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Responses to The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem:

Dr. Gary Remafedi, University of Minnesota:

"Existing evidence points to an inordinate risk of suicide facing homosexual and bisexual youth. In his manuscript, ... Mr. Tremblay has undertaken a thorough review of the scientific literature and synthesized the data in a highly creative and thoughtful manner. The manuscript is valuable reading for anyone seriously interested in the subject." (July 7, 1994.)

Gweneth J, Gowanlock, former Director, Mental Health Division, Health Canada:
"I agree that Canadians generally (including Departmental Staff) should be better informed about sexual orientation and its relevance to mental and physical health issues. Your document will be a useful resource for the staff of my Division." (July 19, 1994)

From the Foreword by Richard Ramsay, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary:

"All of us in the professions of education, medicine, psychology, and social work must increase our efforts to include suicide prevention as a necessary component of professional preparation, and those of us with a special interest in suicide prevention must increase our efforts to present the growing evidence pointing to gay and lesbian youth as a particularly vulnerable population." (July 29, 1994.) As a result of Mr. Tremblay's work, he made sure that, for the first time, a section on gay and lesbian people would be written in the revised edition of Suicide in Canada (1994).

From "Tackling the issue of homosexuality at school" by Alanna Mitchell, The Globe and Mail (Canada's national newspaper), June 23, 1995:

"The second edition [of the book completed in November, 1994] has been distributed over the past few months to politicians, educators and reporters. It was also tabled in the provincial legislature by Liberal MLA Gary Dickson."

Mr. Tremblay is described to have "faced much opposition." He "tackled two of society's most taboo subjects - homosexual youth and suicide - and forced people to address them by sheer barbed-wire persistence."

Tremblay is quoted: "If I am going to do this work, this is the worst province to do it in, but it's the one that needs it the most." Alberta is often described as Canada's most "redneck" province, equivalent to America's most homophobic "Biblebelt" states. If positive changes could occur in Alberta, the same is possible anywhere in North America.

A summary of Mr. Tremblay's subsequent research work with Dr. Christopher Bagley, an international expert on suicide and child sexual abuse, was supplied to experts in the field in the article "The Struggle for Homosexual Identity: A Major Factor in Suicidal behaviors in Youth," authored by Bagley & Tremblay. It appeared in News Link, 22(2), Summer 1996, an official publication of the American Association of Suicidology.

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