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Lesbian & Bisexual Women

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Lesbian  &  Bisexual

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I Am a Closet Lesbian
Lesbian is a curse word in my town. You can say f--k, p--s, sh-t, and even c---, but “lesbian” has to be whispered under your breath.
It is a word no one says and a subject that no one talks about. No one acknowledges the large population of lesbians that live in this town,
probably because no one sees them. They walk through town like ghosts, very few can see them and even fewer admit that they can.

Creating Change 2012: Lesbian and Women’s Workshops Rejected- Call For Action.

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Lesbian Identity. - Accepting My Lesbian Identity. - Troiden's model of the formation of homosexual identities. - Cass’ model of gay and lesbian identity formation (Wikipedia). - Five Stages of Coming Out (1985). - The Stages of Coming Out. - Gay and lesbian identity development: a social identity perspective (1996). - Considering lesbian identity from a social-psychological perspective: two different models of "being a lesbian" (2012). - Studs, Aggressives, and Bois: Exploring Black Trans* Lesbian Identities (2013). - Lesbians in Taiwan: A bed of roses (2003). - Sexual Identity Development in the Context of Compulsory Heterosexuality (2004). - Sex and Spirit: Native American Lesbian Identity. - When Lesbian Define Lesbian (2012). - Why Lesbians Aren't Gay (1994). - College students' multiple stereotypes of lesbians: A cognitive perspective.(2006). - Gay to Trans and the Queering in Between (2010). - Trans Identities are Sacrosanct, but Lesbian Identities are Transphobic (2012).

The Rewards of Lesbian History. - A history of lesbian history (2010): Abstracts. - Naked history: lesbian historian Lillian Faderman talks about her brave new memoir--and her tantalizing past as a stripper. - Lesbian Myths Unmasked. - There goes the neighborhood: anecdotal reflections of one lesbian buying her first house (1998). - Class Found Out 'What Lesbians Do' (1994). - UK study: first sexual experience for most lesbians is with a man (2003). - Les lesbiennes sortent de l'ombre. - Drawing the Line: Bisexual Women in the Lesbian Community (2005). - Lesbians and Bisexual Women in the Eyes of Scientific Psychology (2007). - Studying LesBians: The Journal of Lesbian Studies Looks into Lesbian Youth (2010: Abstracts).- “Today” anchor comes out as lesbian, announces pregnancy (2013): Jenna Wolfe and NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk are expecting a girl in August.

Bryson M, de Castell S (1993). Queer Pedagogy: Praxis Makes Im/Perfect. Canadian Journal of Education, 18(3): 285-305. PDF Download. We conclude with a critical analysis of the way that, despite our explicit interventions, all of our discourses, all of our actions in this course were permeated with the continuous and inescapable backdrop of white heterosexual dominance, such that: (a) any subordinated identity always remained marginal and (b) “lesbian identity” in this institutions context was always fixed and stable, even in a course that explicitly critiqued, challenged, and deconstructed a monolithic “lesbian identity.” - Adolescents with Lesbian Mothers Describe Their Own Lives (2012). - Stigmatization Associated With Growing Up in a Lesbian-parented Family: What Do Adolescents Experience and How Do They Deal With It? (2012). - Exploring the possible future of the lesbian television experience: from Springfield to Venice (2011).

Coming Out Advice For Lesbians and Bisexual Women.  - The Stages of Coming Out. - "(Oh no!) I'm Gay!" (1999). - Christian lesbians Coming Out (Site's Referenced Coming Out Resources). -  (Be)Coming out: lesbian identity and politics (1993). - "You Never See Lesbians": Reading "lesbian" through Channel 4 TV's Brookside (1995). - Lesbians & Bisexual Women on TV. - Lesbians on Television: It's Not Easy Being Seen (2004). - Minnesota Public School Study: Lesbian and bisexual female adolescents are more likely to have engaged in heterosexual intercourse and are more likely to become pregnant (Family Planning Perspective, 1999). - The Coming Out of a Lesbian's Mother. - Coming Out at Midlife. - Christian Lesbian Coming Out Stories. - Lesbian Worlds Coming Out Stories. - Être gaie [lesbienne] en Acadie (Translation). - Coming Out: A Journey. - 'That's Not Really My Scene': Working-Class Lesbians In (and Out of) Place (2008). - Ohio Catholic School Fires Lesbian Teacher (2013). - Lesbian teen recounts vicious swarming attack being investigated by Calgary police as possible hate crime (2013).

What is “Lesbophobia”? (2006) - Womon, Womyn, Wimmin, Herstory: Confronting Lesbophobia, Confronting Anti-Feminism, Calling Some of You Out (2006). - Lesbian brains, lesbophobia and the path to the divine (2006). - Lady Lions' homophobic coach calls it quits (2007): "Lesbophobia is alive and well in women's sports," she said. "It takes a multitude of actions by many people to make the changes we want to see." - Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin: In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Lyon and Martin also worked to address the lesbophobia of the women's movement. Although there were prominent lesbians in the National Organization for Women, many leaders, including especially Betty Friedan, one of the organization's founding mothers, were perceived as homophobic. - Health (2002): Breast cancer, gynecological and preventive care, HIV/AIDS are many of the issues affecting Latina lesbians and bisexual women. However, for these women both lesbophobia and biphobia in the health care system and language barriers can present a problem. - The Anti-Lesbian Drug (2010): The controversy over using female hormones as part of prenatal care isn’t quite as shocking as the headlines suggest, but it does raise important questions about ethics, gender, and sexuality.

Female homosociality at Ann Summers Parties (Word Download):  This paper draws on ethnographic research... I argue that heterosexual women's interactions and relationships with each other in such homosocial settings have a distinctive structure.  This structure is organised around a form of same-sex gender identification - 'being one of the girls' - which is maintained and policed by lesbophobia. - ‘Losing My Credentials’: Bisexual Women in Committed Relationships N/A: Fear of family disapproval or other forms of discrimination has resulted in many women’s refusal to take on the often-detested “lesbian” label. Lesbians who have been willing to risk “lesbophobia” in the world by calling themselves “lesbian” often feel betrayed by, or at least wary of, a woman who has committed to another woman but not to battling on the front lines by proudly calling herself a lesbian. They may see her bisexuality as a cop-out or even a threat. - What is [a] Girljock? From Girljock, The Book: Not all the women we have interviewed, or the contributors, or the Girljock staff are lesbians. But all of them believe in the value of being part of a new lesbian-positive athletic female universe. We are all disgusted with the butchphobia and lesbophobia which has held back the women's sports world. - Black and Minority Ethnic Lesbian and Bisexual Women (UK, PDF). -  Famous Black and African American Lesbians.

