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Presented to The Action Committee Against Violence City of Calgary

Pierre J. Tremblay - Copyright 1992, 2000.

Syntax and format editing done for the 2000 Internet version.
Additions: Foreword, Final Thoughts, Notes.

Contents of The Homosexuality Factor in Social Violence

The Author
2000 Preface to Internet Edition

The Learned Homophobia of Canadian Youth
Gay and Lesbian Youth Suicide and Related Problems
Physical Violence Against Gay Males

The Homosexuality Factor in Prison Violence
The Homosexuality Factor in Males Youth Gangs
A Violent Social Construction: Homosexual Closets
The Sexual Abuse of Boys

An Understanding of Male Sexual Violence
A Gay 'Wife Batterer'
An Understanding of Wife Battery

A Serious Problem With Professionals

Conclusion: Socially Constructed Blindness and Bias.
Epilogue: More Biases and Insights. Repressed Homosexuality Is Not To be Underestimated.

'Final' Thoughts For The 2000 Internet Edition


About The Author

Pierre Tremblay attended universities for seven years and specialized in geology, French literature, education, and physical education. He then acquired the equivalent of another six years of university education in the behavioral sciences. One study objective was the understanding of human male sexuality, with a focus on individuals who have violent heterosexual fantasies reflecting a hatred for women, and males who act out these fantasies. They include rapists, rape-murderers, possibly all wife batterers, and other males.

As a young boy, Pierre knew he was gender nonconformable to a certain degree, but he always appreciated the blend of male and female attributes in his character. Because of this, he did not behave as the more gender conformable boys did. He did not perceive girls to be inferior to boys as it has been the traditional male perception of females in many cultures. He often wondered why so many married males in his community abused their wives in numerous ways, almost as if doing this was acceptable. Both his father and grandfather were abusers of women but they did not rape or batter their wives as many males have done and continue to do.

Upon entering puberty, Pierre was presented with sexual fantasies involving significant abuses of women. His visual mind screen has been well developed for other purposes since early childhood, and these fantasies were another manifestation of the highly visual nature of his brain. They were accepted as being another aspect of himself, but he sometimes wondered about them and eventually investigated their origins. Generally, this aspect of self was considered to be somewhat foreign and at odds with his conscious sense of Self; it was almost like another personality or entity was existing within.

Pierre has followed the Socratic Know Thyself process best rendered in French (and in other languages) by the equivalent expression "Know Thyself, Thyself." The expression suggests that a dual personality-like process is involved in such work, akin to the dual personality situation detected to exist sexually, and to the good/evil human nature attributes scholars have noted and written about for thousands of years. As a rule, men have also manifested a duality in their historical responses to women; they were both loved and hated leading to the often stated belief that love and hate are closely related as rendered in expressions like "All is fair in love and war." The near-end of this duality occurred as Pierre was accepting his predominant homosexual orientation, an event associated with his vanishing heterosexuality.

Pierre has been sexually active with males since be was five years old. In adolescence, however, he only had romantic love responses for girls, had girlfriends, but continued to have sex with males. A romantic love response for a male first occurred at the age of 22 years and his response to the event was highly positive, but there were troubling implications given that he wanted to marry and be a father. This experience placed him on a self-understanding journey, the focus being on all inner realities. His recognized violence-related heterosexuality led to the study of men's traditional abuses of women and there was an intimate relationship between male heterosexuality and social violence problems.

Anti-gay violence was also studied. The targets of such violence have generally been males deemed to be "like women" or "visibly gay:" the ones often referred to as "queers," "fags," "pansies," etc. An extreme form of sexism was therefore implicated in both anti-gay violence and violence against women; the perpetrators of such violence have had an extremely low opinion of anything "feminine," including men who are deemed to be "like women." From 1985 to 1987, Pierre focused on Women's Studies and completed a 500-page manuscript on male heterosexuality by 1990. During this period, Homosexuality Studies were also endeavored into and focused on for the past three years.

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