mogenic.com and the question of queer space. - Constructed Online Identities: Capturing Anonymity. - Gay scene, queer grid.  - The veil and the closet: Islam and the production of queer space. - [You make me Feel] Mighty Real: David McDiarmid's art and the space within [the] House. - Amongst the Ruins. - Is the Golden Mile tarnishing? Urban and social change on Oxford Street, Sydney.- Queer places as 'passings that haunt us'.

Moving into the mainstream (1995): Why compile a list of 40 influential gay men? Because the time has come. You can call it queer, call it gay, call it homosexual but whatever the hip, old-fashioned or sociological tag, it has been the flavour of the decade to date, a defining factor not only in production of high and pop culture (where gay men have traditionally been assured of a warm welcome) but, increasingly, also in the corridors of power, sometimes to kick in the doors of the mighty or, more and more often, to take up public residence; watch the MP Chris Smith's star ascend. Indeed, this has been the decade that has seen gay culture move smartly from the margins and into the mainstream. Consider: gay-influenced cinema (from Poison to Philadelphia), dance music, OutRage!, Michael Barrymore bursting from the closet, gays going to law to join the military, the high-rated arrival of Gaytime TV on BBC2, the campaigning Sir Ian McKellen receiving tea and sympathy from the Prime Minister, a veritable Swimming Pool Library of books, from The Lost Language of Cranes to The Folding Star, the gay theatre eruption (Beautiful Thing, Burning Blue et al), a parliamentary vote on an equal age of consent (defeated, although the age of 21 was dropped to 18), the outing controversy and, of course, continual reporting on Aids...

Mina, Liam K (2011). Virtual Invisibility: Representations of Diversity and Queerness on LGBTQ political Organization Websites. Honors Dissertation, Whitman College. PDF Download. In order to address these questions of representation, I investigate the ways in which various LGBT and queer political organizations visually depict people on the Internet. I examine representations of diversity and queerness, looking specifically at how these depictions are presented within the context of a variety of different types of such organizations. From here, I identify the implications my results might have for the ways in which various organizations work to make visible or invisible those at the intersections of ―diversity‖ and ―queerness‖ and what sort of information this can provide about the future of LGBT and queer politics.

Coming out: is the Mardi Gras still needed? (2012): The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has been an annual event on the streets of the city since 1978.1 The original purpose of this and other gay pride events in Australia and elsewhere was a public protest at negative social attitudes and antihomosexual legislation, and as part of an international day of action. It has expanded, in parallel with many other such events around the world, to become a festival to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) culture. However, it retains elements of political activism regarding persistent social and legal inequalities. This focus is necessary, as long as disclosing a non-heterosexual orientation remains a question rather than a natural response for people who self-identify as LGBTI.

Imagining King Street in the Gay/Lesbian Media. - GLBTQ Geography. - Sexuality in Geography. - Queer diffusions. - Gay and Lesbian Geographies Course Handout. - Early Gay Activism in Chelsea: Building a Queer Neighborhood. - The Queer / Gay Assimilationist Split: The Suits vs. the Sluts (Monthly Review). - Queer Geography: Mapping Our Identities: Short Documentary Film. - Queer Spaces: An Excavation of Identities and Interests in Contemporary Canadian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Politics. - Suck My Nation - Masculinity, Ethnicity and the Politics of (Homo)sex (PDF Download) (Abstract). - The Social Construction of Sexual Practice: Setting Sexual Culture and the Body in Casual Sex Between Men. - The Social Construction of Western Male Homosexuality: Associations With Worsening Youth Suicide Problems.

My Queer Korea: Identity, Space, and the 1998 Seoul Queer Film & Video Festival. - Geography Centre: Queers in Space. - Sexual Identity and Urban Community. - Queer Space : Architecture and Same-Sex Desire. - The "End of Gay". - Assimilation and its meaning: the end of gay culture. - Why the gay community will succeed. - Gay Society as a Sub-Culture. - La saison de la fierté revient à Montréal. Mais fierté de quoi? - Gay Activists Win Royal Honor N/A. - Between Being and Looking: Queer Tourism Promotion and Lesbian Social Space in Greater Philadelphia (PDF Download). - Rethinking queer migration through the body. - Desire :: Migration: Real and Imagined Spaces and Places of Queer Female Immigrants in Switzerland (PDF Download),

Queer Spaces, Modem Boys, and Pagan Statues: Gay/Lesbian Identity and the Construction of Cyberspace  (By Randal Woodland, in Cybercultures Reader, pp. 416-431) - Inventing Queer Place: Social space and the urban environment as factors in the writing of gay, lesbian and transgender histories. (By Marc Greyling , B.A.Hons) - The Lesbigay Enclave of Dallas, Texas: A Sociological Perspective. - Where the Boys Are: The Relationship Between Gay Space and Identity. - Gay Male Culture: Evolving and Revolving. - Queer Spaces Project. - The gay ghetto is dead, Long live the gay ghetto. - The Scenography of HIV Infection for Young Gay Men: Educating Emotion and Desire: Individuation and sexual identity. - A queer geography: journeys toward a sexual self by Frank Browning. - Cruising Geography:  a queer glance at geography's orientation.

Y-a-t-il une culture gaie/lesbienne francophone?, par Marie-Jo Bonnet Colloque Cultures gaies et lesbiennes, 1998. - De l'ouverture du ghetto à la dépolitisation. Les festivals de films gais et lesbiens en France en questions, Olivier Jablonski (Revue H, n°5/6 1997). - Editorial Opinion: Profiting from Gay Loneliness. - Lesbian and Gay Cultures (University Course: Word Download). - Gay and Lesbian Culture of San Francisco: 1960's - 1990s. - Is the Gay Rights Movement  Doomed to Fail? -  Queer Closets and Rainbow Hyperlinks: The Construction and Constraint of Queer Subjectivities Online (2010). 

Marcher dans le gai Marais.  Some evolving physical aspect of the 'gay community' in Paris, France. - "Le Marais: The Indifferent Ghetto" (The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review, Winter 1999.) - GAA and The Birth of Gay Liberation. - The 1st World Conference on LESBIAN & GAY CULTURE, Stockholm, 1998, and the Fifth Conference. - Sharing Resources and Indexing Meanings in the Production of Gay Styles (Chapter 11, by Robert Podesva, Sarah Roberts, Kathryn Campbell-Kibler. In Language and Sexuality: Contesting Meaning in Theory and Practice - edited by Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Robert J. Podesva, Sarah J. Roberts and Andrew Wong: PDF Download). - Male Homosexuality and Popular Culture in Modern Japan. - What Is Necessary for US? For Our Queer Movement in Japan? (PDF Download) - The Social Situation Facing Gays in Japan.

No Sex, Please, We’re Gay Teens:... The GLBT movement is seriously failing queer young people in matters of sex.... Young queer people today are growing up in a world where gay and mainstream culture give them mixed signals about sexuality and sexual behavior. The two historical circumstances that made growing up gay so unique for those born in the mid-1980s and after—the fight for marriage equality and the AIDS epidemic—are also making it almost impossible to have informed, healthy, and sane discussions about sexual desire and sexual activity. That’s because in recent years the clanging of wedding bells and the insistent bad news about HIV transmission (much of it fueled by anti-gay hysteria in the mainstream media) has distorted how the gay and lesbian community talks about sex. Over the past five years, safe sex education, seen from the mostly gay-run AIDS non-profits, has shifted from promoting healthy sexuality and sexual behavior to the “be afraid to have sex” scare tactics of the 1980s. Moreover, the fight for marriage equality—and the elevation of marriage as the idealized pinnacle of appropriate and healthy homosexuality—has moved front and center in gay politics and, to a large degree, in the imaginations of young gay people, much to their detriment...  In almost all the community discussion of marriage equality, the word “sex”—even the idea of “sex”—is glaringly absent...  The connection between AIDS and marriage here is not incidental or accidental. When the AIDS epidemic exploded, one of the first responses to it, both within and outside the queer community, was to urge gay men to stop having sex and to enter into monogamous relationships. Even after the specifics of AIDS transmission became known, much AIDS education focused on curtailing sexual experience altogether. For many gay male commentators, such as Larry Kramer, Bruce Bawer, and Gabriel Rotello, the curtailment of sexual activity was the only “cure” for the AIDS epidemic. ..  Most of us—excluding a significant part of the religious right, which favors abstinence-only sex- ed—know that people get better at sex not only by having a range of sexual experiences, often with different people, but also by thinking and talking about sex. That is the conversation that gay men and lesbians as a community are not having and that is being stifled by the power and the enormous consequence that the same-sex marriage debate—drained of sex—has assumed in our politics and lives.

Gay Pride: - Happy gay and lesbian Pride (Toronto, 1999)  -  Hedonism 2000: Pride / Sex, drugs & workin' it all week long  - San Jose Gay Pride 2003. - Black Lesbian and Gay Pride Inc. - Vancouver Pride Day, 1997.  - Gay Pride, Washington, DC., 2001. - Pacific NW Gay Pride Page. - GLB EuroPride. - Problems and Prospects for being gay in Russia. - Symbols of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Movements. - Bangkok Gay Festival 2002. - Pride Week celebrates diversity and strengthens communities N/A. - Pride by many other names: whether it's a dyke march, black gay pride, or a youth rally, gay men and lesbians are finding new ways to celebrate their diversity. - Montreal Gay Pride parade cancelled (2007).- Festival of Sexual Minorities in Japan: A Revival of the Tokyo Lesbian & Gay Parade in 2005. - Google Search: Gay Pride. - Flying the rainbow flag in Asia (PDF Download). - Lesbian Identity and Community Projects in Beijing: Notes from the Field on Studying and Theorising Same-Sex Cultures in the Age of Globalization (PDF Download)

The changing nature of Gay Pride: A Mardis Gras Affair N/A. - Is Mardi Gras still necessary? (Alternate Link: "Thirty years after gay liberation swept the country, the next generation prefer to live in their own individual way rather than conform to a scene. Robert Reynolds wonders whether gay life needs to be "out there" any more.") -  Lesbian & Gay Pride: Western Australia. - Mardi Gras - Sydney. - Bursting (Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras) bubbles – or, When 'bigger and better' bites you on the bum. - From camp to queer: remaking the Australian homosexual. - State of the community: a critical diagnosis.

Kehew, Julia Kathleen (2009). The unapologetic athlete: The Gay Games, 1982-1994. PhD Dissertation, University of California, Davis. PDF Download. Download Page. Gay Games organizers hoped to provide an event that would unite the gay and lesbian population, while educating mainstream viewers by providing positive representations to counter prevailing negative imagery. While the first Gay Games succeeded in this goal, the AIDS epidemic prompted a wave of negative representations, particularly of gay men, that were difficult to overcome. Instead, Gay Games organizers offered representations of gay men and women engaged in healthy, wholesome athletic activity as a way of countering images of a disease-riddled population. The response by the gay and lesbian population to the AIDS epidemic also affected mainstream responses, since the creation of an AIDS industry arising from grass roots AIDS Service Organizations ultimately drew lucrative government grants for healthcare and research, attracting the attention of corporate advertisers who recognized the gay and lesbian population as a potential niche market. Corporate advertisements in gay and lesbian publications and corporate sponsorship of the Gay Games led Gay Games organizers to adopt the same assimilationist model that other marginalized groups had utilized. Increasingly, their message indicated that gay men and lesbians could succeed if only they tried hard enough, a narrative that ignored institutional inequities. This study of the Gay Games traces the way that gays and lesbians became increasingly normalized in mainstream representations they demonstrated their viability as a consumer market, suggesting suggests that the economics of consumption, rather than equality and fairness, were the driving forces behind this process.

Gilreath, Shannon (2011). The Problem of Gay Pornography in a Straight Supremacist System. Wake Forest University Legal Studies Paper No. 1932810. Also as: Chapter 5, The End of Straight Supremacy: Realizing Gay Liberation - 2011 - by Shannon Gilreath. Download Page. This chapter interrogates the legal, political, and social implications of gay (specifically male) pornography for Gay citizenship and equality. Rooted in the politics and theories of early Gay liberation and Radical feminism, Shannon Gilreath’s The End of Straight Supremacy presents a cohesive theory of Gay life under straight domination. Beginning with a critique of formal equality law centered on the “like-straight” demands of liberal equality theory as highlighted in Lawrence v. Texas, Gilreath goes on to criticize the “gay rights” movement itself, challenging the assimilation politics behind the movement’s blithe acceptance of discrimination in the guise of free speech and pornography in the name of sexual liberation, as well as same-sex marriage and transsexuality as tools of straight hegemony. Ultimately, Gilreath rejects both the liberal demand for Gay erasure in exchange for meager legal progress and the gay establishment agenda. In so doing, he provides both the vocabulary and analysis necessary to understand and to resist straight supremacy in all its forms. In The End of Straight Supremacy, Gilreath calls Gays and their allies to the difficult task of rethinking what liberation and equality really mean. The reader will quickly notice my use of irregular capitalization. I used “Gay,” capitalized, to refer to that which is Gay-identified. I use “gay,” lower-case, as in “gay pornography” or “gay establishment,” to distinguish that which is essentially straight supremacist in origin and operation.

