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GB Male Suicidality at a Glance! Results of 30 studies in four tables.

 "Attempted Suicide" Results For Homosexually Oriented Males & Females: More Than 140 Studies!
At Another Website (Includes Transgender Study Results)
InfoSource: Gay & Bisexual
Male Suicide Problems
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Internet Links: GB Male Suicide Problems
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See "Attempted Suicide" Results For Homosexually Oriented Males & Females: More Than 140 Studies!

See: More Than 250 Full Text Papers and Documents Related to GLBT Suicidality.

Two Studies Are Re-Analysed by Plöderl et al., (2013) In The Published Study: "Suicide Risk and Sexual Orientation: A Critical Review."
Conclusion: Sexual Minority Adolescents Are At Greater Risk for Dying by Suicide. The Expanded Analysis Related to This Study is Available!

"While interventions aimed at addressing suicide risk factors for all youth are being implemented and many have proven effective in the general population, no evidence- based intervention currently exists to reduce suicide risk within [the LGBT] population." Marshall A (2016). Suicide Prevention Interventions for Sexual & Gender Minority Youth: An Unmet Need. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 89: 205-213. PDF Download.

A World First! - - Jacobs R, Morris S (2016). National LGBTI Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Strategy: A New Strategy for Inclusion and Change: An Australian Government initiative. Related Article. Document PDF Download.

INTERNET LINKS General - Part 1: Part 2: By Country, State, Province.

Sent(a)Mental Project - A Memorial to GLBTIQA Suicides / Final Version (2009)

Talking About Suicide & LGBT Populations (2011): Suggestions & Recommendations.

ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training: GLBT Focus
United Church of Christ (UCC) Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Concerns.

Feds support new national LGBT youth suicide prevention task force (USA, 2010)
Task Forces Focus on LGBT Youth, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Military/Veterans (2010)
Related: 1, 2, 3. Notes of Caution / Warnings: 1, 2 (Paragraphs 7-9), 3, 4.
Will it be white racist GLBT suicide prevention? - To be Ignored: Two Spirit Youth? GLBT Street Youth?
Will these GB adolescent males also be ignored as it was done by HIV/AIDS Prevention Researchers?

Shutting LGBT Students Out: How Current Anti-Bullying Policies Fail America’s Youth (2011)
To Effectively Address a Serious Problem, Good to Know How It Developed. Related Paper.
A Department of Silence: Bullying of LGBT youth not a priority (2010)
LGBT youth suicide reports show need for more studies (2011).
Dead Gay Kids And The Politics Of Hate (2012)

Suicide Prevention among LGBT Youth:
A Workshop for Professionals Who Serve Youth (2014)

Better support needed for Suicide Surfers (2009). - Online suicide support needed (2009):
"Dr Harris said his study involved more than 1000 people from 40 countries, aged from 18 to 74 years. Many had symptoms of depression. The group at the greatest risk
of suicide was young gay or bisexual men, because they were in the group least likely to seek face-to-face help from doctors or support services. It led to calls
from Dr Harris for support service workers dealing with suicidal people to take a different approach when talking to gay, lesbian and bisexual people...

Daniel Radcliffe's Fight Against LGBT Suicide (2010): Sure, he's known in most circles of the world as Harry Potter. But he's also a fierce advocate for LGBT rights,
and has increasingly started to use his voice to talk about the perils of suicide for LGBT youth. Since 2009 Radcliffe has focused a good chunk of his time
reaching out to young LGBT people, becoming a major donor to The Trevor Project and an active participant in their work...

Jamie Hubley, Gay 15-Year-Old Ottawa, Canada (2011). Related: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
"I hate being the only open gay guy in my school… It f***ing sucks, I really want to end it. Like all of it, I not getting better
theres 3 more years of highschool left, Iv been on 4 different anti -depressants, none of them worked. I’v been depressed since january,
How f***ing long is this going to last. People said “It gets better”. Its f***ing bull****. I go to see psychologist,
What the f*** are they suppost to f***ing do? All I do is talk about problems, it doesnt make them dissapear?? I give up."
Gay teens 'terrorized' in Canada's schools (2009, Study). Related: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

It Gets Better Project. - Related Thesis. - The “It Gets Better Campaign”: An unfortunate use of queer futurity.
Why should LGBTQ students have to wait for it to get better? We have the power to make it better now.
School should not be about survival. PDF. Jamey Rodemeyer Suicide (2011): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Anti-gay bullying leads to another tragic teen suicide (2011): Nicholas Kelo Jr... was 13 years old.
It is unknown as to whether or not Nick was gay, but that did not stop his bullies or their attacks... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Gay teen Lance Lundsten's death ruled a suicide (2011): 1, 2, 3.
New study shows that before things “get better,” there are consequences.
Make It Better Project (2011). - Does it ever really get better? (2011)
Negative gay community description, with the white racism missing.
The 2011 University GLB Student Suicidality & Deliberate Self-Injury Alert!

Author Keith Boykin's new book (2011: Amazon: 2012 - Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Interview):
For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Still Not Enough
43 Percent of Black Gay Youth Have Contemplated or Attempted Suicide. Survey Results.

Document Containing the Resources Available for GLBT Adolescent Suicide Prevention in Schools:
SAMHSA (2012)
. Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools. PDF Download.

...The report details the findings of a national study of the mental health and well-being of 2,264 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in Ireland (1,064 of the participants were aged between 14-25). The findings are stark. 56% of LGBTI 14 to 18 year olds had self-harmed, 70% had suicidal thoughts and one in three had attempted suicide. Compared to the My World National Youth Mental Health Study, LGBTI young people in this study had twice the level of self harm; three times the level of attempted suicide; four times the level of severe or extremely severe stress, anxiety and depression. Report Download.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center (2008). Suicide risk and prevention for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. Newton, MA: Education Development Center, Inc. Prepared by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center for the Center for Mental Health Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Download: http://www.sprc.org/library/SPRC_LGBT_Youth.pdf. - Family Rejection Of Lesbian, Gay And Bisexual Children Linked To Poor Health In Childhood (2008). - Killing ourselves with hate, Part 1. Part 2 (2008). - Social institutions contribute to homosexual youth suicide (2009). - Daniel Radcliffe Speaks Out For Gay Suicide Prevention (2010). - Transgender Teen’s Suicide Leaves Unanswered Questions. - Study results for transgender suicidality, updated to 2009. - Joey: A Bisexual Teen Who Committed Suicide. - Bill's Story: He was bisexual. - Definition of Bisexual suicide risk. - Chris Kanyon Suicide: Chris Klucsaritis, Gay Wrestler, Found Dead (2010). Gay in the Ring (2006): 'The more popular I got, the more miserable I got,' wrestler says. - 13-Year-Old Throws Concert to Benefit LGBT Suicide Prevention (2011). - Palo Alto teen's benefit concert fights homophobia (2011).  - Iowa survey: LGBT students more likely to be suicidal, harassed (2011)

Suicide Is a Choice When Being Gay Isn't (2010): The unfortunate few are the recipients of hate, fear and bigotry. Their crime is being different from their peers. In too many cases, they attempt to hide their sexual orientation. Not surprisingly, research shows LGBT youth rejected by their families are eight times more likely to commit suicide, three times more likely to be bullied than their peers and twice as likely to experience major depression according to Friendfactor (see note below about sources). Many of us were able to hide our sexual identities in order to escape certain ridicule on the school playground. We did not want to face those perpetuating bigotry, hate and biases. Where does all this hate come from? I suspect it is passed down from generation to generation. Why can't we stop the madness? After all these decades, why is there not a law against bullying at school? How many more deaths, suicide attempts and painful childhoods will we allow? I recently met an individual who survived a suicide attempt. When he was a teenager he shared with his father he 'might be gay'. His father was immediately taken aback and stated if it were true, it would 'significantly alter their relationship.' The teenager did his best to deny his feelings, but ultimately attempted suicide. Eight years later he is still struggling with his sexual orientation. He wants to remain in his family's embrace. His father is not religious and is rather progressive in every other respect. So, where does the bias come from? The son feels his father wants him to fit in and not embarrass him. An important part of his son's life is essentially 'on hold.' - Barack Obama video supports gay teenagers (2010): It Gets Better Project receives backing of US president amid concerns over spate of gay American teenagers killing themselves. - Preventing LGBT Youth of Color Suicides: A Case for Diversity (2010).

Gay Suicide Risk in the U.S., By Region (2011): The findings in Dr. Hatzenbuehler's recently published study in Pediatrics largely mirror what we have learned through the Trevor Lifeline regarding social environments and the risk for suicide among LGTBQ youth -- namely that young people who live in areas with a more negative sociopolitical climate towards LGBTQ young people and without affirming resources are at an increased risk for suicide when compared with their peers in more supportive environments... Dr. Hatzenbuehler's research serves to highlight what we have seen for more than a decade: Non-accepting community, school and familial environments are associated with an elevated risk for suicide attempts among LGBTQ youth. Examining counties across Oregon, he finds that youth living in environments with less support for lesbian and gay people are 20 percent more likely to attempt suicide than those youth living in areas with support. We applaud Dr. Hatzenbuehler's work as a starting point, but do want to stress that there is much work to be done in examining the interplay of social environments and suicide among LGBTQ youth. For example, this study does not include transgender youth and those who do not fit into narrow gender stereotypes. Examining how social environments react to gender non-conforming behavior among youth is critical. From what we have seen in our own research and experience, social environments for transgender youth are likely even tougher and may play a role in their elevated risk for suicide attempts.

Booklet teaches Mormon parents how to help their gay children (2012): Loving parents can help children avoid suicidal thoughts, booklet says... Teenage son, head hung down, tells his devout Mormon parents he is gay. Mom says, "You are dead to me." Dad looks away with barely concealed disgust. Son moves out and joins the hordes of homeless LGBT teens. Eventually, he takes his own life. This is no exaggeration. It is a scenario replayed over and over in the Mormon world. Now, researchers say, there are techniques to ensure that the destructive pattern can be broken — without giving up LDS teachings or gay self-esteem. "Parents’ attitudes can have a dramatic impact on their gay and transgender children’s lives," reads a just-released booklet titled "Supportive Families, Healthy Children: Helping Latter-day Saint Families With Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Children." "Parents and caregivers who are capable of even a little change - being a little less rejecting and a little more supportive  can make an important difference in reducing their adolescent’s risk for serious health problems, including suicide and HIV."

Healthy Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students Project: "Teen substance abuse, weapon-related violence, suicide attempts and unprotected sexual behavior are certainly among the predominant public health concerns in our nation.. However, these same concerns for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) youth are particularly alarming. As a group, adolescents who are experiencing same-sex attraction or behavior appear to be at increased risk for a large number of health and mental health outcomes when compared to their heterosexual peers. For example..." - Are Gay and Lesbian Youth at High Risk for Suicide? - Gay adolescents and suicide: understanding the association (2005). - AFSP: GLBT Depression and Suicide Prevention Project - Consensus Conference Planned to Address Suicide and Suicide Risk among GLBT Populations N/A.- LGBTQ Initiative: Recognizing the need for research, awareness and education on suicide and suicide risk among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning individuals, AFSP sponsored a 2007 conference on this topic in partnership with the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center. Two dozen invited experts -- including suicide and health researchers, clinicians and policy advocates -- summarized and discussed research findings, made recommendations to address knowledge gaps and began discussing the implications of research findings for reducing suicidal behavior in LGBTQ people.

Don't ask, don't tell (2005): When the Suicide Prevention Resource Center of Newton, Mass., scheduled a suicide-prevention program for Portland, Ore., somebody thought it was a good idea to include a session entitled "Suicide Prevention Among Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Individuals." That somebody wasn't the Bush administration. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center receives federal funding from the Department of Health and Human Services. And when officials there heard that they might be funding a program that contained the words "Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender," they did the only thing a right-thinking Bush administration official would do: They ordered the words removed from the program. - Administration Balks At 'Gay' In Gay Suicide Conference. - Imagine a troubled gay teenager contemplating suicide...and getting James Dobson on the other end (2006). - HRC Lauds Clarified Position on GLBT Suicide Prevention. - A cry for help: GLBT suicide (2007). - Another Gay Teen Suicide - More Blood on the Hands of James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, et al (2010, Related: Yet Another Gay Teen Lost to Bullying Suicide - in Minnesota.). - 

A GLBTQ Suicide Summary.  - First conference on suicide risk in the lesbian gay bisexual transgender community to be held: 2007.  - Sexual Orientation and Youth Suicide (1999). - GLBTQ Suicide Internet Resources.  - TBC's GLBT Teen Suicide Victims Resources & Support. - Better dead than queer: Youth suicide and discrimination in a heterosexual world (2004). - Suicide Attempt Rate High Among Urban Gay Men, UCSF Study Finds (2002). - The North American Aboriginal Two Spirit Information Pages & Other GLBT Resources - Focus: TS / GLBTQ Suicide. - Promoting Mental Health and Preventing Suicide in College and University Settings (PDF Download) (Alternate Link): A good section on GLBT suicide issues.  - Suicide among Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Youth (PDF Download).

LGBT Suicide and the Trauma of Growing Up Gay (2011): One gay high school student disclosed to me that on average he hears more than twenty homophobic remarks a day. Schools can feel like concentration camps for LGBT children or any child who gets scapegoated as queer. For the most part, LGBT kids do not get any protection from school officials, and this is a form of child abuse on a collective level. Mistreatment of LGBT youth and a lack of protection are contributing factors to the issue of LGBT teen suicide.The feeling of differentness as it relates to being gay or lesbian is too complex for any child to process and make sense of especially when coupled with external attacks in the form of homophobic, derogatory name calling. Unlike a black child whose parents are typically also black or a Jewish child with Jewish parents and relatives, the LGBT youth typically does not have gay or lesbian parents or anyone who would mirror his or her experience... The stress of trying to come to terms with a complex matter such as same sex attraction, family’s rejection as a result of finding out about same sex attraction, and becoming victimized through verbal and physical abuse by peers due to being different are contributing factors to the trauma of growing up gay or lesbian. Such traumatic experience can explain why lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers.

