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The Earth Is not Flat? Most Men Say  they are 100% heterosexual?
What Is  "The Heterosexuality"  These Men Claim To Have?
Was "IT" Learned? Could they be bisexual or maybe...?
How large is the male homosexual/bisexual closet?

(Second Part. First Part)

1. Links To Internet Articles Reporting The Adams et al. (1996) Study Results.

  Public Communication by the APA: New Study Links Homophobia with Homosexual Arousal. (Alternate Link)

  From the APA Magazine, Monitor (October, 1996): Study looks at urges of homophobic men. (Alternate links: 1, 2)

  From Self-Help & Psychology: New Study Links Homophobia with Homosexual arousal.

  Psychiatric News: Repressed homosexuality could be root of homophobia.

  Psychological Perspective: Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal?  Yes...

  Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal? .."It has long been held that, deep down, homophobes are really self-hating homosexuals.

  Liberated Christians: Heterosexual men who say they hate gays are likely to have homosexual leanings themselves...

  A section in a web page on homophobia: University Study of Homophobia

  The Other Victim: A psychological profile by Sagebrush N/A.

  Penile Turgidity and Homosexuality: The Long and Short of it. Caveats for the Adams et al. 1996 study, and proposal for future research which would it make possible to arrive at more firm/valid conclusions.

  The Urge to Kill: Are bashers killing the gay part of themselves when they attack gay men?. - by Mubarak Dahir (The Advocate, Spetember 12, 2000).

Links to Internet Articles Reporting/Reacting to the Adams et al. (1996) Study Results.

  Protesting Too Largely: Erotic science proves Christ right.

  Bigots are Buggers.

  From OUTRAGE! Antigay MPs challenged to take the 'test'Robert Mugabe challenged to 'take the test'.

2. An Internet page containing many of Freud's concept. One page sypplying the basics of the role "homosexuality" occupies in male psychology. The idea that homosexuality was more primary in the male psyche than heterosexuality, with implications such as homophobia development (a socially learned/induced attribute), is outlined in the 1993 paper, The Freudian construction of sexuality: the gay foundations of heterosexuality and straight homophobia by E. de Kuyper (Journal of Homosexuality, 24(3/4), 137-44). A PubMed "abstract" link.

3. A Thesis Proposal Setting Out to Explore Some of the Adams et al. 1996 Study Results/Problems N/A.

  From California State University, Ted Rassieur's Master's Thesis Proposal containing a major discussion of the Adams et al. 1996 results, and related interpretation Problems. (Not Available)

  Ted Rassieur's  Index Page noting his thesis proposal problems. A secondary Index Page with links to related information. (Not Available)

   An Update (To be written). Thesis Abstract.
  The Dissertation: Homosexual arousal of homophobic men: Latent homoerotic thoughts or anxiety-induced arousal? by Rassieur, Theodore Charles, M.A., California State University, Long Beach, 2000, 69 pages. Dissertation available at UMI: ProQuest Digital Dissertations.

Abstract: The leading explanation for homophobia postulates that homophobia stems from personal discomfort with intrapsychic, homoerotic thoughts repressed in the subconscious. Experimental evidence indicates people become schematic for repressed thoughts. The current study sought to identify differences in heterosexual, homophobic, and nonhomophobic men based on the strength of schemas for homoerotic thoughts. Differences in schema strength were assessed with a decision-making task requiring categorization of neutral, stressful, and sexual pictures. Planned comparisons of priming effects did not reveal the hypothesized differences; however, posthoc differences in information processing were found between 20 homophobic and 20 nonhomophobic men. Homophobic men did poorly at categorizing the neutral and homosexual sex pictures in spite of bias in the study against finding these results. The results illustrated suppression of homoerotic information by homophobic men and complimented an explanation of homophobia as based on repressed homoerotic thoughts. (Typed from dissertation.)

Excerpt from the dissertation (pp. 43-49):

Theoretical Nature of Homophobia

The anxiety theory has application as a secondary explanation for homosexual arousal of homophobic men. This theory, however, does not explain other behaviors observed in homophobic men, including the attribution of lesbians and gay men in particular to have all varieties of negative attributes, or their willingness to approach gay men with the purpose of violence instead of avoiding them. This study also did not find any evidence supporting the anxiety theory because the anxiety induced in the participants did not interfere with categorizing the pictures. If the anxiety theory is to be taken seriously, more substantial and consistent data need to be presented. Otherwise, its viability remains questionable.

The repressed-thoughts theory, on the other hand, not only explains the homosexual arousal of the homophobic men in the Adams et al. (1996) study, but also is accepted widely as an explanation for many kinds of homophobic behavior. As one example of many, Harper (1992) described homophobic activity as an attempt to externalize homosexual tendency. The popularity of this psychodynamic theory endures in spite of almost no direct experimental data to support it. The current study, in addition to the Adams et al., study makes a start at establishing an experimental basis for this compelling theory.  Respectively, these studies present evidence of the denial of homophobic male participants that they were processing homoerotic information and the sexual arousal of homophobic men while viewing male homosexual sex. Together, these studies support the validity of the clinical model of homophobia, yet underscore the unlikelihood of a one-size-fits-all model of homophobia.

For understanding homophobia that is based on repression of unwanted homoerotic thoughts, additional data are needed. For instance, Morin and Garfinkle (1978) discussed two kinds of homophobia. For one kind, the homophobic person fears his or her own homosexual impulses. The fear is then projected onto those who express homosexual impulses. The second kind of homophobia is based on a person’s discomfort with his or her own sexuality. The person projects his or her discomforts onto people who express sexuality, including homosexuals who are stereotyped as being hypersexual. The current study could be interpreted as supporting both theories. On one hand, the homophobic men did much better at categorizing the heterosexual pictures than the homosexual sex pictures (indicating fear of homosexual impulses), yet did not do as well as the nonhomophobic men categorizing the heterosexual pictures (indicating fear of sexuality).

Just as not all the homophobic men in the Adams et al. (1996) study were aroused by the gay sex video, nor did all of the homophobic men in the current study do poorly at categorizing the male homosexual sex pictures incorrectly. Thus, repressed homoerotic thoughts are not necessarily at the root of all homophobia. Indeed, between the Adams et al. study and the current study, the most robust cognitive feature of homophobia is denial - denial of sexual arousal in the Adam et al. study, and denial of the picture content in this study. Although denial fits in nicely with psychodynamic explanations of homophobia, it describes a different mental process for dealing with homoerotic information than the latent thoughts theory suggests. A person is not consciously aware of latent or repressed information. Both the Adams et al. study and this study may have presented stimuli so strong as to overwhelm the usual mechanism of repression. Participating in these experiments would have required conscious-level awareness of the homoerotic information, in which case suppression, not repression, would have to be employed to eliminate the unwanted thoughts from consciousness. The latent thoughts theory really describes a mental state of a homophobic person in a neutral environment. The experiments upset this quiescence. For the study of homophobia, it may be more helpful to have less explicit stimuli for examining repressed thoughts. Repressed or latent thoughts will likely remain as a staple for explaining homophobia, but it will not likely remain as the sole component...

As this study affirms a latent thoughts explanation of homophobia, there are implications for gay men and lesbians. A gay person would likely have more homosexual ideation than a heterosexual person, regardless of homophobia. For this reason, a homophobic gay person who has not accepted his or her sexual orientation certainly has a much greater task at repressing homoerotic thoughts than a homophobic heterosexual man. Since gays and lesbians may have more to repress, they could be expected to have the most pronounced homophobia. It is not clear from available data whether gays and lesbians comprise any portion of the perpetrators of hate crimes against gays and lesbians. A longitudinal study of homophobia could shed light on this corollary of the latent thoughts theory.

