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Notes (Added in 2000 Edition):

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1. The 52-page document, Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Need Our Help, was written soon after a two-part investigative report had been published in the Alberta Gay and Lesbian Press (AGLP) magazine. The report is available at

2. In most North American jurisdictions, indifference continues with respect to the welfare of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgerder youth. For example, even after a major report had been done about the situation existing in Rhode Island schools,  the 1998 Rhode Island school situation continued to be negative. Teachers also continued to be a major part of the traditional anti-homosexuality problem in schools. Creating safe schools for GLBT students. - Rhode Island: Still a tough life for gay students. -  In Providence, forum yields horror stories for gay youth; Teachers often a major part of anti-gay problems. [2011 Note: See information related to 2010 situation in North American Schools:]

3. It was later revealed that the welfare of Mayor Duerr - including that of  his children - had been threatened. As a result of behaving as the ones who treatened him and his family wanted, however, Mayor Duerr essentially told all Calgarians that he would abide by the wishes of these people. To 2000, even after having received many requests for a Gay Pride Week proclamation since 1992, the requests were rejected. Furthermore, as I recall, there was talk about ending the proclamation tradition in Calgary if gay and lesbian Calgarians insisted on having such a proclamation; the unspoken message was: "If you think you are hated now, just imagine how many Calgarians will hate you if - because of you - the city does away with proclamations so much appreciated by so many groups!"

Many politicians are still fearful of doing anything which may indicate the approval of the traditionally hated ones, as the following excerpts from a September 6, 2000, Associated Press article (by Ross Sneyd, Williamstown, Vt - Circulated via email by Channel Q News) reveals for Vermont: "State Rep. Marion Milne knew her vote to create "civil unions'' for gay couples last spring might lead to her defeat... A backlash has set in against some of the lawmakers who created the closest thing in America to gay marriage... In many of those contested races, civil unions are the only issue. The approval of marriage-style benefits for gay couples is what prompted Sylvia Kennedy to challenge Milne, a friend, in next week's GOP primary... In many of those contested races, civil unions are the only issue. The approval of marriage-style benefits for gay couples is what prompted Sylvia Kennedy to challenge Milne, a friend, in next week's GOP primary. The poll, which had a margin of error of 4 percentage points, gave [Governor Howard] Dean a 41 percent favorability rating, down from 63 percent in February."

4. The Los Angeles Project 10 Handbook (abstract). - Project 10 addresses needs of gay and lesbian youth. (Education Digest)  Throughout California, however, progress in providing safe environments for GLBT public school students - if any - has been slow, and not without controversy.  Battle Rages Over Gay-Friendly School Policies (San Francisco, 1997) N/A. - Gay/Lesbian and Bisexual Youth: An Invisible Minority by Kevin R. Gogin, MFCC, San Francisco Unified School District.- Rampant homophobic and 'racism' at San Ramon Valley High School. - Gay Teens in School Focus of Weekly Newsmagazine Segment.

A similar situation has existed in the State of Massachusetts - the home of the only Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth - as the following references indicate. Making schools safe for gay and lesbian youth: Executive Summary.  - Full Text Document. - The Executive Order which created the Governor's Commission in Gay and Lesbian Youth. - Recommendations of the Commission. - Massachusetts: 1995 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results N/A. [Results of this study and other studies.] -  The Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth: Related Articles. Problems? - Few schools offer support to gay students (1997): some positive results in student attitude survey. - More gay bias reported at school: 161 attacks were reported last year. - Gay/Straight Alliance. - Despite receiving high marks for having policies to protect gay students and teachers from harassment, Boston Public Schools fail to provide a safe learning environment.

5. Calgary's GLB community was notorious for not doing much in terms of educating the greater population about GLB issues. This state of affairs was most troubling and began doing something about it by 1991. After I had met with Mayor Duerr, I was most troubled that there had been a Mayor's Task Force on Violence but that no one in the GLB community had submitted information at least about the high levels of anti-gay violence known to exist in Calgary. This violence, however, was not the only violence I had recognized to be linked to homosexuality. Interestingly, a lesbian had been closely associated with the ones in charge of Calgary's Action Committee Against Violence - as a secretary, I think - but she had not advocated to have anti-gay/lesbian violence issues addressed. She did, however, attempt to cause problems after I had met with Alderman Longstaff and Mary Jane Amy, as I was informed by Stephen Lock who was then in charge of Calgary Gay Lines. The community lesbians would have loved to muzzle me which became one of their first agenda items when they essentially took over Calgary Gay Lines in 1996. I was summoned by Carolyn Anderson - the president - and advised that I was to be silent about the males realities addressed, for example, in this document. Furthermore, I was also to not speak about boys who become sexually involved with men - usually gay-identified males (a tradition in the history of male homosexuality), even if these boys are the most at risk for contracting HIV at the youngest age.  Furthermore, if I did not abide by the muzzling order, there would be consequences. A few months later, I was advised that GLB community services - such as having access to the GLB library - would be denied to me.