In Memoriam: Although many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people feel more confident now to be open about their sexuality than they did ten years ago, many still prefer to avoid attention. There is plenty of evidence that, even in today's society, there can be a deadly price to pay for those who refuse or fail to conceal their sexuality. - A Memorial to Gay Victims of Suicide. -  Robbie Kirkland (Related Information: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) - Jacob Lawrence Orosco (Alternate Link) (Memorial)  - Bill Clayton (Home Page: http://www.youth-guard.org/gabi/  - Bobby Griffith (Related Information: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). - Memorial to Transgender Transsexual Suicide Victims. - Gay Ajax student kills himself: 13-year-old bullied online & at school (2007). - Double gay suicide in Cornwall shocks local residents (2008). - 11-Year-Old Hangs Himself after Enduring Daily Anti-Gay Bullying (2008). - Bullied for being gay, 13-year-old hangs himself (2010, Related: Investigation for bullying after attempted suicide.)  - Indiana Teen Commits Suicide After Anti-Gay Bullying at School (2010). - Teenager Justin Aaberg Killed Himself Over Gay Bullying. His Mom Won't Let Anyone Forget (2010).

LGBT Teen Suicide N/A: "I personally know many, many young LGBT people. And almost all of them have seriously thought about committing suicide at some point of their lives. Many of them have attempted it... more than once. Some ended up in hospitals because of this. Many of them have come a long way after that, but many are still at risk.  It is painful and sad... to look at my friends and know that at some point they were hanging by a thread. To know that there are thousands of queer teens out there who feel so down they wish they were dead. To know that many of those who attempt suicide actually succeed." - The Crisis of Teen Suicide Among Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual &Transgender Youth. - Homosexuality and Suicide: A Case Report (Ann Med Sci 2001; 10: 41-44): "In this case report, we presented a young gay patient who attempted suicide and discussed the major causes of this attempt, primarily sexual prejudice of the society and possible therapeutic approaches." - Gay men much more likely to attempt suicide (2002, Alternate Link). - Gay Youth Suicide Prevention May Be Missing The Mark. - Scouts' policy raises suicide rates, doctors say. - Being a teenager can be tough. For gay kids, it's even harder (2001, Alternate Link).- Ignored to Death: Gay & Lesbian Teen Suicide (2001, Alternate Link).

Judgmental Society is the Root of the Issue: "Some people will do anything to "live a lie" and try to portray a false image of themselves to society. I happen to be a gay person myself, and I likewise dated one of my best female friends back in high school while secretly dating a guy from the Poconos so that nobody would suspect me of being gay and terrorize me for it. Like it or not, much of this nation remains downright hostile towards gays (not so much lesbians, as most straight men are hypocrites who still like to fantasize about two women together, but I digress).In the end, this "lie" made me even more miserable than you could imagine, and I even attempted suicide (I still think it's a pity sometimes that I wasn't successful)... Finally, my boyfriend also broke up with me after a year because my parents had just finally stumbled onto my relationship with him and scared him away. My "Beloved Brooklyn Bulldog" was no more, and my father threatened to kick me out of his house for being gay, as well as threatening to "take me out back and shoot me himself" when he learned I was suicidal."

Transgender teen commits suicide. (Related Information, Must Scroll) - Consider Yourself: Eradicating a culture of hate bit-by-bit. - I don't feel safe in school anymore. (Alternate Link, Must Scroll) - Youth Harassment. - Bullying in Schools: Harassment Puts Gay Youth At Risk: "Their mental health and education, not to mention their physical well-being, are at-risk." - Telling the world: For gays, coming out means facing their fears - for the moment and for the rest of their lives. It's a step many never take. - Homophobe, le milieu scolaire québécois? (2009).- En finir avec l'homophobie à l'école (2009). - Homophobie à l’école (2009): Il souligne l’inaction des commissions scolaires du Québec en matière d’homophobie. - Gay teens 'terrorized' in Canada's schools (2009). - Risk and Protective Factors: A Literature Review on the Impact of Homophobia on LGBTQ Youth in Canada (2006).

Writing for the invisible reader (1999): The expression "It's so gay" is used regularly as a pejorative, and the terms "faggot" and "dyke" are used daily as playground taunts -- and they can hurt no matter who they're directed to. Studies have shown that most boys would rather be physically assaulted than called "faggot." To a straight boy, that's an assault on his masculinity and to a gay boy, it's like "nigger" to an African-American child -- a denial of basic humanity. And yet "faggot" is the Number 1 insult in schools, according to child psychologist Michael Thompson, co-author of Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys. As YA author Chris Crutcher says in Ironman, "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will break my heart." - South Asian gays emerge to challenge the staid conventions of the community (2002). - Asian/Pacific Islander Adolescent Sexual Orientation and Suicide Risk in Guam (2004). - Imams help gay Muslims embrace new social identities (2010). - India: Varsity Professor in gay sex case commits suicide (2010). 

The ‘Faggot’ Factor: The chickens came home to roost at Columbine High (1999). - Faggots in School. - Violent Reaction: What do teen killers have in common (2001) - Ignorance Leads to Hostile Atmosphere for Gay Students (2000). - “Faggot” or “For Gay Boys Who Have Considered Rainbows When Suicide Wasn’t Enough”. (Alternate Link) - Faggot vs. Homosexuality (1999): "She still does not know to this day what happened to me that night. That night drove me to thoughts of suicide. It seemed I was meant to die or be a rag doll to those "superior" to me. These thoughts flooded my mind for quite some time and an attempt was even made. It was not until I realized the love my mom holds for me that exited those thoughts. These incidents that occurred as a result of my sexuality had now helped me to bring a positive side to the negative words and physical abuse I sustained. - Are you queer? (2003) "My life, however, was interrupted a year ago by a call from my parents. In halting tones, they detailed the suicide of a young woman from my undergraduate university. Her suicide letter blamed her lesbianism and the shouts of “queer” from others for her decision to kill herself. I immediately recalled my high school experience. The homophobia of one Southern town left an indelible impression upon my life. Queer had no relevance for me. But while pondering these events, something unforeseen happened: I reclaimed my past. I slowly embraced the pain of years gone. High school jeers and the suicide of a friend became memories I could accept; what was once painful now gave me strength. Through this I realized the power of queer. It is no longer the pejorative term of police raids. It is now the chant of a movement united. Accepting queer at long last, I finally accept myself."

Two-Spirit People and Sexual Diversity: (Aboriginal Nurse, 2002) "Like the non-Aboriginal community, First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities have grown to fear and reject those of us who are sexually different. As sexual minorities we struggle to feel good about ourselves, to find a community where we feel safe and accepted, and to get the services we need to be sexually healthy... Different research studies have shown that gay and lesbian youth in particular have high rates of depression and suicide, and since Aboriginal youth also have high rates of suicide, two-spirit young people are at great risk. Alcohol and drug abuse can also be problems." - American Indian / First Nations Two-Spirited Youth Suicidality

Young R, Sweeting H, West P (2006). Prevalence of deliberate self harm and attempted suicide within contemporary Goth youth subculture: longitudinal cohort study. BMJ, 6;332(7549): 1058-61. Epub 2006 Apr 13. PubMed AbstractFull Text. Full Text. Commentaries: "Self harm in Goth youth subculture: Conclusion relates only to small sample." - "Self harm in Goth youth subculture: Study merely reinforces popular stereotypes." - Goth subculture may protect vulnerable children (2006). - Related Comments: "While I was never a self-harmer, I was definitely suicidal as a teenager, and have had suicidal tendencies throughout my whole life up until today... While I guess being goth reflected my depression, it didn't abate or help it after becoming goth, as the study suggests it did for self-harmers." "What is Goth? ...the goth scene has a large proportion of gays/bisexuals, and followers of non-mainstream religions and views..." - GayGothBoys.Tribe.Net: "

Out of the closet and into the fire (2001). - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Suicide. - Information  Regarding Gay And Lesbian Youth. - Parents don't want son's death to be end of story (2004). - The "Invisible Culture" in Our Schools: Gay and Lesbian Youth (Alternate Link): "Homosexual youth are enrolled in all secondary schools.  Because of the reactions of others, they are at great risk for developing emotional or behavioral disorders.  Issues and possible solutions are addressed." - Sexual Minority Students Benefit from School-Based Support - Where It Exists (2001). - Out Front: An "out' high school teacher discusses what schools can do to fight the pervasive problem with homophobia: Take the situation facing Jake, who was ridiculed by other students the entire semester two years ago in my World History class. He came midyear, he said, because he had been so ostracized in his last school. He had a manner about him that just spoke of weirdness and difference. By the end of four months, students would write things on the board about him, no one would work with him, and he would take it all in as if he deserved it. After he brought in a crucifix he'd made in shop class and announced to me that the bloody body hanging from it was himself, I redoubled my efforts to get him seen by a counselor, but to no avail. It was May by that time, the university interns who helped out at the health center were gone for the year, and there was really no one who could help. Jake spent time hospitalized over the summer for severe depression and on suicide-watch, I think. He spent more time hospitalized in the fall. After he left the hospital, he came by to tell me he had known he was gay since he was seven years old. He'd been in denial, hoping and praying that something would change him. I'm not sure where Jake got the strength, but he finally decided to stand up for himself, to shove the hatred and ridicule back at his tormentors. He also began reading books about gay male sexuality, and came to a staff development inservice I had organized to speak to teachers about the damage a homophobic environment does to youth."

Regrets N/A: "I was reading some of the columns from February and past issues. The stories of the young gay being tormented and driven to suicide bring me to tears. I myself have on occasion been close to suicide. I'm not a poet or a writer. I wanted to try and write about what those last minutes must be like before death comes and that's how I came up with "Peace at Last." I don't know how these kids can live with themselves after they drive some one to suicide. Do they regret the abuse and pain they inflicted or do they just say, "thank god one less faggot in the world"? In particular I was reading the Profiles in Courage section for February about Tom Beddingfield who lost his boyfriend Brandon to suicide. It makes me so angry that no one ever stands up for these kids who are being tormented like that. So I come to the title of my article, Regrets. What do I regret? - Queer youth need space, acceptance and understanding (Must Scroll). - A gay man’s accusation. - The School Hate Built (2003): "Though born male, Angel Santiago has felt destined to be a woman since elementary school. Now 17, Santiago says that at his East Side junior high school, "I was teased basically every single day. Faggot, homo, queer, you name it." Santiago also tried to commit suicide, and this time a doctor at the hospital suggested the Milk School. By the time Santiago graduated, she was living as a female, and her grades had gone from barely passing to between 80 and 90. Could it be that psychologist Abraham Maslow was onto something with his "hierarchy of needs" theory emphasizing that the first step in cognitive growth is the ability to feel safe and secure? Learning is impaired, Maslow wrote, until that need is met."

Associated Counselors’ Archives, 2000: Homosexuality - Adolescents: "There is help and support available to gay youth, their families and friends that can make a difference between life and death, physical death and /or “spiritual” death. The first step is to sort out myth from facts. One absurd societal myth that unfortunately still continues to influence and stand in the way of gay youth getting the support they so desperately need is: Talking about homosexuality and suicide will encourage both and will put ideas in their heads. This is not true. NOT talking about homosexuality openly and healthily is killing our gay youth. Some proactive steps that can be extremely helpful and supportive include, but not limited to, the following:..." - Why you should care about Suicide and Suicide Attempts among Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender (GLBT) Youth? (Word Document Download) - Board, Public back Gay Student group: "Betty Desbiens, a former teacher and valedictorian in 1938, said it was about time the high school had such a club. Desbiens said she knew of a star basketball player at the high school who committed suicide 40 years ago because he was gay and didn't have anyone to talk to about it."

LGBT Teen Suicide Less Than Thought, Report Says. - An evaluation/criticism of this study (Alternate Link). Study Reference: Savin-Williams RC (2001). Suicide attempts among sexual-minority youths: population and measurement issues. The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 69(6): 983-91. Abstract.

Film: - Better Dead Than Gay / Legacies. - Better be Dead Than Gay Web Page. - No understanding leads to homosexual suicide N/A. - "Gay Suicide" by Video Machete Produced by: Elenti Roldo Salassie, Beti Terefe, Garry Walker (PBS). - Gay Youth Suicide (PBS). - The Risks of Being a Gay Teenager: "Consider this quote taken from a 16 year-old gay teen’s journal: "I can’t let anyone find out I’m not straight. It would be so humiliating. My friends would hate me, I just know it. I’ve heard my parents lots of time talking about gay people. They’ve said they hate gays, and even God hates gays. It really scares me now, when I hear my family talk that way, because now they’re talking about me... Sometimes I feel like disappearing off the face of the earth." Three years later, the writer of this passage killed himself by jumping from an overpass into the path of an on-coming truck. What’s so upsetting, however, is that this passage could have come from the journal of almost any randomly-selected gay teenager. - GLBT Youth at Risk. - The trials of being a gay teen (1998).

Coming Out Gay At 16: (Alternate Link) "Last week I met T for the first time, a young man who at 16 knows very clearly he is gay. He lives on a farm in a very tiny community about 135 km north east of Toronto. In mid-January, he found me on the net and asked for my help. After a terrifying experience at the hands of the local school and health system, during which he was outed to his mom and urged to commit suicide so that the world would have one less gay man, he ended up in my care for a weekend, delivered to me by a frantic mom. There was some major concern about the reaction of his dad when he got the news..." - Science News (Oct 23, 1999): Social factors may make gay men suicidal. - Are Gay & Lesbian Youth at High Risk For Suicide? (2002, Alternate Link) - Increased Suicide Risk Among Youths With Same-Sex Sexual Orientation. - Youth & Suicide: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (Alternate Link). - A Letter From The President N/A: "After a Safe Schools presentation last year at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, one of the students handed me this note: “Thank you! My cousin was gay and committed suicide, because he knew the family would not accept him."" - Why are homosexuals often in great pain?