Lesbian Identity and the Politics of Butch-Femme Roles. (Alternate Link) - What is a Lesbian? Pt II: The Butch Femme Dynamic. - "Femme(inine) Diaspora": Queering the lesbian femme (2004). - Butch Perspective. - Butch Bottom - Femme Top? An Exploration of Lesbian Stereotypes (2012). - Gender Trouble (Notes) by Judith Butler. - Extracts from Gender as Performance: An Interview with Judith Butler: Interview by Peter Osborne and Lynne Segal, London, 1993. - Drag King (Wipedia). - Drag King Links. Diesel Drag king Links. - When I tell people that I am a stonebutch I usually end up being asked a lot of questions. It seems like most people don't really understand what it means to identify as butch or femme, and it's not all that easy to explain. - Stonebutch Private Archives Authentication Needed. - Identity: Latina Femme Dyke with Butch Rising. - Of Catamites and Kings: Reflections on Butch, Gender and Boundaries. - Just Like A Man: First came RuPaul and The Lady Chablis. Now meet Lucky 7 and Mo B. Dick. - The gender-bending art of drag kings messes with the masculine mystique... - Butch-Femme Bibliography. - Butch-Femme Resources on the Web. - Butchs-fems, un combat de genre. - Construction des genres et domination masculine. - “The Only Dykey One”: Constructions of (In)Authenticity in a Lesbian Community of Practice (2011, Related). - Reclaiming Femme: Queer Women of Colour and Femme Identity (2011).

Who is Femme: the Magazine?A Fem(me)inist Manifesto. - Engendering Femme: "We are differently gendered people-MTF, butch, and tomboy femme-who apparently also have things in common about our gendered selves." - Butch-Femme Resources on the Web. - Butch-femme.net work: Serving the needs of Butches and Femmes, StoneButches and StoneFemmes, TGButches, TransMen, FtMs and their Femmes and MtFs since 1996. - gendercrash.com: Intersection of Boston's Queer, Transgender, and Gender Queer Communities Resources, Rants, and Information for Everyone! - Lesbians On Trial For Beating Up Straight Man. - Butch Femme Dynamic. - YouTube: Butch/Femme Lesbian Poetry. - Butch-Femme Relations (glbtq). - The zine Femme Vitale: Reclaiming Femmeninity: An interview with Tara Robertson (2005).

Comparative Female Masculinities (Judith Halberstam, University of Southern California) (Abstract, Must Scroll: PDF Download.) (Full Text, pp. 66-72): "Recent anthropological work on "same-sex female desire" has been rightly hesitant about using the term "lesbian" for variations on same sex desire found in different parts of the globe. Where anthropologists have used a Euro-American template to read and study same sex female desires in non-Western contexts, they have run the risk of obliterating alternative sexual economies and taxonomies. My paper will look at comparative renderings of "female masculinity," a non-identitarian model of gender, and will ask whether we can draw any kind of meaningful parallels between "tombois" in Indonesia, onabes in Japan, T's in Taiwan, toms in Thailand, marimachas in Mexico and tomboys in the Philippines, just to give a few examples. My paper is less an account of these different models of gender variance and more of a search for a methodology for studying gender variance in a comparative framework."

Women, wimmin, womyn, womin, whippets - On Lesbian Separatism. - Finding Your Inner Lesbian Separatist. - The Lesbian Avengers are a direct-action group focused on issues vital to lesbian survival and visibility. - Lesbian Avengers' Handbook.(Related Information) - Boston Lesbian Avengers. - FTMs and Dykes: In Bed Together? - DykeFeminism: For lesbian feminists and lesbian separatists. - Dyke Caucus: Ambivalence of lesbians in the feminist movement N/A (Full Text). - We Are Lesbian Separatists And We Won't Be Silenced. (Alternate Link: Because- Lesbian Separatist)  - Attack of the Man-Hating Feminists! "Nope, most of the groovy things you might wistfully imagine upon hearing the words "lesbian separatist commune" are just fantasy. The reality is harder to pin down." - Radical feminism, lesbian separatism, and queer theory - by Kathy Rudy (Feminist Studies, Spring, 2001. - Lesbian Feminism. - Dyke Ideas: Process, Politics, Daily Life.

It's raining dykes in France! An interview with Esther aka LOLAGOUINE, editor of Il pleut de goiune from Toulouse, France.  - Reclaiming “Dyke”. - Reclaiming dyke Video. - Bitch Interview. - The Dyke Squad. - San Francisco Dyke March 2009. - Turkey's gay-lesbians on their way to be recognized. - Arab lesbians hold conference in Haifa. - Le mal de vivre des lesbiennes noires: Afrique du sud

From: Lesbian Information Service (Todmorden, Lancashire)A Wealth of Information & Lesbian, Gays and Suicide  -  Research Findings Summaries by Jan Bridget - Publications  ----  Research  ----  Training  ----  History .

At-Home with Joan: "You are on the verge of entering the home of a 60-year-old fem lesbian woman. " -At-Home with Lepa Mladjenovic - looks at male aggression, violence and war as well as the situations of women and queers in  FR Yugoslavia and the Balkans, and discusses the current struggle for democracy in FR Yugoslavia. -  "For now my home will be patterned on my upper West Side apartment, the apartment that was the home of the Lesbian Herstory Archives for over twenty years. - Introduction to British New Edition of A Restricted Country (1996).