Christian, Aron Lee (2010). Are We Killing the Boys Harshly? The Consumption of the Male Gaze in Queer Pages. Master's Dissertation, Department of Communication Studies, Indiana University. PDF Download. Download Page. This study provides a social-text analysis of advertising images in queer publications which represent the new millennium up until 2008 in order to explore gaze theory in a queer context by answering the research question, “How have queer men represented themselves to themselves in the new millennium through the queer male gaze?” Inspired by Jean Kilbourne’s study of the image of women in advertising, this research project examines queer, millennial visual advertising images to explore the creation of normative queer behavior, identity, representation and the possible effects of those images on queer male consumers. A brief examination of previous work concerning male gaze as well as visual culture studies and their connection to Kilbourne’s work is addressed within the study. Further, this study discusses the concept of a bi-textual existence for the queer consumer in which identity is constructed from both an out-group (heteronormative) and in-group (homonormative) milieu. The theoretical foundation establishes that the queer male is placed in a hostile visual position—one where he is the dominating and dominated visual signifier in queer culture. Utilizing a stratified random sampling method, 293 images were coded to explore the research objective of constructing what the millennial queer gaze consisted of within full page advertisements in the queer specific publications of Gay Times, Genre, Instinct, and The Advocate. The results of the analysis construct a toxic visual world for the queer consumer dominated by narrow representations, sexual discourse, discriminating ideologies, and a dangerous repetition of heteronormative, hierarchical social structure found in the patriarchal gaze.

Weber, Shannon (2009). Beyond "I Can't Help It": Biological Determinism in American Queer Politics and Possibilities for Agency. Honors' Dissertation, Program in Critical Social Thought, Mount Holyoke College. PDF Download. Download Page.  After establishing the hegemonic influences of biological determinism in supposedly queer-friendly pop culture, including on liberal internet blogs, in movies, and in self-help literature, I ultimately posit that a focus on biological determinism shuts out the voices and experiences of queer people whose identities do not fit into this framework. Further, I argue that an emphasis on biology is inappropriately apologetic and fails to challenge heterosexism and heteronormativity. Finally, I propose that the American queer rights movement will be hindered in the future by clinging to biological determinism, and that as a movement, we must craft our identities in a positive framework for a more hopeful future for activism.

Stonewall riots (Wikipedia). - Not a quiet riot: Stonewall and the creation of lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender community and identity through public history techniques (2010).

Gay Shame and Gay Shame Conference Related Links: Shame Bestowed at Pride. - Gay Shame: A Radical Queer Alternative. - Gay Shame: A Challenge to Gay Pride. - Gay Shame San Francisco. - Ten pink pounds for a gay-bashing. - Gay Shame: A Challenge to Gay Pride. - Gay shame: And the man in you. - Gay Shame Opposes marriage In Any Form. - Gay shame, gay pride: Why 'gay pride' doesn't work for me. - DUMBA's Gay Shame. - What's that sound? Gay Shame, aloud. - Gay Shame: A Radical Alternative. (Alternate Link) - Anti-commercial queers to celebrate Gay Shame. - Dyxploitation: This issue, coming out on Gay Pride Day 1998 is a Gay Shame special. - Gay Pride? Gay Shame! - Gay Pride’s Date With Shame. - Navigating Pride and Shame. - Shopping for freedom? Shame on you. Steal it, instead. - Google Search: Gay Shame.

I Am Not A Lesbian! An official response to those three little words... "Are you Gay?" : "Don't let that rainbow flag fool you - the Gay Press rarely comprehends or promotes Queerness either. In fact, many writers and editors at Gay publications will delete the term "Queer" and replace it with "Gay" or "Lesbian," including in the context of a direct quote. Even Gay journalists sympathetic to the 'Queer cause' get it wrong. For example, while recalling the above interview to a Queer-friendly reporter who had just handed me a copy of his recent publication, I notice his face blush awkwardly. Later that evening I read the first line of his article describing me as a "Gay artist." Hmm..." - Mixed Emotions (on Pride Week). - Craig Johnston Essays.

Rainbow Flag N/A: (Alternate Link) Symbol of the Gay Community Turns 25; Massive Celebrations Mark Anniversary; ABSOLUT Presents the 25th Anniversary Kick Off With A Mile-And-A-Quarter-Long Rainbow Flag to be Unfurled In Key West.

The Queer Dictionary: "The evolution of queer cultures has left us reeling -terms, symbols, ribbons, triangles... each new historical articulation leaves us with at least eight new terms to deal with. This is supposed to be a resource for those of us trying to navigate the insanity of ten or twelve overlapping cultural revolutions. enjoy."

Toward a post-gay world. - M. Signorile: Ex-gay. Too gay. Postgay. What happened to gay? (The Advocate 776-777, 71- 81.) (Excerpt) - As if we were a community. - Gay ... Pride?What is this Gay Community Shit? - The Sydney Gay Mardi Gras and the Left by Sasha Soldatow. - The man lesbians love to hate: Bob Tivey worries that gay men are losing a vital part of their erotic identity. - A Different Angle Essays. - The Queer Issue by Michael Warner: "In the Age of Alterity, the Rainbow is not Enuf. Disruptions. -  Beyond the 'Good Gay'/'Bad Gay' Syndrome. - The Future of Covering the Gay/Lesbian Community. - Gay liberation: is the fight over? (Presentation to Marxism 2001 conference, University of Technology Sydney, 26 August 2001: PDF Download).

Fabricating Heritage by David Lowenthal (History & Memory 10-1). - Related Gay Writings: - Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World, 1890-1940 - 1994 - by George Chauncey (Book Review). - The Invention of  Sodomy in Christian Theology by Mark Jordan (Review).

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (Born August 28, 1825) - Introduces gay people young and old to the heritage that Ulrichs said is rightfully theirs. Let Gay people imbed it in their conscience that Gay rights have been so hard-won, beginning with one lone voice seemingly calling in the desert. Now, Gay people have a rich tradition of such voices, and it all began with Ulrichs.

Gunther, Scott (1999). Le Marais: The Indifferent Ghetto. The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review, 6(1): 34. Full Text. - Gunther, Scott (2005). Alors, are we 'queer' yet? The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, 12(3): 23-25. Full Text.

A Resource And Guide To Homosexuality, Bisexuality and Transgenderism In Anime. - Anime Project Genres. - Casual Homosexuality: "Homosexuality is pretty common in anime and manga. Because of the Western tendency toward homophobia, though, we don't often see blatant homosexuality in translated anime and manga. More casual homosexuality, though, does tend to make it through the 'censors'." - GLBT Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Directories, Handbooks.

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Abstracts: - Matter out of place: visibility and sexualities in leisure spaces. - Geographies of sexuality - a review of progress. - De-dyking Queer Space(s): Heterosexual Female Visibility in Gay and Lesbian Spaces. - Lesbians in the Crowd: gender, sexuality and visibility along Montréal's Boul. St-Laurent. -
Sexing Geography, Teaching Sexualities. - Queering home or domesticating deviance? Interrogating gay domesticity through lifestyle television. -

Lambda Literary Award (Wikipedia): "Lambda Literary Awards (also known as "Lammies") are awarded yearly by the US-based Lambda Literary Foundation to published works which celebrate or explore LGBT themes." - Lambda Literary Foundation. - Lambda Literary Award Nominees And Winners - Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: 1989-2002. - Finalists for the annual Lambda Literary Awards: - 2008-2010. - 2004-2007, 2000-2003, 1999 (Winners & Nominees, Must Scroll), 1998 (Winners & Nominees, Must Scroll), 1997 (Winners & Nominees, Must Scroll), 1996 (Winners & Nominees), 1992-1995 (Winners & Nominees), 1988-1991 (Winners & Nominees). Categories: Anthology - Arts & Culture - Bisexual - Childrens/Young Adult - Drama/Theater - Humor - LGBT Nonfiction - LGBT Studies - Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror - Spirituality - Transgender -- Lesbian Fiction - Lesbian Romance - Lesbian Mystery - Lesbian Poetry - Lesbian Memoir/Biography - Lesbian Erotica - Lesbian Debut Fiction -- Gay Fiction - Gay Romance - Gay Mystery - Gay Poetry - Gay Memoir/Biography - Gay Erotica - Debut Gay Fiction.

Books: - We Are Everywhere: A Historical Sourcebook of Gay and Lesbian Politics - (Review) 1997 - by Mark Blasius, Shane Phelan (Abstract - Review Quotations). Out Our Way: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Country by Michael Riordon (Abstract). -  The World Out There: Becoming Part of the Lesbian and Gay Community edited by Michael Thomas Ford (Abstract). -  Sister and Brother: Lesbians and Gay Men About Their Lives Together edited by Joan Nestle and John Preston (Abstract). -  Lesbian and Bisexual Identities: Constructing Communities, Constructing Selves by Kristen G. Esterberg  (Review). -  Out in America: A Portrait of Lesbian and Gay Life by Michael Goff and Out Magazine staff (Review). -  Queers in Space: Communities / Public Places / Sites of Resistance Edited by Gordon Brent Ingram, Anne Marie Bouthillette, and Yolanda Retter (Abstract). - Creating a Place For Ourselves: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Community Histories - 1997 - by Brett Beemyn (Contents). - Queers in Space: Communities / Public Places / Sites of Resistance edited by Gordon Brent Ingram, Anne-Marie Bouthillette, and Yolanda Retter (Abstract).  - Mapping Desire, Geographies of Sexuality. - 1995 - by David Bell, Gill Valentine . - Anti-Gay by Mark Simpson, Ed. (Reviews). (Related Information & About the author and more books by Simpson.) - Pleasure for Pleasure: The Gay Divide & The Pleasure Principle: Sex, Backlash, and the Struggle for Gay Freedom by Michael Bronski (Review). - Proust, Cole Porter, Michelangelo, Marc Almond and Me: Writings by Gay Men on their Lives and Lifestyles - 1993 - The National Lesbian and Gay Survey (Abstract). - Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?: Flaming Challenges to Masculinity, Objectification, and the Desire to Conform - 2012 - edited by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore. Related Webpage.

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Among Lesbians and Gay Men: Psychological Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Issues, Volume 3 edited by Beverly Greene 3 (Abstract). -  Bound by Diversity: Essays, Prose, Photography, and Poetry by Members of the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Communities edited by James T. Sears (Abstract). -  Plural Desires: Writing Bisexual Women's Realities edited by The Bisexual Anthology Collective (Review).  - Gay Skins: Class, Masculinity and Queer Appropriations - 1996 - by Murray Healy. - Completely Queer: The Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia - 1999 - by Lee Hudson (Review) (59 Sample Pages). - Gay and Lesbian Cultures in France - 2003 - edited by Lucille Cairns. - Mobile Cultures: New Media in Queer Asia - 2003 - edited by Chris Berry, Fran Martin and Audrey Yue (Review) (Review: HTML, PDF) (Amazon). - Smash the Church, Smash the State!: The Early Years of Gay Liberation - 2009 - edited by Tommi Avicolli Mecca (Review) (Review) (Review) (Nick Benton Speaks on 'Smash the Church, Smash the State).

Homo Economics: Capitalism, Community and Lesbian and Gay Life edited by Amy Gluckman and Betsy Reed (Abstract).  A Place at the Table : The Gay Individual in American Society - 1994 - by Bruce Bawer (27 Sample Pages). - Fighting Words: An Open Letter to Queers and Radicals - 1995 - by Scott Tucker.  - From camp to queer: remaking the Australian homosexual - 2002 - by Robert Reynolds (Review) (Review: PDF Download). - Lesbian and Gay Culture - 1996 - by Michael Bronski. - Sunshine and Rainbows: Development of Qld Gay and Lesbian Culture - 2001 - by Clive Moore (Abstract). - Queer French: Globalization, Language, and Sexual Citizenship in France - 2007 - by Denis M. Provencher (Google Books) (Related Conference Presentation). - Media Queered: isibility and its Discontents - 2007 - edited by Kevin G. Barnhurst (Contents & Introduction)

Cassell's Queer Companion: A Dictionary of Lesbian and Gay Life and Culture by William Stewart (Abstract). -  American Homo: Community and Perversity by Jeffrey Escoffier (Review) (Contents). - Virtually Normal: an argument about homosexuality by Andrew Sullivan (Speech). -  Gay Culture in America : Essays from the Field by Gilbert Herdt and Andrew Boxer. -  Out in America: A Portrait of Lesbian and Gay Life by Michael Goff and Out Magazine staff (Review). - Life Outside - The Signorile Report on Gay Men: Sex, Drugs, Muscles, and the Passages of Life - 1997 - by Michelangelo Signorile.- Positively Gay: New Approaches to Gay and Lesbian Life edited by Betty Berzon (Abstract). -  The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture by Daniel Harris (Review).  - Gay Men at the Millennium edited by Michael Lowenthal (Review). - Getting It on Online: Cyberspace, Gay Male Sexuality, and Embodied Identity - 2004 - by John Edward Campbell (Four Reviews & Author Response). - Peacocks, Chameleons, Centaurs: Gay Suburbia and the Grammar of Social Identity - 2003 - by Wayne Brekhus (Google Books) (Review).