And To Think I'm Going Down Suicide Street by Clinton Fein (Home Page): Dedicated to all teens regardless of sexual orientation, who think that they're alone. - Gay: Stories: Gay Death. - Sexual Minority Teens At Risk. - Suicídios de jovens homossexuais. - Precisa ser muito macho para ser gay no Brasil. - Young? Possibly Gay or Confused? Depressed? Hello!! - Crisis Counseling with Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual (GLB)Clients. - GLBT Health Pages: GLBT Youth - Suicide. - Suicide and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (University of New Hampshire Counseling Center). - Understanding Risk in the Lives of Sexual Minority Youth (Powerpoint Download. Author: Stephen T Russell). - Homosexuality Linked to Youth Suicide. Note: Information is being move to a new site.) - Gay suicidality. - Homophobia and Suicide Prevention. - Suicidal Tendencies and Trauma amongst Gay and Bisexual Men in South Africa.

The impact of transphobia on HIV risk behaviors among male-to-female transgenders in San Francisco (PDF Download) (Abstract): Focus Group (N = 48) & Cross-Sectional Sample (N  = 332), most having had a commercial sex work history: 29% reported having attempted suicide, with another 15% having experienced suicidal ideation. - Attempted suicide among transgender persons: The influence of gender-based discrimination and victimization (Abstract): "The prevalence of attempted suicide was 32% (95% CI = 28% to 36%)." - «Une opération, cela ne se regrette jamais» N/A  A Lausanne, le Dr Paul Daverio reçoit des patients du monde entier. Sa spécialité: le changement de sexe en une seule opération. Entretien: "On dit aussi qu’il y a un fort taux de suicide chez les transsexuel(le)s... Attention, ce ne sont pas les personnes qui se sont fait opérer qui se suicident ou tentent de le faire. Ce sont justement celles qui n’arrivent pas à faire comprendre à leur entourage qu’elles sont quelqu’un d’autre et que l’opération leur serait salutaire; ce sont celles qui se font trimbaler d’un médecin à l’autre, sans qu’aucun d’eux ne fasse le bon diagnostic; ce sont celles encore qui doivent se battre pour que leur assurance reconnaisse leur cas. On ne s’en rend pas compte, mais beaucoup de médecins ne savent même pas faire la différence entre les transsexuels, les travestis et les homosexuels! Il y a encore beaucoup d’information à faire à ce niveau-là."

Dr. Gary Remafedi's Research Contribution to Youth Suicidality as Related to Homosexuality Issues: - Index for papers: - Risk Factors for Attempted Suicide in Gay and Bisexual Youth. - The Relationship Between Suicide Risk and Sexual Orientation: Results of a Population-Based Study. - The State of Knowledge on Gay, Lesbian, and BisexualYouth Suicide. - Suicide and Sexual Orientation: Nearing the End of Controversy? - Adolescent Homosexuality; Issues for Pediatricians. - Adolescent Homosexuality: Psychosocial and Medical Implications. - Sexual Orientation and Youth Suicide... More.

Hendin H, Haas AP, Maltsberger JT, Koestner B, Szanto K (2006). Problems in psychotherapy with suicidal patients. American Journal of Psychiatry., 163(1):67-72. Abstract. - Full Text. Excerpt: "Avoidance of Issues Related to Sexuality: In seven cases, the therapy was marked by an avoidance of sexual issues. Unaddressed conflicts related to sexuality were evident in two patients’ inability to engage in any type of sexual relationship. In three other cases, the therapists were aware of their patients’ conflicts related to homosexuality, but the patients’ sexuality was rarely, if ever, brought up. Patients gave ample evidence of sexual ambivalence in two additional cases, but this issue was left unexamined..."

Plukun EM, Tillman JG (2005). Responding to Clinicians After Loss of a Patient to Suicide. Directions in Psychiatry (PDF Download): "Editors's Note: I am sure that most of us remember all too clearly the patients we have seen over the years who committed suicide and the deep sense of anguish that the event generated. My first such case occurred within a few months after I started my residency. I'd been assigned a young man with anxiety, depression, and homosexual conflicts who was persuaded by his overpowering mother to sign out of the hospital against medical advice. He left. They checked into a nearby hotel. The next morning I learned that he had jumped from the 10th story window to his death..."

The Truth About Black Teen Suicide: ""I didn't think that African-American teenagers thought about suicide," my teacher said, her eyebrows drawn together in confusion... Like my teacher, I guess I thought suicide was more of a problem with White teens. Teen suicides talked about in the media were always White. If Blacks of any age were committing suicide, I had never heard about it in the news or on TV. Suicide never came up in a conversation with my friends, and my parents never talked about it... When it comes to the motivations to commit suicide, Ross said, "there is no difference between us." Just like White teens, Black teens have had exposure to conflicts and sexual identity issues." African-American suicide: a cultural paradox: "Risk factors for Black suicide include: male sex, early adulthood, substance abuse, psychiatric disorders, family or interpersonal conflict, antisocial behavior, and homosexuality.' - Breaking the Silence on Black Suicide.- The influence of dual-identity development on the psychosocial functioning of African-American gay and bisexual men (2002, PDF). - Lifting the Veil on Depression in Black Gay Men Part 1, Part 2. - Mental Health of Black MSM. - Black Gay Men, Lesbians, Have Fewer Mental Disorders Than Whites, Says Study (2007). 

GALFOLI Enhancing PFY Outreach to Youth of Color: "LGBTQ youth from communities of color face even more complicated challenges as they negotiate the coming out process. LGBTQ youth of color are at particular risk of victimization, negotiating both racial and sexual stigmas. In addition, recent research documents that young gay and bisexual men of color (primarily African American and Latino) are at disproportionate risk of HIV infection. As many as one out of three young gay African American men are HIV+. There is also evidence that LGBTQ youth of color are at greater risk for both suicide and substance abuse than their white counterparts. GALFOLI looks forward to continuing to assist PFY in reaching out to Long Island's LGBTQ youth of color." - Cultural Odyssey in association with the National Performance Network and the NQAF present: FAGGOT, a one-man multi-character performance, is the story of Michael, a boy who, daunted by his mother, Rita, run the gamut of attempted suicide, rape, alcoholism, homelessness and prostitution. From a homoerotic rite of passage into manhood, through spiritual warfare, to self-salvation, Michael inevitably learns what it means and costs to be both black and gay.

They know that I'm here at UCSB, doing my Ph.D. in sociology (Note: White Writing on white vackground)... I have heard so many stories of Asian American gays, lesbians and bisexuals who feel left out of Asian American communities, that they become ashamed of being Asian American, or that they commit suicide because they don't know of any other Asian American gays, lesbians or bisexuals. From the Asian Cultural Diversity Roundtable, Session 3: (Alternate Link) Depression and Suicidal Ideation among Young Asian Americans (April 12, 2000): "Because gay and lesbian youth in general face extremely high suicide rates, Asian American gay or lesbian youth may be at extra risk. Many will not consider coming out to their families because the cultural stigma is so strong."- Young, Gay and APA: (Alternate Link)"Protecting homosexual Asian teens from discrimination requires double-duty measures, advocates say. Ofie Virtucio, a coordinator for AQUA, San Francisco's only citywide organization for gay Asian American teenagers (now known as the API Wellness Center), maintains that they are especially likely to be closeted and ignored. "Asians are the model minorities," she says, describing a common stereotype. "They can't be gay or at risk; they don't commit suicide or self-mutilate." In reality, Kim says, "There are many API youths in the California public school system who are gay or perceived as being gay and face angry discrimination and harassment. And there is nothing to adequately protect them."" - Asian/Pacific Islander Adolescent Sexual Orientation and Suicide Risk in Guam (Abstract/ Full Text): "Same-sex orientation was associated with a greater risk of suicide attempt, especially for boys... Gay, lesbian, and bisexual Asian/Pacific Islander adolescents in Guam deserve intervention and counseling programs to reduce suicide risk."

One in a million: What the statistics don't say about depression among glbt youth: "Several weeks ago, a youth from rural Ottawa committed suicide. We'll call him Chris, though that isn't his real name. Chris had identified as gay and had made contact, at least sporadically, with the gay community, including the Pink Triangle Services. But it is both figuratively and literally a long bus ride from small-town to downtown Ottawa glbt youth support groups. "We didn't get to know him, so we don't know what the last straw was," says Nathan Hauch. "But he said he felt too much pressure about his sexuality." After tentative forays into the world as a gay youth, Chris chose death over the alienation and rejection he was experiencing. Seven youth, mainly in their early twenties, are present at tonight's Rainbow Youth Advisory (RYA) meeting. This is not an isolated incident they say. The preliminary report by the GLBT Wellness Project, the study that looks at the strengths and needs of glbt people in Ottawa, agrees. Depression is an issue for 62 per cent and feeling suicidal is an issue for 36 per cent of the teens. "I'm surprised it's not higher," says Stephanie Leclair. "And transgenders are represented all out of proportion in that figure," adds Melanie Pfsztor.

Prince George Suicide Triggers Youth Activism: (Author: Robin Perelle) - After years of homophobia in school and on the streets, after leaving his hometown in search of a more accepting place, after coming out to his family just a few weeks ago, Jamie Lazarre hung himself on May 24 [2002]. He was 18 years old... Lazarre was born and raised on the Nak'azdli reserve near Fort St James, about an hour and a half west of Prince George. He moved  to the city four years ago, hoping to find a community that would accept him and stop harassing him. It didn't work... Though Gould says he never expected Lazarre to kill himself, he's not surprised his friend found the harassment at Prince George Secondary School (PGSS) too much to bear. That same harassment drove Gould himself to drop out of PGSS three months ago. "My life was in danger," he says. "I couldn't walk down the halls." The harassment was so severe that Gould needed friends to escort him everywhere, and even that offered no guarantees that he would make it to class without getting hit or having full bottles of water thrown at his head. One person even tried to set his locker on fire. Gould says he reported that incident to a teacher, to no avail. Just wipe the black residue off, he was told."

Rocking the Boat: - "As a transgendered person of color, I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of waiting for Elizabeth Birch, HRC and some of our so-called gay/lesbian allies to wake up and realize that discrimination against transgendered people is wrong, and actively help to end it... I'm tired of waiting for information about another T-murder so that I can send it to be posted on the 'Remembering Our Dead' website, or hearing about another T-person that has committed suicide because they couldn't find meaningful employment."

Movies Reflect the Undefined Sexuality of Youth  ...Although Many Filmmakers Fear Using the Word 'Bisexual' N/A: - "Bryant founded Biversity in Boston, a mixed-gender network of 500 bisexuals and is on the board of the Bisexual Resource Center. He insists movies help influence people into believing what is acceptable and films help young people find role models. "The lack of positive role models contribute to the increased suicide rates of queer youth," Bryant explains. "Kids don't see characters on the screen they identify with, and now they may." Characters may not be labeled by the filmmakers, but Bryant sees "a new trend toward young people just not taking a label or caring about label." However, it's not just young characters, and it's not just an American phenomenon..."

National Survey of Teens Shows Anti-Gay Bullying Common in Schools: - "More than three-quarters of teens (78 percent) report that kids who are gay or thought to be gay are teased or bullied in their schools and communities. Nine out of ten teens (93 percent) hear other kids at school or in their neighborhood use words like “fag,” “homo,” “dyke,” “queer,” or “gay” at least once in a while, with 51 percent hearing them every day. Four out of five teen respondents said they disapprove of the taunting... "When bullied, gay youth and those thought to be gay face an increased risk for depression, anxiety disorders, school failure and suicide, especially when they don’t have a system of support. Schools, community groups and parents share the responsibility of preventing and stopping this prejudice."" - Bullying in Schools: Harassment Puts Gay Youth At Risk. - Gay teens finding more support amid hostile school hallways. - 'Suicide wish' of gay bullying victims (England). - Bullied because you're gay or lesbian? - 'Gay bashing' is most common bullying in schools N/A. (Excerpt) - Largest Ever Study of Anti-LGBT Harassment in Schools Shows the Problem is Widespread, Dangerous and Preventable.

More Schools Take Up Gay-Bias Issues (1997): "In New York, Ermis Valencia says she has no doubts about the value of safe schools for gay teens. She first learned of her son Damion's homosexuality after he was hospitalized for being beaten by 15 other students. He was 14 years old. "He would have committed suicide, he was that withdrawn," says Mrs. Valencia. Even after the attack, she had her reservations about Damion's desire to enroll in the Harvey Milk School. But she says he was much happier there and is now studying film and photography at New York University. - New York's Harvey Milk School: A Viable Alternative (2004): The teenage years are difficult, no doubt universally. However, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teenagers often find the teenage period of their life to be not only difficult, but also overwhelmingly dangerous... This year the Harvey Milk School has operated for nearly 20 years as an educational institution. To its great credit, 95 percent of the students who attend this facility graduate, and over 60 percent will progress to advanced programs or college.16 These graduation and college enrollment rates are higher than the averages for other high schools in New York City.17 This success rate indicates that the provision of a harassment-free environment may be a viable alternative for educating these at-risk LGBT youth... 

Increasing gay suicides part of upsetting trend (2002): "Each one of us can vividly remember the moment we found out. I was sitting in front of a computer and chatting on AOL Instant Messenger. "Remember that guy Scott," a friend wrote me. A short pause, and then he said, "Well, I heard he killed himself over winter break." And that's how I found out about Scott a year ago no official e-mail, no counselor there to console me, just a dark room all by myself. To me Scott wasn't a forgotten acquaintance. He was the first guy I had ever kissed... Scott committed suicide in the middle of his junior year - a great shock to his friends, some from Willard Residential College and Foster-Walker Complex."