As much as this study affirms the latent thoughts theory, certain parallels between homophobia and racism may be commented on. The results may help describe the cognitive style used by people with prejudicial stereotypes. From the writings of Frederic Douglas who wrote of his experiences as a slave, Harper (1992) concluded that dominant groups attribute their own bad qualities to the dominated group. Allport (1979) explained by example that the thought, “Negroes prefer to live together” (p. 272), is really the prejudiced person projecting the personal desire, “I prefer to live with whites . . . “(p. 272). For homophobic people, who tend to be more traditional in their sex roles and have more sex guilt, stereotyping gays as hypersexual fits this pattern illustrated by Allport. With repression of unwanted homoerotic thoughts as a likely basis for homophobia, additional antecedents for prejudicial statements about gays and lesbians can be surmised. “Gays are hypersexual” could correspond with “I have homosexual desires I do not want” “Gays tend to molest children” could have the antecedent, “I have sexual interest in children.” “Gays recruit new members through seduction” could have the antecedent, “I feel at risk for being seduced by a gay person.” Along the same line, Kantor (1998) asserted from his clinical experience that declaring gays and lesbians sinners is essentially a self-referential statement about the homophobic person’s own sexual guilt...

4. By the 1940s, some psychiatrists were actively working to invalidate Freud's bisexuality theory. Doing this then set the stage for the highly homophobic psychiatric decree that all homosexuals are mentally disordered and should therefore be cured. The decree, however, could not have been possible for as long as the Freudian belief in the bisexuality of humans was in existence because psychiatrists would have then been guilty of pathological "projection," much like the "projection" pathological murderers of gay people are manifesting when their homosexual desires are recognized. A major contributor to the idea that "bisexuality does not exist" was the psychiatrist, Judd Marmor, via a 1980 book he edited: Homosexual Behavior: A Modern Reappraisal.  Marmor was a friend of gay and lesbian people during the infamous APA debates which led to the removal of "homosexuality" from the list of mental disorder located in their bible known as the DSM- (at No. IV), but people can certainly be used when an agenda exist.  Gay/lesbian-identified people therefore began to intensify their anti-bisexual number (denial that bisexuality existed, combined with the abuse of all claiming to be bisexual) to the great joy of all psychiatrists (and psychologists) who had much to lose if bisexuality existed, and everything to lose (such as an inherent "pathological" diagnosis for the profession) if Freud's "bisexuality" determination for humans was essentially correct. It was therefore important for mental health professionals (especially psychiatrists) to confront all clients who were claiming to be bisexual and make them become what these therapists believed they should/must be. This abuse of bisexual people in therapy is being documented and I also encountered the problem in Calgary in 1994-5 in the form of a gay-identified psychiatrist who told a group of about 30 individuals concerned about the welfare of gay and lesbian youth that, in the therapeutic environment he supplied to clients, bisexuality had a non-existent status (e.g.I never had a bisexual client...Can a therapist help you if she [he] believes you don't exist: http://www.anythingthatmoves.com/client.html N/A  What were therapists doing before 1974 when they were apparently 'helping' homosexual clients with their belief that homosexuals should not exist?).  More damning, however, was that this "family therapy" psychiatrist was widely recommended by Calgary's family physicians for their clients who had "sexual orientation" issues; this would not be advisable given that about 50% of Calgary's homosexually oriented young men identify as bisexual (Bagley and Tremblay, 1998). This psychiatrist was also inherently using his university teaching status to advance his "political" and highly harmful  agenda. (To be continued.)

5. Highly homophobic anti-homosexuality males (commonly associated with fundamentalist Christian groups who believe that homosexuality can be cured) often report having been homosexually active with a man during childhood or more commonly during adolescence, and that the experience(s) had been enjoyable. Tom Crites, a leader of the opposition to teaching anything positive about homosexuality in the Calgary Board of Education, is in this category; he also believes that homosexuality can be cured as he claimed for himself. Church-based individuals who have been encountering "male homosexuality" in their ranks (and reporting on this special sample) have been emphasizing the relationship of "male homosexuality and a history of child sexual abuse."

At this point in the investigation, given the presented evidence related to the projection / repression concept, it could have been postulated that a nest of men desiring to have sex with boys should exist in homonegative religious groups who also make it possible for these men to have access to boys and use them as they may wish; this may include having access to the visual stimuli to be then used as "fantasy" while masturbating, thus revealing their true sexual desires. Not long ago, it would have been difficult to prove this, but recent reports related to "child sexual abuse" in many churches have led to numerous television reports on the subject, including the major television documentary Sin of the Fathers. The documentary focused on child sexual abuse in the traditionally (but not always) anti-homosexuality Roman Catholic Church which has been targeted with 40 to 60 percent "homosexual orientations" estimates for priests. Their homosexuality ranges from attractions to older males and similar-age males, to desiring younger males, including adolescents, and homosexual pedophiles who sexually desire pre-puberty boys. Other priest would have  "heterosexual desires" in similar categories.

On the internet, related articles have also become available such as A Safe Heaven for Pedophiles; it begins with: "What you're about to read will probably be upsetting to most of you. As you read through the newspaper article references provided in this series, keep in mind that these people aren't NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) members; they're not vague "Satanists," Mafia kingpins, or heroin addicts. They're Christian Clergy of all brand names. They're the priests, ministers, preachers, and religious "leaders" of our communities. They're the same moral "leaders" who scream from their pulpits about the "evils of homosexuality" and the "sin of fornication." They're the same "leaders" who demand all men (they rarely mention women) need "redemption" that "only the good lord Jesus Christ!" can provide." Although some of the information presented in the article is incorrect, the above quotation decently represents the "sexual use/abuse of male/female children and adolescents" reality  in Christian Churches. The title of the paper, Religious right are the real Sodomites (http://www.daily.iastate.edu/volumes/Fall95/Sept-26-95/in_my_view.html) may therefore have a correct "first impression" meaning.

The nature of many homosexually oriented adult males seeking cures for their homosexual desires (possibly being currently acted on) has also become known, as reported in Sexual Abuse and Homosexuality: "Studies by organizations which minister to people desiring to leave homosexuality show that a very high percentage of people struggling with homosexual feelings have experienced some sexual abuse during their childhood and adolescent years." Although I did not venture into exploring/explaining the role "child sexual abuse" has had in gay/bisexual male youth suicide problems in The Gay, lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem, the following quotation renders an important concepts encountered in my venture into the sexual use/abuse of boys (children & adolescents) by men:

The sexual abuse of boys is a very "sensitive" topic in our society, and the myth has been that gay males sexually abuse boys. A major Calgary Herald article on the subject (Hidden by Shame, April 4, 1993, pp. B-1, 2) emphasized that, "[c]ontrary to widespread belief, boys are not generally attacked by uneducated, homosexual men. Abusers come from all walks of life. And most [+99%, according to a 1994 Colorado study (69)] {References are listed below this quoted section, with a note related to the "99%" result.} are heterosexual." The myth, however, still propagated by many 'Christian' right wing people and others, only benefits the heterosexual-identified men who sexual abuse boys. Nothing makes a group of criminals more happy than living in a society where their crimes are blamed on others, which makes these right wing 'Christians' the best friends of child sexual abusers.