A History of Gay Literature: The Male Tradition by Gregory Woods (Review). -  The Crazy Jig: Gay and Lesbian Writing from Scotland edited by Joanne Winning (Abstract). -  And Thus Will I Freely Sing: An Anthology of Gay and Lesbian Writing from Scotland edited by Toni Davidson (Abstract). -  Footsteps and Witnesses: Lesbian and Gay Lifestories from Scotland, Edinburgh, Great Britain by Bob Cant (Review). -  Gay and Lesbian Characters and Themes in Mystery Novels: A Critical Guide to Over 500 Works in English by Anthony Slide (Abstract).  - Gay and Lesbian Literature edited by Sharon Malinowski (Review). - Queering the pitch: the new gay and lesbian musicology - 2006 - edited by  Philip Brett, Elizabeth Wood, Gary Thomas (Google Books). - Queering the popular pitch - 2009 - edited by  Sheila Whiteley, Jennifer Rycenga (Google Books). - Queer looks: perspectives on lesbian and gay film and video - 1993 - edited by Martha Gever, Pratibha Parmar, John Greyson (Google Books).

Inn Places 1997: Worldwide Gay & Lesbian Accommodations Guide, 10th Edition edited by Marianne Ferrari (Abstract). -  Damron Address Book '97: Gay USA, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean edited by Gina M. Gatta (Abstract). - Cassell's Pink Directory: Lesbian and Gay Organizations, Businesses and Services in the UK and Eire edited by Liz Gibbs (Abstract).

The Men of Thailand (6th Edition): Thailand's Culture & Gay Subculture - 1994 - by Eric G. Allyn (Abstract).

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The Arts (Some Nudity) - Art Homophobia: A video.

Queer Arts Resources. - Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation. - Queer Art Installation and Performance Art by Frank. - Queer Art by Multimedia Artist Frank Pietronigro. - ArtAIDS. - Queer Art. - Queer Art Blog. - Lesbian/Gay Arts Amsterdam. - Queer Cultural Center. - Queer Music Venues. - Bright Lights Film Journal: Queer Cartoons. - Gay Art Gallery. - Tales of self-destruction: Theater/Midsumma - "Hoome Fatale" and "A Thousand adn One Night Stands" By Barry Lowe, directed by Robert Chuter Midsumma Festival, Theatreworks, 14 Acland St, St Kilda, until February 14, 2004. - Gay Jazz Artists of Distinction. - Ding Dong: performances by guys and a gal of various genders about their not-so private parts. - Out of the Closet and Up, Up and Away (Comics, Gar Related).  

Will new ITV sitcom Vicious starring Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi prove a watershed for gay relationships in TV drama? (2013): “In the past gay characters in sitcoms have been figures of fun. They were funny because they were gay. But I like the fact that these characters are funny because of the people they are. That’s a real advance.” A report by the BBC last year found that examples of LGBT characters in comedy scenarios were often too reliant on outdated stereotypes. The report found that gay male representation is improving on TV, but overtly camp gay men were still depicted as the norm, especially in comedy scenarios. Doctor Who was commended for including gay character Captain Jack, whose sexuality is incidental to the plot and not the driving-force behind his actions, but the report highlighted that this was a rare portrayal of an LGBT character on television. Could Vicious, then, despite its disappointing original title of Vicious Old Queens,  open the eyes of TV commissioners and start a new trend where characters happen to be gay, rather than are typecast as “gay characters”? It is something that LGBT charity Stonewall hopes to see.

Fresh Meat Productions creates, presents and tours transgender and queer performance, dance, visual art and media arts. Fresh Meat Productions was founded on the belief that art is a powerful tool for social change and building community. We are based in San Francisco. - Rewriting the Written: FTM Self-Making and the Performance of Possibilities in Sean Dorsey's Uncovered: The Diary Project (2009). - The Theater Offensive's Mission (Cambridge, MA): To form and present the diverse realities of queer lives in art so bold it breaks through personal isolation and political orthodoxy to help build an honest, progressive community. - Towards a queer theatre: Four plays (2008, Full Text).

Sexual Orientation and Demand for the Arts: "LGBs are much more likely to attend the arts than demographically similar heterosexuals, but we find little support for three conventional explanations." - Sexual Orientation and Professional Dance: "Dancers estimated that over half of male dancers are gay, but that only a small minority of female dancers are lesbian." - Re-educating Dance Education to its Homosexuality: an invitation for critical analysis and professional unification. - Imminent domain: queer space in the built environment - We're Here: Gay and Lesbian Presence in Art and Art History. - Pictures and Passions: A History of Homosexuality in the Visual Arts: Book review: Pictures and Passions: A History of Homosexuality in the Visual Arts - by James M. Saslow.

This account of some alternative art forms. - Lesbian Photography and Art. - Queer Skeleton: where queer art and politics are reduced to their bare bones. - Gay Life/Queer Art. - Studies in Drama: Queer Performance Art. - Queer Caucus for Art Newsletter. - Teaching Queer Literature - a bibliography. - Out Takes: Essays on Queer Theory and Film. - Le Festival des Arts du Village (Montreal). - Queer Arts Festival celebrates "Art Activism of a Queer Color" N/A. - Homosexual Art - Same-Sex Art - Queer Art N/A. - Festival International du Film Gay et Lesbien de Grenoble. - Beyond the 'internalist' vs. 'externalist' debate: the local-global identities of African homosexuals in two films, Woubi Che´ri and Dakan.

GCAP: Post-Gay / Ante-Asian - Queer Asian Art. - Queer Art Exhibit. - Theater Offensive. - Lesbian and Gay Music: A record, in both historical documentation and biographical reclamation, of the struggles and sensibilities of homosexual people of the West that came out in their music, and of the [undoubted but unacknowledged] contribution of homosexual men and women to the music profession. In broader terms, a special perspective from which Western music of all kinds can be heard and critiqued. - The Silent Art:  Lesbians and Lesbian Art in UK Art & Design Education.

Soles, Carter Michael (2008). Falling Out of the Closet: Kevin Smith, Queerness, and Independent Film. PhD Dissertation, Department of English, University of Oregon. Download Page. PDF Download.My dissertation argues that the film comedies of Kevin Smith, through their willingness to depict and verbalize gender-bending, queer desire, and deviant sexual practices, exemplify the role independent "slacker" cinema played in the 1990s explosion of American queer media visibility.

Gay-positive film list compiled by Frank Swilling. - Great gay movies & tv-series (2012). - Postwar Queer Underground Cinema. -  The Ultimate "Planet Out" Guide to Queer Movies indexed by subject and country. - Cinema Q. - Great Gay Cinema: Part 1. - Great Gay Cinema: Part 2: Foreign Films. - A Filmography of Film and Video Titles About Homosexuality and Alternative Sexuality N/A - Gay and Lesbian Studies Filmography.. - Lesbian, Gay And Gender Issues in Films. - Queer Arts. - A Subjective List of Gay Films.- Bright Lights Gay and Lesbian Cinema. - Stonewall and Beyond: Lesbian and Gay Culture. - GLBT Film Resources. - Queer Cinema Collection. - Films: Gay, Lesbian & Queer Criticism, Theory and History. - Out Films. - Wikipedia: List of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender-related films by storyline. - 25 Gay Films Everyone Should See. - Boys on the Side: A Survey of Adult/Youth Relationships in Movies and TV. -Transgender Video/ Movie & Reviews - Directory. - Film Festival Research: LGBT / Queer Film Festivals.  

A History of Gay and Lesbian Cinema - An Index of over 300 reviews of films from the 1930's to the present. Gay Themed Films. - Movies featuring subplots about gay characters. - "Straight" movies featuring gay characters in small roles. - Drag queens, drag kings, transgenders, transsexuals and everything in between! - The best of camp movies from Joan Crawford to the Village People. - A tribute to 100 gay actors and directors from around the world. - A Brief History of Queer Cinema. - Gay Anime, gay hentai, gay yaoi. -  Le cinéma gay.- Adam's Garden: First Gay-Themed Films.. & then some (2010): Presenting the list of first gay-themed films produced in various countries around the world.

Queer Italia: Same-Sex Desire in Italian Literature and Film - 2002 - edited by Gary Cestaro. - Staging Desire: Queer Readings of American Theater History - 2002 - edited by Robert A. Schanke, Kim Marra. - Snapshots of queer youth: a photography exhibit of candid portraits of gay and lesbian young people lives up to its name: "Exuberance!" - Queer eye for art: New reference book comprehensively outlines history of queer art via essays, at-a-glance guides and bios. Casual art fans and hardcore enthusiasts should enjoy it. - Breaking Ground With a Gay Movie Hero: Alexander. - The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: Genre, Criticism, and Reception. - Cairns L (2006). Lesbian Desire in Film: Coming to Terms. In: Sapphism on screen. In: Lesbian desire in French and francophone cinema. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 1-18 (Google Books).

Bangkok's Alternative Love Film Festival Raided. Chris Berry interviews Sopawan Boonimitra. - My Queer Korea: Identity, Space, and the 1998 Seoul Queer Film & Video Festival. - From Enter the Dragon to Enter the Mullet: Exploring Filmic Representations of East Asian Butch Dykes by Asian Queer Women Filmmakers in Contemporary Canada (PDF Download). - A Short History of Hentai (PDF Download). - Ethics of RepreseNtATION: Media and the Indian Queer (PDF Download).

Queer (Un)Friendly Film and Television - 2002 - by James R. Kelle. -Where have all the gays gone? After years of inclusion, gay and lesbian characters are pretty much absent from the new fall TV season. Stephen Tropiano, the author of The Prime Time Closet, explains why. - All gay, all the time (Development of television networks for gay community). - Film List / Review: Lesbian, Gay And Gender Issues. - Bright Lights Film Journal: Gay/Lesbian. - The coast is queer: Two thousand and six marks the 19th year for Montreal’s queer film festival, Image+Nation. As usual, it’s a mix of the strange, sublime, sexy and outrageous, a reflection of recent cinematic meditations on the topics of gender and sexuality. As well, fest organizers have thrown in a few old gems to remind us that the more things change outfits, the more they stay the same. What follows are a few highlights. - Sanctifying Queerdom: Religious Identity in New Queer Cinema (Thesis). - Under the Skin: Theatrical Cross-Gender Performances of Japan and the West (Thesis). - Demirkan-Martin, Vulcan Volkan (2009). Queerable spaces: homosexualities and homophobias in contemporary film. PhD Dissertation, Cultural Studies, University of Canterbury (Download Page). -  The Right Time: Lesbian and Bisexual Characters  in Black Movies. - New Indian Queer Cinema: Onir’s I Am (2011).

Bryson, Norman (1999). Todd Haynes's Poison and Queer Cinema. In[ ]Visible Culture, Issue # 1. Full Text. I would like to begin by outlining a distinction between gay and lesbian studies and queer studies, as related yet distinct strands of thinking within art history and visual/cultural studies. I would not want to be divisive here; both modes of inquiry get important work done. Yet, their basic strategies could hardly be more different. The aim of this first section of the discussion is to create at least a provisional sense of the aesthetic and political aims of queer cinema. Later, I will be discussing Todd Haynes as pioneering throughout his career a particularly interesting kind of queer film-making, though our focus here will be on a single film, Poison, from 1990. In his introduction to the landmark volume Gay and Lesbian Studies in Art History (1994), Whitney Davis explains that the intention of the anthology is to present "important but little known or new evidence, accompanied by original documentation and interpretation, as well as reconsiderations of relatively familiar events, objects, images or texts;" to rectify the historical record, which has been "so constructed, arranged and published that materials of direct interest to lesbian and gay studies have often literally dropped out of immediate view or have completely disappeared;" and to cover as wide a historical range as possible, "from the ancient through the medieval, early modern and modern worlds."1 I must say that I have no quarrel with any of the stated aims of the collection–and wish there were a dozen more anthologies like it. But it is clear that the position from which the volume is conceived is "minoritarian"–that the emphasis is on doing justice to art that by virtue of its content or authorship can considered lesbian or gay, and that because of that has been ignored or repressed in academic discussion. The minoritarian strategy in art history means restoring to visibility the culture of a social group that, having been cut out of art history virtually since the inception of the discipline, now rightly seeks inclusion and a place at the table. In the same way that a certain strategy within feminist art history sought to bring the work of women artists into the canon, and to interrogate the ideology of the discipline that had excluded them in the first place, gay and lesbian studies are concerned with overcoming prejudices so deep that even in the case of such central figures as Leonardo or Michelangelo or Winckelmann the question of sexuality has until now been systematically silenced within scholarship.

Farrell, Kathleen P (2011). Backstage Politics: Gay TV Professionals and their Work. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 1(11): 26-37. PDF Download.  While gay and lesbian images have been regular features of American television throughout the 1990s, the 21st Century delivered an unprecedented interest in programming designed specifically for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. This paper examines 20 key media professionals at the emergence of this new - "Gay TV" industry and describes the perspectives they hold on their work. Interview data demonstrates how these professionals have created production structures - relatively stable patterns of behavior - that play an important bridging role between their positions in LGBT communities and their careers. While there is evidence that Gay TV will promote social change, interviewees may be overestimating the value of their work by failing to recognize the parameters of this industry.