Suicidal gender divide: an Internet survey suggests that lesbians and bisexual women engage in riskier behaviors than their male counterparts - but is it bad science? N/A (2003) "At the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association held in Philadelphia late last year, Western Kentucky University professor Lisa Lindley presented her findings that, of 927 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered college students surveyed nationwide in the 2001-2002 school year, a stunning 10% of the females reported attempting suicide within the previous 12 months, compared to 4% of the males. Furthermore, she found that virtually across the board, lesbians and bisexual women were engaging in riskier behaviors than gay and bisexual men. The women, she said, were more likely to be regular smokers, to have sex without barrier protection, and to use illicit drugs such as marijuana or mushrooms. In fact, 25% of lesbians and bisexual women reported using LSD in their lifetimes, versus 13% of gay and bisexual men." Related: Risk Factors Associated with Lesbianism May Be Higher than with Gay Men.

The Flummery Digest N/A (July, 2000): "When Raynard Johnson, a seventeen-year-old African American, was found hanging from a tree in his front yard in Kokomo, Mississippi, his parents declared that he had been lynched. Jesse Jackson came to lead marches in the area, and claimed that the honor student was killed by racists angry over his relationship with two white girls. Janet Reno called in the FBI, characterizing Mrs. Johnson as ``a very courageous lady'' for seeking justice in the case. But state investigators and a nationally recognized pathologist had concluded that since there were no tell-tale marks of struggle on the body, the boy had committed suicide - the third most common cause of death for teenagers and young adults. Johnson had just broken up with his girlfriend. His parents prevented police from searching his hard disk in search of a suicide note or other evidence. The FBI agreed with local authorities that Johnson had almost certainly committed suicide." [Note: Would homosexually oriented males time their suicide with such a relationship break-up to cover up the possible fact that, maybe, an unacceptable homosexual orientation was implicated in the suicide?]

A Safe Place (1999, Must Scroll): "Nancy MacNair has a personal reason for forming the Athens Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Questioning Teen Support Group. "My cousin's son committed suicide when he was 17," she says, "because he was gay." MacNair, a recently retired health and sexuality educator at the University Health Center, continues with accounts of gay and lesbian teens being threatened, attacked, urinated on, and raped both in and out of school. "Gay teens get little respect or support from their peers, and we felt it necessary to give them a place where they can find that."

Volunteers Create Acceptance, Regardless of Sexual Orientation: "However, during the national media attention garnered by the Safe Zone program at Brookfield High School, McCaffrey received a phone call from a parent whose son committed suicide because he was gay. The father told McCaffrey that if a Safe Zone program had existed in his son's high school, he believed that his son might still be alive. Afterward McCaffrey reflected, "Until then, I never realized the effect this could have."

Darren's Boyfriend's Gay/Suicide Info Web Page:  "It is still something that is fairly unclear to me, our friends and his family. It was a combination of reasons I think. First of all, he wasn't happy being gay; he could never quite get used to himself. Another reason was that I was the only person that accepted what he was.  Everyone else either avoided him because of his sexuality, or constantly abused him; beating him (and me) up, screaming obscenities, etc etc. He feared telling his mother because of what her reaction would have been. He was gay, and no one could accept it - that was him and everyone hated him for it.

Teen Commits Suicide after police threaten to out him for having condoms.  Marcus, 18, shot himself hours later. - Trial Starts Monday in  Lawsuit Against Police Who Threatened To Out Gay Teen, Causing His Suicide - Court Rules that Tragic Police Outing of Gay Teen Violated Constitutional Rights; ACLU Sees Broad Impact. - In her son's memory - Marcus Wayman's suicide - Brief Article: "Wayman's friend testified that neither teenager was gay. After his release from jail, Wayman shot himself early the next morning." - Mother settles suit claiming son killed self after police threatened to 'out' him N/A.

Dan's Suicide, by Josh Dunne: "Only The Good DieYoung" - Teenage Gay Male, Hated & Abused by His Family. Related NY Research by D'Augelli et al. (2005): Abstract. Full Text. "Factors that differentiated youth reporting suicide attempts and those not reporting attempts were greater childhood parental psychological abuse and more childhood gender-atypical behavior.Gay-related suicide attempts were associated with identifiability as LGB, especially by parents."

Dan's Suicide, by his Brother (2007/2008): That's when I asked Brian point blank. I told him we always "knew" but   that you hadn't "come out" to us... 

A Terrible Tragedy (2009): .... Comment: Not aiming wanting to offend anyone, but in my experience depression is more often the result of external pressures (real & imagined) rather than internal strife, mainly from religion and/or ‘morals’.Looking at Dan’s pictures on Garry’s site immediately brought back memories of the one friend who committed suicide. He never seemed completely at ease or happy in pictures. He was gay (we all suspected this anyhow and loved him) and apparently too afraid to tell us or his very religious parents… and chose the wrong way out.

Thomas Gerald Jean, 17, of Killeen, Texas: - "Jean's jump into the gay community was rapid. It began when he ended a three-month stay in the hospital for 27 consecutive suicide attempts. "After my last suicide attempt, I realized there must be a reason that God kept me alive all this time," he says. "It clicked to me that the reason was to be a gay activist in Killeen, because there are not any. So, I got out of the hospital, came out to my parents in my freshman year and became a gay activist.""

Bisogno's Story: -"The only connection I had with it growing up was "faggot." It hurt. I was an angry, overweight, miserable little kid. When I was 14, after hearing the word "faggot" every day, I was admitted to the hospital [for a suicide attempt]. The lust week in high school I was assaulted by 12 teenagers calling me a "faggot." Two weeks later I was admitted again for depression and suicidal tendencies. There was alcohol use and drug use in my life. I was drowning myself in sorrow."

Dylan N's Story: - "A 1996 Wisconsin lawsuit starkly illustrates the escalation from verbal taunts to horrific violence. The suit was brought by a gay student who was repeatedly attacked throughout his middle school and high school years. After he told his seventh grade classmates that he was gay, they referred to him routinely as "faggot" and began to hit him and spit on him. He was subjected to a mock rape in a science lab by two of his classmates, who told him that he should enjoy it; twenty other classmates looked on and laughed. He attempted suicide at the end of his eighth grade year. In high school, the abuse worsened. He was attacked several times in the school bathroom and urinated on during at least one of the attacks. When he took the bus to and from school, other students regularly called him "fag" and "queer" and often threw objects such as steel nuts and bolts at him. In the ninth grade, he again attempted suicide. The next year, he arrived at school early one day and was surrounded by eight boys, one of whom kicked him in the stomach for five to ten minutes while theothers looked on and laughed. Several weeks later, he collapsed from internal bleeding caused by the attack. He left school in the eleventh grade."

"M": -"I refused to mentally associate myself with the gay people that we'd been warned about. They were doomed to burn in Hell. I believed all the warnings, I learned to hate the disgusting perverts also. It seemed impossible for me to be one of them... I knew I could not kill myself because suicide was a sin. I fantasized about it, though. Maybe I could slit my wrists and pray for forgiveness as my life flowed down the drain. But I was never brave enough to carry out any plan. Most nights I cried in my pillow as I prayed for death... I am a 19-year-old college student. I am disabled. I am gay. And I am a Christian. I do believe that God loves me as I am. There is no more denying because that road leads to despair and death, and I do not wish to travel that way anymore."

Life Journey of an Activist (2003): "During that same period, I also had to make a decision – do I commit suicide or do I accept that I was a faggot. I tried the suicide route a couple of times; I’m happy to say now, unsuccessfully and I finally after great personal struggle decided that I would accept the fact: I was a faggot. No matter how much I didn’t want to be, I was and I realized that I didn’t have the strength to kill myself. Accepting myself while despising myself. It would take a another decade before I could move from being a faggot to being a homosexual – a kind of neutral position where I accepted myself but I still didn’t really want people to know and I still feared what people would think if they knew including a fear that I would be fired and be homeless if I was found out. Finally when I turned 30 or so, finally I started to fully accept myself and feel proud of myself. Finally I was able to be Gay. Finally I was able to feel pride and self-worth. And self-acceptance. While I have never been a gay activist, I always now let people know who I am when I first meet them."

Tony's Story: "People have asked me how I know that being gay was not my "choice." Well how do heterosexuals know that heterosexuality isn't a "choice"? I trust my instincts and I trust that I know myself well enough to determine who I am. I've literally cried myself to sleep at night thinking about this, asking myself WHY people have such a problem with my sexual orientation or anyone else's for that matter. What gives someone the right to tell me or anyone else that who I am is "wrong"? I've pondered suicide because I've thought why is it worth living in a world where people are going to pass judgement on me just because it was written somewhere by someone that they think something is "wrong." Millions of gay teens around the world struggle with this everyday since it is considered so "sinful" to so many members of certain religions, societies, and cultures..."

Arthur Bob Markus: Sermon by Father John July 20,2003...Harassed because of his sexuality, Arthur was gay, he committed suicide earlier this year.  Arthur was openly gay. And even though he had supportive friends, he was tired of hearing gays constantly ridiculed both by his peers and by society at large...  But having supportive friends was not enough for Arthur.  He wrote:  "I [cannot help but] think how damn homophobic society is, and how it hurts more than people know . it hurts people so much that the only way they feel they can escape the constant pain is to kill themselves, and not wake up in the morning and go through the emotional, sometimes physical hell.""

Paul Chandler: "When I was in the closet, I remember being so scared that there was no one else like me. Actually, at age 15, I became a statistic—I attempted suicide. Of course, there were other factors, but the main ones were my feelings of isolation and hopelessness. Thankfully, I’ve learned from my mistakes and want to spare others that pain. When a person wears drag, aren’t they’re doing the same thing—letting other people know it’s OK to be different?"

Jimmy's Story: "He tried to pretend that it didn't bother him when the kids called him names like 'Faggot' or 'Queer' of that it didn't totally humiliate him when they pulled him out of the gym class shower and peed on him. He tried to pretend these things didn't affect him, but they did... We couldn't understand the self-hatred and the hopelessness that centered around his being gay. He attempted to slit his wrists at least two times. My parents put him into therapy. His therapist said that Jimmy was a cutter, and not to worry, cutters never take their own lives. He wasn't in therapy for very long before he killed himself. My mother and I found him in his apartment. He was about three feet from the door. He had hanged himself."

About Joey: Joey was the firstborn of my four sons. He was tall and skinny, lanky and graceful. He was born a blonde, but his hair got darker as he got older. Later, he alternately had brown, green, pink, purple and green striped hair. He had his tongue, his eyebrow and other things I probably don't want to know about, pierced! He gave the best hugs. He had the most wonderful chocolate eyes. God, how I miss them... Joey was a bi-sexual man and this is the reason I have dedicated this page to him. People need to know his story, the hurt he faced and why I feel compelled to keep future generations from hurting. (Alternate Link)

Homosexuality: A Growing Orange County Group is Trying to Overcome the Gay Taboo in Vietnamese-American Families (Alternate Link): Pham, who is not gay, said he started the group [Gay Asian/Pacific Support Network] after his gay brother, a Catholic who could not accept his sexuality, committed suicide at age 28, and after his Vietnamese girlfriend came out as lesbian. By forming the support group, Pham has endured suspicion about his own sexuality. He's convinced he did the right thing, especially when he remembers a recent emotional meeting at which a mother (who spoke no English) confided to Pham that "my son was so lucky to have found you."

James' Story (Australia) ?: ...subjected to vicious and relentless harassment... verbally abused and physically accosted on his way to school; he had rubbish thrown at him... human faeces were left on his doorstep, abusive phone calls were made to his home... a group of boys forced him to do sexual things for them, claiming that as he was gay he would enjoy it... In the face of this abuse most of James s close friends deserted him. One can hardly blame them. Nothing in the school yard is as frightening as being associated with a "faggot". Homophobia killed James Anderson. It is also behind countless other youth suicides, often masked by terms like depression, low self-esteem, social isolation, and family problems." - Related information in Youth Suicide and Homophobia.

Men, Too, Can Be Victims: The Complex Issues Surrounding Sexual Assault for Male Victims: - Sean left home. He moved to Hollywood and lived his late teen years and early 20s in squalor, shame and guilt, trapped in a compulsive pattern of tricking with anonymous male sex partners. Following a positive HIV test result, Sean plunged into years of ever-lowering self-esteem, denial and fear. Miraculously, at age 25 Sean was able to start to put his life together. He came out of denial, sought medical treatment, volunteered for AIDS organizations and spoke publicly as a Person with AIDS (PWA). I met him at an HIV support group that he attended. Sean's wounds never healed. A month before Sean's 30th birthday, he committed suicide, ending a vicious cycle in which male sexual assault played a prominent role."

Cameron Corbidge: (Australia) "Cameron Corbidge, born August 14, 1973, is hopefully seeing nothing. Why? Because on May 8, 1994, aged 20, Cameron selfishly took his own life. Cameron was an extraordinarily well-built man due to his dedication to weights and fitness since his early teens. He had a soft heart and a kind manner. I knew Cameron for only a short time, but his suicide impacted my life in a way that no-one could have imagined. This impact wasn't necessarily because one particular person I knew had died at such a young age. Instead it was because at a time that I was becoming more comfortable with my homosexuality, Cameron was uncomfortable enough with his homosexuality to take his life... Cameron's suicide note was found earlier in the week, on the Monday or Tuesday following his death on Sunday, Mother's Day. It was written by hand on a number of small pieces of paper. The writing was incredibly hard to read, the result of nerves and possibly drugs of one type or another. In the note three things were apparent - that he came to believe that he was gay, that his friends meant the world to him, and that he didn't feel he could be accepted by them. While it was being read some mates kept still, while others sobbed, mumbled, or just shook their heads.  One can only imagine the guilt they may have felt in learning of his reasons for dying. Most of his mates were stereotypical blokes - guys who hung out regularly, drunk, partied, and made fun of anything that wasn't 'normal'. Picking on faggots and queers formed part of that. However are they guilty of making such comments knowing what effect they could possibly have, or is Cameron guilty of taking them to heart instead of what they were probably intended as - fruitless jeers. There was no doubt in the coming weeks that his friends were regretful. If they knew there comments would be taken personally, they never would have made them. This is perhaps their biggest 'what if?'..." - So why's it so hard to be gay?