Homophobic and homohating people also help child sex abusers in other important ways. In the Herald article, it was noted that society's "[h]omophobia muzzles [sexually] abused boys." Therefore, our homophobia essentially causes boys to remain silent about the sexual abuse they are experiencing, or have experienced, and this fact was embodied in the Bagley et al. (1994) data. From 77% to  85% of sexually abused boys had told "no one" about the sexual abuse, most often for a number of reasons related to society's homophobia. Furthermore, not one of the males sexually abused as children reported that the one(s) who had sexually abused them had been prosecuted. These child sex abusers have therefore been given a 'licence' to sexually abuse and hurt many children, as made possible by their "best friends" who are also cruel child abusers. In 1978, Tim LaHaye, a Christian fundamentalist, inadvertently described what is inflicted gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth in Christian fundamentalist families, as well as in other homophobic and homohating families. "...[Gay and lesbian youth] have already faced all the rejection, shame, remorse, and guilt one person needs in a lifetime. In fact, most homosexuals have confronted more of that by the age of nineteen than heterosexuals experience in a lifetime." (80: 161-162)

People who hate others are never the highly moral and righteous ones they have always presented themselves to be. They have always been the antithesis of the illusion they create, and scratching the surface, as done above, will always reveal their true nature. Their analyzed status, as the "best friends" of child sexual  abusers, was predictable. Right wing fundamentalist 'Christians' are most dedicated to maintaining the incredible child abuse inflicted on gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth in our society, and they must therefore be deemed to be both immoral and amoral. The same also applies to homophobic mental health professionals (p. 172-3).


04. Bagley, Christopher; Wood, Michael; and Young, Loretta. Victim to Abuser: Mental health and behavioral sequels of child sexual abuse in survey of young adult males. Child Abuse & Neglect, Vol. 18, No. 8, 1994, pp. 683-697.

69. Jenny, Carole; Roesler, Thomas A., and Poyer, Kimberly L. Are Children at Risk for Sexual Abuse by Homosexuals? Pediatrics. Vol. 94, No.1, July, 1994, pp. 41-44. The study only supplies data on reported and confirmed child sex abuse cases, meaning that, at least for boys given the Bagley et al. (1994) data, their sampling would therefore represent only a very small subset of all sexually abused boys, probably less than 5% of them. Additional investigative work in this area, however, has led to the possibility that more gay-identified males who have sex with boys may behave differently than the more heterosexual-identified men, possibly placing gay-identified males at much lesser risk of their activities coming to the attention of social authorities.

 The jury is therefore still out with respect to the opposite-sex to same-sex preferences of all men who have (have had) sex with pre-puberty boys. I would speculate, however, that men who have sex with the youngest teenage males (12- to 15- years of age) and especially older teenage males (16- to 19-years of age) are overwhelmingly homosexual (or gay-), or bisexual-identified. In the Bagley et al. (1994) study, sexual abuse was defined as "unwanted sexual acts," thus excluding all boys who had sex with men but enjoyed and wanted these experiences. As a rule, these sexual activities will not come to the attention of social authorities. Caveat-related information related to "child sexual abuse" research results is available at http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/rainbow/html/facts_molestation.html .

80. LaHaye, Tim. The Unhappy Gays: What everyone should know about homosexuality. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois, 1978.

6. The bound 127-page document was presented to Calgary's Action Committee Against Violence - and Calgary City Aldermen, but I soon discovered that there was little interest for anything "homo" at City Hall, including violence against gays and lesbians. Furthermore, the ones being paid to address male violence directed at women were lacking the education needed to begin "looking" at these problems in a (needed) different way. They were content with traditional perceptions, thus making sure that these problems will continue and, more important, that there will be ongoing work for them in this field. A major "perceptual" problem with these professionals was related to their ongoing education making them believe that only about 2 to 3 percent of males are homosexual, that other males are heterosexual, and that the males I described to be implicated in wife or girlfriend battery problem simply did not exist 'because' of the widespread belief that bisexuality did not exist.

7. Many individuals would have difficulty accepting that significant numbers of heterosexual males would be sexually stimulated by assaulting women, although it is widely recognized that many heterosexual males are highly sexually stimulated when exposed to rape depictions, including depictions of gang rapes. Yet, a a Canadian study reported that for heterosexual males who were in a long term relationship with a woman, 10.7% reported fantasizing about "beating a woman up" when they were making love to their female partner. (Crepault C, and Couture M, 1980. Men's erotic fantasies. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 9(6), 565-81.) Another study reported that 39.1% of heterosexual males studied had used fantasies related to "being violent toward women" when masturbating: an activity when men generally use their most sexually stimulating scenarios. [Greendlinger V, and Byrne D (1987). Coersive sexual fantasies of college men as predictors of self-reported likelihood to rape and overt sexual aggression. The Journal of Sex Research, 23(1), 1-11.] Some heterosexual males also use "murder-of-women" sexual fantasies when they masturbate, and a few males act out such fantasies, as there are (and have been) large numbers of heterosexual males who have made (and make) their "rape-of-women" sexual fantasies into reality. Repeatedly, studies have reported that 30 to 60 percent of young adult heterosexual male students report a likelihood of raping a woman if they were guaranteed not to be caught or punished. This essentially means that they have a type of heterosexuality making rape possible, thus suggesting a hatred-for-women attribute associated with their heterosexuality.

9. "Trade" and "Rough Trade":  The "trade" system has a long documented history in North America, Europe, probably Asia, and even Australia, including New Zealand.  One recent articles related to the practice in New Zealand was titled "Cruising for Trade N/A," and another article defined "rough trade" males: "It's where the rich used to go for what's called rough trade - blue-collar, working-class men" (Dangerous liaisons: the quest for casual sex in public places  N/A). Much has been written about "trade" males who were very much a part of the 'gay' world before 1970 when North American 'gay' males were more likely to define themselves in a Latin sexuality manner: males who service heterosexual-identified males.  In past writings, I have quoted Tennessee Williams who asserted that about 50% of men in the military (before 1950) were available to gay males, and a similar estimate for 19th century military males in London, England, was noted by Havelock Ellis (1898-1905) in Sexual Inversion, the first of his series of books published on human sexuality at the turn of the century. Sexual Inversion is now available as part of collected works of Havelock Ellis titled Studies in the Psychology of Sex published from about 1936 onward. Ellis reported that "trade" prostitution by military men in London was extremely common both in and out of uniform. Boys were also involved in varying arrangements with men. Quoted from Patriotism: A Menace To Liberty by Emma Goldman - at http://members.aol.com/artgrrrrl/emma.html : - "Some of the barracks are great centers of male prostitution.... The number of soldiers who prostitute themselves is greater than we are willing to believe. It is no exaggeration to say that in certain regiments the presumption is in favor of the venality of the majority of the men.... On summer evenings Hyde Park and the neighborhood of Albert Gate are full of guardsmen and others plying a lively trade, and with little disguise, in uniform or out...."

In Reiss' classic 1961 study, The Social Integration of Peers and Queers  [Social Problems, 9(2), 197-228], about 60% of career delinquents were classified to be in the "trade" category. They would therefore permit gay males to perform oral sex on them (to orgasm), and some would also enjoy anally penetrating a gay male. "Rough trade" often refers to these males who were not only super-macho as adolescents, but they would assault (even murder) homosexual males who did not behave (even verbally) as it was mandated, especially with respect to never daring to suggest in any way that these "trade" males were the least bit homosexual. The 'Trade' System at - http://www.youth-suicide.com/gay-bisexual/semen/17-history-trade-homosexuality.htm .

