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TO: Epilogue - More Biases and Insights. Repressed Homosexuality Is Not To be Underestimated.
Presented to The Action Committee Against Violence City of Calgary
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Conclusion: Socially Constructed Blindness and Bias.

The gay philosopher and writer, George Santayana, is often quoted to have said that, if we don't know our history and do not learn from it, will be condemned to repeating it: "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.". Our recent history is, in fact, riddled with great horrors perpetrated on individuals by "mental health" professionals, and by the societies who created these 'professionals'. It must be said, however, at least for the psychologists and psychiatrists who have collected information about people, that we should appreciate their existence. The information (knowledge?) collected is priceless even though it's often lacking, and even if so little is understood about humans,  especially if the understanding sought would violates acquired social (personal) beliefs.

We still construct a society manifesting very high levels of overt and covert violence against gay people, but women are also paying a very high price for this. All women should be appalled with the male prisons situation: men raping and sexually abusing weaker males apparently "because" women are not available to them. They should also be troubled by the fact that males who are "like females" are being insulted, abused, and even physically assaulted as children and adolescents, and that they are likely to also be assaulted (maybe murdered) as adults. Yet, women have generally (totally?) been silent about this, almost as if they were rendered incapable of seeing that these acts are rooted in men's hatred for women. The great enigma and tragedy, however, is to observe women degrading men who are female-like. These women are probably manifesting a self-hatred which has not yet been recognized (nor studied for its monumental implications) by social scientists.

Without doubt, gay and lesbian youth need help, but silence has dominated the issue. These youth should be given an education needed to help them accept their sexual orientation, but educators have other concerns. They generally recognize that help is needed but they follow the socially learned imperative in a homohating society. They will do everything possible, at least at the passive aggression level, to harm (destroy?) gay youth. They therefore commonly pretend not to see the hatred, self hatred, the homophobia related violence, and even the suicide problems, thus guaranteeing one hate-related outcome: a maximum casualty status for the hated ones. Their highly destructive operating principle, however, can be ferreted out, as researchers in education discovered when daring to formally study the gay and lesbian youth problem in the world of education. Harbeck (1992) reports on the chilling reality these professionals experienced, and the fear they were (are?) experiencing.

All too often, both the scholars who might have undertaken such studies ant the potential participants in that research have been dissuaded by threats to their tenure, promotion, reputation, and personal safety ... [Former researchers] spoke of the hardship they had to endure once their research had been published, including one's threatened loss of custody of her children during a bitter divorce. Every contributor to this volume is aware of the potential professional and personal harm that might result in being affiliated with a homosexuality and education project. (33: 2)
If women were to study what was done to homosexual people in the 1960s, only one conclusion would result. Politicians, church leaders, psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, parents, the police, movie makers, the anti-sissy boys WE created, etc. - including the murderers of homosexual males - were all working collectively according to a learned prime directive commanding them to maximize the harm being done (even destroy) the ones they were taught to hate. Unfortunately, our society is still very sexist, meaning that women are still hated and must also be kept in their place.

With respect to women, history reveals that church leaders, politicians, the police, psychiatrists, psychologists, wife batterers and rapists, other rapists, men who just slapped their wives now and then - and most women themselves - all work collectively to keep women in their place. The most interesting observation made while growing up, however, was that men (including adolescent males) had many ways of telling each other they were behaving as expected. Therefore, as much as their abuses of homosexual males was not an accident, the same applied for their abuses of women. My grandfather, for example, had told his son not to marry my mother because she was educated and she could therefore dump him if she didn't like what was to be inflicted on her. By the age of 67, however, she had divorced him. Another woman, referring to her educated status, reports that "there weren't too many men who would put up with a woman like me in those days. They didn't want any independent women ... It was better to live with him than not having married at all ... He beat me right up to the end [his death] you know" (90: 182).

As a young boy I did not like The Male Collective, but enormous social pressures - with penalties - were being applied to produce conformity, or at least to pretend I was conforming. Nonetheless, I kept my sensitivity like more males have been doing, and some of them have been writing (as traitors to the male race?) about their observations, experiences, and their questions. Bruce Kokopeli and George Lakey (1990) offer the following insights:

The ultimate proof of power / masculinity is violence. (47: 10).

