TO: The Preface (2000) and Foreword - The Homosexuality Factor in Social Violence
The Homosexuality Factor in Social Violence


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TO: The Learned Homophobia of Canadian Youth
Presented to The Action Committee Against Violence City of Calgary
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In the 1960s, a "social violence" document with vision would have included the existence of residential schools for Native children, and the abuse most psychiatrists inflicted on gay and lesbian individuals. Mental health professionals had formally agreed and decreed that all homosexual individuals were mentally disordered - a fabricated lie - and they were to be abused accordingly. Under the guise of helping gay males commonly subjected to incredible violence in our society, psychiatrists were exposing them to homoerotic images after having administered the drug apomorphine to induce nausea. Electro-shock aversion therapy was also used along with what Karlen (1971) described to be "brutal brainwashing." "Patients were kept awake day and night, shocked and dosed with enemics, and subjected to moralistic harangues and derision either by the therapist or from repeating tape loops" (42: 588-592).

Such therapy was generally supplemented by the more common verbal therapy techniques usually focused on making gay males hate themselves more than they ever did. Therefore, instead of fostering mental health, psychiatrists were doing the opposite: inducing mental distress (disorder). Gay males in therapy were also strongly encouraged to have sex with women and to marry. By 1975, Dr. Kurt Freund (Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, Toronto) reached an important conclusion concerning the aversion therapy he had pioneered in Europe and inflicted on gay males since the early 1950s:

"Virtually not one cure remained a cure. The patients had become able to enjoy sexual intercourse with females as well, but there was no true, lasting change in sexual preference. Many patients admitted this only much later than they themselves had clearly noted this fact."

"I am not happy about my therapeutic experiment which, if it has helped at all, has helped clients to enter into marriages that later became unbearable. Virtually all the marriages of these clients bad become beset with grave problems ensuing from their homosexuality" (25: 238-239).

The marriages recommended by psychiatrist were therefore causing serious problems for the women involved and these abusive endeavors certainly were in the "inflicting violence on women" category. When great unhappiness exists in a marriage, conflicts occur, stress is increased, and the potential for violence also increases. Divorces also result, meaning that repressed homosexuality has been a factor in the divorce rate, as many gay males have recognized. About 20 percent of them report having been married for  reasons mostly related to the highly effective "traditional" anti-homosexuality (compulsory heterosexuality) indoctrination still existing in our society.

Homosexuality is very common and, on the basis of the best research available, homosexual desire appears to exists in about 50 percent of the male population (44). About 25 percent of males would be homosexual or significantly bisexual. Therefore, there is a gay, lesbian, or bisexual youth in one out of two families, and such a parent in one out of three families. Unfortunately, little research has been carried out to help us understand the problems experienced by these people. There are, however, major family problems possibly related to a gay or bisexual family member, such as the sexual abuse of boys and wife battery. Other problems may be related to families grieving because an offspring committed suicide; they usually do not know their child was homosexually oriented and that their homohatred was implicated in these deaths. A significant number of gay and lesbian youth are also ejected from their homes and end up on the street after their homosexual nature was discovered to exist (55: 60), thus becoming either runaways or throwaways.

The focus of this document with "vision" is on the different forms of social violence resulting from our society's highly effective methods of teaching homophobia and homohatred to children. By the age of 13 and 14, about 80 percent of Canadian youth have been educated to manifest anti-homosexual attitudes. Therefore, about 80 percent of gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth will experience various degrees of self-hatred yielding anything from suicides and repressed homosexuality, to many self-defined gay males and lesbians having to cope with being survivors of incredible emotional abuse (10: 357-408). Other products of learned homohatred include the verbal and physical abuse of gay and lesbian youth, and some individuals will become "hunters." They seek out gay males to assault, injure, and even murder, not because these males did anything to their assailants, but only because the victims belong to a group WE taught them to hate. These are hate crimes, and women are also the victims of hate crimes.

From extensive studies and personal experiences in adolescence and adulthood, the existence of a behavioral spectrum for gay and bisexual males was recognized. At one end, gay and bisexual males are defining themselves as such, thus resulting in many problems, including high rates of suicidal behavior. As a rule, these (often gender nonconformable) males gravitate to gay communities at an early age, but I only ventured there at the age of 29. A number of reasons are implicated, including a certain type of homophobia, but it was mostly because a very large world of male homosexuality has existed outside of so-called "gay communities."

In Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Need Our Help, I essentially outed some males from the "other world" and described interesting aspects of their nature. Some of them know they are homosexual or bisexual because they greatly enjoy having sex with males, but they are also very gender conformable, to the point of having no detectable "unmanly" attributes; they are therefore referred to as "ultra-macho" in this document. These males are essentially the opposite of gay (community) -identified males characterized by high levels of gender nonconformity compared to heterosexual-identified males in the greater community (08: 74-81). In the former "macho" homosexual/bisexual group, there exists acquired ideologies permitting them to totally deny the homosexuality implications of their homo-sex desires and experiences, the most important being the belief that only the passive male in homo-sex activities is "homosexual" or what ever is implied when using words such as "queer," "fag," "faggot," etc.. The self-deception may also be maintained by frequently engaging in sex with females. Most of these male apparently marry, may have very unhappy relationships, may continue having sex with males, may be physically assaulting their wives, could be sexually abusing their sons or other boys, and they may be involved in other forms of social violence.