Gay-identified males in North America do not appear to have changed much from the days when they were predominantly having sex with heterosexual males, and even paying for their sperm donation - as opposed to these men having a woman do the same thing but then having to pay her. Concerning the men considered to be ideal by modern gay-identified males:

Gay culture is a bastion of masculinity. Straight men are considered the most attractive and worthwhile commodity in the sexual market. Certain gay porn stars are marketed as actually straight. There are whole video series which claim to be either two straight men (with titles like "Straight Boys Do" or "Straight to the Zone") having sex with each other, or straight men in locker rooms or college showers caught masturbating by a hidden camera. Beyond that, there are a myriad of pornographic videos featuring stereotypically straight 'roles' such as the sailor, the soldier, the cop, the cowboy, the frat boy, the jock, the construction worker, etc. [including the violent super-masculine male prisoner, and the very dominating - assumed to be heterosexual - prison guard]  (http://www.zmag.org/zmag/articles/sept96rothrock.htm)  and the frat boys who use females in feelingless "object" ways for their own sexual gratification - that may include rape and gang rape - as maybe some gay men 'secretly' also want to be USED much like they were certainly used by heterosexual men in the past who were part of the "trade" system. (Fraternity rapes:  http://www.bucknell.edu/~minter/str8/greeks.html N/A .   Frat Boy Fetishism: When the Goods Get Together: http://eserver.org/bs/17/Johnson.html).
 "Trade" male sexuality (same-sex activity, or a form of homosexuality engaged in by heterosexual-identified males) has been extremely common in male prisons, thus explaining why in a country like Australia and the United States, the rapes of young prisoners is epidemic (One in four [young men] face jail sex assault: http://www.lawsocnsw.asn.au/resources/lsj/archive/sep1999/56_3.html). Information exists on the prison homo-sex situation in American and Canadian male prisons at least up to 1985, but the situation seems to have been changing to some degree although little has been written in this respect. It is likely that "trade" males have been decreasing in numbers as also noted in male youth prostitution. In the 1960s, about 80% of male hustlers were heterosexual-identified (as in only being sexually dominant, with their customers being homosexual-identified) but, by the 1980s, about 80% of young male prostitutes were gay/bisexual identified. (See Debra Boyer's Study of male youth prostitution in Washington State, 1989, Journal of Homosexuality. Also published in the 1989 book, Gay and Lesbian Youth. edited by Gilbert Herdt. Relevant information about male youth prostitution is available in the Male Youth Prostitution Internet Resources.

The implications are that the ones seeking out boys have increasingly wanted to impose their "dominant" sexuality on them as illustrated in the 1993 Irish short film, Boys for Rent directed by Liam McGrath. In part, the film addresses the "rent-boy" (male prostitute) phenomenon. An article about the film, Male Rape, began with: "This disturbing study managed to explode many of the myth surrounding the rent-boy syndrome. Among these was the common assumption that the 'punter' was invariable homosexual - the majority would consider themselves heterosexual... At the heart of all this activity in the wilds of the Phoenix Park, in alleyways, and in the backs of cars, was something much more primitive: the law of the jungle and the raw exercise of power." (INDUBLIN Magazine. The article was available at  http://www.indublin.ie:80/malerape.html  but it is not available anymore. Citation is from the hardcopy made by the author when the article was available.)

In Sidney, Australia, the story of a gay street kid is reported. "Casey, now 32, believes education could have saved him thirteen years of sexual abuse, a stint stuck with "sick tickets" as a Sydney street kid and eight suicide attempts... Although Casey reckons he "always knew" he was gay, he became one of the kids who was "forced into doing it". After moving to Sydney, Casey was drawn into a string of abusive "relationships". Because of his low self-esteem borne of the silence, Casey says he was easy pickings for deeply-closeted homosexual "sick tickets" who found more pleasure in hearing screams for mercy as they held knives to the throats of other parents' sons than in real and open love... 'Of the thirteen of us, I'm one of only three that's still alive today,' Casey says. Most of my friends blew their heads off, some of them OD'd and some of them have died from AIDS. They were all bright kids with talents and promising futures.'" (http://www.youth.org/loco/PERSONProject/Alerts/International/suicide3.html)

When I ventured into gay communities in the late 1970s, it became apparent that many gay-identified adolescent males were most attracted to older males and I was often targeted by them from the age of 28 to my 40s. After talking with many of them, their emotional vulnerability soon became apparent along with their reports of often only being temporarily used by older males; this fact troubled me because these boys were generally hoping for more than "just a fuck." (Related Information. - More Information.) Rarely, however, is the phenomenon noted to exist by "politically correct" GLB community leaders, nor by gay therapists, with few exceptions. The MSW therapist, Thomas Fronczak, is an exception, or "was and exception" given that such information was removed from his site now located at - http://www.tomfronczak.com/:

"Although it is true that there is an emphasis on youth and beauty in our culture, I have also found that a surprising number of young gay men are looking for the emotional warmth, nurture, and comfort provided by an older person, finding the older partner's capacity to offer such emotional security very attractive. The age difference in such relationships often provides the emotional tension necessary to maintain the relationship. (In heterosexual couples the significant tension is the difference in gender). Such relationships meet the mutual needs of each partner and can be very satisfying." (http://members.aol.com/tjfronczak/oct96.htm - Not Available.)
Many of these boys, however, are highly vulnerable, and the same applies to many of the ones venturing into prostitution. For a number of reasons, these boys are at the highest risk for suicidal problems (Remafedi et al., 1991), and this reality was known by all who have ever listened to these boys talking about their lives and their friends. I therefore strongly objected to all GLB mental health 'professionals' and community leaders in Calgary who wanted to pretend these boys did not exist. I also did not appreciate the ones who wanted to deal with "the problem" simply by dictating that all such relationships were "inappropriate" and even in the "child sexual abuse" category. Basically, these GLB professionals did not want to acknowledge this reality because it would make Calgary's GLB community "look bad,"  and they were apparently quite happy to only use GB male suicide research results to benefit themselves, while ignoring the existence and problems of "the most at risk" GB male adolescents.  Therefore, their suicidal problems would continue (for future researchers to document), thus leading to even more benefits for amoral self-serving GL community professionals. I could/would not be a party to such a disgusting endeavor and shied not from challenging them. (Note 10: The story continues.)

10. Increasingly, Calgary's GB community power and/or authority positions were being taken over by GB mental health professionals described to have a history of  lethally ignoring GLB adolescent issues in Calgary (Update 1996).  Some of these professionals had moved quickly into these power and/or authority position with the apparent hope that they could destroy "the bearer of bad news": the one stating that these self-serving GB mental health professionals manifested a milder version of the "J. Edgar Hoover Syndrome" that has many faces. A caveat was nonetheless offered. They could claim to have been totally ignorant of the existence of GLB adolescents and their "at risk" status, but doing this would mean admitting to a level of GLB ignorance so high and unacceptable that it would reveal their gross incompetence in their field, especially with respect to their GLB community endeavors. They had been advertising their counselling/therapy services in the GLB community, thus claiming to be knowledgeable in this respect, but using the caveat would have revealed their gross incompetence as well as their self-serving agenda-laden "preying" nature within the community.

By the late spring of 1996, Carolyn Anderson, the President of the 'new' Gay Lines (now called "The Gay and Lesbian Community Services Association" - GLCSA) and her sold-out male sidekick, Brian Crawford (the former president and the one who partly engineer the removal Stephen Lock as the co-ordinator of Gay Lines), sent me a "meeting requested" message. I was then informed of my muzzled status: I apparently could no longer say anything at Gay Lines about what I had written on male heterosexuality, and the same applied for stating that many adolescent gay/bisexual boys do enjoy not only having sex with older males, but that they also seek out long term relationships with these males. According to Carolyn Anderson (a therapist with an MSW who is a Ph.D. student - received her Ph.D. in 2001) and others who took over leadership positions in Calgary's GLB community, silence about this was to be enforced because all these boys were decreed to have been "sexually abused" and, therefore, in need of therapy - most likely to be supplied by some of the donation-giving friends of the organization - or maybe even themselves.