Hollywood: - Closeted Homophobia: How Hollywood Maintains Heteronormativity Through the Portrayal of Queer Characters. - Doing Deviance, Teaching Conformity: How Transgender Characters in Hollywood Films Promote Normative Gender Roles. - Ian McKellen on Hollywood Homophobia. - Nathan Lane: Hollywood, homophobia and Mel Brooks. - Funny that way: Blades of Glory and Hollywood’s homophobic impulse. - Another crappy homophobic Hollywood movie: Below are excerpts from two movie reviews of 'Role Models' (starring Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott and Jane Lynch). - Hollywood Finally Tackles Black Homophobia: Start lining up for Dirty Laundry, a hilarious and touching film about a black gay family man. - Should Gay Hollywood Be Telling Young Hollywood to Keep it in the Closet? - No Closet, No Return: New local theater group debuts with this smart, if familiar, local premier about Hollywood's homophobia. - Catch of the day: Hollywood's homoerotic homophobia: Since Brokeback Mountain, no major studio has produced a single gay film. We have, however, had Wild Hogs... -  Homophobia Still Running Rampant in Hollywood. - YouTube: Hollywood's Promotion of Homophobia Must End. - New Queer Cinema (2008). - Blibliography Queer Cinema (2009).

Books: - The View From Here: Conversations with Gay and Lesbian Filmmakers - 2007 - by Matthew Hays.  - Out at the Movies: A History of Gay Cinema - 2008 - by Steven Paul Davies, Simon Callow. - The Romance of Transgression in Canada: Queering Sexualities, Nations, Cinemas - 2006 - by Thomas Waugh (Review). - Criminal Desires: Jean Genet and Cinema - 2002 - by Jane Giles (Edited extract: Jean Genet's love of cinema lasted his entire life and influenced all his creative work. So why did he make only one movie?) (Toughs, Low-life, Drag Queens – Genet Was The Daddy Of Them All). - Screened Out:  Playing Gay in Hollywood from Edison to Stonewall - 2002 - Richard Barrios (Google Books) (Review) (Review) (Review). - Queer Images: A History of Gay and Lesbian Film in America - 2005 - Harry M. Benshoff (By Author: Notes on Gay History/Queer Theory/Queer Film). - Frightening the Horses: Gay Icons of the Cinema - 2007 - by Eric Braun. - Now You See It: Studies in Lesbian and Gay Film - 1990, 2002 - by Richard Dyer (Google Books) (Review). - The Fruit Machine: Twenty Years of Writings on Queer Cinema - 2000 - by Thomas Waugh, John Greyson (Google Books) (Review). - New Queer Cinema: A Critical Reader - 2004 edited by Michele Aaron (Google Books) (Review). - The Bent Lens: A World Guide to Gay & Lesbian Film - 1997, ,2003 - edited by Claire Jackson, Peter Tapp (Google Books) (Review). - Uninvited: Classical Hollywood Cinema and Lesbian Representability - 1999 - by Patricia White (Review). - Queer noises: male and female homosexuality in twentieth century music - 1995 - by Jon Gill (Google Books) (Review). - Queer cinema in Europe - 2008 - edited by Robin Griffiths (Google Books). - Queer cinéma: the film reader - 2004 - by Harry M. Benshoff, Sean Griffin (Google Books) (Contans: Queer negotiations of the Hollywood musical). - Hetero: queering representations of straightness - 2009 - by Sean Griffin (Google Books).

Resources: - Gayscape's Art, On-line Galleries. - Queer Film and Other Art. - LGBT Arts Organizations. - Bibliography: Queer America? Gay and Lesbian Identity in U.S. Popular Culture. - Lesbian Y Gay Cinema: A selective bibliography. - Bibliography: Outcast Films is committed to education through the use of film and video. Here are just a few books that we are recommending to introduce our readers and viewers to queer film and theory. - Gay Interest Films: Reading Bibliography. - Lesbian and gay cinema – a selective bibliography. - Le dossier homosexualité sur Bifi, la bibliothèque du film : filmographie & vidéographie. - Bibliography: Queer Art (2009). - Homosexuality and Cinema. - Timothy Matthew Shary Publications. - Lesbian Movies, Lesbian Films, Videos and DVD. - Gay Themed Films

Nelson, Jeffrey A (2001). The Evolution of the Queer German Film. The Review of Communication, 1: 57-63. PDF Download.

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Publications & GLBT Book Listings.

Print: - Advocate Magazine: The grande dame of US gay news publications (L.A. National). - XTRA (Toronto) Archive available online. - XY Magazine (Young Males). - Washington Blade Newspaper. - New York Blade. Frontiers (SF). - Genre magazine. - Outlooks, Calgary AB. - OUT! Magazine (New Zealand). - Pridelinks.com's Magazine List. -  The QRD's Magazine List. - The Ultimate Listing of Gay and lesbian publications (N > 260) N/A: What happened to The Ultimate Listing of Gay and Lesbian Publications? - Links to GLB publications. - Internet Resources: Newspapers / Journals. - On the Origin of The Body Politic - Gay "journalism": What for? - Q*ink! The Newsletter for Lesbigaytrans Writers & Friends N/A. - Voice for the voiceless: RedBone, a press for LGBT writers of color, rises from the ashes to make a mark in publishing. - When the Politics of Desire Meets the Economics of Skin: The History and Phenomenon of a Filipino Gay Magazine (PDF Download).

Online: - QV Magazine (Gay Latino Culture).-  Seattle Gay News. - Ambush Mag. - Queer Nasty 'Zine. - ScotsGay Magazine. - Links to GLB Online Magazines.Lavender Magazine. - Planetout (PNO). - Interracial Voice magazine N/A. - Planet Q. - Sapphrodite. - Pridelink.com's Zine list.- Shout Online: Yorkshire's Queer paper. - The Guide Online: The best in gay travel, entertainment, politics, and sex. - Dallas Voice: gay and lesbian news and entertainment. - Outcast Online. - Knitting Circle Links. - Akiko New Zealand Pink Pages: News. -  BlackLight Magazine. - Screaming Hyena: e-journal of queer writing and review. - Word Is Out: Online journal for gay, lesbian and queer liberation N/A. - Le-National: Archives 1, Archives 2. - Lodestar Quarterly: an online journal of the finest gay, lesbian, and queer literature. - Listing of lesbian magazines. - Yahoo Dorectory:  Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Magazines.

Book Publishers: - Alyson Publications Ltd.  - Leyland/Sunshine Press.   - The Naiad Press. - Gay/Lesbian Publishing Houses.  - Pridelink.com's Book Publishers List.  - The QRD Publisher List.

GLBT Books Lists: - GLBT Literature Resources. - Gay & Lesbian Literature Bibliography Links. - GLBT Books. - Amazon: Gay / Lesbian Books.- Gay/Lesbian Youth Bibliography. - Books for Gay and Lesbian Youth and Teens. - Book on the African-American GLB experience. - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Materials: Resources for Librarians N/A. - Library Q: The Library Worker's Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Resources N/A. - GLB Reading Club Listing. - Pridelinks.com (Non-Fiction) 

Finalists for the annual Lambda Literary Awards: 2007, 2006 (Winners), 2005 (Winners & Nominees, Must Scroll), 2004 (Winners & Nominees), 2003 (Winners & Nominees), 2002 (Winners & Nominees, Must Scroll), 2001 (Winners & Nominees, Must Scroll), 2000 (Winners) (Winners & Nominees, Must Scroll), Must Scroll), 1999 (Winners & Nominees) (Winners & Nominees, Must Scroll), 1998 (Winners & Nominees, Must Scroll), 1997 (Winners & Nominees, Must Scroll), 1996 (Winners & Nomineesl), 1992-1995 (Winners & Nominees), 1988-1991 (Winners & Nominees). Categories: Anthology - Arts & Culture - Bisexual - Childrens/Young Adult - Drama/Theater - Humor - LGBT Nonfiction - LGBT Studies - Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror - Spirituality - Transgender -- Lesbian Fiction - Lesbian Romance - Lesbian Mystery - Lesbian Poetry - Lesbian Memoir/Biography - Lesbian Erotica - Lesbian Debut Fiction -- Gay Fiction - Gay Romance - Gay Mystery - Gay Poetry - Gay Memoir/Biography - Gay Erotica - Debut Gay Fiction.

Lambda Literary Award (Wikipedia): "Lambda Literary Awards (also known as "Lammies") are awarded yearly by the US-based Lambda Literary Foundation to published works which celebrate or explore LGBT themes." Winners from 2002 to 2005 are listed. - Lambda Literary Award Nominees And Winners - Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: 1989-2002.

Sexual Politics and Queer Publishing.  - Why Mainstream Gay Mags Are Great. - Rainbow Journalism: ...can San Francisco's gay press remain the voice of its community?

Randy Shilts: Withholding information for mainstream journalism acceptability. - Gay Media, Inc.: Media Structures, the New Gay Conglomerates, and Collective Sexual Identities.

Books: - Unspeakable: the Rise of the Gay and Lesbian Press in America by Rodger Streitmatter (review). (Review) (Review)

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Some Examples of Using A Radical Perspective: (Must scroll to section "Class, Race, Sex?!") Discusses how gay and lesbian community and its intellectuals have neglected/avoided class issues. - The class-inflected nature of gay identity [Social Problems, 1999, 46(2), 207]. - Coming out of the class closet: socialist gays. - Class divisions in the gay community.

A rough trade:  "If even gay men suffer classism, how then are working-class gays treated within the gay community? When a gay middle or upper class man fucks a working-class man, the act is known as "rough trade". This contemptible label represents a fundamental disrespect which underscores the classist attitudes working-class gay men endure most of the time. Even in a gay community which claims to be united, the working class is seen as undeserving of love and completely disposable. They become fuckable quarry within the gay community, and beatable quarry in the straight community.

Inside/outside: How do class, masculinity, [homo]sexuality and race intersect in and with the prison system? Is prison any sort of solution to crime? David Denborough has the story. "The men and masculinities that are most at risk within these  hierarchies are young men, gay men, transsexuals and the physically weak..." - Class Issue In Reproduction

The Ultimate "Planet Out" Guide to Queer Movies (Subject: Class Issues). - Class and ethnicity represent major obstacles in establishing new forms of homosexual encounters N/A... (Sexualities, 2(2), 1999). - ..the "bear" critique of the imagism and classism of gay mainstream culture was compelling stuff. - Could changes in the gay community help more of us live satisfying, healthy lives?

The Crisis of Queer Theory and/in Altman's "Globalism". - Lesbian Class Issues. - Call for Submissions: Everything I Have Is Blue: Short Fiction by Working-Class Men About More-or-Less Gay Life. - Queers once battled against oppressions such as homophobia, violence, and imprisonment but now gays create institutions of classism, racism and sexism. We host these harmful institutions in our communities.

Winter A (2005). Bibliography on Class and Classism. Off Our Backs, Jan/Feb.

Books: - Queerly Classed: Gay Men and Lesbians Write About Class - 1997 - edited by Susan Raffo (Abstract).  (Abstract)  (Review).  - Thinking Class: Sketches from a Cultural Worker - 1996 - by Joanna Kadi (Amazon).(Coiled Tongues: A Critical Reading of Thinking Class: Sketches from a Cultural Worker by Joanna Kadi. PDF Download) - Gay Skins: Class, Masculinity and Queer Appropriations - 1996 - by Murray Healy. - CALAMUS LOVERS: Walt Whitman's Working-Class Camerados - edited by Charley Shively (Abstract). - Anti-Gay by Mark Simpson, Ed. (Reviews). (Planet Soma Review & Excerpts.) - Working-Class Gay and Bisexual Men - 2001 - edited by George A. Appleby. - Out of the Class Closet: Lesbians Speak - 1994 - edited by Julia Penelope (Review) (Google.com title search).

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Ethnic / Race Issues & Racism

A Collation of Information related to racism issues: "Racism in Predominantly White Gay and lesbian Communities"

General Resources Page on GLBT People Of Color.

Racism: - Institutionalized Racism Slowing Progress of GLBT Movement - 15th Annual Creating Change Conference Takes Place Nov. 6-10.  The 2002 NGLTF Conference Theme is 'Building an Anti-Racist Movement'.  "Never in the history of our movement has such a large, multi-racial GLBT gathering focused on the impact of racism and the building of an anti-racist movement," said National Gay and      Lesbian Task Force Executive Director Lorri L. Jean.  "Institutionalized racism is one of the most significant factors hindering our success as a movement and if we were unified as a community, we could better pursue and achieve our goals." - Racism and the Gay Community. - Racism in the LGBT community. - Gay Racism in the Castro. - Latinos stage Castro rally against racism: "This racist sentiment is not new, but has actually been around for a long time," he said. "Racism, sexism, ageism, and elitism in our LGBTQ community are alive and well."... Bustos said he felt the evidence of racism in the gay community could also be found in the lack of support to many minority agencies. - Racism at the Bathhouse.