Socially induced homosexual self-hatred has a history of producing various degrees of repression, and compulsive heterosexuality may be an outcome. Some males may also revolt against a society saying: "We hate you!" and delinquency results, with a likelihood of joining a youth gang and also having been incarcerated during adolescence. These boys will later form a significant segment of the adult male prison population where homosexual activity has been almost as common as it was in youth detention centres. Most male rapes in our society occur in prison and about half of the first book on the subject, Male Rape (1982), edited by Anthony M. Stacco, Jr., was devoted to rapes in prisons (Note 6).

I consider all males seeking sex with other males, and experiencing orgasms, to be at least behaviorally and psychologically bisexual. Many males in prisons are in this category, but they are usually very homophobic and suffer from the predictable effects of socially induced homohatred implicated in producing a most interesting form of homosexuality. In Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Need Our Help, these males and others were evaluated to be a missing part of the homosexual male population we could predict to have been socially created or "constructed" in western societies.

The conclusion is based on the knowledge that, when a society actively teaches self-hatred to a minority group, as we did to Native children, we can anticipate high rates of suicide, substance abuse, abuse and violence, and individuals with difficulties having love relationships. Many gay males and lesbians have these problems, but where are the violent homosexuals and the large numbers of homosexual juvenile delinquents and adult criminals expected to be produced from the social homohatred indoctrination? As a rule, men associated with gay communities are not violent, but the same does not generally apply to male juvenile delinquents. Many of them, in fact, have participated in homo-sex activities often noted to have been the rule in juvenile and adult detention facilities, meaning that these males may form an important part of the homosexual and bisexual male tribe.

Biblical wisdom warns us against condemning people because we will apparently be guilty of the same crime. More clearly, the Buddhists say: Choose your enemies well for they will be the ones you most closely resemble. Psychoanalysts have labeled this human attribute "projection," given that numerous individuals have strongly condemn others for what was eventually discovered to be their own reality, but was denied or repressed. If this is correct, the implications are monumental, especially for highly virulently anti-homosexual individuals. Therefore, the homosexual tribe would be much larger than believed if, for example, the wars waged against gay people have been spearheaded by another type of homosexual (Note 7).

One focus of this document will be on men who have sex with males, greatly enjoy these experiences, but deny being homosexual to even the slightest degree. These males are sexually "dominant" and believe that only the "passive" male in homo-sex is homosexual, thus conveniently avoiding any of the self-hatred they would otherwise experience if the "homosexual" label applied to them. Another defence used by these males involves becoming the opposite of what they believe homosexuals to be: gender nonconformable or "like women," and this acquired highly sexist mentality is rooted in the hatred of women: misogyny. They firmly believe that homosexual males (believed to be like females) and all women (real females) are inferior beings, and they often manifest a (learned?) sexuality reflecting their learned acquired perceptions.

In our society, some men inflict considerable violence on women in the form of assaults, battery, rapes, and rape-murders. For males committing these acts, it would be reasonable to conclude that they hate women. It is also likely that males sexually stimulated by depictions of women being raped are also manifesting a "hatred-of-women" attribute given that rape would be an act of hatred or "an unfinished murder" as a raped woman once labeled the act. Yet, observers have rarely asked the question: If these men hate women, who do they love? Who do they really prefer being with?

The answer to these questions has not been a great mystery, but we have been socially educated to not see "homosexuality," except when a male is "like a female." As a result of this widespread belief, we have therefore failed to recognize that ultra masculine males could also be homosexual. These males, in fact, may be making the statement: "I am very masculine. I am not like a woman. I'm therefore not gay." Yet, some social scientists have recognized that many gay-identified males are or become effeminate and they are essentially saying: "I am gay. Gay males are like women. So I'll act (must act) like a woman" (76: 320).

Considerable violence in our society is directly or indirectly related to learned homophobia / homohatred and learned misogyny. A relationship between the two has also been suspected, but professionals have usually addressed these attributes separately, without recognizing that understanding one depends upon understanding the other. Although this document addresses social violence related to "homosexuality," thus including the violence inflicted on visibly gay people, it is argued that "repressed homosexuality" is a significant factor in the violence males have inflicted on females. An important relationship between homophobia / homohatred and misogyny is explored, along with important facts related to the professionals on whom we have depended to understand human behavior and, hopefully, to help us solve major human problems. Unfortunately, these professionals have been at the root cause of the ongoing ignorance about human sexuality in general and male homosexuality in particular.

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