This totalitarian GB community leader development intrigued me but I decided to only be silent about heterosexual males given that I had long ago recognized that Calgary's lesbian community leaders held ridiculous beliefs concerning heterosexual males, and they especially disliked males (such as myself) suggesting that they were "out to lunch" in this respect; the same does not apply to some homosexually oriented women who have written intelligently on the subject. I would not, however,  remain silent about the gay/bisexual boys (and men with such a history) these therapists would be seeking to MAKE into victims, with a monetary profit motive in mind. About three months later, I was again called in to meet another ambitious lesbian therapist (also with an MSW), Trish Stenson (sidekick to Anderson, her former lover, and also a 'therapy' business partner). I was then dictated my banishment status from what had been Calgary's only drop in center for gay and bisexual males. Gay Lines had therefore been turned into a place where lesbians (with the help of a few very mindless gay males) would be decreeing what reality is to be, including gay male realities, and they would also be acting as totalitarian police officers.(Follow this link for information related to how such "politically correct" ignorance would be contributing to the male youth suicide problem.)

These totalitarian lesbians also have a documented collective history and they were basically behaving as many "politically correct" feminist lesbian community leaders had done throughout North America with respect to lesbians in traditional butch/femme relationship:

"The contemporary feminist analysis of lesbian identity is an example of just such a tendency. For the past two decades, the dominant form of feminist discourse has, in attempting to 'liberate' lesbian identity from patriarchal control, instead imposed its own identity politics on the lesbian community, with the result that those lesbians whose behaviors or 'styles' do not conform to the feminist agenda have been doubly-oppressed -- once by the dominant patriarchal culture, and again by the movement that claimed to seek the liberation of all women. This is perhaps most obvious in the feminist critique of role playing among lesbians, which is considered by the dominant feminist discourse to be a barrier to one's "true" identity as a woman (assuming that there is such a thing)... Given the rather hopeful note on which the previous section ends, it would seem that butch-femme role playing has finally recovered from the devastating blows long dealt such behavior by the dominant culture, and more recently by a certain brand of lesbian-feminist theory" (http://www.lesbian.org/amy/essays/bf-paper.html).

A most interesting research finding is that most lesbians still seem to pair in the butch/femme manner, but in an hierarchy manner; what may be "butch" to one lesbian may be "femme" to another, and I have often seen similar pairings between gay males. Most interesting with respect to lesbians were the results of a "testosterone"  study reporting significant testosterone levels differences between individuals in butch/femme lesbian couples. (Pearcey SM, Docherty KJ, and Dabbs JM Jr (1996). Testosterone and sex role identification in lesbian couples. Physiology and behavior, 60(3):1033-1035. A PubMed "abstract" link with a document delivery service.)

Also: De-Moralizing our Sex Lives: - What Lesbian Psychology Does to Lesbian Sex. (Issues relating to the "politically correct thought police," and lesbians against S&M, lesbians having sex with men, and pornography.) N/A.

The policing and abuse of lesbians in the butch/femme categories, and even the widespread abuse of bisexual women, reveals a mean-streak in certain lesbians, especially when they are responding to whatever has been deemed "inappropriate" or "unacceptable" by some evaluators. The implications of such abuse is monumental, especially if the collective of abusers are ever deemed to be much like the ones they apparently hate, oppress, marginalize, and abuse. (More on this someday on another webpage, with numerous references revealing that, like many gay males, many lesbians seem to be only capable of becoming like the ones they have hated the most. In fact, the lesbian rate of spouse abuse/battery is reported to be higher than the rate existing in heterosexual relationships, and they also tend to manifest the inequality of their relationship in the bedroom. This phenomenon is therefore loaded with "projection" implications, especially with respect to the lesbians who hate men because, as they have often stated most critically, so many of those hated evil men batter their wives.)

Tragically, certain lesbians in Calgary have sought power positions to impose on gay/bisexual males the same kind of abuse their like-minded sisters have been inflicting on their own kind. But then, lesbians abusing other lesbians may not be the  pathological "power-trip" it would otherwise be if the same thing was done to males, even if they are gay and have a history of also being abused by heterosexual males. For some lesbians, abusing gay males would certainly be acceptable because all males are to be hated. Calgary's gay males could have done without such abuse. Furthermore, community leaders who are avoiding the recognition of major issues implicated in gay youth contracting HIV at the youngest age are certainly not concerned about the welfare of gay males. In the "power" scheme of community politics, their are definite lesbian benefits to be gained if great numbers of gay and bisexual males in all age groups continue to die from AIDS. The negative effects on gay males of the selfish, self-serving, and harmful politics of some lesbians was being bitterly reported on 20 years ago:: Pamphlet handed out at the Gay March on Washington of October 14, 1979 which speaks to gay men's concerns - Second Section on Lesbians, from the perspective of gay males, titled "A Self-Confuting Movement - Pessimistic View": http://members.aol.com/MrGayPride/Washmar.html#Pessview.  Although the piece is bias in some ways, more than a grain of truth was being rendered given the information presented above.

In the spirit of such selfishness by some lesbian community leaders, the "Carolyn Anderson mission" was reported in the February 1998 OUTLOOKS Magazine (Carolyn Anderson, GLCSA president, p. 16): "As a gay woman out and active in the community for twenty-seven years, Anderson saw a need for the GLCSA to address and accommodate the needs of the lesbian community." This was certainly done, but at the expense of ignoring GB male concerns. Missing from the above reality rendition is the fact that Gay Lines was essentially taken over by lesbians who already had their own lesbian-identified equivalent of a 'Gay Lines': Lesbian Information Services. However, Lesbians on their own were not too successful, and it was therefore a happy lesbian moment when Gay Lines was to LOSE its "gay male" identity because, in the final analysis, this would become a way to collect money from gay males and use it for lesbian causes - while totally ignoring Calgary's gay males who have a history of essentially having little to nothing for themselves. An important part of this transfer of funds also involved hiring Susan Cress, a lesbian, as opposed to a gay male, as the only employee of GLCSA; she would become the part-time volunteer coordinator, a job gay males had done for free. Furthermore, from the time of the infamous transition, services to gay males became less than they had been. Gay Lines had been open seven days a week throughout the year, but many gay males dropping by often reported that Gay lines was closed on various days of the week; this included scheduled closures on weekends during the summer of 1997. Furthermore, another initial endeavor was to ban all gay males from coming to Gay Lines for at least one evening a week so that Lesbians could have a night without those [hated] men around. I and others objected strongly to this, and the practice was suspended, but not before it had made  obvious some the not-so-hidden more repulsive agendas of the lesbians who had taken over Gay Lines.

 By the Spring of 1998, Phil Ivers, has become president of GLCSA, but it's possible he may only have become president after the "lesbians-with-an-agenda" were sure he met with their approval. When I have time, I will check out the situation, and report the findings. I may also be requesting a formal apology from GLCSA for what was done to me and others, and also requesting that compensation be offered as an act of good will. Furthermore, the Carolyn Anderson's counseling business should be removed as a referral for anyone contacting GLCSA and seeking such services. My banishment from Gay Lines (GLCSA), however, has now permitted GLCSA to note this event on their webpage N/A, GLCSA is now at - http://www.glcsa.org/ - and they still have this page at their site: http://www.glcsa.org/ok/childmolesters.htm . It states:

"For example, here in Calgary, the Gay & Lesbian Community Services Association has a policy that states that any person even slightly encouraging sexual behavior with children will be asked to leave GLCSA' s offices and will be barred from using GLCSA's services. Thankfully, over the past 4 years approximately 10,000 people have used GLCSA' s services and the policy has was needed to be used only once."
and reading it reveals the extent to which they will attempt to deceive people. The underlying MESSAGE of the page - because this is the reason why this occurred - is:
Anyone who does "child sexual abuse" research (as was done by Bagley et al., 1994, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary) and defines "child sexual abuse to be "unwanted acts," as defined by the subjects studied (who should be respected), will be deemed to condone what these totalitarians dictate to be "child sexual abuse" because such research implies that some form of "sexual abuse" - of the "wanted" kind -  is not  "sexual abuse."  Furthermore, if anyone claims to have sought out sexual contacts when they were young which would fall into the category of what they dictate to be "child sexual abuse" (as I did, and the legal definition varies in different jurisdictions, usually by age, and it may even apply to an 18-year-old male), and this person reports that such interactions were sought because it was "wanted" and enjoyed, they will be said to condone "child sexual abuse", or even be in the "promoting" category!  Therefore, all individuals in this category - and studies indicate that about 50% of gay males who would be deemed by GLCSA to be "sexually abused" are in this category - are not ever to state the reality of their experiences or penalties will apply.