Violence is the accepted masculine form of conflict resolution. Women at this time are not powerful enough in the world situation for us to see mass overt violence being waged against them. But the violence is in fact there; it is hidden through its legitimization by the state and by culture. (47: 11)

The situation in a working-class tavern is described:
Gayness is never defended.  In fact, the worst thing you can call a man is homosexual. A man so attacked must either fight or leave the bar. Notice the importance of violence in defending 'yourself against the charge of being a 'pansy.' Referring to your income or academic degrees or size of your car is no defense against such a charge. only fighting will establish your respect as a masculine male. Because 'gay' appears to mean 'powerless,' one needs to go to the masculine source of power - violence - for adequate defense ... In prison, for example, men can be respected if they fuck other men, but not if they are themselves fucked. (47: 12)

But for a man to be entered sexually, or to use effeminate gestures and actions, is to invite attack in prison and hostility outside. Effeminate gay males are at the bottom of the totem pole because they are most like women, which is nothing less than treachery to the Masculine Cause. Even many gay men shudder at drag queens and vigilantly guard against certain mannerisms because they, too, have internalized the masculine dread of effeminacy ... A ticket to admission to masculinity, then, is sex with women ... Exclusively gay men let down the Masculine Cause in a very important way - those gays do not participate in the control of women through sexuality. Control through sexuality matters because it is flexible; it usually is mixed with love and dependency so that it becomes quite subtle. (47: 13)

Lawrence J. Cohen (1990) reflects on only one of the ways men speak to each other about The Prime Directive in The Masks of Rape:
I was riding an exercise bike in the gym one day, and the man next to me nodded towards a woman across the room.  'She's really fine,' he said, and then added, 'I hope she's not your wife or anything.' It took me two years to figure out what bothered me so much about this comment.  Two years of reading, research and clinical work in the area of rape, incest, sexual stereotypes and male-female interactions.  What I finally figured out was that the second part of this man's statement made it clear that the first part was not a compliment to the woman or even an observation on her physical attractiveness.  Rather, his comment was hostile, an insult, a 'petty rape,' a statement of possession and control. The fact that he had to clear the statement with me, so as to not trespass on another man's possession, was the tip-off that we were both (he by his comment, I by my silence) participating in rape-supportive behavior. The comment by the man in the gym was hard to recognize for what it was because it was disguised as a compliment.  Similarly, but less convincingly, catcalls and pinches and leers wear the mask of compliment. Underneath the mask is a rather hideous face of domination and control of women, of hatred and fear of women Male domination and women-hating wear other masks as well. All of these masks serve to make invisible the face behind the mask. This invisibility succeeds because of the rigidity of our beliefs about the world. (19:21) The major belief is that average males love women.
In men's traditional war against women, however, their most lethal weapon may well be repressed homosexual males who have not only effectively kept homosexual-identified males in their place, but have also been most deadly with women. In this document, many of these monsters have been noted, especially wife batterers and rapists. How difficult, however, would it be to locate wife batterers blatantly reflecting the model presented in this document?

On September 18, 1992, I was at Calgary Gay Lines; a few males were present and the conversation turned to the "Take Back The Night March" ending about a block away. I stated: "Well, at least it's not gay men who are assaulting women." A French Canadian, Martin, was there, waiting to get information for an independent television documentary he was working on. He objected to my statement and responded with: "That's not correct. I know three gay males who were wife batterers because they were in denial that they were homosexual." I looked at him, smiled, thought about how easy it was to obtain such information, and then qualified my statement. Of course, if "X" equals 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6..., we must now ask: "For what percentage of men who are violent with women is repressed homosexuality an associated factor?"

Unfortunately, women can't expect help from professionals to explore this idea, although there would be exceptions to the rule, like there are exceptions with respect to professionals who will dare do something to really help gay and lesbian youth. Tragically, gay males or women can sometimes be their own best enemies and it is sad to see that, since the early 1970s, numerous feminists have gravitated into the denial of truth abyss or black hole, thus duplicating the 1920's feminists event: they were beginning to blame wife battery on the male consumption of alcohol.

For all women who believe they can "see" and even "understand" - and do not believe they were socially indoctrinated to be incapable of seeing or understanding what would threaten men the most - the following exercise is recommended. Observe women in real life, or as depicted on television and in the movies. Use your "imagination" skills to substitute the women with males, while performing the following exercise. All socially constructed female attributes such as long painted fingernails, hair styles, jewelry, make-up, mannerisms, shoes, dress, etc., including how they relate to men which is socially learned, are to be kept. Make an evaluation of these "feminine males" and determine the implications with respect to your own acquired evaluation of self.

