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Biography of Pierre J. Tremblay- researcher and author of The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem and related works.

- Seven years of university education in several disciplines. Was a public school teacher for five years and also was a senior exploration geologist. Has the equivalent of at least 15 years of university education, specializing in some knowledge fields still not being taught in most universities, such as gay and lesbian youth studies.

- Wrote first investigative report revealing that nothing was being done to help GLB youth in Calgary by all professionals involved in youth problem prevention fields. The two-part article was published in the July and August 1991 issues of The Alberta Gay and Lesbian Press magazine and it is reproduced in "The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide problem."

-Authored the first Alberta report about the GLB youth situation in November, 1991. "Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Need Our Help" (52 pages) was addressed to the Alberta Minister of Education, Jim Dinning. The report included the first Advocate feature article on the gay and lesbian youth suicide problem published in September, 1991. It was reproduced by permission from the Advocate.

- Wrote a 13-page supplement to "Gay and Lesbian Youth Need Our Help" in August, 1993. It addressed the drug and alcohol abuse problem for GLB youth, and their relationship to suicidal problems. As a result of his ongoing educational work, the first official meeting occurs between an individual concerned about GLB youth problems and an official from Alberta Education. The meeting was requested by the Minister of Education and occurred in September, 1993. Related meetings occurred througout the following year.

- Completed the first edition of "The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem in January, 1994. It is presented to the Alberta Minister of Education. The Calgary Board of Education makes copies for all school trustees and superintendents. An individual from the Calgary Board of Education is officially designated to address GLB issues brought to the Board's attention. All documents available about GLB youth issues are made available to the Calgary Board of Education.

- Richard Ramsay, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary, and member of National Task Force on Suicide, was presented with the work on the GLB youth suicide problem. He intervened in the writing of the Update of Health Canada's official publication on suicide which was to remain silent about the GLB factor in suicide problems. The document, Suicide in Canada, now contains a section on the subject. Unfortunately, only some mainstream suicidologists have begun to educate themselves about the reality being brought to their attention. As a rule, homosexuality issues are either ignored or avoided in mainstream research work related to human problems, especially youth problems.

- First meeting with Dr. Gary Sanders (Director Sexuality Program, University of Calgary) and Dr. Joel Fagan (President of Alberta Pediatric Society) in June, 1994, leading to the formation of Multidisciplinary Group in October, 1994. The purpose of this group has been to begin having GLB youth issues addressed in Calgary, and throughout Alberta.

- Completed the second edition of book in November, 1994. Distribution began in January, 1995. It was tabled in the Alberta Legislature in April, 1995. Press release in the spring of 1995, with national reporting occurring in June, 1995. The non-profit sale of the book will now be made via the Internet. Proceeds, wherever sold, are to be used for GLB youth educational endeavors.

Authored and presented the 33-page paper, The Homosexuality Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem, at the Sixth Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention in Banff, Alberta, on October 14, 1995. - Invited to become associate researcher with Dr. Chris Bagley, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary, leading to the co-authorship of three papers by the summer of 1996. Two additioonal papers may be written. The original study from which the "homosexuality" data was obtained and analysed for these papers was funded by Grant # 498-89-0020 from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The two papers at this website were tabled in the Alberta Legislature in August, 1996. Concurrent work has been done to improve the understanding of how "child sexual abuse" relates to youth suicidality problems, in the light of homosexuality being a factor. Many misinterpretations exist in the "child sexual abuse" field as the result of apparently flawed research which has been "politically" motivated.

-Presently working on a factor related to suicide which has probably never been recognized by suicidologists. A preliminary analysis of "the factor" will soon be distributed locally for feedback. This endeavor began soon after a five-page suicide note was obtained and studied in the light of information acquired since 1993 on youth populations known to be at very high risk for serious problems, including suicide. The suicide note was written by a Calgary male youth who committed suicide in 1994. Maybe, someone, somewhere in the world, will benefit by having this information. The first stage of the "understanding" work was completed by mid-1997 and is available to all who wish to venture into the unknown. See: Part 1 & Part 2.

- From 1993 to 1996, additional educational work consisted of the acquisition and distribution of papers and articles about GLB youth, as these became available. Many educational letters were written to politicians and school officials. By the spring of 1996, a two-part educational package totalling more than 300 pages had been made available to about 40 Roman Catholic senior and junior high schools in Calgary. Working to have issues adddressed within public schools was left up to all other members of the multidisciplinary group who thought it impossible to have GLB issues addressed in the Catholic school system. As of the fall of 1996, an education package had not yet been made available in the Calgary Board of Education junior and senior high schools. It was the Calgary Roman Catholic Schools who had the first in-service related to GLB youth issues.

More has been done since then.

Email:   Pierre Tremblay: ----- pierre@youth-suicide.com ----- (403) 245-8827
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