Staunton, Shawn (2011). Shooting ourselves in the foot: discrimination in the LGBT community. HIV Australia, 7(3): 35-37. PDF Download. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is one environment that common sense argues would be without prejudice. While huddled together under a rainbow umbrella of safety, security and inclusion, how can one group of persecuted people go on to discriminate against members of the same group in so called ‘safe environments’? How is it that a gay man who is denied the same rights as straight people, who is publicly humiliated and even physically attacked based on his sexuality, then goes on to discriminate against another gay man based on the colour of his skin, or his religion, or discriminates against a lesbian based on her gender? How can a group that is subject to fear and ignorance experience fear and ignorance of transgender people? This is a question that the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities was seeking to understand when it rolled out its 2007 Pride Festival community campaign and its discrimination in the LGBT community survey... In surveying the community, people identified experiencing negative outcomes such as suicidal thoughts and depression, low self-esteem and anxiety as a result of discrimination from other LGBT people. Along with self-harm, suicide attempts and drug and alcohol dependence are all effects which have been linked with the experience of prejudice and discrimination...

Body vs Race (at the baths and at the gym): Why is it that the gay community considers bone thin young Gay White Men (GWM) an ´Abercrombie and Fitch'type. While at the same time young Gay Asian Men (GAM), with the exact body type, undesirable and worthless? - Rice Queens (aka Potato Queens):  The baths have always been known for it's brutal honesty. It is truly a microcosm of the gay community, where you can see men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Just because everyone is welcomed, doesn't mean that sexual discrimination doesn't take place. I've proven my point about GWM (Gay White Men) wanting to stay completely within their race, both socially and sexually. To them visible minorities are completely worthless, and undesirable, and totally invisible. But bring up the subject of sexual racism to any GWM and they get defensive. It is not sexual 'racism', they say, but a sexual 'preference'. If we used this logic in regards to sexual racism, then we would have to say that all gay men are sexist. Since gay men aren't attracted to women.

San Francisco Gay Community Grapples With Race, Rape: Mark Welsh chokes up as he describes his rape last fall and the word his two assailants kept repeating. "They kept saying ‘faggot' over and over again," said the 51-year-old owner of a video store in the Castro district. "It went on for what seemed like forever."... But — because both Mr. Welsh and another rape victim say their assailants were black — news of their attacks has heightened tensions in a community that for years has been accused of racial exclusion... Still, many blacks say they're made to feel unwelcome in the Castro. "There's an unspoken language, whether you're a black man or woman, that there's no space for you here," said Lisa Williams, a local activist who is black. "When you go to a bar, you get the feeling that the prices are being adjusted. It takes forever to get served, and the wait staff watches you like a hawk."

Queer anarchists take on what they perceive to be the racism, sexism and materialism of the gay establishment. - Outraged & Angry Black Gays Stage Third Day of Demonstrations and Protest Marches Against Alleged White Gay Racism & Marriage for Gays:  The Abe Lincoln Black Republican Caucus (ALBRC), a civic group of young Black gay, bisexual and "down lo" males is conducting the third day of demonstrations and protest marches against alleged White Gay Racism in Dallas, Texas and America. - Moffies behaving badly: Accusations of racism in Green Point's 'gay village' may prompt a Human Rights Commission investigation, the first of its kind in South Africa.

Fear of a Black Lesbian Planet: " "It's the big pink elephant in the middle of the room. Everyone knows it's there — and we quietly tiptoe around it, afraid that even acknowledging its existence would throw off the delicate balance that exists in our pretending it isn't standing there, grazing on our avoidance. If we do choose to look at the elephant's skin, we see that she carries the tattoos of racial division — exclusion, nasty feelings, words, and actions, the unspoken rules of separation. Black lesbians trying to find out who we are both as women of color and as lesbians find the invisible wall we bump up against while trying to find access into the lesbian community even harder to bear... Even when black women do find blatant examples of racism within the lesbian community, just as in the outside world, we often must struggle to begin a dialogue in such a way that we can be heard. "There's no voice for it," says Abrams. "There's not enough language to describe it, and often we're seen as attacking or violent if we do bring it up."

AVP calls for local action to address racism & sexual racism - The AVP marked the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination  (Sunday 21st March 2004) by calling for local GLBT action to address racism  and sexual racism which Co-Convenors Jilll Wood & Greg Adkins said  "excludes people & forces some of our brothers & sisters to be invisible  - almost like forcing them back into a closet all over again" An Open Letter to My White Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Sisters and Brothers Diane Finnerty (2004) - PDF Download. - When an Oppressed Group Becomes the Oppressor: Racism within the Gay Community. - How To Fight Racism in the LGBT Community. - Invisible identities: "I wish this day had existed when I came out. It would have been easier," says Raphaël. "A lot of us feel discriminated against within the LGBT community in Montreal. We don't feel at ease in the Village, where everyone is white. Sometimes you look around and try to find someone like you. It can be lonely." 

LGBTQ Racial Equity Campaign: Extensive research shows that racial inequities persist in every indicator of well-being, including health and wellness, school readiness, economic success and civic participation, among many others. Further, funding for LGBTQ people of color has been woefully inadequate, which profoundly impacts the health of these organizations and, ultimately, the effectiveness of our broader movements for social change. Let’s begin redressing these inequities. - A Different Shade of Queer: Race, Sexuality, and Marginalizing by the Marginalized: "Shared experiences of oppression rarely lead to sympathy for others who are also marginalized, traumatized, and minimized by the dominant society. Rather, all too miserably, those who should naturally join in fighting discrimination find it more comforting to join their oppressors in oppressing others. As a gay man of color, I see this on a routine basis – whether it be racism in the gay community or homophobia in communities of color..." - Being Asian and being Gay: Although there are lots of wonderful queer people out there, I've probably experienced the most racism from the gay community.

Re-historicising 'Racism': As a gay Aboriginal, however, in racist, homophobic Australia, [Wayne] King was doubly marginalised on the basis of both race and sexuality. He experienced racial prejudice from the gay community, and homophobia amongst sections of the Aboriginal community. He recalls being picked up by a gay man in a car, and thrown out again as soon as the man learned he was Aboriginal. Even more hurtful was his discovery of the depth of racial prejudice amongst his gay friends: "Rejected and spurned by society for being homosexual, they had spoken angrily of the discrimination they had to face. Yet they saw nothing wrong in their attitude towards me; saw nothing to condemn in themselves... Those white boys in that room thought that a racist was some yobbo in a blue Chesty Bond singlet, shorts and thongs with a beer can in one hand, the other scratching his balls. The subtlety of racism had escaped them. If you had an education, you couldn't be racist. Terry's racist comment [that the right place for Aborigines was in the bottom of an ash-tray] had tipped the scales for me. Gays may have been outsiders, but as a gay Aborigine, I might as well have been from Mars.""

Crossing the Gay Color Lines: "AfterElton recently spoke to five gay African American men - artists who are fiercely active within their communities - to explore how white gay people and African Americans can better understand each other, and ultimately come together to promote the equality of all people. That journey may begin with uncovering some hard truths... Racism Within the White Gay Community: One thing that all five men agree on is that a major issue that is rarely addressed is not homophobia in communities of color, but racism within the white gay community... Ultimately, Polk believes, the comparisons that gays make between their struggle and the civil-rights movement ring hollow. "The truth of the matter is white gay people don't really care about racist and racial issues," Polk said. "They really don't. There's just as much racism within the gay community as anywhere else. You would think gay people would be less racist, but they're just as much." ... Racism within the white gay community extends beyond not recognizing racism, however, into social arenas. Daniels related a recurring theme with his gay, African American friends: That white gay men were perfectly happy to have sex with them in the dark, but didn't want to be seen with them in public... Polk too, has had similar experiences at clubs. "If I go to a predominantly white gay club, the men just aren't really interested," he said. "I call it the invisible man syndrome." People try to explain their lack of interest by claiming it's "just a preference," but Polk pointed out, "it's not really a preference to exclude an entire group of people based on the color of their skin." ... 

Developing a shared language: - "That racism exists in gay communities comes as a surprise to those who assume that a people who experience prejudice and discrimination will not discriminate against other groups. This is far from the truth. Racism in gay culture takes many forms: from the physical and sexual stereotyping of men of African and Asian descent to the failure to recognise and take into account the life-experiences of individuals and communities who have been discriminated against." - The same thing happened to the blacks. - Strange Fruit: Comparing the Struggles of African-Americans for Civil Rights with the Struggles of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Peoples by Miss Poppy Dixon, 06.01. - Ideology of the LGBT youth movement - Prejudice: Homophobia, TransPhobia, BiPhobia, HeteroPhobia, Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Disabilities, HIV Status, Social Class, Religious Hatred.

On being Asian and Gay in Straight White America: (Alternate link) "But even the gay community has tiny, hidden rules that sneak up on me. All of a sudden, I discovered that many non-homophobic people are racist... The racism I have experienced in the gay community is not the overt color of red but the subtle, unwavering tinge of blue. It is the blue in eyes that forget to see you, that sweep over you during a mainstream GLBT function. It is the default belief that gay America is gay white America. It is the lack of concern for you and your issues. It is the blue color of neglect and ignorance."

Whose feminism is it anyway? The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion Debate (Emi Koyama, PDF Download: Web Page from which to download file.) From the web Site: Eminism.org, the official web site for Emi Koyama, the activist/author/academic working on intersex, sex workers' rights, (queer) domestic violence, genderqueer, anti-racism, and other issues. "In the trans and feminist communities, everyone has an opinion or two about Michigan Womyn's Music Festival and its 'womyn-born-womyn' policy. But have you noticed how everybody invokes 'feminism' as the reason for their wildly varying positions? Emi takes apart the racist attitudes that are present in most sides of the controversy and urges white transsexual activists to allign themselves with women of color instead of trying to appease white women's racism."

Racism in Gay Culture: The gay community still suffers from one of the oldest forms of discrimination; racism... Racism is a problem that crawls in the shadow of the gay community. It does not receive a lot of attention.  - Is there Racism in the gay community? N/A: "Take for example the fact that at no bar that I can think of, is there a Black or Asian bartender." - Does "the gay community" really mean for gay and white men only?  - "people of African, Native, Latin and Asian descent still endure ethnic invisibility or exploitation in many "gay" settings". - LGBT People of Color: A Roundtable Discussion N/A: Comments on racism in GLB communities.

Luis Alfaro's Life Goes into the Theater -  "Instead, he aims to walk calmly in a tornado, using his art and his poetry to explore issues of race and class and sexual orientation. As a gay Chicano, his work addresses homophobia in the Latino community and racism in the gay community." - WAYNE KING: A Life in Progress: "Wayne King encountered as much racism in the gay community as in the general community, which he describes as a "double whammy for me as a gay man and as an Aboriginal."

Gay Men's Multi-ethnic Association. - South Florida's only social group for professional gay men from all ethnic backgrounds. - Racism and anti-Semitism operate in LesBiGayTrans communities in ways that are both the same and different from heterosexual society.  - "Invisibility" Of People Of Color In GLB Community Discussed At QPI Forum N/A. - Racism Alive and Well in Philadelphia.  - Tongues Untied (Director: Marlon Riggs): "...the man refused entry to a gay bar because of his color." - Gay Racism: White Lies/Black Slander. (Alternaye Link) - Gay men and women in Canada's ethnic communities feel surrounded by homophobia, marginalized by gay culture N/A. - Edward Kai Chiu: "I am gay, but I am not represented.  Obviously, the voices and faces of my gay Asian brothers are deliberately being ignored."

The Queer Artist Collective: "Wagan says that he has been struggling with racism in the gay community.  - Fight and flight:  "I am sick of constantly having to convince my "allies" that my life is worth fighting for, that all people of color deserve to be mentioned in their discussions, that we merit being placed on their list of priorities." - The Ultimate "Planet Out" Guide to Queer Movies (Subject: Racism). - "Is Racism, Sexism, And Biphobia Killing The Gay Movement?" - It's your body, it's your call: "ACMSM has to deal with the systematic racism in the general society and gay community. For example, in North American gay media, positive gay Asian images are usually under represented. However, when it is presented, Asian men are portrayed in a stereotype, such as subserviant and helpless."

Jewish Activist Gays and Lesbians (JAGL) - young gay, lesbian and bisexual Jews who struggle against homophobia in the Jewish community and anti-Semitism in the gay world (Not Available). - Gay Pride Does Not Erase Racism N/A:. "Kelly said issues important to African Americans are sometimes lost in the general discussions about gay culture. "The racism we have to face being black and male is one thing, but to be black, male and gay [we face] the most discrimination even within the gay community,'' he said." - Race and Homosexuality: "It is wrongly believed that the lesbian and gay community with its on-going experience of stigma and discrimination is racially tolerant." - Racial sensitivity lacking in national [GLB] group policies N/A.