If, as a rule, you feel like labeling these men "bimbos," you have been accessing an internal self-evaluation system you were to remain unaware of under the "THOU SHALT NOT BE AWARE" commandment. You may even be troubled, or offended that the "exercise" request was made, because you think I'm not playing fair. That, maybe, I'm thinking that "being male" is superior to "being female." That, if we were not biased, we would fully accepted women as they are. That "being female" is perfectly acceptable. I don't, however, even accept men as they are, although our professionals did this in a dramatic way.

Scarf (1980) reports on an interesting study done about 20 years ago. A large sample of male and female mental health professionals were studied to determine how they processed mental health information related to men and women. As expected, the mentally healthy male had stereotyped male attributes, and mentally healthy female had stereotyped female attributes. What happened, however, when these professionals were asked to choose the attributes defining a mentally healthy person without any reference to gender? The winners were male attributes and Scarf concluded with: "As far as a general standard of mental health is concerned, the feminine role apparently implies pathology!" (82: 392) This observation essentially replicates men's traditionally beliefs about women, but what else could a man who batters a woman conclude if she keeps believing that be loves her? These men know, however, that WOMEN ARE MADE, NOT BORN. That women were always created so that men could make such conclusions, because men's delusion of supremacy has history been associated with the fabrication of the evidence needed to also confirm their intellectual supremacy relative to women.

Gender roles are social constructions making possible "The world is a stage" Shakespearean truism also recognized by all closeted homosexuals who credibly ACT a role most observers would believe to be real. The task at hand is to now discover and understand the writer(s) of the script(s) so well played out by many male inmates who repeatedly have been confirming the fact that WOMEN ARE MADE, NOT BORN. That "being a woman" - or sex roles - has precious little to do with biology, but everything to do with proper attitudes and behaviors demanded by "dominant" males who were somehow taught the belief that women are inferior to men. Although "being males" is artificial, it is also very REAL. "Being male" is, in fact, as real and deadly as were the Nazis, or the white supremacy intimately associated with enslavement and lynching of Black people in the United States.

Given the facts of the case, Craig Lucas appears to have been correct when asserting that gender related "homophobia and misogyny ... are the same," after he had stated: "The effeminate man has been, and remains, the laughing stock of our movies, our most successful comedians" (49). There was a time when I, like others, laughed at these feminized males, but the laughter stemmed from the highly threatening inner knowledge that "being a woman" is not only a possibility for all males; it is their greatest fear. Therefore, men's often obsessive "Up yours!" and "Shove it!" statements reflect a very conscious awareness of their always possible "anal receptivity." For women, however, the laughter was more restrained but most have lived up to the "THOU SHALT NOT BE AWARE" commandment. They were not to recognize the message even though they may have been feeling it. As very young boys learn so well, "being anything like a female" is a degraded status. It warrants ridicule, insults, and contempt, thus duplicating men's traditional responses to women. Present-day males have therefore not changed much, except for now lacking their forefather's remarkable honesty. I often advise women desiring to know what a particular man really thinks of women:

Set up a situation where you can observe how he responds to effeminate males. Ask him related questions in a casual way to avoid indicating that an evaluation is taking place. You will then discover how he really feels about women, including you, but men generally deny the conclusion, even when confronted with the facts.
The greatest danger for women and gay males, however, are the researchers (including gay-identified ones) who are attempting to prove that sexual orientation is biologically determined; the quest has always involved the search for evidence that gay males are somehow women. The 'force' fueling this research is the social construction also responsible for the famous gay Magnus Hirshfeld having similar beliefs at the beginning of the twentieth century. History is therefore repeating itself, as driven by a learned obsession acquired at a very young age. We were taught gender roles by adults who failed to note the socially constructed "non-absolute" nature of these roles. Generally, we learned that males (heterosexual males) are all-powerful, and superior to women. Most psychiatrist, psychologists, and parents also have a history of advocating that children who refuse to accept their socially decreed (and enforced) sex roles are in need of therapy, so that they may be cured of their apparent "gender dysphoria" mental disorder! Or failing with such ‘therapeutic’ intervention, others have advocated surgery so that, for example, a feminine boy will be transformed into a biological more female-like human being.

Sadly, the medical profession has a history of abusing gay males, lesbians, and other women, and it has especially been neglectful of female health issues. This reality was not an accident; it is expected (predictable) in a sexist, heterosexist and homophobic society. Such abuses have also been occurring in a society still actively discriminating against women at the wage level. Furthermore, corporations ruled by men have also developed the infamous "glass ceiling" because men may still not want women to share in the power they have traditionally enjoyed. These facts, combined with our great reluctance to treat gay males as equals, even if - like it was done for women - they will be granted formal legal equality with heterosexual males, produces troubling questions. The Roman Catholic Church, for example, still denies women any position of authority, and it also advocates that its members should - must - discriminate against gay people. Yet, it has been estimated that about 30 to 60 percent of priests are homosexuals, thus suggesting the existence of a serious "malignant homosexual" problem in the Roman Catholic Church. The problem may also be intimately related to an intense "hatred of women" problem.