United Lesbians of African Heritage. (Alternate Link, Archive) - Black Lesbian Support Group (Reference) (MySpace). - Lesbians of Color: Racism, Homophobia, and Community Identity: "But for women of color, the issue of racial identity and acceptance in one's own racial community are of the utmost importance... - Talking Black: Lesbians of African and Asian Descent. -" National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum. - Black Gay Leadership Group Vanishes Americans mark the 1963 March on Washington as the National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum dies. - Asian Lesbian Resources. - Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual People of Color: General/ African-American/ Latino/ Asian. - "Women In The Life" Magazine. - Arab Lesbians Online. - Lesbian Palestinians Break Social Taboos. - Blue Eyes over Dark Skin: Acculturation and the Sexuality of the Woman of Colour

Lesbian Feminist of Color. - Working with Lesbians of Colour. - African American Lesbian and Bisexual Women. - 'Why I Am A Lesbian' "I am a lesbian. I am a mother. I am a woman of color. I am real and visible. I wasn't always - visible that is. I am visible now because at age 20 I chose to come out--out of the closet." - One border-town factory worker takes on industry and society to live her life openly as a lesbian N/A. - Audre Lorde on Being a Black Lesbian Feminist. - Lesbian Feminists of Color Links. - The Blacklist: This list of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people of African Descent. - Representations of Chicana Lesbians. - April Showers Bring Controversy for Young Lesbians of Color: Earlier in April, The Village Voice and the New York Post showered a disgraceful downpour over young lesbians of color (2007). - Coming out to family and community (2008).

We've outgrown the notion that women just hug a lot. - Debating obscenity / LEAF tries to work through lesbian SM. - Sex-shop owners love me:   I can't transfer a dildo from one romance to the next. - Poly wants a lover:  Mixed Medium / Get out of the way, jealousy, because the polyamorous lesbians are here. - Cherishing the pasties of a lesbian stripper: Famous femme Joan Nestle reflects on the history of sexual liberation. - Good girls gone bad: lesbians and sex work (PDF Download). - Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. - Michigan/Trans Controversy Archive. - Sex, Lies and Feminism. - NOW and Lesbian Rights Issues.

Stranger in a Familiar Land: Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Academe - by - Lee-Ann Matsumoto: "It is true I am a Bull-butch dyke and damn proud of it. My pathetic identityless heterosexual sisters can go their own way. Being a lesbian and being a butch is not PC, I am told by the greater lesbian "community." I am also informed that Hawai'i has no lesbian "community." Here we go again with the invisible ideal that we are all suppose to copy and emulate - namely, to be androgynous lesbians. The popular white lesbian feminist criticism is that lesbians who chose to be butch and femme are trying to be heterosexual. Oh please, give me a break. I am butch because this is my identity. My wife is femme because this is her identity. There is a lesbian "community" in Hawai'i, but frankly Virginia, you don't acknowledge it because everyone living there is butch and femme... The university system is a place in which I dwell, spending many of my waking hours in classrooms, libraries, and labs. It is a home away from home, but it is a hostile environment. I expected the University of Hawai'i to be a nice place for me - a very naive point of view. Local students get short-shifted academically at UH Manoa. Deference is made to the athletes, the white students, the male students, while the female Local students get treated like shit and the Hawaiian students are treated even worse than us. The University of Hawai'i should be called Missionary University, because the entire system is under the control of privileged, white, middle class men. I like learning. I value my education, but I have to fight every step of the way to get it. It is not any surprise that so many of my classmates from high school dropped out of U.H. The white heteropatriarchal system is inhospitable. To be a dyke in this system can be suicidal...."

My Personal, Your Political, Our Lesbianism (Alternate Link): (Related Information) "Women who love women still face discrimination in Catholicism-dominant Philippines, and the lesbian movement has been fighting this discrimination since the 1980s alongside their heterosexual feminist counterparts. Although most lesbians readily subsume themselves under the women’s movement, they still have distinct concerns that can be addressed only by breaking out into another movement. Young lesbian advocates who started this struggle in the 1980s and 1990s have been lying low these days, focusing on other aspects of their personal lives and contributing to the political struggle when time permits. And while the younger lesbians have entered the scene to continue what was started, they basically come and go—a phenomenon that began at the start of this decade..." -  Putting You in Your Place: Culture and the Filipino Lesbian

Navigating Spaces: Lesbians Claiming Territory: "Lapowsky and Davis describe the challenge of negotiating space within one’s family when they observe (in this case, of lesbian life in the 1930s and 1940s), “The goal of discretion in family life, therefore, was not so much to keep members of the immediate family ignorant of one’s lesbianism, but rather to avoid further disruption of family relationships and to protect one’s immediate family from general social disgrace and ridicule by fellow workers, neighbours and relatives.” A close friend of mine recently (neither the 1930s or 1940s!) experienced first-hand this type of discrimination-by-discretion. When invited to be the maid of honour at her sister’s wedding, she was told that, while she was welcome to bring her girlfriend (who was very welcome in her family’s home), they were to refrain from kissing or dancing together lest the groom’s family or guests take offence at the public display of lesbianism, which would then reflect poorly on her sister, the bride-to-be. The extent of acceptable public behaviour was limited to holding hands. Stories such as this always sadden and anger me, for they are reminders that lesbians still must resort to struggling, negotiating, and tenaciously clinging to their human rights to openly inhabit space in the world—as lesbians. Has so little changed from the era described by Lapowsky and Davis?"

Locations of Silence: "The “lesbian” has been ultimately defined, as “a ghost, whose sexual activities cannot be defined, and yet she repeatedly reappears, haunting the heterosexual imaginary. This ghosting of lesbian desire has made possible a denial of its reality for too long. “17 It is true that locations of silence and imperfect measurements of lesbian identity have relegated our existence to the margins for so long. But on the other hand, these locations of silence and the idea of uncertainty have allowed us to penetrate into almost all fields without being detected, permitting us to survive for so long. Thus, the “apparitional lesbian” is not absent from history, but is to be found everywhere.” 18" - Anthropological Research on Homosexuality in Latin America and the lesbian Drought. - JUSTICIA PARA TODAS: Discriminación contra las lesbianas en Costa Rica (PDF Download). Lesbian Lives in Costa Rica (PDF Download). - Being a Lesbian in Costa Rica at the End of the Last Century (PDF Download).

Lesbian Sex Mafia. - Sexual Freedom Now. - The Confessions of an S/M Leatherdyke. - Violence And Discrimination Against S/M Women. - Lesbian Public Sex Beyond the Bars.. - Sadomasochism in the Lesbian Community: An Interview With Audre Lorde and Susan Leigh Star.