Ed Gallagher's Story N/A: By "different," he means gay. A gay football player. A gay young man in a macho jock world. Now he's a gay quad approaching middle age. He's become philosophical. "I had put myself on an emotional island of loneliness," Gallagher reflects. "Maybe it was part of the jock macho thing where you think asking for help is a sign of weakness, instead of realizing that admitting your feelings and talking about things and sharing with someone is really a sign of strength." As a new gay quad, he remained introspective for a time and then began putting his inner thoughts down on paper. He wrote poetry and essays, publishing a collection called "Will I Live Another Day Before I Die? ...  Gallagher's novel, "Johnny In The Spot," is available  at Amazon.com"  The book deals with gay suicide issues. - Related Information. - Ed Gallagher - Alive To Thrive -  A Failed Suicide Attempt Gave this Jock a Second Chance at Life. - About the author. The author's web site: http://www.alivetothrive.org/. - Ed Gallagher Dies at 48: Gay suicide prevention advocate reached thousands with his positive message

Former NFL lineman [Esera] Tuaolo admits he's gay: (Tuaolo says he contemplated suicide) (Alternate Link) "Tuaolo, 34, said players routinely told gay jokes in the locker room. "They made me go further and further into depression, further and further into shame," he said. In a transcript and tape of the HBO show obtained by The New York Post, Tuaolo discusses the depth of his depression, saying it reached a point to where he thought about suicide. "When I'm driving like over a 100 (mph), maybe I could just like turn that wheel, just turn that wheel so I could just end it all," Tuaolo said in the interview. Tuaolo, a native of Hawaii, played at Oregon State before being drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1991 (35th pick overall). He also played for the Panthers, Vikings and Jaguars, and for the Falcons, the team he was with in Super Bowl XXXIII... When Sharpe was asked what would have happened if Tuaolo came out while he was still playing in the NFL, Sharpe said: "He would have been eaten alive and he would have been hated for it." - Gay among gradiators. - Homosexuality secret drove ex-Viking Tuaolo to contemplate suicide. : "The burden of keeping his homosexuality secret drove Esera Tuaolo to comtemplate suicide late in his five-season tenure with the Minnesota Vikings... Tuaolo recently revealed his homosexuality on HBO's ``Real Sports'' because he was tired of leading a double life. The segment aired Tuesday night... Tuaolo is the first NFL player to publicly reveal his homosexuality since former New York Giants offensive tackle Roy Simmons in 1992..." - Wikipedia: Esera Tuaolo. - Former NFL defensive lineman, Esera Tualo's new book, "Alone in the Trenches", receives rave reviews both nationwide and abroad. - Marcellus Wiley: NFL has no tolerance for gay players (2010).

U. Oregon speaker, former MLB umpire says gay athletes deserve more from schools: ""Universities don't do enough for their lesbian and gay and transgender athletes," he said. "There is someone out there, and maybe someone in here,    who thinks about suicide every single day. I will never stop doing this until nobody thinks about suicide." Throughout his years of touring the country to promote his message, Pallone has received approximately 120,000 letters from supporters and those who have told him that he saved them from suicide..."

Crisis Suport Services of Alameda County: (Home Page) "In the classroom we ask, "Why would a teenager want to commit suicide?"  The responses always include relationship difficulties, family pressure, and isolation from peers. For lesbian and gay youth these problems can be greatly magnified and compounded by issues specific to their sexual identity. In order to begin to reduce the risk of suicide among lesbian and gay youth, we need to fight the stigma and work to end discrimination against all sexual orientations. In our education program, we often discuss with students why a lesbian or  gay teenager might be feeling suicidal and we encourage teens to be open and accepting of their peers, whatever their orientation."

White Ribbon Gay-Teen Suicide Awareness Campaign. (Author's Home Pages) - The creator of the White Ribbon site writes: "Back when I was horribly closeted - so much so that I wouldn't even admit my homosexuality to myself let along anyone else - I was a sad depressed suicidal self loathing person. I was constantly trying to reconcile my religion with my sexuality and vice versa. I had these 2 halves of my self at war with each other and they were tearing me apart. They drove me to drop out of school, experiment with alcohol and tobacco, and attempt suicide. I spent the month of March 1994 in a mental hospital after overdosing on my antidepressants." - Suicide and Homosexual Teens: What can biology teachers do to help? (American Biology Teacher, March, 2001: PDF Download). 

Gabriel Rotello (The Advocate, January 16, 01): "In speaking to PFLAG chapters over the years, I have met several parents of gay kids who committed suicide, and their refrain is always sadly similar: 'If only we had known. Why didn’t we send the right signals to our children, telling them we would have loved them no matter what?'"

Youth Suicide Prevention (Word Download from Atlanta's YouthPride.org): For many years, we have known that young people, particularly GLBTQ youth, are at an increased risk of committing suicide... A Gay Teen Suicide Note (Must Scroll). Introduction to Suicide Note: "The following suicide note was written by Steven, a gay 16-year-old high school student. After he wrote this note he attempted suicide by taking an overdose of medication. He survived. He was hospitalized, treated, and not long after his suicide attempt, moved with his family to another state. Steven was suffering from severe depression when he wrote this note. Anyone who was mistreated, bullied, threatened, and emotionally tortured like Steven could very easily become severely depressed - and suicidal. The note has been left intact, complete with misspellings, grammatical errors, and profanity, except for inserting "[name removed]" in the place of some names. Steven's suicide note is extremely disquieting to read. And it is one more reminder of the outrageous bullying LGBTQ youth endure." - YouthPride’s New Major Initiatives: Suicide Prevention, Expansion of Project SOLVE, and State-Wide Advocacy (PDF Download). - YouthPride developed the "Evolve!" program in order to address the growing problem of suicide among LGBTQ teenagers and young adults... 

Book: Prayers for Bobby - 1995  - Feature Cover Story related to book. - Prayers for Bobby - 1995 (N/A):  "I can't ever let anyone find out that I'm not straight. It would be so humiliating. My friends would hate me. They might even want to beat me up. And my family? I've overheard them.... They've said they hate gays, and even God hates gays, too. Gays are bad, and God sends bad."   The first line of Craig Wilson's 1995 USA Today feature story,  - "Prayers for Bobby": A sad story worth telling. (Amazon Reference) - "Prayers for Bobby," or the book that was almost about me. - "A Gay Son's Suicide, A Mom's Rebirth." "Soon a tractor-trailer roared toward him on the freeway below and, with perfect timing, he jumped the 25 feet into its path. The impact ripped away most of his clothes. He was killed instantly."

Interview with the author of Prayers for Bobby. - A film about Bobby's life and death? Problems are expected from the ones who want the murderous anti-gay tradition to continue. NBC, Susan Sarandon sign on to make film about gay youth's suicide. - Sarandon's prayers for Bobby. - "The silence leads Mary Griffith to say that the situation is still ripe to produce another Bobby Griffith. "I don't think it is any better," she says, an opinion mostly shared by author Leroy Aarons, whose book on Mary Griffith's story, Prayers for Bobby, will be out in June." (From: Out in School - Author Leroy Aarons' 'Prayers for Bobby' heads for network television. -  J.A. Kawarsky: "His composition "Prayers for Bobby" premiered in 1996 with Marlo Thomas narrating and has been performed numerous times within the past two years throughout North America." - Gay Suicides (2010).

Tyler Clementi (2010): - Rutgers Suicide (2010): When Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi jumped to his death last week from the George Washington Bridge, he may have been reacting to a constellation of factors related to sexuality, public bullying and humiliation that put adolescents and young adults at a particularly high risk for suicide, mental health experts said. - Ellen DeGeneres 'Devastated' over Rutgers Student Suicide (2010): Noting the three other deaths that have been reported with gay teens this month, DeGeneres says, "Something must be done." - An Important Message - From Ellen DeGeneres (Gay Suicide, Video). 

Seth Walsh (2010): -  Seth Walsh, a 13-year-old boy from Tehachapi, California, has committed suicide after being bullied by classmates over his sexual orientation (2010). - The Bullying of Seth Walsh: Requiem for a Small-Town Boy (2010). - Seth Walsh, California Teen Who Endured Gay Taunts, Commits Suicide (2010).  

Asher Brown (2010): - Asher Brown Suicide: Parents Say Gay 8th Grader Was Bullied to Death While School Did Nothing (2010). - Gay Texas 13-Year-Old Asher Brown Shoots Himself In The Head After Horrific School Torment (2010).

Billy Lucas (2010): - Teen Boy Commits Suicide in Greensburg, Indiana After School Bullying (2010): Billy Lucas, 15, hung himself in the family’s barn in Greensburg, Indiana Thursday, Sept. 2, according to the local Fox News station. Apparently students at Greensburg High School bullied him for being gay, though he had not come out. Billy’s mother found her son. “People would call him ‘fag’ and stuff like that, just make fun of him because he’s different basically,” student Dillen Swango told Fox. “They said stuff like ‘you’re like a piece of crap’and ‘you don’t deserve to live.’ Different things like that. Talked about how he was gay or whatever.”

Another African American Gay Male Commits Suicide (2010): Joseph Jefferson's chilling last words, shared on Facebook with his friends, were: "I could not bear the burden of living as a gay man of color in a world grown cold and hateful towards those of us who live and love differently than the so-called 'social mainstream.' Belonging is one of the basic human needs, when people feel isolated and excluded from a sense of communion with others, they suffer....I have been an advocate for my peers and most importantly youth because most have never had a deep emotional attachment to anyone. They don't know how to love and be loved in return. The need to be loved can sometimes translate to the need to belong to someone or something. Driven by that need..... Most will do anything to belong." ...

Jim Wheeler: How grief for gay son moved her to activism: "Wheeler's aim was to get the Pennsylvania Republican - who in April had associated homosexuality with incest, polygamy and adultery - to watch the documentary she'd brought. "Jim in Bold" weaves together stories of gay youth across America with the saga of Wheeler's son Jim. Cruelly taunted for being gay, he killed himself in 1997, five months after his high school graduation... "We all knew that Jim was different from the time he was little," Wheeler said in an interview in her home near Lebanon. An avid birder, she has turned three acres surrounding the house into a hummingbird and butterfly sanctuary. Still more comfortable in the nurturing role than in the spotlight, Wheeler plies a visitor with doughnuts and chicken sandwiches, and peppers her with personal questions. Jim played with Barbies and took dance lessons. He was a talented artist, his mother said. "He didn't like typical boy things," said Wheeler. "He was into girl things, and that was OK when he was younger. But when he got older people started making fun of him." As a teen, he had multiple piercings and dyed his hair vivid hues. Said Wheeler, "He just shouted out, 'I'm different.'" When he was 16, Jim confided to her that he was gay. "I said, 'We all know that, and it's OK with us. We're just worried because we know how cruel the world is." ... "He wanted to be normal," Jennifer Wheeler said. "And in his eyes, I guess being normal was not being gay. He could not see any future for himself. He was miserable being gay. He hated himself for that. It wasn't our family that instilled that in him.""

Susan's Story (St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Asutin, Texas): "She also remembered her friend John and knew that his spirit was rejoicing along with her today. How she wished she had been able to share this entire journey with him. But John was dead. He had committed suicide years ago because he could not reconcile his homosexuality with the teachings of the church he had grown up loving. The church had stopped loving him when they found out he was gay. The church was not the only place where he had experienced rejection either. His family refused to claim him as their son and brother and many friends had walked away from him when they had found out too. Susan had stood by him but even Susan could not convince him that God still loved him because even he had begun to believe that he was unloveable."

World of China Doll/Houston: "One day, I met a friend who was my age. At that time I was 17. He had some family problems, but he seemed not to express himself. I always had a feeling that he was Gay and he knew I was completely Gay, but we seemed to keep that very low key. I went to a night club with another friend of mine one night and discovered my troubled friend was in that club dancing as a stripper, and for the first time I met his lover. They were a young couple living together in a small apartment. They were both runaways. (In Texas you can emanicipate at the age of 17 in the court of law.) They were both from a very wealthy family. I learned a lot from them both. After graduating from high school and going to college for 2 years, I began to fall back into the club scene and began to discover myself again. I went back to the club to look for my two lost friends who I dearly loved. It took me awhile. When I found one of them on a corner, he told me that his lover had committed suicide, due to the fact that his parents had found out that he was Gay. I was very upset that a young man like him with a high education would end his life in tragedy. I stayed in contact with his lover for awhile to find out more about his death and decided to go out into the community and be a public speaker.

Glorify God vs. Glorify Humankind: "My brother, Mark, wasn't gay. He was, as my mom says, "too sensitive to survive in this world." At the direction of others he was always trying to "toughen up" and be "more of a man." But the boxing, the hunting, the football and all the other "macho" activities never took. He didn't fit the male stereotype and knew he never would. I wish he would have had the opportunity to spend time with a man like the one he would have grown up to be. Mark was 15 when he committed suicide. He left me a note saying he didn't fit in and he would never grow up to fit others' expectations of him."

Nick Marulli, Officer First Class, U.S.Navy (Retired) (Alternate Link): "I did not accept my homosexuality until my last tour. Those years were difficult. I couldn't seek counseling because I had to use military medical facilities and didn't know who I could trust. Before I retired, my best friend - an army officer who was also struggling to accept his homosexuality -  committed suicide."