What therefore is the difference between the above, all other abuses of gay males and women, and the work of males who physically assault and kill women and gay males? The difference is certainly not one of kind, but one of degree, much like the general discrimination by Whites Americans against Black American was very fertile ground for the creation of white males who physically assaulted and murdered black people. Is it not obvious that males who discriminate against women - by paying them less than men, or by denying women promotions - are essentially complementing the work being done by men who rape, assault, murder, and rape murder women? All these men are certainly working "to put (keep) women in their place," just like a Calgary heterosexual male employer I worked for revealed when he said that I was acceptable, as a gay male, but only because I was not visibly gay. He then noted that he would never hire a male who was like a woman, and he was also opposed to hiring or training a woman for all the best paying jobs in his company, except for having a female secretary. I quit working for him and later worked for a similar company owned by a gay male, but the situation was worse for women. The same ideology applied except that he only wanted a male to be his secretary.

Gay males can therefore be women's enemies, and this attribute was becoming more noticeable in the late 1970s when gay males who were "like women" were being denied entry into many gay clubs in North America. In most interesting ways, the world ruled by heterosexual males was telling gay males: We'll accept you if you are not visible, and especially if you are not like women! We'll also appreciate you beginning to discriminate against such men in your group. Since then, gay males have been granted more legal equality by the male powers-that-be, the same powers which had not long ago decreed that all homosexuals were criminals and mentally disordered.

Men, including a significant number of gay males,  have behaved in accordance to a learned cultural prime directive similar (identical?} to the one manifested by men who rape, assault, murder, and rape-murder women. What, however, is that great war so many men have been waging against women? As I see the situation, numerous men have essentially been at war with their own inner "feminine" selves, and the war is projected onto women. Generally, men have been obsessive about MAKING women become what men demand them to be - which varies in different cultures - because men need women who closely approximate their own inner woman. Men often tell women: "You are the woman of my dreams!" The statement should read:

You closely resemble the woman existing in my mind: the one I was not able to destroy. Welcome to my nightmare! I need you to act out - sexually - the murder I could never accomplish. I need you to experience the murder-related great sexual experience, as Norman Mailer explored in his novels.
This conceptualization of the situation is reflected in the expression French men have used to describe their "orgasm" experiences: "La petite mort!" For numerous men, however, their orgasms are more like "little murders!" than "little deaths!" thus describing more correctly (in terms of inner, often denied perceptions) what is being done to the "penetrated" females. Heterosexual male orgasms are therefore more like a BIG DEATH, or even "THE ULTIMATE MURDER" so well illustrated by the status of "turned out" males in prison. Unfortunately, as revealed by the "dominant" males and most (all?) heterosexual males, the sexual act appears to be a never-ending repeated MURDER compulsively acted out to possibly maintain what heterosexual males have deemed to be mental health.

The "projection" sex war so many men have waged against women has also intensified over the last 50 years, given that we were producing about one mass/serial murderer of women per decade and that we now produce about one per month. If population increase is corrected for, the production rate of such men has increased by a 50-times factor. Because nothing happens in a vacuum, it would therefore be wise to suspect that the male abuses of females have also increased by about the same factor. Yet, the information produced by professionals, with only rare exceptions, would create the belief that men are now nicer to women than they have ever been. Could this be a LIE? Is it possible that a major illusion has been created in the past 50 years?

It is possible, however, that we are changing - even torturing - data to make it fit the LIES we were indoctrinated to believe, just like our forefathers did when they believed it was the sun moving in the sky, when it was our planet moving relative to the sun. Because of our beliefs, it has been very difficult to recognize that men in prisons who rape and sexually abuse men, because women are not available, do have an intense hatred for women. Difficulties also exist with respect to seeing that men who batter, rape, and murder women also hate women, and we have therefore avoided asking obvious question such as "Who do these men love?" The answers to these questions lie within ourselves and will become apparent when we recognize what is being satisfied when men experience orgasms.