Violence against S/M women within the lesbian community: A nation-wide study:  "Of the 539 S/M women who took part in the "Violence Against S/M Women Within the Lesbian Community" survey, 56% reported some form of violence (harassment, discrimination, physical assault) over their S/M lifetime within the lesbian community because of their S/M. orientation. Within the last year, 44% of the S/M women reported some form of violence against them. 34% of the S/M women reported being victims of violence 1 to 3 years ago and 41% reported victimization occurring over 3 years ago." - Annual Incident Reponse Reports 2002-2008. - NCSF's Violence and Discrimination Survey 1998-1999.

Whose feminism is it anyway? The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion Debate (Emi Koyama, PDF Download: Web Page from which to download file.) From the web Site: Eminism.org, the official web site for Emi Koyama, the activist/author/academic working on intersex, sex workers' rights, (queer) domestic violence, genderqueer, anti-racism, and other issues. "In the trans and feminist communities, everyone has an opinion or two about Michigan Womyn's Music Festival and its 'womyn-born-womyn' policy. But have you noticed how everybody invokes 'feminism' as the reason for their wildly varying positions? Emi takes apart the racist attitudes that are present in most sides of the controversy and urges white transsexual activists to allign themselves with women of color instead of trying to appease white women's racism." - Incidencias Lésbicas o el Amor al Propio Reflejo. - Written Out: How Sexuality Is Used to Attack Women's Organizing (PDF Download). - Pornography in the service of lesbians: The case of Wicked Women and Slit magazines (2013). 

Lesbian Health - Lesbian Health Research Center. - Lesbians face unique health care problems. - Lesbian Health: Current Assessment and Directions for the Future (1999). - (Re)searching Lesbian Health Care: Methodological Considerations and Future Directions.  - Lesbian Health Links..  -  Health, Mental Health, and Social Service Needs of HIV+ Lesbians and Bisexual Women. - Lesbian AIDS project N/A. (Related Information) - The invisibility of lesbians with AIDS. - HIV/AIDS among Women Who Have Sex With Women. - Lesbians & HIV/AIDS. - LesbianSTD.com website. - Lesbian Health by Planned Parenthood. - Lesbian Health Guidelines: PDF Download. - Lesbians, Bisexual Women and Safe Sex. - Mautner Project for Lesbians with Cancer. - Le site de prévention santé pour les Lesbiennes. - La santé sexuelle des lesbiennes: les risques et les faits. - Dossier Santé des lesbiennes. - Pour une promotion de la santé lesbienne : état des lieux des recherches, enjeux et propositions (2009). - Lesbian health: more than screening for breast cancer and mental health. - Integrating barriers to Caucasian lesbians' career development and Super's life-span, life-space approach. - Lesbian women coping with challenges of minority stress: A qualitative study (2012). 

"Healthy People 2010 Companion Document for LGBT Health" is a 500-page book about the  multicultural lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community written by and for  health care consumers and professionals. Produced by the Gay and Lesbian Medical  Association and the National Coalition for LGBT Health. - Lesbian Health: The Human Rights Campaign works with its coalition partners to advocate for the advancement of lesbian health initiatives. HRC works hard to ensure that.. - Medlineplus: Gay/Lesbian Health. -  Lesbian Health Resources. - UCSF hosts Bay Area Lesbian Health Conference. - Ten Things Lesbians Should Discuss with Their Health Care Providers. - What is the impact of lesbophobia and sexism on health? - Lesbian Health: A Guide for Teens. - Lesbian Health Initiative of Houston, Inc. - Lesbian health inequalities: a cultural minority issue for health professionals (2003). - Health care use among gay, lesbian and bisexual Canadians (2008). - Epidemiological research on marginalized groups implies major validity challenges; lesbian health as an example (2009). - UCSF to Celebrate Release of First Lesbian Health Textbook (2010).

Mercer CH, Bailey JV, Johnson AM, Erens B, Wellings K, Fenton KA, Copas AJ (2007). Women who report having sex with women: British national probability data on prevalence, sexual behaviors, and health outcomes. American Journal of Public Health, 97(6): 1126-33. PDF Download. PubMed Abstract. We used a British probability survey (n=6399 women, aged 16 to 44 years) conducted from 1999 to 2001 with face-to-face interviewing and computer-assisted self-interviewing... We found that 4.9% of the women reported same-sex partner(s) ever; 2.8% reported sex with women in the past 5 years (n=178); 85.0% of these women also reported male partner(s) in this time. Compared with women who reported sex exclusively with men, women who reported sex with women and men reported significantly greater male partner numbers, unsafe sex, smoking, alcohol consumption, and intravenous drug use and had an increased likelihood of induced abortion and sexually transmitted infection diagnoses (age-adjusted odds ratios=3.07 and 4.41, respectively).

Ramsey F, Hill MJ, Kellam C (2010). Black Lesbians Matter: An examination of the unique experiences, perspectives, and priorities of the Black Lesbian community. PDF Download. As the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) movement gains momentum around the country, it’s important to ensure that the perspectives and priorities of Black lesbians are represented. Research studies show that Black lesbians are among the most vulnerable in our society. For example, a recent study by the Williams Institute found that Black lesbians in same-sex couples had poverty rates of 21.1%, compared to 4.3% for White lesbians, and 14.4% for gay Black men.1 Such disparities speak to the need for a fresh assessment of the unique experiences of Black lesbian communities... However, in order to adequately represent Black lesbians, a national needs assessment was necessary. This survey, the National Black Lesbian Needs Assessment asks, “Who are we? And what issues/concerns do Black lesbians view as important?” ... This study does not include youth members of the Black lesbian community; it focuses on Black lesbians ages 18-70. This quantitative study is akin to a Black lesbian “census.” ... The largest percentage of the population surveyed is between 40 and 49 years of age with 84% of the participants holding undergraduate degrees and maintaining an annual salary of at least $51,000. In this survey, over 36% of the women are from the southern region of the United States, in localities where homophobia is a daily occurrence. The survey respondents challenge the view of who is traditionally viewed as Black lesbians... The National Black Lesbian Needs Assessment found that domestic violence experienced by Black lesbians is rarely reported to authorities, but has occurred in the lives of 41.9% of the respondents. Respondents reported they had experienced domestic violence either with a man (14.1%) or in a same-sex relationship (27.8%)... The National Black Lesbian Needs Assessment revealed that Black lesbian visibility is an essential element in the political and economic landscape. This survey brings to the forefront information from a traditionally marginalized group. This survey also highlights the needs and concerns of Black lesbians as defined by them...