In other words, all people who have had experiences not in the categories GLCSA dictates to be the 'nature' of these experiences - and speaks the truth about their experiences, as opposed to lying to themselves and to others about this - will be denied services supplied by GLCSA. The same will also apply to all anthropologists who have studied cultures where all boys are inseminated with sperm, as the situation exists in some Melanesian cultures, if they did not study the phenomenon with the ethnocentric bias demanded by GLCSA. That is, studying the phenomenon in a neutral unbiased manner would warrant sanctions by GLCSA. Similarly, anyone daring to not agree with GLCSA's definition of what  is  "child sexual abuse" - because, for example, this may mean having to dictate and believe that the Ancient Greece was only a society of child sexual abuser - will be in trouble with GLCSA, as are the majority of males on this planet who are homosexually active because the "majority expression" of male homosexuality is, and has been, men having sex with teenage boys.

[For the extent to which GB adolescent males are relating sexually with significantly older males, follow the links in the July 2000 Additions on the Home Page. More information is available on this subject at - A Highly Neglected Issue: Boys Who Have Sex With Men: Does the Surgeon General know about this? If not, why not?] This latter page reveals how the 'rulers' of Calgary's GB community will continue to be part of a major probhlem for "at risk" GB male adolescents - of the "Killer of GB youth" kind. Basically, GLCSA are reporting that their policy is so effective that none of the adolescent males cotacting their organization are daring to mention that they are having enjoyed sexual encounters with men, and none of the older gay males are even mentioning that they has such sexual relationship when they were adolescents.]

What is so tragic about GLCSA, in the final analysis, is its unspoken desire to maintain the system which has always given men the access to gay boys whose welfare GB community leaders have largely ignored. This happened not because they did not know about these boys, but because there are many highly influential money-donating gay males who understand all too well how beneficial are the traditional "reality-denial, ignorance-based" policies - such as the one 'stated' by GLCSA with respect to "child sexual abuse" -  to their continued access to the boys they will just use and, as I have been learning, often enough abuse. Therefore, gay boys who want men - and may only be erotically/sexually attracted to older men (research also indicating that this is more common in certain ethnic groups) - are not on GLCSA's reality list and,  if these boys do not exist, there is certainly no need for related services. As the situation has been, these boys will end up with gay-identified men but, whenever problems develop, they will know there is no real help available because this would involve revealing their true life situation and they know exactly how the 'righteous' will intervene - thus explaining why these boys commonly do not even access social services, or lie about their life situation if services are required. Even more damning is the fact that these boys will certainly not be receiving any help from the ones at GLCSA who should know better; gays and lesbians have a history of being "criminals" simply because they had desires (and engaged in "wanted" sexual activities) deemed to be unacceptable to others also claiming to be 'righteous' - and even against child abuse - when the opposite applied.

Basically, the GLCSA webpage deletes the facts of the case and GLCSA also presents itself to be concerned about child sexual abuse, but the reader should beware. For example, they note "gay men are interested, by definition, in having relationships with other gay men," and the response should be "Since when?" given the North American history of the "trade" system, and given that "their definition" simply does not apply to most homo-active males in the contemporary and historical world. Therefore, all the "gay-identified community-associated males" who go cruising because they possibly prefer "the more straight men" are omitted from the rendered GLCSA "gay" reality. What then shall we call all the more homosexual-identified men in the world who only seek heterosexual-identified males for sex? Were not most (all?) of the adult males sexually involved with teenage boys in the 1993-96 London (Ontario) 'scandal' not very gay-identified? So much for GLCSA embarking on an education campaign; they should have at least enough integrity to tell the truth instead of attempting to create some new myths. My position, as stated to Dr. Gary Sanders (in the presence of Dr. Joel Fagan, President of the Alberta Pediatric Society, and others) at a preliminary August 1994 meeting for the upcoming Multidisciplinary Committee was (and still is): Something will have to be done about the fact that, when teenage males come to our community, they often only get fucked!" A significant number are also raped. You cannot "effectively" begin to address these problems, however, by denying that it's mostly gay-identified men who are involved with these boys as it was repeatedly reported to me by the abused ones.

[For the extent to which GB adolescent males are relating sexually with significantly older males, follow the links in the July 2000 Additions on the Home Page. More information is available on this subject at - A Highly Neglected Issue: Boys Who Have Sex With Men: Does the Surgeon General know about this? If not, why not?]

In a Fall 1996 letter to Dr. Sanders who had been on the GLCSA Board of Directors (also received by Carolyn Anderson), Dr. Sanders was given the mandate (because I was lacking the time) to take care of this serious problem. For some reason, however, nobody (except for "moi") has apparently been speaking of this problem at GLCSA, but the enforced silence only benefits one group of gay males: the ones doing the fucking! (or the "child sexual abuse" as they call it) ...which GLCSA must also not recognize to exist ...while it attempts to create the illusion / delusion that it is very concerned about these teenage boys.

I will be quite happy when I see gay organizations being truly concerned about the boys who commonly get raped (and are often abused in other ways) after they have made "community" contact via one or more of the many entry points to the gay community such as community organizations, the bars, and the cruising sections of parks and malls (especially the washrooms) so well known to gay males that their locations (often on a worldwide basis) are listed in guides published for (and bought by) gay-identified males. Yet, typically, when Calgary's civic leaders have called upon GB community organizations for help with respect to the "public arena" homo-sex being engaged in many parts of the city, they are told that it's not gay-identified males predominantly involved in these situations, the "weasel" word here being "gay" as defined by the speaker.

Sadly, GLCSA's definition of "gay" males - as male only seeking to have sex with other gay males - may not be accurate given that the well known traditional "anonymous sex" scene does not lend itself to gay males really knowing if the male they are sexually relating with is gay- or bisexual-identified. He may also be heterosexual-identified, and even underage. Some gay men I have met reported being surprised when, after picking up a male in a club and having sex, they then discovered the boy was quite young, such as 14-years of age. Yet, another lesbian who also has a therapybusiness in Calgary and had also been the President of AIDS Calgary for many years (possibly with ulterior motives), Jane Oxenbury, asserted at a 1996 meeting that all boys aged 14 to 16 (even up to 18 years according to a lesbian therapist working for the Calgary Board of Education) were being subjected to child sexual abuse whenever they were having sex with an older man.