Arresting Behavior: Many victims of police sex raids fare even worse. Outside the big cities, it’s common for  newspapers to publish the names of men taken into custody during police stings, making no distinction between those arrested in private commercial establishments (sex clubs, closed video booths in adult porn stores) and those arrested in public restrooms or public parks. One man committed suicide last January in Pulaski County, Ark., after the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in Little Rock published his name among those arrested in a sex raid. The newspaper, by the way, did not report his suicide and ignored requests from five major gay organizations to discuss its policy of selective publication of the names of men arrested for misdemeanors."

Gay leader, 19, dies in apparent suicide - (Alternate Link, Brad Matthew Fuglei - Gay.com / PlanetOut.com Network - Tuesday, November 20, 2001): - The courage of his convictions. - Students Demand Gay-Rights Policy (2000). Gay-rights advocate, 19, Dies in Apparent Suicide. - Admired Teen Leader Kills Himself (Must Scroll).

Kyle Dalton Richmond (2003): Suicide spurs LGBT support (Alternate Link): "And the recent suicide of University student Kyle Dalton Richmond - who community members say was suffering from depression and was questioning his sexual orientation, but may have chosen suicide for any number of reasons expanding far beyond sexuality -- has generated concern about the campus atmosphere for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students. Richmond, a resident of Junction City, committed suicide May 15, and a memorial service was held for him Thursday. According to his mother, Richmond was severely depressed at least as far back as March and had previously attempted to commit suicide. He had also gone to the University Health Center and was prescribed anti-depressants."

Excerpt from "Out on Fraternity Row" edited by Shane L. Windmeyer and Pamela W. Freeman: "Earlier I mentioned that a young man had committed suicide the year before I arrived on campus. His suicide was why I chose to hide within my fraternity closet. I will refer to him as Sean. Sean was an all-American kid. He was president of his fraternity and president of the IFC. He was a member of one of the largest fraternities on campus. He was also an Outstanding Greek Man his senior year and received a lot of the same honors I had received. Like me, he also dated a girl from a sorority on campus. He was idolized and well-respected by the Greek community, students, and the faculty. He had even been offered a position with the university after graduation. As you've probably guessed, Sean was gay. At the time he was dating a sorority girl, he was also dating "Matt," one of his fraternity brothers. They had decided that Sean needed to date a woman as a cover so that they could continue their gay relationship. Sean and his lover thought they had planned everything perfectly. They were able to fool a lot of people, until one day when everything was turned upside down for Sean.  Sean's story made the front page of the newspaper with the headline college student commits suicide on playground. Sean knew he had lost everything he had worked so hard to obtain. He could not bear to think about what his fraternity brothers would do to him. Sean took his life into his own hands and decided to spare his brothers and his house the embarrassment. Sean did not want them to be plagued with the reputation of allowing homosexuals into the brotherhood of their chapter. Like so many young gay people, Sean became another number and statistic, with hundreds of others who have committed suicide-because no one would listen, understand, or accept them when they needed it the most..."

Jacob Orosco (1997): - For teen gay activist, a sudden, baffling end: "Why Orosco killed himself remains a mystery. He didn't leave a note. And his mother (he was estranged from his father) has kept her thoughts to herself." - To Rolling Stone: "In an article filled with frightening portraits of the abuse gay and lesbian youth face ("To Be Young and Gay," RS 792), and with just as many examples of the bravery with which they triumph over that abuse, the most chilling information was the possibility that Jacob Orosco committed suicide because he may not have been exclusively gay, and feared renewed ostracism, this time from the gay community... Whether or not Jacob Orosco had sexual attractions to both men and women, some people are bisexual." - The front page of the October 18 Philadelphia Inquirer featured a lengthy and insightful article about Jacob Orosco..." (Alternate Link)

Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash and the Germs: "Indeed, one of the innumerable problems that led to Crash's suicide was that he was deeply closeted, a fact that had long been suspected and is shown definitively here for the first time. The concealment of his homosexuality is particularly sad given the rhetoric of sexual liberation that went with L.A. punk. But in his own way, he was a mini-sex-symbol, and coming out would have compromised his ability to mooch rides from girls."

Before Bobby Many Had Been Killing Themselves? Kenny's Story: "He quickly dragged Ken outside and began giving him artificial respiration. But it was too late. The boy whom we had treated as if he didn't exist, now really didn't exist... In the intervening years since my son's death, I have read dozens of articles in newspapers and magazines that discussed what we now call "gays." Are they born that way? If so, is it the cruellest imaginable jest of God? ...Or does the Lord select special people to face special trials? I don't know.  I do know, though, that when I think back to that cheerful, friendly littlle blond-haired boy, so eager to please his dad and me with those wonderful report cards, or the brilliant young man with limitless opportunity stretching out before him ...well, something very wrong happened back in 1972 and 1973."

Lost Son?..a bastard child's journey of Hope: "To make everyone happy, and I thought myself, I dated girls in high school and early years of college all the time knowing I might be lying to them, as well as myself. I came close to marrying one of those girls...what a life of hell I would have put her through, if it had happened. I remember the first time a fellow student called me a "FAG"...it was like a dagger through the heart...I didn't want to be one of them!!! I played sports and was active in many student activities, like other students....yet inside, I knew somehow I was different. In 1970, at the age of 20, after years of struggle and torment, it all became too much for me to bear. I attempted suicide. If my college roommate had not found me, I would have died. I spent the night alone, drinking "boilermakers", "whiskey sours" to wash down the "pills." I went along until I overdosed, and went into convulsions and then lapsed into a coma. He had me rushed to the hospital where they pumped my stomach. I lay in a coma for over 2 days, teetering on the brink of death. Suddenly, I came out of it. The doctors indicated if my roommate had found me but 10 minutes later than he did, I would have died there on the dorm room floor of alcohol poisoning and overdosing...as I had planned."

Edmund White Speaks with Edmund White: "It would be a mistake to say, as some gay critics have suggested, that I turned to "straight" fiction because my gay work had been rejected. To be sure, some gay editors such as the late Peter Kameny later told me they'd read and liked the first Beautiful Room but they'd been afraid to speak up for it lest their colleagues suspect them of homosexuality (Peter later committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a subway, a death surely linked to his inability to accept himself)."

Papa Bear - Remembering Dr. Stuart E. Nichols, Jr. (Must Scroll): "The other turning point for Stu came when a young man came to him for psychiatric help. The patient was suicidal and the reason was his homosexuality. Stu said he was guarded in dealing with the young man, lest his own homosexuality be exposed. Two days later, he said, the patient committed suicide."

History of SOLGA (Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists): "Our folk history also records the stunned silence of the audience. Although Stonewall had occurred a year before, active discrimination against lesbian and gay anthropologists kept the vast majority of lesbigay anthros securely in the professional closet. Indeed, many of the founders of ARGOH / SOLGA never secured full time, academic jobs. One was fired for coming out and took to lawyering instead; another committed suicide. Many paid a real and dear price for their involvement in this political and intellectual movement, and we have lost all too many colleagues to AIDS. For these reasons, it has taken 20 years for SOLGA to "come out" within the AAA.

The Einstein of Sex (Magnus Hirschfeld): "Further trauma ensues when, soon after setting up himself as a doctor in Berlin in 1893, he is waylaid outside his apartment at night by a soldier who is desperately disturbed by his homosexuality. Hirschfeld resists the soldier’s pleading for a consultation there and then, telling him to come to his surgery the next day. Overnight, however, the soldier commits suicide... With the Nazis publicly denouncing Hirschfeld as one of the country’s leading "Jewish criminals", which was effectively a death sentence, friends advised him not to return to Germany. He went to the south of France instead, where he died suddenly of a stroke in 1935. His lover Karl Giese committed suicide in 1938, while on the run from the Nazis."

Alan Turing: The Enigma: "Cited in Hodges (mathematics, Wadham College, Oxford) examines both the heroic and tragic sides of Turing's life, from his decryption of the German U- boat Enigma cipher, to his tragic suicide (caused in part by his detection as a homosexual and subsequent mandatory hormone therapy to suppress his libido)...On June 7, 1954, Turing committed suicide by eating an apple dosed with cyanide. He was only 42 years old. // In a world of rational people who value truth and reason over religious superstition and ignorant prejudice, Alan Turing would most likely have died rich & famous. Instead he died by his own hand, anguished and alone, victimized and persecuted by the very society he uplifted and gave so generously to."

Biography: Karl Maria Kertbeny (1824-82): "In his adulthood, he wrote about a twenty year old friend he met while he was learning to sell books. Karl wrote that his friend had "abnormal tastes I would have never in my dreams suspected". Karl's friend killed himself and left a note explaining that a blackmailer had extorted all of his money and that he had to commit suicide to avoid exposure and family shame.

The Yeldham Scandal (Alternate Link): "Evidence subsequently given to the commission revealed that Yeldham was bisexual. A married man with a family he led a clandestine double life indulging in public exhibitionism (Sydney Morning Herald 12 Dec 96). He was well known in the gay community. He frequented the homosexual beat where he purchased sexual favours from young men and schoolboys (Sydney Morning Herald 7 Dec 96). His conduct had been so public that at least 7 instances were described to the commission. He had been apprehended by police on several occasions over a period of 11 years. While many knew of his conduct his wife, children and the public did not. The problem is not that he was gay but that his conduct in public was such that he placed himself at risk of blackmail or improper influence... Mr Yeldham, a retired supreme court judge in New South Wales committed suicide when he was subpoenaed to appear before a Royal Commission inquiring into police corruption and the protection of paedophiles. The reason for this became apparent during evidence..."

Prescription for Suicide: The plain fact of it is that this society wants homosexual people to die. It kills us directly, as it killed Harvey Milk (who prophesied not only his own murder but the method his murderer would use), or indirectly, in a variety of ways. One of the most time-honoured and effective of those ways has been suicide. - Suicide and the Homosexual Adolescent - A Web-Based Paper for Psychology 156b at Yale University N/A (Reprinted at Chapter 3: Homosexuality Is a Risk Factor for Teen Suicide, p. 19). - Suicide in Little Rock. - Playing gay in prime time N/A: "I get letters from gay brothers who are 36 years old and they're having thoughts about committing suicide," noted Mathew St. Patrick, who plays LAPD officer Keith Charles on HBO's "Six Feet Under." "Its part of the reason I thank God that I got hit over the head with this role, because it gives me an opportunity to let people know that love is love. And hopefully they won't commit suicide and they can get away from their families who are so negative about the choices we make and the people we are."

From: Growing Up Gay: "By the time I got to junior high school (seventh grade), I had learned what the word "gay" meant to everyone I went to school with. It meant that you were a "fag". You were someone to be laughed at, joked about, beaten up, and taunted. It meant that you were sick, perverted, an abomination, and unlovable..". Most gay people learn to "pass".... But even for those of us who learned the lesson of "passing" there was a price to pay: self-loathing. And what does self-loathing lead to? ...to teenage suicide.  From "Pooftah", "Wanker", "Girl": Homophobic harassment and violence in schools:  "Several [Australian gay and lesbian youth interviewed] reported attempting or contemplating suicide...  "I was school captain at my high school and it was always assumed I was straight... After leaving school I had to confront my sexuality and because of the constant day to day degrading of homosexuals that occurs at high school, and the long term charade that I was forced to create, I felt a very large amount of self-loathing to the point of attempted suicide..." (Note: Not available, but was at the Robert Mangelsdorf's Home Page. Reference: Ward, N. (1995). "'Pooftah', 'Wanker', 'Girl': Homophobic Harassment and Violence in Schools". In Girls & Boys: Challenging Perspective, Building Partnerships. Proceedings of the Third Conference of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Gender Equity, Brisbane: Ministerial Advisory Committee on Gender Equity.) - Related information in: Policing Sex/Gender Boundaries: Addressing Homophobia in Schools.
Letter from 13-year-old male: "Just recently, I realized that I was gay. It's like I always knew it, but recently it really hit me and now I am totally sure of it. Ever since this so called "revelation," my life turned to hell. It seems as if everything just went wrong at the same time and I have no idea what to do... Right now, I am so overwhelmed with problems and issues that I have no idea whatsoever about what I am supposed to do. So for the past month, everyday I have thought about suicide and just making my life end. I mean, the past month, I have spent at least, literally at least, an hour a day crying about all of this crap going on, and what to do! It just seems that everything will then simplify if I kill myself. But still, one of my main problems is just the fact I found out I am gay, and I have no idea what to do. What if everyone I know and love rejects me? Is it normal? who do I tell? I really REALLY need some help, advice, or refferals! please email me back, i will greatly appreciate it.  Thanks."

Young Gay Suicide: Angel of the North: "He wasn't out to his parents, until a family friend saw him with his boyfriend and told them. They screamed and shouted, and he wept, he went to his room and cried. To each friend he wrote a note, explaining what had happened, and why. He wrote a funeral plan, and a will. To his parents he wrote a single note... . I hate Karl's parents, I never met them, I never even spoken 2 things to Karl, but I still hate them. Not just because they did not accept him, and drove him to suicide, but because even if death, they did not have the dignity to treat him with respect. I honestly hope you hate them too. Karl truly was an Angel of the North, and they clipped his wings."

Silvan writes (Must Scroll):  "I have known several gay men who committed suicide because they couldn't deal with the hatred that was heaped against them, and which taught them self-hatred. I have been told I  was sinful and unworthy just because of how I felt inside, emotionally abused to the point  where I wanted to die. I am gifted with an incredible will to live, and at times that was the only thing that saved me. I've had rocks hurled at me because I was gay, from a height that would have killed me if they had hit their mark. My mother's hairdresser had his legs broken because he is gay. And this is Ontario, Canada, probably one of the least homophobic places in the world. But it doesn't sound like a very civilized country, does it?"