Lesbian and bisexual women’s health research (Australia) is a rapidly growing area. Small community-based research projects involving these women have been underway since the 1980s. Increasingly, over the last decade, larger population-based research has been conducted. One of the current challenges is that questions on sexual orientation and gender identity are not yet included in routine demographics of most major national research and census data collection. Their inclusion would provide important local information about the health of same sex attracted women compared with their heterosexual peers. Known completed projects and publications are included here. There are many projects underway in Australia, which are not yet included: Download Page For Many Documents & Reports. - Lesbians, Bisexual Women: Misperceptions of Risk Jeopardize Sexual Health (2006). - Lesbians Are More Likely Than U.S. Women Overall to Have Risk Factors for Gynecologic and Breast Cancer (2001). - STDs Among Sexually Active Female College Students: Does Sexual Orientation Make a Difference?  (2008). - As Many Lesbians Have Had Sex with Men, Taking a Full Sexual History Is Important (2000). - En tant que lesbienne, comment puis-je obtenir de bons soins de santé? - Partner-Related Rehabilitation Experiences of Lesbians with Physical Disabilities. - YouTube Videos: lesbian health.

More lesbians becoming mums. - Lesbian Baby Boom: Motherhood within the Lesbian Community in Europe N/A. - Lesbian mothers' twin tasks: Societal attitudes add to parenthood challenge. - Lesbian Mother's Association of Quebec. - Lesbian Mothers Network, Scotland N/A. (Related Information) - Lesbian Mothers. - Israel grants rights to lesbian mothers. - The Development of Self in Children of Lesbian Mothers: Toward a Comprehensive Perspective: Overview. - Association des mères lesbiennes. - Chapter 24 - Negotiating Lesbian Motherhood: The Dialectics of Resistance and Accommodation. - Lesbian parents raise children despite controversial approach. - For Lesbian Parents: Your guide to helping your family grow up, happy, healthy and proud. - Children Of Lesbians And Gays Everywhere. - Mombian: Substenance for lesbian moms.  - They're Lesbians... They're Grandmas... They're From Mars... - Lesbian parents can both be called mother.

In Spain, mothers and fathers are endangered expressions: New births will be registered under the headings of Parent A, and Parent B -- not "Father" and "Mother"... In an unwitting move, Spain's government last week provided strong proof that same-sex marriages really are anti-family. - Why are pregnant lesbians scary? - Sierra Leone: Lesbian Rights Activist Brutally Murdered. - Muslim Gays Seek Lesbians For Wives. - Sehakia, lesbiennes arabes: Les homosexuelles arabes et musulmanes vivent dans la quasi clandestinité dans leurs pays. La loi répressive, souvent inspirée de la religion, ne les incite guère à étaler leur sexualité au grand jour. La Toile devient une nouvelle patrie. - Les N'DéeSses, voix des lesbiennes arabes et maghrébines.

Lesbian Domestic Violence: Battering in Same Sex Couples.  - It's Time To "Out" Violence In Lesbian Relationships: What We Know About Violence in Lesbian Relationships" What we know about violence in lesbian relationships N/A. - Domestic Violence in Gay and Lesbian Relationships - Another Closet. - Lesbian Sexual Assault, Rape and LGBTQ Domestic Violence. - Domestic Violence in Gay and Lesbian Relationships. - Same-sex domestic violence references How 'Butches' Dominate Lesbians in Mass. Culture,  Often by the Use of Violence. - The Second Closet: Domestic Violence in Lesbian and Gay Relationships: A Western Australian Perspective. - TheNetwork/La Red: Ending abuse in lesbian, bisexual women's and transgender communities. - Lesbian Rape? Controversial Documentary Will Examine Lesbian Rape and Sexual Violence between Women (2007): The Academy of Film and Gender Studies will be releasing its much anticipated Documentary, “She Stole My Voice: A Documentary About Lesbian Rape,” (directed by Justine Chang and Armand Kaye) in fall of 2007. This documentary, which has been the subject of considerable controversy, interweaves the experiences of victims, expert analyses, community responses, and visual depictions to create a complete understanding of this crime. 

Manifeste Lesbien 99 (Alternate Link):  Contre le sexisme, la lesbophobie, l'homophobie - Le travail sans discriminations sexistes et homophobes - Les couples - Les parentalités sans discrimination pour les lesbiennes et les gais - Pour une vraie politique de santé.

Making her (in)visible: Cultural representations of lesbianism and the lesbian body in the 1990s. by Ann M. Ciasullo (Feminist Studies, Fall, 2001: Related Information). - By Any Other Name: Why I'm still a lesbian, despite the man in my bed. - The Woman-Identified Woman. - Lesbian Feminism and Queer Theory: Another "Battle of the Sexes"? - A Lesbian and Lesbian Feminist Research and Network Newsletter. - Maggie Doyle and the Lesbian-Feminist Connection.

Culture and Women's Sexualities (2000, Abstract): Anthropological studies of women's same-sex relations in non-Western societies provide an important source for theorizing women's sexuality because they allow us to go beyond a narrow focus on Western cultures and concepts. Looking at studies from groups other than the dominant societies of Europe and America, I explore the diversity of women's sexualities and the sociocultural factors that produce sexual beliefs and practices. This article argues that sexual practices take their meaning from particular cultures and their beliefs about the self and the world. Cultural systems of gender, in particular, construct different sexual beliefs and practices for men and women. I conclude the article by suggesting some broad patterns at work in the production of women's sexualities across cultures.

Blackwood, Evelyn (2004). Conference Report: The Women’s Same-Sex Forum and African Women’s Life History Project of Sex and Secrecy: The 4th Conference of the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture, and Society. Johannesburg, South Africa, June 22-25. Sexuality Research & Social Policy, 1(1): 104-107. PDF Download. In addition to the many excellent presentations on these topics, two forums specifically addressed lesbian sexualities, the Women’s Same-Sex Forum and the African Women’s Life History Project. Since the 1st international meeting of IASSCS, Saskia Wieringa, a Dutch anthropologist, feminist, and activist - and the new president of IASSCS - initiated and organized a women’s same-sex forum to ensure that lesbian voices are represented in the association and at the conferences. The forum consists of a set of panels oriented to topics addressing lesbian identities, sexualities, and health practices. Papers presented in the women’s same-sex forum in Melbourne, Australia (2001) specifically focused on lesbian and female transgender practices in Asia. With the addition of relevant papers from the Johannesburg forum, these papers will be published in a volume edited by Saskia Wieringa, Abha Bhaiya, and Evelyn Blackwood.