From Queer of Color "Statement of Purpose": "...current conventional wisdom insists that the struggles against various oppressions must not be combined. As a result, Queers of Color are often marginalized within groups that are already marginalized. We are forced to fight racism and homophobia in society at large, as well as racism within the queer community, and homophobia within communities of color." - L'association Kelma se bat contre l'isolement et le racisme (France).  - FACING ONE'S OWN ANTI-GAY BIAS.  - Update (San Diego N/A): "Invisibility" Of People Of Color In GLB Community Discussed At QPI Forum. - ASUCD Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission sponsored a discussion of student experiences with interracial dating called "Relationship Reality" on Tuesday, the first series of speakers on such a topic.

Gay and homosexually active Aboriginal men in Sydney. -  Division of the Gay Community. - Response: Division of the Gay Community.Race, Sexuality and Education. What does it mean to be Aboriginal and gay in education in Australia?: "Addressing issues of Aboriginal gayness means challenging reductive framings of Aboriginality without coopting the struggles named from within. It means supporting Aboriginal gay men across the site of the struggle. It means doing work on racism in the gay community." - Gay Militants Admit Prevalence of Racism in Their Own Ranks.

White racism has been reported in England where gay communities are said to be also quite intolerant to other human attributes within their group: As with other minorities within minorities, gay Asians face hostility from their own community and from the gay scene ["the racist gay scene"] they turn to for help. Like gay Christians, gay Tories or even gay football supporters, Rajvir faces ignorance whichever way he turns. Makes you feel proud doesn't it? (Article by Chris Morris N/A) Racism in gay communities is known to affect gay / bisexual males of colour in a number of ways and, by 1999, it was recognized to likely negatively affect their access to services. A study (in progress) of this gay community attribute is reported on in Current HIV Education Research - A Bulletin for UK Professionals (Issue 7 - Spring 1999: Racism and the Gay Community). - Racism still an issue in the gay community. - UK first-ever Black Pride event aims to shatter myth that the country's black community is anti-gay: Racism in the gay community is not a topic that is often discussed. It is easy to believe that a community that struggles against discrimination would be less likely to actively discriminate. However it is precisely this inherent racism and the need to raise the profile of black gay achievement that has led to the development of the United Kingdom's first ever Black Gay Pride event. Just like the well known mainstream London Pride and Euro Pride held in London recently, the BGP aims to provide a space for the UK black gay community to express themselves.

Being Out for Justice: Exploring Racism in the Queer Community and Beyond. - Dual Identities N/A: The complexities of being Asian and Queer in Canada. - A Korean Gay Man in the United States: Toward a cultural Context for Social Service Practice. - As a gay Chicano, his work addresses homophobia in the Latino community and racism in the gay community. - Young Women's Program - Young Tongues: "...and the topics discussed range from coming out to racism in the queer community. - The Oracle Online: (New Site) "The mere fact that someone is gay does not make them immune to some other sort of bigotry," he said. "There is racism within the gay community." - Gay Race Relations: "Buck"-ing Stereotypes.

Hawai'ian GLBT Resources: Na Mamo O Hawai`i (Hawai`ian Lesbian and Gay Activists), (808) 595-0402. This group is dedicated to fighting racism in the Gay Community AND homophobia in the Hawai`ian Community. - UCGALA N/A: University of California Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association concerned ABOUT "hate crimes; police/community relations; gay rights and anti-gay rights ordinances; AIDS activism; multi-cultural conflicts and racism in the gay community, etc." - Contra Costa Times, May 9, 1999: "About 100 young people, running the gamut from gay and bisexual to lesbian and can't-quite-decide, attended discussion groups throughout the day on such subjects as homosexuality at church, the difficulties of coming out to family and friends and date violence, safe sex and racism in the gay community."

Women's Resource Center Newsletter Selections: "Behind this accusation of separatism lies the assumption that queer space is inherently neutral, equal, and color-blind, and that "militant" queers of color are initiating a racial divide where none had existed before. Two problems with this line of reasoning are: 1) The queer community (in its public guise) is mostly comprised of white leaders addressing white issues under the guise of "diversity." This same queer community often ignores the ways racism in and outside the community affect queer men and women of color..." -

Fight and flight: "There was a time when I naively believed that marginalized groups have a natural affinity for each other. That didn’t last very long in my short, politicized life. And I’d like to say now that racism in the gay community doesn’t happen in such virulent forms, that racism mostly manifests itself in complex ways compounded by class differences. I’d like to say that most people are sophisticated enough to know that racism is not simply a matter of derogatory stereotypes, but of a whole system of epistemological erasures." - Living Our Lives, NOT Our Lifestyles N/A: 1999 Eastern United States  LGBT Conference University at Albany, SUNY April 16-18, 1999 Racism in the Queer Community. Presented by Nadya Lawson and Hyoejin Yoon of the Dismantling Racism Project. Lecture Center 2.

Reflecting on a Colorful Conference: Rina: What do you think is the most important issue facing queer minorities? K'haria rai zen: Oh wow. Homophobia in their communities that lead to a lack of non-white role-models for queer youth and racism in the queer community. You don't get accepted at home because you're queer, but when you seek out acceptance in the queer community, you're unwelcome there too. You often feel as if you're the only one. Racism In The Queer Community: "Race does not appear to be a big issue," he said... An audience member disagreed. "I think racism is very widespread in the gay community," she said...

Chasing the White man syndrome, part 1 (Part 2): The situation in Singapore is probably less evident than countries with a predominantly white population such as Australia or USA where gay asians face the situation commonly known as Sexual Racism. In these countries, some gay asians report facing sexual discrimination by white men who tend to date within their own race. Asians, on the other hand, shun their own race and go for Caucasians. The result is a situation in which young gay asians go out with older western men, whom the white younger gay men have lost interest in. In Singapore, some Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) are also only attracted to white guys. They are tagged as SPG; and the acronym stands for Sarong Party Gay (Gay in this case could refer to bisexuals as well); and is perceived by certain segments of the community as a negative lot... - Minority Race Homosexuals in Singapore: We know what follows is a generalisation. It has to be. There is little research on homosexuality in Singapore; one has to rely on anecdotal evidence and one's own experience of belonging to a minority. We believe that negative feelings amongst the Chinese population as a whole towards minorities in Singapore, has influenced homosexual politics. There is no denying that in everyday life, Indians and Malays are stereotyped to an extent that is both derisive and insulting...

On Minorities: 'racism' in Singapore's gay community: It’s a common complaint you hear from some people who’ve been in chat rooms. After a few minutes of conversation, the other side doesn’t respond anymore, the IRC equivalent of a line going dead. “It happens when I tell them what race I am.” ... This is an issue that often plagues many minority and liberal communities. At stake is what can be termed a ‘politics of equivalence’? What this means is that members of different minority communities should be able to form coalitions based on shared experiences. Their similar experiences of marginalization should form the grounds of some kind of empathy. The key word here however is ‘should’. In real life, the distinctions take precedence, and very rarely the commonalities... Lest this whole article sounds as if I’m using Yusoff’s words as ventriloquism, I’d like to relate my own personal experiences. When first coming out, it was of course disheartening to encounter suspended conversations on IRC the moment I had mentioned my race. My initial excitement at membership into a community I could call home was replaced by self–consciousness: I had never been as constantly reminded of my ethnicity than in a gay chat room. I was, in effect, a minority within a minority.... Comment: ooohh... great conversation topics... i wish this written rite in front page of the local newspaper!...hehe... Yeah rite i have been reading of SG govt claiming to have "GRACIOUS" society?.. Such ridicule even foreigners are laughing their butts off!!!... We can't even say "please" and "thank you" pleasantly, forget about graciously?! ...haha... and you guys sure knows whom i refer to?...

Never Say I Love You - The Gay Western Man in Taiwan Who Dates Taiwanese Guys - The Gay Taiwanese Man in Taiwan Who Dates Western Guys - Us and Them.(Alternate Link): "One of the most important lessons I've learned is that the more a GWM comes to understand Taiwanese culture and the Chinese language, the more the differences between GWM and GAM in Taiwan become apparent. My experiences have taught me that we are not at all unified by our common gay experience, rather we are philosophically very, very different... The tragic irony is that most of the cultural things that attract GAM to GWM end up causing the most distress. While initially attracted to all of these differences, most gay Taiwanese men ultimately find them intolerable in the long term. Open communication is great when it's the GWM expressing himself, but when it comes time for the GAM to open up to his inner-most feelings and take a Western-style 'good, hard look' at his own behavior, he crumbles. It's virtually impossible to have a constructive argument (or even a 'heated discussion'), because Taiwanese people loathe confrontation between lovers. Any expression of dissatisfaction is perceived as a direct criticism of character. They are offended when their behavior is questioned in any way. The fact that discord even exists in a relationship is an indictment of the relationship as a whole... "

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Ten Myths About Homosexuality (Many are Stereotypes.)  - CNN Documentary blurs "profound difference" between gay pornography and child pornography N/A. (1997 GLAAD Alerts, but item was maybe removed N/A) - The Media, Gays and Lesbians, and Stereotypes. - WTC hero defies gay stereotypes. - Umpire comes out to break gay stereotypes. - Gay men perpetuate stereotypes. - With New Gay Frat, Members Challenge Stereotypes. - 'Object' is a sweet film that avoids gay stereotypes. - Questions of Stereotypes and Prejudices. - How Do We Know They're Gay? - Gay Stereotypes. - ABC News: Gay Stereotypes: Are They True? - Trotting out obvious gay stereotypes. - Does 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' pander to gay stereotypes? - Lame 'Chuck & Larry' Trots Out Obvious Gay Stereotypes, Then Turns Preachy.

Lesbian and Bisexual Stereotypes on TV. - "Work Out" Complicates Lesbian Stereotypes. - Lesbian Interests - Stereotypes? - Lesbian Dating Stereotypes. - Butch: What defines "straight acting", or "femme", or "butch"? - Jewish lesbian goes for laughs to level two stereotypes. - Female athletes face lesbian stereotypes. - Confronting stereotypes of female athletes. - Sexual Stereotypes in Sport. - Audio-Visual Assignments (examples of stereotypes in films). - Reviews and Commentary on the Representation of Lesbians and Bisexual Women in Entertainment and the Media.

Gay-Dar: A gay male perspective with feedback from readers. Determining than a American male is gay by observing certain attributes N/A.  -  "Gay Dress" - Gay-Dar being used in Singapore. - The very queer art of gaydar. - Columnist Alan Ilagan gives his perspective and what his role in the stereotypes is. (Other Articles. - Alan's Web Site). - Depth of 'Soul' challenges gay male stereotypes. - "Swish Cheese," essay on gay stereotypes in theater by Don Shewey. - Labels and Stereotypes. - Saying No to Stereotypes. - Black Comedians Perpetuate, Challenge Gay Stereotypes. - Twenty Gay Stereotypes Confirmed. - The Impact of Social Roles on Stereotypes of Gay Men

Regular Guys: "Guys to whom masculinity isn’t a fetish, or a joke, but a part of who we are and how we see ourselves... This is not about putting anyone down. We’re not saying masculine guys are better – but we are different. Our point is that there’s more than one way to be gay. Which ought to be a given in a community that talks about diversity as much as ours does. It’s a sad fact that some gay people buy into – even cling to – the very stereotypes they often complain about. We think it’s important to question both the way gay culture relies on stereotypes to define itself, and the paradoxes that can result..." - Fear of Gays Haunts Soldiers Old and New.

Gender Patriots: "Some commentators have proposed that gays see themselves as part of a wider "transgender movement" consisting of all who challenge conventional gender boundaries. That line of thought can wind up reviving old, discredited notions that once held gays to be somehow persons "trapped in" the wrong sex's body — though in fact most gay men comfortably self-identify as men and most lesbians as women. - Bear's Recruiting Station: "While we're at it, stereotypes all need to be questioned.  Few gay men are actually effeminate in their mannerisms.  Also, very few effeminate men are actually gay!"

Reinventing the Male Homosexual: The Rhetoric and Power of the Gay Gene  - 2002 - by RA Brookey: "The book investigates the biological research on which this gay rights argument is based, and explores how male homosexuality is conceptualized in the fields of behavioral genetics, neuroendocrinology, sociobiology, and evolutionary psychology. Robert Alan Brookey demonstrates that most biological research begins with the assumption that male homosexuality is a state of physical effeminate pathology." - Are gay stereotypes gaining ground? - Article helps destroy negative stereotypes: "Thank you for bringing a flavor of diversity that is often lacking in news reporting."

The Mythology of Transgression: Homosexuality as Metaphor: "It is (the) normalization of homosexuality that turns outcasts into clones of those who made them outsiders in the first place," Highwater aptly observes in arguing that our differences should be encouraged.

Scenes from Chelsea Gym. - The following highly informative articles were once available at http://members.aol.com/tjfronczak/ now http://www.tomfronczak.com/: - Men and Muscles - Is the Marky Mark physical ideal all there is? - Men and Muscles: The Responses - Touching a nerve with many man. - Body Beautiful?- More responses.  - Body Beautiful: The Wrap Up.

The latest gay stereotype is the gym-toned, coiffed, BMW driver. - Fat or Flab: Today it is impossible for gay men to separate gay culture from gym culture. "I, too, am the embodiment of the superficial skin deep man that I sincerely dislike."