Adventist, Pastor, Husband, Homosexual: "Over the next fifteen years, nearly every week I was in the office of a pastor or psychologist looking for help to change my orientation. I tried fasting and prayer. I tried behavior modification techniques in a highly touted change ministry. I even tried exorcism. But nothing worked. I often left a "help" session only to find the struggle more intense than ever. Finally, my wife, seeing nothing was going to change, filed for divorce. It was the end of the world. My marriage, my close relationship with my son, who was the joy of my life, and my ministry were all finished. I attempted suicide. Unsuccessful the first time, I made plans for a second attempt. However, when it came time to follow through, I couldn’t. Sitting there, I decided that my life would end in God’s time, not mine.

You Don't Have To Be Gay: "You better not kill yourself, buddy." Jeff’s warning leapt off the opening page of his letter to me with the force of a roundhouse right, jolting me more than any physical punch could have. I assumed Jeff couldn’t comprehend the pain I was in - the confusion and agony - that he had no idea of the depth of my self-loathing and desperation. Suicide seemed the only escape from being the only me I knew - a homosexual, or, as one of my relatives had crudely put it, a "faggot."

John's Story - healed by Love: "I attempted suicide in 1992 at the age of 29. Unlike my previous attempts, this time I succeeded: I was declared dead. But one nurse refused to give up, and I was revived. A doctor at the hospital convinced me that it was better to accept the homosexuality I had been fighting against than to kill myself. For the first time, I agreed: Better gay than dead. He got me to commit to get a cat or a dog so I would have one being in my life whose unconditional love I could believe in. When I was released from the hospital, I got a cat and named her Nevada. That's the day that I accepted that I was gay. I couldn't fight it any longer... As our relationship progressed, I found myself feeling sexually attracted to a woman for the first time in my life. We married in 1998, and now have a beautiful new baby. Finally, I am at peace with myself as a man. I am at peace in the world of men, grounded and connected. I have finally experienced unconditional love -- from my wife, my mother, my therapist, my "adopted" father and brothers and family.

Healthier, happier and heterosexual: "They didn't give you specifics, all they told you was if you have enough faith, you'll be healed," Hildebaugh says. "Force yourself to date women. Nothing ever worked. I got despondent. I attempted suicide." By Chambers' estimate, only 30 percent of those who seek to switch orientations succeed. Fifty percent abandon the program. The other 20 percent, he says, go back and forth. "I would say it's like [Alcoholics Anonymous]," Chambers says. "It's in the 30-percent range [that] find a great degree of healing and move into heterosexuality, single or married."

In Memory of Dave:  "Dave was a young man in college, a track star on a scholarship. Dave was not like the other men on the team as he rarely dated much. One day Dave told the team he was gay. About a month later after he went home for thanks giving dinner something happened with his family and before Christmas he killed himself..."

The documentation of the gay/bisexual male suicide problems - and of its etiology - begins in the nineteenth century as the result of Karl Ulrichs' work. - A short History of the Suicide Problem in Gay Communities (Europe/America)..Teenagers Are Committing Suicide Because They Are Gay. - The numbers on gay suicides leave the human story untold. - Gay Teen Suicide: Trying to understand some of the Real Causes? "This page is written for those who seek help from (and is also dedicated to) those who work in Teen Suicide Prevention. It is also in memory of those for whom the system has failed." - Reflections on the Suicide of a Circuit Partier. - Cult Leader Tried to Repress Homosexuality Before Group Suicide N/A:  "The Washington Post reports Marshall Herff Applewhite, who led 38 members of the Heaven's Gate UFO cult to join him in mass suicide, was deeply ashamed of his homosexuality and tried repeatedly to purge himself of same-sex desires."

Gay and Bisexual Male Youth Suicide Studies. - The Homosexuality Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem. - The social construction of male homosexuality, related suicide problems. (Update of the Paper) - The Great Taboo: Youth and Suicide. - A summary of Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results relating to GLB adolescent suicide problems (available as PDF Download): Seattle, Massachusetts, Vermont, Minnesota.. (Prepared by the Safe Schools Coalition of Washington, 1999). -  Kids and Suicide: A National Tragedy. - Sexual Orientation and Youth Suicide. - Dale O'Leary looks at suicide studies.

Summary of Peer Reviewed and non-peer reviewed Youth Risk Behavior Survey results. - Tabled Results of the studies that have explored male homosexuality-related suicidality. - Gay Youth at Risk. - Les jeunes hommes homosexuels ou bisexuels: parmi les plus à risque de suicide. - Summary of some GLB youth suicidality studies. - Multicultural Education and Queer Youth: "While queer victims of suicide are not able to speak on their own behalf, survivors exist to tell their own stories - and this is the basis for the few studies done on the problem of queer youth and suicide. ..research papers and articles about youth suicide problems have traditionally omitted sexual orientation issues." This is a costly oversight, as some have argued. In a letter published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, Linda Snelling writes: "If alleged experts on suicide prevention cannot include issues relevant to gay youth in their discussions of counseling strategies, I suggest that these youth are not only hated, but also at risk of being ignored to death by medical professionals. Denying the needs of these young people - or worse, ignoring their very existence - only confirms that we in the medical profession do not consider them important . . ."

Latin-American Queer Youth: - New Study on Gay Latinos Examines Effects of Oppression N/A - "Largely ignored by conventional studies and services... A new study... a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative study dealing with the issues of racism, suicide and abuse among gay Latinos... It was designed to study the impact of oppression... Approximately one-fifth of gay and bisexual Latino men reported thoughts of suicide at least once within the last six months... The study also found a high correlation between suicide and poverty. (More on the study: - Impact of Racism, Homophobia and Poverty on Suicidal Ideation among Latino Gay Men. (PDF version of study) - Role Model: Q&A with Pedro Romero N/A - "These kids are running away from their home or committing suicide. That’s why organizations to help Latino gay youth are so important... When you’re Latino, your not only facing homophobia, you're often facing racism. Also, most services are for gay white youth, they don’t think about Latinos." - Gay Latino Youth Relates His Experience To Help Others N/A - "Romero had experienced what thousand of other gay, lesbian and bisexual Latino youths go through. As members of an ethnic culture that has traditionally condemned homosexuality, not to mention the hatred and violence directed against gays by mainstream society, many of them turn to drugs, promiscuity and even suicide... 'In my second semester, I needed someone to talk to.' That is when he turned to the wrong friends, who offered him sex and drugs instead of a sympathetic ear." - Gay Latinos Carving out Their Own Niche at Pride Parades - "Moreno admits that every gay and lesbian faces these kinds of problems coming out. But he insists that for many Latinos the issues are magnified because of their culture." - The impact of homophobia, poverty, and racism on the mental health of gay and bisexual Latino men: findings from 3 US cities (Full Text Available): "The study showed high prevalence rates of psychologic symptoms of distress in the population of gay Latino men during the 6 months before the interview, including suicidal ideation (17% prevalence), anxiety (44%), and depressed mood (80%)." - Discrimination and Poverty Harm Mental Health of Gay Latinos.

The United Church of Christ Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns - Resolution Concerning the Prevention of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth Suicide as Adopted by the 1999 United Church of Christ General Synod. (Related Information) - Suicide and suicide prevention among gays and lesbians (First published in the Norwegian journal "Suicidologi" 1998, no. 3).

From the Australian Hunter Institute of Mental Health: An innovative mental health education program, servicing the Hunter Region and Northern New South Wales - Module 10: Gay and Lesbian Youth Suicide. - Module 10 available as PDF Download. Note: Information about anything related to GLBT issues are no more to be found at the website (2010).

Gay, Lesbian, and bisexual suicide research - by - Steven A. Safren, and Richard G. Heimberg (1999, Adapted from Safren, Steven A., Heimberg, Richard G. "Depression, hopelessness, suicidality and related factors in sexual minority and heterosexual adolescents,". Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 67, 859-866: PDF Download) - Suicide Attempts Among Gay and Bisexual Men: Lifetime Prevalence and Antecedents (PDF Download. PDF Download.) by Paul et al. (2002). - Youth suicide risk and sexual orientation by Rutter & Sucar (2002).

Poverty and Social Exclusion of Lesbians and Gay Men in Glasgow: (Qualitative and quantitative research with lesbians and gay men aged between 14 and 68 ) "30% of our sample of gay men had exchanged sex for money and/or shelter.  9% lesbians in our sample had exchanged sex for money or shelter. 21% people out of the overall respondents stated that their addiction to alcohol or other drugs was directly related to their feelings, or the feelings of others, towards their sexuality. 66% of overall respondents and a majority of interview participants in this study stated that they had experienced depression. Of those that had experienced depression, 71% stated that they connected this to their own or others feelings towards their sexuality. 47% of respondents directly connected their anxiety to their own or others feelings about their sexuality. 27% of respondents directly connected their self-harming to their own or others feelings towards their sexuality. 17% lesbians and gay men overall attempted suicide because of their feelings or others towards their sexuality."

Gay Suicide - the Untold story? - Research reveals high suicide rates among young gay and bisexual males. Poppy reviews the research, and asks whether bisexual men are in a distinct risk category that has not hitherto been identified. - Homosexual Students: A Group Particularly Vulnerable to Suicide. (Must register: Free) - Searching for a Way Out: Stopping Gay Teen Suicide.

Gay and Bisexual Male Youth Overrepresented in Suicide Problems and Associated Risk Factors. - Gay Teen Suicide: Trying to understand some of the Real Causes: "Realizing that I was attracted to the same sex gave me a feeling of insecurity and self-loathing. I felt that I had to hide. I feared rejection and from the way the people around me talked and the way they seemed to feel, my fear was justified. I was to be an outcast. It is that little part of me that I felt that if anyone knew about, they would simply and completely hate me. This feeling I was sure would be true for my friends and teachers, and especially true for my family. After all, what father wants a gay son. What "regular" guy wants his best friend to be a "faggot." What mother wants her only son to be a "fairy." ...At the same time, I still had to live within my own skin. And that was no easy task. Each day I realized that I was living a lie and that lie was eating me alive..."

Sexuality, Identity and Youth Suicide by John Fenaughty. Paper to be presented at the Queer in New Zealand Symposium, Massey University. Dec. 3 - 5, 1999. (Related Paper) - Homosexuality in Films: "No wonder our preconceptions about homosexuality are so different from reality. " In 30 years we've moved from suicide to homicide," says Ellen Carton, executive director of the New York Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) (Jetters, 1993, p. 87). - Le Suicide: Les adolescents gays et les jeunes lesbiennes se suicident 6 à 10 fois plus que les jeunes se sentant hétérosexuels. C'est ce que le professeur québécois Michel Dorais a indiqué à l'issue du colloque organisé sur ce sujet ce 17 juillet 2001 par l'Observatoire socio-épidémiologique du SIDA et des sexualités des Facultés Saint-Louis de Bruxelles (PDF Download N/A). - Autour du coming-out: Quand l’autre en soi grandit...Les difficultés à vivre l’homosexualité à l’adolescence. (Alternate Link)

Gageure, le journal du CAGE (Association des étudiant(e)s gai(e)s, Paris): - Dossier : Le suicide du jeune gai: "Le suicide du jeune gai, réalité ou mythe?" - L'école, lieu de déni et de souffrance pour les jeunes "pédés" N/A (Extrait de l'article de Pascale Kremer). - Suicide et jeunes homos, l'urgence d'une action!!! - Gais et lesbiennes suicide ACSM Montréal. - Coming Out: La galère des ados: Témoignages: "Depuis que la visibilité a gagné la rue et que la tolérance vis-à-vis des homos a grimpé dans les sondages, une croyance tenace a aussi envahi les esprits: celle qui consiste à penser qu’il est beaucoup plus facile pour les jeunes, aujourd’hui, de faire leur coming out. Il n’en est rien..." - Certains pros de la santé ne savent rien des homos.

Gay Male and Lesbian Youth Suicide by Paul Gibson (1989): (PDF Download) - Point Summary. - GLBT Youth Suicide by Warren J. Blumenfeld & Laurie Lindop (1994. Alternate Link). - The Role of Sexual Identity in Suicide - Who is killing whom? (PFLAG) Issue Paper  Respect All Youth Project  by Ann Thompson Cook 1991 (Alternate Link, Must Scroll). - Internalized homophobia as related to suicide problems did not always exist (Alternate Link). - Homosexuality, violence, and suicidality in American prisons. - Prison rape is a gay issue, no joke.

Coming Out, relationship to gay/bisexual male suicide problems, and the use/misuse of such information (Must scroll to locate information). - Suicide Watch: "It's because of internalized homophobia, sexual-identity issues, and isolation. These kids don't dare open up to anyone. They may think it's acceptable in society to come out, but it's not safe. Then they get into despair, and gay teen depression is lethal."

Researchers study sexual orientation and suicide: Remafedi et al. 1998 study (News Release from UMN.): (Related Study: Links to Free Full Text.). - Gay male youth seven times more likely to report suicide attempts than heterosexual peers, University of  Minnesota study shows. - New Gay Youth Suicide Study - Overwhelming Numbers.

Teen-aged and Gay: the tough life! "Many believe, says Woog, that by coming out in school, or even being perceived as being gay, they will commit social suicide." - Problems in prison and a related suicide. - "Woe to any child in these heated days who gets branded gay or lesbian": The case of an abused gay cheerleader who attempted suicide is noted. - Gay Teen's Letter to Ann Landers Focuses Attention on Suicide, Homophobia. When Karen Harbeck was 27, she used to receive a phone call from her mother at 3 a.m. day after day, saying, "Commit suicide. I have cancer because you are a lesbian." (Note Karen Harbeck is the editor of "Coming Out of the Classroom Closet: Gay and Lesbian Students, Teachers, and Curricula.")