6. From: Prison Rape: Our Wake-Up Call  @ .  "The most rigorous study was conducted by researchers Wayne Wooden and Jay Parker, in 1980. They found that 14 percent of the inmates had been "pressured into having sex against their will," a figure the researchers said was probably an undercount... It is possible to extrapolate from these small studies and hazard a guess about how many prisoners across America are victims of sexual aggression. Start with a conservative estimate of 14 percent. Multiply that by the 1.3 million men sitting behind bars right now (1993). You end up with a staggering total: 182,000 victims a year. That's 15,166 a month; 3,500 a week." (Henican 1995:26) Keep in mind these figures represent first time occurrences. According to Stop Prison Rape, "Once 'turned out', a victim is earmarked for constant further assaults. With a repeat rate very conservatively estimated at every other day, and counting gang rapes as a single incident, this give at least 7,150 sexual victimizations a day in jails." (Donaldson, 1995:1) To put this into perspective, the total number of  "Forcible Rape Offenses" in the United States for 1992, according to the World Almanac, was 109, 060 (World Almanac, 1994). These numbers, however, may be inflated.

7. The concept of "projection" -  well known to psychiatrists (especially psychoanalysts) - is manifested when an individual (or a group) accuses others of being what one is but denies. Men who are sexually active with other males but condemn other homosexual males are in this category. The same applies to the Nazis. In the final analysis, they were much more evil than the ones they accused of being evil and sought to exterminate.

Gay and Lesbian Youth Suicide and Related Problems

8. Remafedi et al. (1991) reported car accidents to have been a method used by some gay/bisexual males in their attempt to kill themselves. As a rule, such deaths are not reported to be suicides, and survivors of such suicide attempts would likely not report that the accident was, in fact, an attempt at ending their lives.  (Remafedi, Gary; Farrow, James A.; and Deisher, Robert W. Risk Factors for Attempted Suicide in Gay and Bisexual Youth. Pediatrics, Vol. 87, No. 6, 1991, pp. 869-875.)   AbstractFull Text. Full Text.

9. Note related to early sex for lesbians, therefore risk of pregnancy.

10. Gilbert Herdt's 1989 book Gay and lesbian Youth. Table of Contents & Introduction. For a comprehensive paper on the gay, bisexual, and lesbian youth suicide problem: - The Homosexuality Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem (1995).  An update of the information on gay/bisexual male youth suicide problems is available at Youth Suicide: Focus - Gay/Bisexual Male youth.

Physical Violence Against Gay people.

11. Frank van Gemert (1994). Chicken kills Hawk: gay murders during the eighties in Amsterdam. Journal of Homosexuality, Vol. 26(4), 149-174. The study notes that about one out of eight murders in Amsterdam (approx. 12% of murders) involved a gay male, usually advanced in age, who was murdered by a young male prostitute usually not defining themselves to be gay or bisexual. As a rule, the two had been sexually involved before the murder happened, each having 'traded' something in an attempt to solve the problems caused by marginalization: rejection in gay community because of advancing age for the older gay male, and a lack of money for the male youth. In some cases the murders occurred when the older male sought to impose sexual activities (or interpretations) threatening the heterosexual identity of the male youth. Similar murders have also been happening in North America - even in Calgary - but I am not aware of any studies of the phenomenon.  Abstract.

12. Supplementary information related to anti-gay/lesbian violence was supplied in follow-up letter to the Action Committee Against Violence.

The Homosexuality Factor in Prison Violence

The Homosexuality Factor in Males Youth Gangs

A Violent Social Construction: Homosexual Closets

The Sexual Abuse of Boys

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A Gay 'Wife Batterer'

An Understanding of Wife Battery

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'Final' Thoughts For The 2000 Internet Edition

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