Contrary to popular opinion, understanding the male orgasm is not all that difficult, if we are willing to face reality; this is what all adolescent boys - and adult males - do when they have orgasms. Yet, there is a great male resistance to touch the subject, almost as if there was an important truth to avoid at all cost. This terror has been manifested by men in the sciences, thus producing gems like: "Evolutionary biologists have shied away from tracing orgasm's lineage," or even shied away from discussing orgasms as they now exist. An anthropologist reports his experience among professionals: "I can't remember any serious discussion of male orgasm at all" (92: 56). This is not science, defined to be a quest for knowledge and understanding of all things. Such behavior is therefore the opposite of science: the avoidance of all information (knowledge) potentially threatening the LIES we were taught to accept as truths by our culture. Infortunately, these LIES became an integral part of our identities, thus compelling us to make these LIES into realities.

In North America, The Homosexuality Factor In Social Violence is so evident and significant that it should be almost impossible to not see it. Not long ago, however, a similar blindness also existed with respect to almost all the violence men inflicted on women. As is still the case for gay males, women were generally blamed for being assaulted, raped, and even murdered. Therefore, the fact that the average gay male has been verbally and physically assaulted is not likely to be addressed at any conference on "Social Violence." The same applies to the fact that gay youth continue to experience incredible physical and/or emotional abuse - often leading to suicide - in their families, in school environments, and in society.

Someday, maybe, individuals apparently concerned about Social Violence will recognize their own violent attributes and contributions to the problem given that it is an act of violence against gay people to pretend that the violence they experience does not exist. Tragically, anti-gay violence is not really being addressed (at least not effectively) because, in an unspoken way (spoken by many males), we want this violence to continue as demanded from within. Doing this, however, is unethical, even immoral, and the perpetrators of the violence will pay a heavy price for denying reality, as will the victims of the violence. For women, the price may be that - in great part - the violence men inflict on them will not be understood. Ignorance will therefore continue to guide all proposals to end anti-women violence and all men still working to "keep women in their place" will be happy. Nothing effective will have been done to interfere with their prime directive and violence against women will not only continue but it will likely escalate.

Our minds are socially programmed - even as children - to deny truth, as so many females have done (often with the help of therapists) when they were sexually abused by their fathers or stepfathers. Denying reality (or avoiding it), however, can only impair our ability to understand anything related to our major problems. If we can't see, and therefore cannot understand, we will certainly not solve our problems. Shelters for battered women do not address the cause of battery, much like prisons do not address the causes of criminal activity. Even the covering of porn magazines will only cause boys to desire such items more than they did. As a result, the porn industry will be given a boost, but this development is not the reason why men are violent with women, or why men's violence against women has been increasing.

Men don't degrade, assault, and/or murder women because they were exposed to pornography. Men do this for the same reasons that gay males are degraded, abused, insulted, physically assaulted, and even murdered. For the same reason that white Americans degraded, abused, insulted, physically assaulted, and even murdered people of color. When people acquire a delusion of supremacy - the firm belief that others are inferior to them - whether it has been the lethal supremacy status Roman Catholics manifested when they first came to the Americas, white supremacy, Aryan supremacy, the male supremacy status, the heterosexual male supremacy status, or all other supremacy delusions people have manifested in human history, the results have always been predictable.

What must now be understood at all cost is how men's traditionally learned delusion of supremacy over women - and over all males deemed to be like women - becomes linked to their great internal reward system producing sexual stimulation and orgasm. When we discover this link - which researchers have so conspicuously avoided investigating (at least intelligently) - women may have the information needed to understand the high level of violence men have traditionally inflicted on them and on all males defined to be "like women." Understanding the latter, however, is much easier because average modern males - including many self-hating [homosexual] males - are infinitely more honest with respect to their hatred for men who are "like women" than they would be about their hatred for real women.

Most men now recognize that it is dangerous - not "politically correct" - to admit having acquired an intense hatred for women - except when they are drinking (maybe not so evil) alcohol. To uncover the truth, it is important  to not only be "male," but one must also credibly project being part of "the team" - as done in major spectator sports - and therefore behave appropriately as an integral member of the "I-fuck-women" male collective. The fathers and forefathers of these modern males, however, were much more honest, and using such anthropological techniques were not needed to discover the truth about them. They were so confident that their socially acquired delusion of supremacy was "real" - even granted by a God - that they (including males who would eventually be labeled "saints") openly spoke and wrote about the fact that women were inferior to men in all ways. Women were to be men's slaves, including being men's sex slaves: a dominant theme in heterosexual male pornography. To implement their inner vision of women, men had also enacted laws giving husbands - each other - the legal rights to physically assault and even rape their wives. Furthermore, as the situation once existed for black slaves and even Native people:
Killing wives, men who were like women, or dogs, 
was just not murder.

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