Suicide and Depression Among High School Age Gay and Lesbian Youth: "Particularly in communities of color," said Toma, "the family is seen as a threat (around issues of sexuality and gender identification) and not as a potential support."  Two years ago Horizons opened a South Side facility specifically targeting African-American males. - From the OutProud Coming Out file N/A: Matthew plans a suicide. Ryan attempted suicide twice for reasons related to hostile environment. (Must access stories via search page.)

North American GLB youth of colour may be at greater risk for suicide than their white counterpart. (American 2002 Study: African American MSM more at risk (Full Text. Full Text. PDF Download.) - "Suicidal behavior and gay-related stress among gay and bisexual male adolescents" - a study of predominantly Black and Hispanic GLB youth: Suicide attempt incidence - 39% (Full Text. Full Text).

The PFLAG Teen Suicide Fact Sheet. (Contains study-related information to 1991. Needs updating.) N/A (Archive Link) (Alternate Link) -  PFLAG Issue Paper on GLB Youth Suicide.

Within the Baha'i faith in the United States: - A group of homosexually oriented members present some recommendations to the group: "Our devotions on Sunday morning included the naming of the many people we once knew who had passed on due to suicide or complications from AIDS..."

Kurt Cobain's suicide note. Cobain self-identified as bisexual and, during adolescence, he would write "God is Gay!" on parked cars.  (The Dark Side of Kurt Cobain). Pfaff, the female bassist in Cobain's wife (Courtney Love's) rock group, Hole, also committed suicide. She  identified as bisexual and they both had been an intimate part of a human collective which strongly denied that bisexuality existed. Both were therefore constantly reminded that they "should not exist," and Courtney Love was in the category of. vehemently denying that bisexuality existed. (Cobain-Related Information) - The Suicide of Kurt Cobain: Bi, Biphobia & The Binary.

A preacher's son (David Kyle): From a first suicide attempt at age 9 to a life of youth prostitution (with more suicide attempts) to becoming a Christian Minister.

Suicide in Little Rock: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Prints Names of Men Arrested in Park Sting Sex Arrests Reveal Double Standard in Newspaper's Reporting. - Arkansas paper covers up suicide.Related 1998 GLAAD Alerts: Then click on 02.27.98 &: 02.20.98(21K, 3/22/98).

Pilot's suicide: a casualty of "Don't ask, don't tell"?  Exposure in the Military May Have Triggered Closet-Anxiety.

Meeting an American gay male who had attempted suicide. - Teens report on GLB friends who have attempted suicide N/A. - Exclusion may lead to suicide N/A. - HBO to Air Film on Suicidal Gay Teen (Aug 1998) (Alternate Link, Must Scroll).

Not only white gay males youth commit suicide: a love story. - Child of 10% by Alex Hoa. - News Item (1995) N/A:  "Companions will stage a national conference next March entitled "Emerging gay identities in Sri Lanka" with hopes of formulating a national gay agenda.'Often Sri Lankan homosexuals have committed suicide because they had no support from their families, from their community and from the state,' de Rose said. 'We want to change that attitude.'"

South Asian Atlantans Feel Burden of Model Minority Myth (2002): "Career choice isn't the only land mine within the community. Marrying outside the ethnic circle and being homosexual both clearly fall outside acceptable behavior. Aditya Kar, a native of India who now lives in Atlanta, is gay. When he returned home to tell his father this, he literally didn't have the words to break the news. "I was talking in Bengali to my father when I had to use the word 'gay,' but there's no equivalent word in Bengali to get the full meaning," he says. "I had to use the three exact words in English: 'I am gay.' " Kar, 36, says he once contemplated suicide because he thought something was wrong with him. His story was featured in a documentary about gay South Asians, "For Straights Only," by Atlanta filmmaker Vismita Gupta-Smith. "If I had seen one South Asian face in my childhood or teenage [years] who said, 'I'm South Asian and I'm gay and it's OK,' I would not have thought of ending my life and probably used it in a more productive way," Kar says.

The 1995 Seattle Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data  reveals that suicidal problems are elevated for adolescents (not self-identifying as gay or bisexual) who are assumed to be homosexual and are abused accordingly.

Suicides Among of Gay and Lesbian Youth. - The Genocide of Gay Youth. - Food for Thought: Teenagers Are Committing Suicide Because They Are Gay.

SIEC (Suicide Information & Education Centre) Alert: Suicide Among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth. - Befrienders International: - Homosexuality - Related Links. - Youth Suicide Prevention Programs: Minority Groups.

1,953 GLBT youth respond to 1997 Internet survey. Suicide attempt incidence of 22% and more than half the attempters (62%) are repeat attempters averaging 2.7 suicide attempts. 37% attempted suicide 3 or more times. Mean age of first suicide attempt: 14.1 years.  (Survey Questions & Report Download Page) - The 2000 Survey Results Preview (suicide related questions asked, related results not given.

Summary of risk factors associated to suicide attempts and ideation for 255 homosexual/bisexual men and women seeking counseling services. Mean age of first suicide attempt: 12 years of age; suicide attempt rate 41%; almost 33% attempted suicide 3 or more times (University of Texas-Houston, School of Public Health).

Under the title "The Seattle Times - Today's Top Stories National News" May, 1977: Statistics on gay suicides are baseless, researchers say. (Alternate Link) - Supplementary article: Error about gay-teen suicides is widely repeated. - A GLAAD Alert: Gay youth suicide statistic under fire N/A. - Debunking the myth of gay youth suicide by Peter LaBarbera. (Related Google Search) -  Under the concept of  'Insight': Gay Youth Suicide: Myth is used to promote homosexual agenda by Peter LaBarbera. - Presenting the idea that the gay suicide problem is a myth.- Risk of gay youth suicide: justified or exaggerated? - On the use of GLB Suicide Behavior Statistics and their Uses: "I would encourage people not to continue making claims based on the DHHS report." - Homosexual Urban Legend: 30% Of Teen Suicide Victims Are Homosexuals.

Author Camille Paglia "suspicious" of gay teen suicide statistics (Not Available from Washington Blade). - Paglia Article. (Paglia Quoted) (Related Information: Lesbian Columnist Slams Gay Youth Group N/A. - The Real Story Behind Gay Teen Suicide Risks. - Expository Magazine, 1(3): Variations in Diversity of Youth Suicide: Are Lesbians at High Risk of Completed Suicide?

Internet Survey: Data collected in this survey will be used in a Master's level study of factors contributing to a higher suicide rate among gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals - Results now available N/A. 44% of suicide attempts occurred before age 20, meaning that more than half of suicide attempts occurred in adulthood. Average age = 31.

Bibliographies: - Suicidality Bibliography. - Bibliography: The Homosexuality Factor in Youth Suicide Problems. - Articles Relating to Suicide by GLB Youth: 5 population-based studies, and 4 studies on uniquely GLB youth samples. - Referenced: Social factors may make gay men suicidal. - GLBT Suicidality Studies. - GLB suicide related citations are from an essay in "Coming out of the Classroom Closet," ed. Karen M. Harbeck.  New York, Harrington Park Press, 1992, also as special issues of the Journal of Homosexuality, Vol. 22, No. 3/4, 1991. - 10 LGBT Teen Novels that Tackle Teen Suicide & Bullying (2010).

Books: - Death By Denial: Studies of Suicide In Gay And Lesbian Teenagers - 1994 - edited by Gary Remafedi (Related Information) - Prayers for Bobby: A Mother's Coming to Terms with the Suicide of Her Gay Son - 1996 - by Leroy Aarons (Amazon.com Reference)  -  The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem - 1993, 1994 - by Pierre Tremblay (Sections available on the Internet). - Friends and Family:  True Stories of Gay America's Straight Allies - 1999 - by Dan Woog. EMail from Woog: " I want you to know that my new book -- [It} contains several chapters on youth suicide. The first chapter is on Robbie Kirkland; the last is on Gabi Clayton, and there is another on Robin Reed (actually, the focus is on their mothers, and all they have done to prevent any more similar tragedies from occurring). Several other chapters also touch on gay youth who tried to commit suicide -- and those attempts galvanized their parents into action. (The Dan Woog Site)  - I Thought People Like That Killed Themselves: Lesbians, Gay Men, And Suicide - 1983 - by Eric C. Rofes (Related Information in Suicide Part Three: The Grown Ups by Lori Weiner). - Book Availability.

Mort ou Fif: Contexte et mobiles de tentatives de suicide chez les adolescents et jeunes hommes homosexuels ou identifiés comme tels. Excerpts: Nicolas était depuis des années la cible de propos blessants et homophobes... - Les adolescents homosexuels: profils et scénarios: Deux profils. - Dans « Mort ou fif » (« fif » est l'équivalent de « pédé » en québécois), après avoir recueilli des témoignages de jeunes homosexuels qui parlent de leurs tentatives de suicide, le chercheur québécois Michel Dorais analyse le motif et le contexte de ces actes de désespoir. - Homsexualité et Suicide: Michel Dorais: Mort ou fif: La face cachée du suicide chez les garçons. - État de la question et pistes de prévention: Synthèse de la journée d’étude organisée le 17 juillet 2001 (PDF Download) (Related Information): Les jeunes gays et le suicide, Michel Dorais. - Mort ou fif (Must Scroll): "Tous les jeunes qui découvrent leur homosexualité ne font pas une tentative de suicide. Mais cette circonstance multiplie par 16 le risque de passage à l’acte. Il n’y a rien d’étonnant à cela, tant la stigmatisation sociale est encore forte concernant cette orientation sexuelle. Chaque année, des dizaines de jeunes continuent de mourir parce qu’ils se croient seuls au monde ou monstrueux et sont victimes de l’intolérance, de l’incompréhension et, pour tout dire, de la bêtise de leurs contemporains..."

Le suicide révèle la souffrance singulière des jeunes homosexuels (Alternate Link): "Les résultats préliminaires du travail de Marc Shelly, médecin de santé publique et responsable du centre de dépistage anonyme et gratuit de l’hôpital parisien Fernand-Widal, font apparaître que, "toutes choses égales par ailleurs" ­ âge, lieu de résidence, niveau d’études, catégorie socioprofessionnelle, structure familiale parentale, modes de vie (couple ou célibat) ­, les jeunes homosexuels ont treize fois plus de risque de faire une tentative de suicide que les jeunes hétérosexuels. Ces résultats confirment les chiffres issus des études américaines, canadiennes et australiennes : elles aboutissent, chez les homosexuels, à des chiffres de "sursuicidalité" variant de six à treize." - Prévention du suicide et pratiques de réseaux-congrès international-Liège du 18 au22/11/2002 (PDF): " Les résultats obtenus : • confirment la sursuicidalité des HSH (30% ; p<0.05 ; 6 fois supérieure à celle des hommes hétérosexuels..." - Suicide des jeunes : premiers chiffres français. - Péril suicidaire chez les jeunes homos: Une enquête indépendante révèle qu’un homo ou bisexuel homme a treize fois plus de risques de faire une tentative de suicide qu’un hétérosexuel. Extrait de l’article paru dans liberation.fr. - Le Mal-être Des Jeunes Homos [enquête] (2009): Un tiers des jeunes homos de 14 à 21 ans disent avoir été victimes d'actes homophobes, la moitié rencontrent des difficultés à assumer leur homosexualité, 1 sur 5 a fait une tentative de suicide : ce sont les principaux enseignements de l'enquête du MAG.

Suicide et dépression chez les adolescents homosexuels, l'urgence d'une action!!! -  Le suicide qui n’ose pas dire son nom: "Le livre Homosexualité & suicide, au travers d’études et de 13 témoignages, propose une explication du taux de suicide apparemment plus élevé chez les gays et lesbiennes et particulièrement les jeunes... Je cite un paragraphe du livre qui résume les principaux facteurs à risque pour le jeune gay : « on s’aperçoit que les risques suicidaires les plus élevés sont, soit associés à un vécu persécutif de la part de membres de la famille, de pairs, ou de professionnels référents ; soit à une difficulté extrême à traverser la prise de conscience et / ou la révélation de l’homosexualité ; soit enfin à une incapacité à vivre l’un de ses premiers amours, à un rejet de sa part ou à une rupture amoureuse.." - Tentatives de suicide à l’adolescence: souffrance singulière et mal-être social: "Les jeunes face à l’homophobie" par Eric Verdier, Coauteur de Homosexualité et suicide (p. 14-16. PDF Download) -  Suicide Mortelle homophobie: Entretien réalisé par Dany Stive: Éric Verdier et Jean-Marie Firdion, Homosexualités et Suicide (Alternate Link). - Contribution d’Eric Verdier À L’amphi 2005. - Une recherche action d’Éric Verdier: Préférence sexuelle, niveau social, origine ethnique : la discrimination conduit à la prise de risque...

On August 11, The Trevor Project launched The Trevor Helpline, the first round-the-clock national toll-free suicide hotline for gay and questioning youth. It's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Teens with nowhere to turn can call 1-866-4-U-TREVOR. - Gay and Lesbian Helpline (1-888) 340-4528: The national toll-free Gay and Lesbian Helpline is operated by Fenway Community Health Center in Boston. It provides free confidential information, referrals, crisis intervention, and support to callers seven evenings a week. Typical topics include safer sex and coming out. Typical topics include safer sex and coming out. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Helpline - 617-267-9001 - Toll-free 888-340-4528. - Peer Listening Line 1-617-267-2535. Toll-free 1-800-399-PEER (1-800-399-7337)USA: Suicide & Crisis Lines

Kids Help Phone, Canada: 1-800-668-6868 - The Youth Line is a phone line for youth in Ontario, Canada: You are not alone! You can call the Lesbian Gay Bi Youth Line at 1-800-268-YOUTH (1-800-268-9688) across Ontario, or (416) 962-YOUTH (962-9688) in the 416/905 local calling area.

Help Lines in United Kingdom: PDF Download. Google Cache Copy.

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