11.  By 1991, I had explained to Stephen Lock, a Calgary gay community leader who was also working at AIDS Calgary, the basics of what was labeled "The Psychology of Sperm."  Throughout the world, there are basically two ways that men somehow grow up to eventually perceive sperm.  It is perceived to be a powerful feminizing agent, meaning that all men ejaculated into will be MADE into a female, and this has been the ruling ideology in North American prisons.  In some Melanesian tribes, however, sperm is somehow perceived to have the opposite effect (or power). It's believed that boys will only grow up to become the ultimate male ideal if sperm is injected into them.  It is not yet known how males acquire this "psycho-magic" perception of sperm, but one fact is certain for all who have studied the "trade" system (see also Tremblay, 1992) existing not long ago in North America. Although dominant males have perceived their sperm to be a feminizing agent (and the idea of consuming is still perceived to be very disgusting (and insulting) as illustrated when a heterosexual male says to another heterosexual male:"You know where your fuckin' dinner's hanging!" Note 11.1), this negative perception did not apply for North American (and European) homosexual-identified males referred to as "fairies" during the first 70 years of this century. For them, sperm had a great psycho-magical value which was reported by psychiatrists working with homosexual males, and a similar concept was rendered by the gay author of  The Naked Civil Servant, Quentin Crisp, now in his eighties. In one of his writings, he had noted that many gay males were wearing out perfectly wonderful shoes as the result of their 'sperm junkie' status. Could sperm therefore be something like a desperately needed "drug" for at least some homosexual males? Does related historical data exist on the subject?

Much information was given about the "trade" and "rough trade" system on this webpage (and by Tremblay, 1992), and the "homosexual males" situation was as follows during the twentieth century (and also during the nineteenth century). Male homosexual activity was illegal throughout North America (and most of Europe) up to about 1960, meaning that all who were homosexually involved could be sent to prison for engaging in such activities. Yet, when one looks at the Bell & Weinberg (1978) study results (from a 1969 sample of homosexual males having an average age of about 36 years), the extent of homosexual activity engaged in my most of these males was phenomenal, almost a if there were no laws proscribing homo-sexual activity. Why then did homosexual males take such risks?  What was so important to them that potential penalties, including a prison sentence, became secondary to having the sex they sought and experienced.  WHAT WAS THE SEX THEY NEEDED?  Did they pay for it, and what were they paying for?

The "trade" and "rough trade" system operated on the principle that homosexual males wanted to perform oral sex only (as a rule) on heterosexual-identified males, and that they were also willing to pay for what would essentially be a sperm donation.

As I have sometimes mentioned when the "gay pride" issue arises, the definition of "being gay" or "being homosexual" (also a 'fag" or "fairy") not all that long ago was: a male desiring sex with another male, but that the "other male" was to be heterosexual (at least credibly pretending to be heterosexual), as opposed to being like oneself: homosexual-identified. When heterosexual-identified psychiatrists heard about this, however, the conclusion was easily on the side of "insanity!"  Gay males were essentially doing what heterosexual males would have had to pay a female to do, but homosexual male were PAYING HETEROSEXUAL MALES FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF NOT ONLY PERFORMING ORAL SEX ON THEM, BUT ESPECIALLY FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF INGESTING THEIR SPERM. Any woman who would have behaved in the same way, including a female prostitute, would have surely been deemed "insane," meaning that these homosexual males apparently had less intelligence than a hypothetical female who would probably never have considered paying heterosexual males for the privilege of performing oral sex on them to orgasm. (Males into 'trade," such as Tennessee Williams, also sought men who would anally penetrate them; the need was to have a heterosexual male ejaculate into one's anus.) What therefore does this mean?

It took a few years to encounter a piece of AIDS-related writing coming close to what may well be the "safe-sex" problem for a significant number of gay-identified males. Eric Rofes, the author of the first book to deal with gay male suicide problems, I thought People Like That killed Themselves (1983), did this in his 1996 book Reviving the Tribe: Regenerating Gay Men's Sexuality and Culture in the Ongoing Epidemic. In a review of the book (http://www.thebody.com/shernoff/rofesrev.html), Michael Shernoff related the factor noted above in the form of a question. "How important is it for some men to have a man inside of them without a condom, receiving (or giving) of sperm as an intimate and possible sacred act?" He continues: Thus Rofes suggests that "a prevention strategy which recognizes many men's powerful desire for penetrating and receiving semen might consider a long range, multigenerational approach to reducing transmission..."

In the above rendition of "giving and receiving semen," the activity is elevated to a "possible sacred act," but this is "sugar-coating" jargon to most homosexual males thinking about the activity under sexual stimulation, or when watching highly stimulating pornography presenting men with what they want: raw sex, without "spirituality."  In fact, the sperm donors in pornography often imitate the "trade" sperm donors from the past by making statements not only emphasizing the degraded status of the ones being ejaculated into (the heterosexual's "You know where your dinner is hanging!" mentality). It is also commonly noted that the homosexual male really wants this, that he loves having another male ejaculate in him, and - more importantly - that HE Desperately NEEDS "this fuckin' hot load of cum!" Why this reality applies to many gay males is yet to be written about, with implications.

Suffice to say, with respect to the North American AIDS epidemic ongoing slaughter of gay males, that little changed from about 1985 (when "safer-sex" education was almost unknown) to 1995 when it was increasingly realized that the so-called "safer-sex education" had done little to change the "AIDS epidemic" situation in gay communities.  Throughout the ten-year period, about one-third of gay males continued high-risk sexual practices (receiving sperm anally, and most probably continued to do it orally because of the lower risk. Another third were at moderate risk, while the last third was at low risk - thus creating the situation agreed by all in the infamous"Sex Panic" debate: - SAFER-SEX EDUCATION HAS ESSENTIALLY NOT WORKED FOR GAY MALES! The battle also began between Gabriel Rotello (author of the book, Sexual Ecology) and Rofes, for example, and their ideological camps over what could be done, and it's Rofes who may well be the wiser because gay males in need of their magical sperm fixes (which also explains their so well noted need for many sex partners) will continue to receive sperm transfers with a high likelihood of containing the HIV virus.

Anti-homosexuality laws, nor the threat of a prison sentence, could deter homosexual-identified males in the past from seeking and obtaining the substance many were also willing to pay for.  Furthermore, homosexual males into "rough trade" also knew they were risking being physically assaulted by the donor heterosexual-identified males, and even killed (as it happened to some of them), but these risks did not deter them from seeking their needed sperm donations. Therefore, for the ones aware of the homosexual-identified male's history in North America, the educated guess would be : "The threat of dying at some future time (possibly in six to fifteen years, as is most often the case after contracting HIV) will certainly not be (become) a deterrent for gay males needing sperm donation, nor for the (possibly HIV-positive) males who are, for some reason, driven to be sperm donors. Furthermore, some gay males sincerely wishing to practice safe-sex will not helped when they are having sex with a males in desperate need of a sperm donation, as noted above.

[A section is now available (2000) on the male perceptions of semen / sperm from a historical and crosscultural perspective. It is located at - http://www.youth-suicide.com/gay-bisexual/semen/.]

When I explained "The Psychology of Sperm" to Stephen Lock in 1991, he was doing "safer sex" work with a group of high-risk gay males, and decided to raise the issue with them given his recognition of the phenomenon. He reported that he had hit the nail on the head; their response being an abnormal silence saying: "We don't want to deal with this!"  Soon after, Lock was dismissed from AIDS Calgary which I have occasionally referred to in warranted unkind words, but what have such organizations really contributed to the understanding of gay male sexualities desperately needed to develop effective "safer sex" education methods?  Nothing much!  In fact, I have had reason to suspect that most gay males involved with AIDS Calgary have had unsavory agenda as it became apparent in 1995 when a gay male friend (to whom I had explained "The Psychology of Sperm, and for whom the problem applied) reported on what happened when he had sex with long term AIDS Calgary male employee involved with "safer sex" education. "When I was about to come, I wanted to withdraw and told him my intentions, but he bore down on me even harder and it happened so quickly that I could not withdraw."