Talking about Prejudice: "So, for instance, while we are acquainted with such terms as “rice queens” (Caucasians who like Asians) or “potato queens” (Asians who like Caucasians), and film maker Tony Ayres tells what it's like to be a “banana” (yellow on the outside and white on the inside), there is no attempt to explain why desire and racial and sexual stereotyping are connected." - A candid look at the issues and stereotypes surrounding inter-racial gay relationships. Often funny, always thought provoking commentary by 17 men, both Asian and Caucasian (A 1998 Film: "Rice & Potatoes"). - A Taste for Rice & Potatoes: For many gay men, satisfying an exotic taste while avoiding the meat-market crowd can be a real squash.

Reconsidering the Rice Queen (Dredge Byung’chu Kang, Emory University) (Abstract, Must Scroll: PDF Download. Full text): "In gay argot, the ‘rice queen’ is a gay man, typically white, who has an exclusive or strong sexual/affectional preference for Asian men. His counterpart, the ‘potato queen’, is an Asian man who desires white men. In Western nations, some gay Asian men have protested the putative objectification of Asian men in these interracial relationships. They claim that the pairing, often of a significantly older and less attractive white male with a younger and more attractive Asian male, is a form of psychosocial violence. This is made possible by the emasculinization of Asian men within a social context of structured power differentials where white masculinity is privileged. This formulation, however, does not allow for agency among potato queens, as agency is construed as being motivated by an internalized racism or individualistic social climbing. Moreover, the argument fails to consider homophobic constraints on the agency of rice queens. They, furthermore, are marginalized by other gay men who can not fathom their desires for the feminized Asian. Additionally, younger rice queens situate their identity in contradistinction with older rice queens, whom they portray as resembling sex tourists: old, fat, ugly and unable to attract sexual attention without their financial endowments. Thus, the putative perpetrators of psychosocial violence are themselves located within complex webs of power differentials based on race, sexuality, nationality, age, economics, and their failure to conform to gay cosmopolitan ideals of attractiveness. In this paper, I argue for a more nuanced view of the rice queen and sex tourist."

Frank Talk on Gay Stereotypes. - Gay stereotypes. - Hurtful Stereotypes in Details Magazine Article "Gay or Asian?" - Racism at the Bathhouse. - The Gay Asian American Male—Striving to Find an Identity. - Where Have All the LGBT Asians Gone? Crouching Stereotypes, Hidden Roles. - The Truth About Gay Asian Men: The use of the term "lesbian" to identify gay Asian men who are attracted to each other is a stunning indication of how many gay Asian men perceive that only white men are "real" men and that Asian men who date each other are therefore "lesbians" -- two "women" together.  Mainstream society's stereotyping of Asian men as feminine is raised to a grotesque level in the gay community... This inequality in status between Asians and Caucasians can be seen even in places that cater to gay Asians:  The Web, an Asian-owned nightclub in Manhattan, used to allow Caucasian patrons in for free while charging Asians -- the idea being that Caucasian men were more important and desirable, since Asians were going to the club to meet Caucasian partners... We often criticize the mainstream media for turning Asian men into desexualized caricatures, but the situation is much worse in gay culture. 

The Gay Asian American Male - Identity Crisis: "When gay Asian males are portrayed in the alternative media, their characteristics are often wrought with gross stereotypes. These misperceptions play a major role in how gay Asian American males are perceived, says Alex. The common conceptions of heterosexual Asian men being weak, timid, unassertive, and not masculine likewise apply to gay Asian men. “As in any community, stereotypes thrive. It’s funny—gay or straight, Asian men face the same problems. Certain people may or may not want to date Asian men because of these stereotypes. And these stereotypes can over time contribute to unspoken racism,” he says."

Some Queens. - Scott Thompson on gay males: "...the sissy is the truth. The muscle queen is not. That is a false construct held up by wires, strings, steroids and the gym. It's not real. And if gay men aren't going to accept the sissy, then they're doomed." - Truth and Desire: What do gay men really want? - The Gym Bunny Stereotype Affects Queer Youth. - Gay Pride sets mainstream acceptance of gays back 50 years N/A.

Don't scapegoat gay community because of alleged homosexuality of cult leaders says task force.  - Gay "cure" seeker castrates self, leading 39 to suicide.

Lesbian are Man Haters, Huh? by Carol Taylor @ GLWEB N/A. - When women finger other women as man-haters, the implication is that they are lesbians.  - Stopping Stereotypes: Gays, Lesbians & Alcoholism. - Stopping Stereotypes: Gays, lesbians: Problem Drinking and Alcoholism (PDF Download). - Debunking stereotypes: about gay & lesbian relationships.

Bisexual Stereotypes... Bisexual Realities. - Redefining Bi Politics: "Carol Queen's essay, "Sexual Diversity and Bisexual Identity," like so many others in the book, challenges the stereotypes of bisexuals that many people (including even some bisexuals themselves) hold: "We are really homosexual, but closeted. We are really heterosexual, but kinky. We are fence-sitters. We are vectors of disease to our straight wives or lesbian lovers. We are swingers. We are nonmonogamous, polyfidelitous, or promiscuous. We are prostitutes who are really lesbian, but have sex with men for money. We makes love to the person, not the body. We are sexually adventurous, even sexually elite. We are open-minded. We will fuck anything that moves." - New York Times Promotes Bisexual Stereotypes in "Straight, Gay or Lying?" - The burdens of being bisexual: "An overabundance of bisexual stereotypes keep many people from having any kind of understanding of bisexuality."

Researchers examine patterns in gay speech: Linguists identify phonetic characteristics that seem to make a man's voice sound stereotypically gay. "For a linguist, it's a fascinating mystery.Why do a sizeable number of gay men “sound” gay? ...“We have identified a number of phonetic characteristics that seem to make a man’s voice sound gay,” says Rogers. Their best hunch so far is that some gay men may be subconsciously imitating certain female speech patterns and if this is true, “We want to know how men acquire this way of speaking.” .. In the study Rogers and Smyth asked 47 people to listen to taped recordings of 25 men, 17 of whom were gay. In 62 per cent of the cases, the listeners correctly identified the speakers as gay." 

Search the QRD. -  Search all GLBT Resource Directories. - Search Google.com - Search findarticles.com: many full text articles and papers.

Books: - The Last Time I Wore a Dress - 1997 - by Daphne Scholinski with Jane Meredith Adams (Review) (Review (Review) (Amazon).  - Undressing Lesbian Sex: Popular Images, Private Acts and Public Consequences - 1996 - by Edith Creith (Review) (Amazon).  - Vampires and Violets: Lesbians in Film by Andrea Weiss (Review)  -Male Homosexuality in Four Societies Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines, and the United States - 1985 - by Frederick Whitam and Robin M. Mathy (Abstract). - Imps of the Perverse: Gay Monsters in Film - 1998 - by Michael William Saunders (Abstract & Contents).

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Sissyphobia / Transphobia / Effeminaphobia

How many "gay" males hate themselves? Or 'hate' others who are like themselves? How many gay males are kind of 'trans' when it comes to degrees of femininity? - - How the Gay Community Is Complicit in Trans Violence.

A recipe for suicidality & suicides... by our historical highly sexist female-hating society? Even by our presently socially constructed 'gay' communities? .... Why Can’t You Just Butch Up? Gay Men, Effeminacy, and Our War with OurselvesRead MoreSuicidality Results as Related to Gender-Nonconformity in Gay & Transgender Males. - Straight or gay, we're all just acting.

Rofes (1995: Making our schools safe for sissies. In: Gerald Unks (Ed). The Gay Teen: Educational Practice and Theory for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adolescents, 79-84. New York: Routledge. Also published in The High School Journal, 77(1/2), 1994: 37-40.) was most troubled about the "sissy boy" reality being ignored not only in mainstream society but also by gay and lesbian individuals advocating for an end to the wholesale abuse of their adolescent counterparts. In this respect, he emphasised that "to say sissies = gay male youth is considered offensive by many in the gay community" and suggested "that little attention has focused on the plight of the sissy [because] gay male activists and educators alike carry unresolved feelings about their own sissy pasts... These barriers must be examined, challenged, and overcome because - regardless of future sexual orientation - sissy boys have become contemporary youth's primary exposure to gay identity" (p. 81) (Eric Rofes: In Memoriam). - Having Sissy Issues Addressed in Schools. Do Gay Males Hate Feminine males? - Ideology of the LGBT youth movement - Prejudice: Homophobia, TransPhobia, BiPhobia, HeteroPhobia, Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Disabilities, HIV Status, Social Class, Religious Hatred. - Queering Gender: Trans Liberation and Our Lesbigay Movements (Trikone Magazine. July issue. 14(3): 6-8 & 18).

QUEER LIBERATION? No Thanks, We’ll Pass: Having grown up in the Bay Area, I’ve witnessed many men metamorphose over time. Now 32 and having been “out” for half of my life, I often run into the skinny, soft boys I knew from queer youth groups in Hayward, Berkeley and Oakland, newly transformed into hulking Adonises. I even occasionally see some of them at the gym, where I seem to be spending as much time as they do. Well out of our teens now, we’ve abandoned our dreams of turning heterosexist norms on their heads and embracing our deviance. After years of trying to be “real men” in order to be accepted by heterosexuals, we gave up and ran for the hills of San Francisco. There, we learned the same lessons over again that were drummed into our skulls as kids: If you want to make in the world, kid, you’d better turn that swish into a swagger... Don’t get me wrong —I’m certainly not immune. I understand the desire to be considered attractive and healthy, but there’s something frightening about a community of men who are bulking up their bodies to achieve some predetermined definition of masculine perfection, meanwhile neglecting the fragile psyches that drove them here in the first place... - The Feminization of Gay Masculinities on Will & Grace.

Quotes from Gay Researchers: "Most sissies will grow up to be homosexuals, and most gay men were sissies as children...Despite the provocative and politically incorrect nature of that statement, it fits the evidence. In fact, it may be the most consistent, well-documented, and significant finding in the entire field of sexual-orientation research and perhaps in all of human psychology." (Page 166) [In Hamer's own study, he asked] "...'Did you consider yourself less masculine than other boys  your age, or were you ever regarded as a sissy as a child?" The answer was yes for 68% of the gay men, compared with 5% of the straight men. Another question was, 'Did you  enjoy sports such as baseball and football as a child?' Of the heterosexual men, 78% said 'very much,' compared with 8% of the homosexual subjects"..."The gay participants recalled substantially more gender-atypical behaviors than the straight subjects." (Page 167) [Dean Hamer (1994): The Science of Desire, Simon and Schuster] - Sexism a problem within the gay and lesbian community. - Vamps, camps and archetypes: gay men, the diva phenomenon and the inner feminine.- Thighs and sighs: a sissy boy's take on rugby league's gay hero

The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality and the Movies by Vito Russo. Book review by Harmony H. Wu: "The first chapter, "Who's a Sissy? Homosexuality According to Tinseltown" deals with the beginnings of cinema, exploring the roots of the connection between cinema, masculinity and national character... The stock character of the "sissy" was liberally used to these ends in pre-censorship films from THE BROADWAY MELODY (1929) to THE GAY DIVORCEE (1934). A rare exception this ridicule of gay characters is found in.." [Vito Russo was gay and it seems that he was teaching most gay males who are/were effeminate that such depictions = ridicule. If so, and if most gay males are/have been as such, would this not be the teaching of self-hatred coming from within the gay 'world'?] "The screen version of THE CELLULOID CLOSET ironically points out another shortcoming of the book. The film showcases interviews with gay actors Harvey Fierstein and Quentin Crisp, and the discussion of the "sissies" is particularly illuminating. In the book, Russo trashes the Hollywood sissies, pointing out all of their negative and stereotypical implications. In the film, Fierstein readily admits that he loves the sissies, in all their stereotyped glory. Is Fierstein not toeing the politically correct line? Didn't he read Russo's dissection of the siss? Doesn't he know the sissies are part of his oppression as a gay man?" [Could it be, however, that Fierstein recognizes both himself and so many other "gay" males in these depictions? Could it be that some 'gay' males consider the existence of most gay males (as sissies) to be the 'reason' for their oppression?]

Sissies on SoGayTV on PrideVision TV (Thursday, November 15, 2001): "Last night's episode of SoGayTV on PrideVision TV was all about sissies. Hosts Mathieu and Sandy talked to effeminate  gay guys about what it means to be a sissy, and about society's perception of the 'feminine' gay man. They spoke with Tim Bergling, the author of Sissyphobia, one of the only publsihed books on the 'fear' of effeminate gay men... Mathieu: You play a 'sissy' character on Queer As Folk, and I want you to tell me why sissies are so great.   Peter: [laughing] Well, sissies in general are great because they're fun, they're funny, and they're good to have around and they're fun to laugh at. What I like about Emmett so much  is that he's a sissy who likes the fact that he's a sissy, who doesn't have a problem with the fact that he's a sissy. - Effects and Affects of Queer as Folk (by Sanna Karkulehto,University of Oulu. Presented at the International conference on feminist media studies, 2001: PDF Download).