Ledeman, Lauren Rachel (2011). Roots that bind, roots that divide: lesbian feminism at the 2010 VIII Encuentro Lésbico Feminista Latino Americano y Caribeño in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Honor's Dissertation, 'The University of Arizona. PDF Download. In October 2010 I attended VIII Encuentro Lésbico Feminista Latino Americano y Caribeño (VIII ELFLAC), the eighth lesbian feminist conference held by and for lesbian feminists in Latin America and the Caribbean, which took place in Guatemala. My thesis is an analysis of the politics and events surrounding lesbian feminism in Guatemala using VIII ELFLAC as a case study and as the context upon which my analyses are based. Drawing primarily on printed and web-based sources, Chapter 1 introduces the historical context of VIII ELFLAC by tracing the history of the Latin American lesbian movement and of past ELFLAC encuentros, including the politics of the encuentro organizers and the driving forces behind the encuentro. Chapter 2 analyzes the various tensions that arose at VIII ELFLAC, with a focus on gender and its role at the center of the most heated debates at VIII ELFLAC.

Matebeni, Zethu (2011). Exploring Black Lesbian Sexualities and Identities In Johannesburg. PhD Dissertation, University of the Witwatersrand. PDF Download. Download Page. Exploring black lesbian sexualities and identities is a multifaceted in-­depth ethnographic study of black urban lesbian life in contemporary South Africa. This study, which focuses on lesbian women aged between 17 and 40 years, reads the term lesbian as both a political and a theoretical project. It speaks to current concerns, which raise questions related to the politics of inclusion/exclusion, love, sexuality, identity politics, violence, style and urban space while sensitively giving agency to women’s narratives. In many ways, it enriches and challenges conventional gay and lesbian studies and studies on sexuality in Africa by bringing meaning to the complex interplay between space, style, erotic practice and sexuality. It further illustrates the flexible practices and variable notions of sex, sexuality and gender categories. At the same time it tackles the precarious and painful position of black lesbian women whose lives are an ongoing maneuvering and negotiation between a potentially hostile or violent environment and a country with constitutional protections. The political and theoretical imperative of the study is evident in the representations of black lesbians as occupying subject positions in which they determine the structures and meanings of their lives. Their narratives show that they inhabit the world actively, not only as victims or in relation to others, but also as conscious subjects that make meanings of their lives: subjects who are actively and critically engaging with the world we inhabit.

Perez N, Torres L (2011). Latina Portrait: Latina Queer Women in Chicago. Chicago: Amigas Latinas & Mujeres Latinas en Acción. PDF Download. Three hundred five Latina LGBTQQ participants between the ages of 13-60 years old2 completed the survey (262 in English and 43 in Spanish).Given the lack of visibility that characterizes the Latina LGBTQQ community, the high participation rate is indeed noteworthy; the survey team successfully rallied queer Latinas to shed light on the problems and needs of the community. The respondents vary in terms of racial/ethnic identity, sexual or gender identity, education, employment, income, relationship status, immigration or citizenship status, age, and geographic location.Almost 55 percent (54.9%) identify as Latina, 18.8 percent as Hispanic, 6.5 percent as Chicana, and 10.1 percent as Boricua.3 In regard to nationality, 50 percent identify as Mexican, 25.6 percent as Puerto Rican, 4.2 percent as Cuban, 5.2 percent as Central American, 9.4 percent as South American, 2.6 percent as Dominican, and 9.1 percent as biracial/ multiracial... In terms of how women define their sexual identity, 50 percent identify as lesbian/gay/homosexual, 8.8 percent as bisexual, 6.5 percent as queer, 1 percent as straight or heterosexual, 4.5 percent as uncertain/questioning, and 9.7 percent do not use labels to identify themselves. In the space provided for Latina women to identify themselves in an alternate way, one woman explained that she identifies as a lesbian politically, and another that she dates both sexes but hates the term bisexual. In regard to how women view their gender identity/expression, 9.1 percent identify as butch, 26 percent as femme, 0.3 percent as transgender, 3.2 percent as genderqueer, 14.3 percent as androgynous (not butch or femme), and 29.2 percent report that they do not use these types of labels. Some participants also added that they identify as futch, tomboy, soft ag, soft butch, gender non-conforming,multi-faceted, half femme and half tomboy, femme butch, and gender fucker. These various gender identities intersect with sexual identity in complex ways.

The Journal of Lesbian Studies: - Abstracts for Part I: In the Eye of the Beholder: Identifying and Defining Lesbian Beauty Norms & Part II: Freedoms and Constraints of Lesbian Beauty Norms & Part III: Compulsory Thinness: Are Lesbians Immune from the Barbie Mandate? Vol 3(4): Introduction - Yeah, You - Beauty Mandates and the Appearance Obsession: Are Lesbian and Bisexual Women Better Off? - Bisexual Women and Beauty Norms: A Qualitative Examination - Lesbians Discuss Beauty and Aging - Beauty on the Borderland: On Being Black Lesbian and Beautiful - Doing Beauty: Negotiating Lesbian Looks in Everyday Life - Listen to the Roars and Whispers of Water - Confessions of a Butch Straight Woman - Invisible Womon - Lesbians Walk the Tightrope of Beauty: Thin Is In but Femme Is Out - The Myth of the Short-Haired Lesbian - Even My Hair Won't Grow Straight - Beauty and the Butch - Secret Torrent - Lesbians and the Internalization of Societal Standards of Weight and Appearance - Body Image, Compulsory Heterosexuality, and Internalized Homophobia - Does Feminism Serve a Protective Function Against Eating Disorders?

The Journal of Lesbian Studies: - Lesbian Sex Scandals: Sexual Practices, Identities, Politics - Vol 3(3), 1999: Abstracts For: Introduction: Lesbian Sex Scandals - To(o) Queer or Not? Queer Theory, Lesbian Community, and the Functions of Sexual Identities - What Do You Call a Lesbian Who's Only Slept with Men? Deconstructing the Lesbian Identities of Ellen Morgan and Ellen DeGeneres - To Love Women, or To Not Love Men: Chronicles of Lesbian Identification - 'Without Contraries Is No Progression': S/M, Bi-nary Thinking, and the Lesbian Purity Test - Gender Role Reversal and the Violated Lesbian Body: Toward a Feminist Hermeneutic of Lesbian Sadomasochism - The Materiality of Gender: Looking for Lesbian Bodies in Transgender History - Toward a Dyke Discourse: The Essentially Constructed Stonebutch Identity - Eroticizing Safe Sex: Pedagogy and Performance in Lesbian Video - Women on the Edge of a Dyke-otomy: Confronting Subjectivity - Sticks and Stones - Lesbian Sexual Renegades? - Sex Radical Communities and the Future of Sexual Ethics.

The Journal of Lesbian Studies:  - Introduction: What Are "Classics" in Lesbian Studies? Vol 1(1), 1997Abstracts For: Mati-ism and Black Lesbianism: Two Idealtypical Expressions of Female Homosexuality in Black Communities of the Diaspora - "Coming Out" in the Age of Social Constructionism: Sexual Identity Formation Among Lesbian and Bisexual Women - A Study of Lesbian Lifestyles in the Homosexual Micro-Culture and the Heterosexual Macro-Culture - Growing Older Female: Heterosexual and Homosexual - Lesbianism in Female and Coed Correctional Institutions - Lesbian Women of Color: Triple Jeopardy. - The Journal of Lesbian Studies: Links to Abstract for Volumes 1 to 22+.

The Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services:  - Some of the Abstracts: Social Workers' and Counselors' Understanding of Lesbian Needs. - Health and Well-Being for Late Middle-Aged and Old Lesbians in a Rural Area. -  Lesbian Therapists and Lesbian Clients: Therapeutic and Practical Considerations, with Implications for Private Practice. - Lesbian Mothers: A Descriptive Study of a Distinctive Family Structure. - Why Lesbians Choose Therapy: Presenting Problems, Attitudes, and Political Concerns. Lesbians of African Heritage: Coming Out in the Straight Community. - Definition of Roles in Abusive Lesbian Relationships. - Drawing Lines in the Dirt: Rural Lesbian Communities - Models of Self-Definition and Self-Determination. - For the White Social Worker Who Wants to Know how to Work with Lesbians of Color. - In Sickness and in Health: Forty Years of Research on Lesbians. - Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services: Issues in Practice, Policy, and Research: Links to Abstract for Volumes 1 to 22+.

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The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review. - Canadian Woman Studies (1996: Vol 16-2): Lesbian and Politics Issue. Table of Contents.- Vol. 24(2/3), 2005: Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Transsexual/Transgender Sexualities, Contents.  - Lesbian Rights Summit Brings LGBT Activists and  Allies Together to Work Toward a Common Agenda.

Lesbian Writings: Xena: Warrior Princess, Desire Between Women, and Interpretive Response. - Lesbian Fictions: Straight or Narrow? - Compulsory Heterosexuality. - Compulsory Heterosexuality and Pych/Atrophy: Some Thoughts on Lesbian Feminist Theory. - Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence - by Adrienne Rich.- Harper's Magazine: Matthew Shepard and Compulsory Heterosexuality N/A (Related). - Sexual Identity Development in the Context of Compulsory Heterosexuality.  - Lesbian Worlds: Articles. - Lesbian Texts on the Net. - Lesbianism, Radical Feminism, & Separatism Articles on the Net.-  Papers, guides, thesis'es, dissertations, abstracts, on (grrrl) zines, riot grrrl, punk etc: "If you have written an article, a thesis, dissertation or paper on (grrrl) zines, riot grrrl or feminist media (or think it would fit here), and want to make it accessible for others, email me and we can post your work here!"

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Abstracts: - Lesbian coming out as a multidimensional process (1997). - How Lesbian Artists Support Their Art (2001). - Mobile Desire: Aesthetics, Sexuality and the `Lesbian' at Work (2000). - Absences that Matter: Constructions of Sexuality in Studies of Young Women’s Friendships (2000). Coming out discourses of Asian American lesbians (2001). - They Still Don't Understand Why I Hate Wearing Dresses!" An Autoethnographic Rant on Dresses, Boats, and Butchness (2002). - Lesbian Love in the Swingin' Seventies: A Bisexual Memoir (2002).  - What do lesbians do in the daytime? Recover (2002). - Boys Don't Cry and female masculinity: reclaiming a life & dismantling the politics of normative heterosexuality. - The Misunderstood Gender: A Model of Modern Femme Identity (2003). - Nearest and Dearest? The Neglect of Lesbians in Caring Relationships (2003). - Queer Theory, Butch/Femme Identities and Lesbian Space (2004). -  A Quest for Authenticity: Contemporary Butch Gender. - Sexual Practices, Risk Perception and Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk Among Lesbian and Bisexual Women (2005). - Butch Identity Development: The Formation of an Authentic Gender (2005). -  Butch lesbians and desire (2005). - Seeking Sperm: Accounts of Lesbian Couples’ Reproductive Decision-Making and Understandings of the Needs of the Child (2006). - Invisible Cords and Ties That Bind: Queering Female Friendship (2006). - Sexuality and Safer Sex: The Issues for Lesbians and Bisexual Women (2006). -  ‘Lesbian Appetites’: Food, Sexuality and Community in Feminist Autobiography (2006). - Becoming "One of the Girls"The Transition to Lesbian in Midlife (2006). - Rescuing Lesbian Camp  (2007). - The Coming of the Young and Sexy Lesbian: The Israeli Urban Scenario (2007). - From 'Woman-Loving Woman' to 'Queer': Historiographical Perspectives on Twentieth-Century British Lesbian History (2007). - Eteronormatività e omosessualità femminile: riformulazione di un antico legame (2009).- Surviving in Dangerous Places: Lesbian Identity Performances in the Workplace, Social Class and Psychological Health (2010). -  Understanding lesbian fandom: a case study of the Xena: Warrior Princess (XSTT) lesbian internet fans (2011).