"Southern Baptist Sissies" (A Play) "Sharyn Lane: "Several times I have been asked how a nice (well, sometimes nice) Jewish girl from New York comes to produce a play like Southern Baptist Sissies, being that I am not Southern, a Baptist or a Sissy. To me, this play is so much more than a story about growing up in the church - it is a story about growing up feeling different. Whether our differences come in the form of gender, sexual orientation, appearance or just a feeling deep inside, this play is dedicated to those things that make us unique. Learn to embrace and love those differences - they are what make you special, and respect and cherish those differences in others - there is much to be learned from one another."

"Consistent with past research, we have found that gay men are strongly prejudiced against feminine men as sex partners. ...[O]ur research [Bailey et al., 1997] would suggest that feminine gay men, in particular, may be most likely to suffer rejection from other gay people. In addition to their mistreatment by heterosexual people, we might expect that they would have more adjustment problems than most" (Bailey JM (2000). J. Michael Bailey... research activities. Internet: http://www.psych.northwestern.edu/psych/people/faculty/bailey/research.html).

"Gay men encourage effeminacy by venerating drag and calling each other "girl." They love bitchy humor and consider camp an art form. But you'll never see effeminate men idealized as sexual partners… That masculine gay men prefer other masculine gay men as partners isn't a shock. What is surprising is how few effeminate men wanted other effeminate men as sexual partners. Bergling quotes a study published by the American Psychological Association [Bailey et al., 1997] showing that a substantial number of effeminate-identified men prefer masculine men as sexual partners… It's a shame that even a nelly doesn't equate nelliness with sexiness, because there's something self-negating about taking on characteristics you don't want your partners to have. There are lots of ironies in gay life, but perhaps none greater than this: Sissies are often the biggest sissyphobes of all" (Alvear, Michael (2001). Nellies need not apply. Salon Magazine. Internet: http://archive.salon.com/sex/feature/2001/08/01/nelly/index.html . Book Review: Sissyphobia.)

Forcing Boys to Be Boys: the persecution of gender non-conforming youth - 2001 - by Patience W. Crozier, Boston College Third World Law Journal, 21(1): "Part III discusses how the state reinforces gender borders through the legal system by punishing gender transgressions and supporting parental and medical efforts to pathologize gender non-conforming children... Gender Non-Conforming Youth in Schools: Both Invisible and Targeted by the Enforcement of a Binary Gender Model... Profound and enduring change in how gender should be viewed and how difference should be respected will not occur without major alterations to what society teaches children" - "Brain says you're a girl, but I think you're a sissy boy: cultural origins of transphobia" by J Norton, Journal-of-Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Identity, 2(2): 139-164, 1997.

Barron M (2004). 'You're meant to be a man, why are you girlie? - Be a man!' Gay & bisexual young men, bofy image: stereotyping & bullying.  Masters' Dissertation. Brule University, London. Word Download. "This research found that there is a clear connection between gay and bisexual young men being stereotyped and bullied and them having a negative body image. Importantly this bullying and harassment is often strongly gendered and based on the ‘effeminisation’ of young men. It also found that gay and bisexual young men are exposed to extremely negative messages about the appearance of gay men and that this exposure has lead young men to consciously alter their appearance and to report a high level of ‘internalised homophobia’...  Four of the five young men who participated in individual interviews revealed that they had personally experienced homophobic bullying while in school. In group interviews a further four indicated that they had also experienced this form of harassment. The bullying ranged from name calling, to ritual humiliation and physical assault...  Acting Straight in School... Being ‘Girlie’, Being Bullied..." 

Troy, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Bush Culture: BUSH CULTURE REVIEW. Troy is a social palimpsest for Bush culture, a point at which the values propagated by the Bush administration can be read for effect: determined militarism, subordination of citizens to aggressive state policy, and a campaign against male effeminacy. The Chronicles of Riddick, on the other hand, is a study in anti-Bush culture and a film of resistance.

Back into the Future: Transphobia Is My Issue Too - by Warren J. Blumenfeld. (Alternate Link) (Alternate Link) - "I am a gay man and my name is Warren Blumenfeld, or as my friends affectionately like to call me, “Estelle Abrams” - honorary Jewish bisexual woman from Brooklyn. Seriously, though, Estelle embodies the feminine side of my soul - my joyous, playful self, the creative, spontaneous, sensitive spirit that I have come to treasure and genuinely love. But this wasn’t always the case." [How many "gay" males are similar to Blumenfield?] - A Jungian Analysis of TG Identity Development and Internalized Transphobia.

Warren Blumenfeld speaks out: "I keep arguing that I am oppressed by transphobia, not homophobia," Blumenfeld added. "Transphobia [refers] to anyone who in any way transcends their expected gender role behavior. I'm not oppressed because I might sleep with a man and then get beat up down the street; I'm beaten up down the street because I don't conform to what a male should be like."  When Blumenfeld was five, he started twice-weekly trips to see a child psychologist - a routine his parents would enforce for seven years in hopes of "making" him heterosexual...

Transgendered Like Me (Advocate, Dec. 10, 1996) by Gabriel Rotello who asserts: "Gay people, on the other hand, exhibit a whole range of “sex-atypical” characteristics, meaning characteristics that are most commonly associated with the opposite sex, at least among the heterosexual majority... In that sense we’re all transgendered.... Shouldn’t we stop being the les-bi-gay-trans-whatever movement, with a new syllable added every few years, and simply become the trans movement?"

Questions of Gay Gender and Culture: "There always seem to be people asking questions. They are always searching for explanations of things: why are some people gay and some not? What kind of gender do gay men have?  The gender issue is particularly confusing. In any case the question is not  limited to any particular culture nor even to human be." - A Sexual Stockholm Syndrome. - From "The Social Construction of Male Homosexuality and Related Suicide Problems: Feminine Males: A Social Construction of Suicide Problems

True Spirit Conference: Facing Lesbian and Feminist Transphobia. - transphobia, drag kings, & domestic bliss: "This year a number of queercore, p-rock dyke bands are playing the Michigan's Women's Music Festival despite the  transphobic "women born women only" policy." - Transphobia. - Transphobia. - Trans March Goes On, Despite NY’s Refusal To Give A Permit: Transgendered people and their allies met Friday in Chelsea Park to protest NYC’s refusal to give them a permit to march. They hold the march to speak out against Transphobia, a far too common trend in their community.

Whose feminism is it anyway? The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion Debate (Emi Koyama, PDF Download: Web Page from which to download file.) From the web Site: Eminism.org, the official web site for Emi Koyama, the activist/author/academic working on intersex, sex workers' rights, (queer) domestic violence, genderqueer, anti-racism, and other issues. "In the trans and feminist communities, everyone has an opinion or two about Michigan Womyn's Music Festival and its 'womyn-born-womyn' policy. But have you noticed how everybody invokes 'feminism' as the reason for their wildly varying positions? Emi takes apart the racist attitudes that are present in most sides of the controversy and urges white transsexual activists to allign themselves with women of color instead of trying to appease white women's racism."

High Risk Project Society: An Introduction to: Gender, Transgender and Transphobia. - Trans Accessibility Project: Transphobia and Discrimination. - SexPanic! slams Jim Fouratt's transphobia. - Lisa's Point Of View: I know transphobia exists. I have seen and experienced the change that comes over people when they find out I am transsexual. It's a different reaction than I see when people label me as lesbian, and different again from what I get when labeled as both queer and trans. Those people who continue to admit that I exist do get over their initial fear and stop treating me like an exhibit in a freak show..."

Gay bias bill threatened by transgender advocates. -  Transphobia sucks!!! Transphobia in the queer community sucks even more!!! - At the end of the 20th Century, the Transgender Question in the gay and lesbian community was still unsettled, and unsettling for the majority - Two Spirits: Fear and Dreams By Rainn Lukas MacPhail. - Trans Scribe: Essentially, Sex is Way More Complex.

Trans vigil recalls those lost to hate: "The Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice... The persecution of transgendered people is a pernicious and global human rights problem... I remember the first time we held a vigil for victims of anti-transgender hatred. It was five years ago. We held it just around the corner... They were killed because of gender. Because they dared to step across those invisible gender boundaries. It starts in the schools ... where being transgendered means being harassed or assaulted. Our gender queer kids are being driven to suicide by a constant barrage of hatred. And it continues into grown-up society, where we are fair game for ridiculed on television and newspapers ... and on the streets. Transgression of gender role is just cause for harassment and violence in our society. They were killed because of gender." Memorial - Remembering our Dead: "Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it." George Santayana. - "I Wish I Looked Like Matthew Shephard" A poem by Yosenio Lewis, an amazing Latino trans activist.

Memorial - Remembering our Dead: "Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it." George Santayana. - "I Wish I Looked Like Matthew Shephard" A poem by Yosenio Lewis, an amazing Latino trans activist. - Transgender Rememberance Day Activities. - The hidden hate epidemic: Violence against the transgendered is widespread, brutal--and often unnoticed. (The Advocate) "In November, about a month after 21-year-old Matthew Shepherd was pistol-whipped and lashed to a fence on a rural Wyoming road in subfreezing temperatures, Rita Hester, a 34-year-old transgendered woman in Allston, Mass., was stabbed some 20 times in the chest. Just before New Year's Eve, Vianna Faye Williams, a 36-year-old preoperative transsexual in Jersey City, N.J., was stabbed nine times in her back, neck, and chest. In January, Donald Fuller, an 18-year-old cross-dresser who went by the name Lauryn Paige, was found stabbed with his throat cut in a patch of woods in Austin. In February, Houston police reported that an unknown man wearing women's clothing was shot several times in a motel parking lot. In March, Tracey Thompson, a 33-year-old transgendered woman, was beaten on a Georgia country road. All died." - Another transgender murder. - Rash of murders shock community (2002): August was one of the deadliest months on record for Transgender murders. - Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries Demand Justice. Sylvia Rivera Critiques Human Rights Campaign Disinterest. Other Groups Endorse Commemoration for Amanda Milan. - 'Disposable People': A wave of violence engulfs the transgendered, whose murder rate may outpace that of all other hate killings. - Murders of Gender Non-Conforming Youth Documented in New Report.

Is Intersex a Gender Issue? The Role of Transphobia and Ableism in the Intersex/Trans Conflict: "While the alliance between intersex and trans people seems natural, the reality is that the relationship between these two movements has been hindered by mutual misunderstandings and by societal stigmatization of both groups that we have internalized."

Youth Trans-Action: Transgendered teens are taking control of their issues and demanding respect in school (The Advocate). - How To Combat Transphobia: Intellectual Ammunition from the Lesbian Avengers/San Francisco. - Transgender Equality: Click on the links to the left to learn more about pracitcal tools you can use to combat transphobia at work.

Department of Education (Tasmania): Discrimination/Bullying & Harassment: Section G Challenging Transphobia: Background - Transgenderism and Transsexuality in Society - Gender Identity and the Individual -  Definitions -  Questions and Answers about Transgender/Transsexual People. - IGLHRC: Policy on Gender Identity Discrimination: "This policy on gender identity discrimination reflects IGLHRC's concern with the connection between gender-based and sexual orientation-based discrimination. In many cultures homosexuality is frequently associated with deviance from gender norms; in other words, homosexual men are considered to be insufficiently masculine, while  lesbians are considered to be insufficiently feminine."

Boney, Bradley (1996). The Lavender Brick Road: Paul Bonin-Rodriguez and the Sissy Bo(d)y. Theatre Journal, 48(1): 35-57. Internet: http://muse.jhu.edu/demo/tj/48.1boney.html
Bergling, Tim (2001). Sissyphobia: Gay Men and Effeminate Behavior. New York: Harrington Park Press. Internet: http://www.sissyphobia.com N/A. (Archive Link) - Excerpts. http://www.timbergling.com/sissyphobia/ . - Amazon.com Reference. - I've Got a Secret: excerpt from "Sissyphobia" by Tim Bergling. - Definition: Effeminate. - Effeminate. - Whoa Nellie!: "Nellie, Flamey, Queenie, Femme -- all of these terms are used within the gay community to describe effeminate men... If you look at a catalog of porn films to try to find effeminate in the title you will find that it is practically impossible. In fact, hot nellie action doesn't sound so thrilling when many of us think about it. What's disturbing to know is that if there are so many effeminate men out there, how come none of them are attracted to people like themselves? Tim Berling, author of gay fiction and non-fiction, coined the phrase "sissyphobia," an ailment our culture has blatantly accepted but seldom talks about. Even sissies are "sissyphobic." You wouldn't believe how many "fuck yous" I got when I tried to question the flamiest guys I know about why they acted that way. They were insulted because I insinuated that they were effeminate, yet they were quick to point fingers towards other queens who "might be of help." To many homosexual men, a lisp or a hand gesture comes naturally, and they don't equate it with being nellie."

Last night's episode of SoGayTV on PrideVision TV was all about sissies. Hosts Mathieu and Sandy talked to effeminate gay guys about what it means to be a sissy, and about society's perception of the 'feminine' gay man. They spoke with Tim Bergling, the author of Sissyphobia, one of the only publsihed books on the 'fear' of effeminate gay men.

Club Sissy: Your Online Resort For All Things Sissy.

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