Abstracts: - Cleaning the sink: exploring the experiences of Australian lesbian parents reconciling work/family responsibilities (2010). - Introduction: A History of “Lesbian History” (2009). - The Lesbian June Cleaver: Heterosexism and Lesbian Mothering (2007). - Age Differences in Lesbian Identity Development and Drinking (2007). - Queering the Field? The complexities of sexuality within a lesbian-identified football team in England  (2007). - Consequences of Frequenting the Lesbian Bar (2007). - Navigating Embodied Lesbian Cultural Space: Toward a Lesbian Habitus (2007). - Lesbian Studies and Activism in India (2007). - Building Boxes and Policing Boundaries: (De)Constructing Intersexuality, Transgender and Bisexuality (2008). - “I Am Just So Glad You Are Alive”: New Perspectives on Non-Traditional, Non-Conforming, and Transgressive Expressions of Gender, Sexuality, and Race Among African Americans (2008). - 'That's Not Really My Scene': Working-Class Lesbians In (and Out of) Place (2008). Minority Nonheterosexual Women and the Formulation of Identity (2009). - The Dance of Butch/Femme: The Complementarity and Autonomy of Lesbian Gender Identity (2008). - Lesbians Grieving the Death of a Partner: Recommendations for Practice (2008). - Inside, Outside, Nowhere: Bisexual Men and Women in the Gay and Lesbian Community (2008).  - Speaking Out Loud About Bisexuality: Biphobia in the Gay and Lesbian Community (2008). - Dimensions of sexual orientation and the prevalence of mood and anxiety disorders in the United States (2010). - Ending at the Skin: Sexuality and Race in Feminist Theorizing (2010). - Catching the Wave: Britain's lesbian publishing goes commercial (2009). - Lesbians Surviving Culture: Relational-Cultural Theory Applied to Lesbian Connection (2009). - Cross-category friendship patterns: Comparison of heterosexual and sexual minority adults (2009). - Feminizing Lesbians, Degendering Transgender Men: A Model for Building Lesbian Feminist Thinkers and Leaders in Africa? (2009). - The Constraints of Culture: Evidence from the Chicago Dyke March (2009). - Making Heteronormative Reconciliations: The Story of Romantic Love, Sexuality, and Gender in Mixed-Orientation Marriages (2009). - Reframing the Power of Lesbian Daughters' Relationships With Mothers Through Black Feminist Thought (2009). - Living For the City: Voices of Black Lesbian Youth in Detroit (2010). - Addiction and Chronic Pain in Lesbians (2010). 

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Books: - Inventing Lesbian Cultures in America - 1997 - edited by Ellen Lewin. (Review) (Google Books). - Lesbian histories and cultures: an encyclopedia - 2000  - edited by Bonnie Zimmerman (Google Books) (Review). Lesbiôt: Israeli Lesbians Talk About Sexuality - 1995 - edited by Tracy Moore (Abstract). -  The Passion of Alice - 1995 - by Stephanie Grant (Review). - Lesbians Talk: Making Black Waves  - 1993 - by Valerie Mason-John and Ann Khambatta (Review). - Chicana Lesbians : The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About - 1991 - edited by Carla Trujillo (Review). - Awakening the Virgin: Real Life Encounters of Lesbians and Virgins - 1998 - edited by Nicole Foster. - Lesbian Origins - 1985 - by Susan Cavin (Review). - Lesbian identity and Contemporary Psychotherapy - 2003 - by Eda Goldstein and Lois Horowtiz (Google Books). - Challenging Lesbian Norms: Intersex, Transgender, Intersectional, and Queer - 2006 - edited by Angela Maria Pattatucci Aragon. (Google Books) (Review, Must Scrool) (Review). - Sister outsider: essays and speeches - 1984 - by  Audre Lorde (Google Books). - Lesbian Choices - 1995 - by Claudia Card. - Afrekete: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Writing - 1995 - edited by Catherine E. McKinley. -  The Story of Sexual Identity: Narrative Perspectives on the Gay and Lesbian Life Course - 2009 - by Phillip L. Hammack, Bertram J. Cohler (Preface) (Review). - Midlife lesbian relationships: friends, lovers, children, and parents - 2000 -  by Marcy Adelman (Google Books). - From Nowhere to Everywhere: Lesbian Geographies - 2000 - edited by Gill Valentine (Google Books). - Preventive Health Measures for Lesbian and Bisexual Women - 2007 -  By Shelly K. Kerr, Robin M. Mathy (Google Books). - Trauma, stress, and resilience among sexual minority women: rising like the Phoenix - 2004 - edited by Kimberly F. Balsam (Google Books). - Sexualities and Identities of Minority Women - 2009 - edited by Sana Loue. - A Gift of Age Old Lesbian Life Stories - 2009 - by  by Arden Eversmeyer, Margaret Purcell (Review).

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New Support Group Established to Help Lesbians in India

“Women activists alarmed by the rising incidence of suicides among lesbians have formed Sahayathrika, an advocacy group that provides support and counselling to troubled lesbians in Thiruvananthapuram, India. Sahayathrika was created by a group of women activists who got alarmed by the increasing number of suicides in Kerala committed by women who love women. At least 21 suicide cases of women identified as lesbian have been reported over the last five years. Most of these women are from the lower middle class. Lesbians who are frustrated that they are unable to lead the lives that they want because of societal pressures often commit these suicides. Fear of social stigma is always the enemy of these women, along with the condemnation of their family if their sexual orientation was revealed. In Indian society, homosexuality is still considered as a deviant behaviour, and is dismissed as a sexual delinquency or a stage in a woman's life, which she will eventually "pass" or "get over it." Sahayathrika workers fear that more suicides will follow if no one will reach out to these troubled women… In spite of these setbacks, lesbians have been coming out of hiding and are reaching out to the group. Sahayathrika workers are happy that slowly, their efforts are gaining positive results - 25 lesbians have contacted them since the group was formed in October 2002…”

Queer India: The Fire Inside (2008):  In the light of such treatment, it comes as no surprise that the suicide rate for lesbians in India is high. Hardly a week passes without a story appearing in the papers about young couples who have chosen to die rather than live in a society that refuses to believe they exist - there were 24 documented cases of lesbian suicide pacts between 1996 and 2004 in the state of Kerala alone.[1] In May 2008 there was the particularly shocking case of Christy and Rukmini from Chennai. Both had husbands and after years of torment from their families they set themselves on fire. Relatives found their charred bodies still hugging each other. It has been suggested that the high suicide rate is also related to the fact that support structures for lesbians in India are scarce. Chennai, for example, does not have a helpline for lesbians. Some say resources are dwindling even further.

Lesbian couple commits suicide (2011)

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