AIDS Calgary was informed about "The Psychology of Sperm" beginning in 1991, but no one there has wanted to address this issue.  Understanding the phenomenon, however, involves knowing homosexual male history from a cross-cultural perspective, and especially being familiar with highly taboo knowledge concerning the joys boys manifested when ejaculated into because they live in a society which values sperm as a highly positive substance Note 11.2. The implications of this are monumental (for the concept of "child sexual abuse," and especially with respect to developing a yet non-existent decent "human sexuality" theory), and I may write about it someday. I will then explain how feminists, and especially anti-butch/femme lesbian feminists and their often associated "denial-of-REALITY" perspectives about some male sexualities, combined with often obsessive totalitarian attitudes and some great delusions about child sexual abuse, have been a significant contributor to the ongoing abysmal ignorance of human sexuality in general, and male homosexuality in particular. This maintained ignorance has likely been at the root cause of the ongoing unsafe sex for many gay males and it is not by practicing lesbian-like monogamy that the end to the AIDS epidemic will be realized. Gay and bisexual males do not have the general sexuality manifested by contemporary lesbians; they have more in common, however, with the traditional (lower-class) butch-femme sexualities which middle-class mostly white (often highly hypocritical) lesbians have sought to destroy because such sexualities deemed 'politically' incorrect. In the final analysis, gay males are not lesbians!  Gay and bisexual males are..., and the problem has always been "understanding" what they are and why, the same also applies for heterosexual-identified males. Without understanding, there is no hope, and feminist sexual ideology has been, in my opinion, one of the greatest impediment to not only understanding gay and bisexual male sexuality (for which there have been lethal AIDS-related consequences), but also lesbian sexualities, and the other male and female sexualities.

[A section in development is now available on the male perceptions of semen / sperm from a historical and crosscultural perspective. It is located at - http://www.youth-suicide.com/gay-bisexual/semen/.]

As at least one insightful lesbian analyst has reported, there is a sexual  continuum between how one interacts with one's child and the situation existing with one's intimate sexual partner, especially if the partner is female. Maybe, this is because - as I have observed some lesbians telling gay males (usually to degrade them) - their sexuality is apparently more generalized, or not as genitally focused as the male sexualities being criticized and even condemned. The sword, however, cuts both ways, meaning that there are other less obvious (not genetically focused) ways that females engage in sexual activity, and not only with adults.

[A 2000 Addition from "Interpreting the Satanic Legend" - Journal of Religion and Health - Vol. 37, No 3, Fall 1998, pp. 249-263. Available at: -

"The physiological response to orgasm and to lactation are closely allied in nursing mothers. Uterine contractions occur during sucking and during sexual excitement. Nipple erection occurs during both. The observed increase in nipple length due to stimulation may lead to more effective sucking and even more stimulation for mother. The degree of milk ejection appears to be related to the degree of sexual response. Milk ejection for some nursing mothers has been observed to occur during sexual excitement with an adult partner as well as while nursing. It is not uncommon for a nursing woman to experience an orgasm during the process. Many feel a great deal of guilt regarding this normal response to breast feeding, and may even give up trying to breast feed because of this. (26)" Is it not most interesting that it is apparently "normal" for women (which includes lesbians) to experience sexual stimulation and even orgasm when relating with the youngest of humans? And what is the name given to adults who experience such responses with pre-puberty children, and even with infants? I would say that men who are relating sexually with infants are almost non-existent on the planet. To understand all of this better, the following is recommended: Four Questions and Answers by James Kincaid available at - http://www.humanbeing.demon.nl/ipceweb/Library/four_questions.htm.

One can now wonder why many women have so ardently condemned child sexual abuse. What could it be that at least some of these women are saying? What, in fact, could be at the root cause of the apparently "politically correct" lesbians who have waged a vicious highly harmful war against lesbians in butch-femme relationships? Is not sex between perceived unequal individuals - as it was manifested by gay males in the "trade" days - the basic (or most common) aspect of human sexuality proposed by Bem (1996)  http://comp9.psych.cornell.edu/dbem/ebe_theory.html ?

11.1  In the 1992 National Film Board documentary, A kind of Family, the adopted heterosexual-identified street youth with a history of engaging in hustling and also being HIV+, angrily tells his adopted gay father: "You know where your dinner's hanging." Abstract for the film: The story of a relationship between a man and a boy, both of whom have become marginalized by society. Glen is a young, gay city councillor and Mike, his foster son, is a 17 year old, tough street kid. Their relationship is always tenuous and always turbulent as they struggle to define themselves together and alone.

11.2  Sperm does not inherently have a positive or negative value but Ruth Westheimer, in Dr. Ruth Guide to Good Sex (Warner Books Inc., 1983, 1984), did emphasize that "there is nothing wrong with spermatozoa," and that a man's sperm was even "slightly nutritious" (pp. 182, 361). The intention was to encourage more women to do what many heterosexual males have requested: seeing them perform oral sex to orgasm, with the ingestion of sperm. Why many heterosexual males greatly enjoy this activity remains to be studied and understood. Heterosexual males have a history of perceiving women to be "babes" (even calling them "baby"), thus suggesting a wish to "feed" women with a substance still called "milk" by, for example, scientists talking about the sperm of fish in a recent television documentary. The underlying motivation for such heterosexual male desires may be explored by asking men how they would feel if they were to perform oral sex on a male, and also ingest the sperm. A highly negative response indicates that the male is highly stimulated by having females (another human being) do something perceived to be disgusting and even highly degrading if he was to do the same thing. Women performing oral sex to orgasm on males has nothing to do with reproduction, and the desire therefore serves other purposes, possibly highly sadistic hatred-based sexuality-related ones. For some men, it is likely that their heterosexuality is rooted in doing to others what they would cetainly not want others to do to them.

Autobiography Notes:

A1. In one of the many conversations I had with Chris Bagley, I had noted that "Arcadia" had been a code name for homosexuality. In the past, and in other cultures, some types of homosexual relationships were widely accepted and this knowledge caused some homosexuals living in modern more highly homophobic cultures to equate these worlds with "Eden". The association of homosexuality with "Arcadia" and "Eden", however, still exists as made explicit in the French webpage title: Arcadie ou l'impossible Eden. In "Erotics in Arcadia: Symbolic Myth and Homosexuality in F. Holland Day’s Photography," arcadia is described: "Dreams carried him back to those ancient times when prejudice against homosexuality did not exist…A world without obscurities, opacities and miseries of the flesh – this is the world presented to us by the ancients. They offer it to us in all their Arcadias with their motionless perfect climes, peopled by Corydons and Tityruses feasting on ambrosia and the piping of reeds." Another example: Fone, Bryrne (1983). This Other Eden - Arcadia and the homosexual
imagination. Journal of Homosexuality, 8 (3/4), 13-34.

Although my childhood and adolescent environment was like a homo-Eden - at least compared to what average gay-identified youth generally experience - I objected to the use of "Arcadia" as it was used in the title of by bio: "Acadia, Arcadia, what's the difference?" Initially, the title was in quotations, thus making me the speaker, and it was then changed to 'Acadia, Arcadia, what's the difference?' My objection to using the word was related to the fact that past 'homo-Edens' involved forms of homosexuality engaged in were not between males deemed equal; age was usually the most significant difference, and so was the active / passive sex role division. The predominant form of homosexuality manifested in my neighborhood had neither of these attributes. "Acadia" refers to a section of the Canadian Maritime Provinces (mostly Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) settled by the French Canadians. Many Acadians were then deported by the English and some of them landed in Louisiana where they are called Cajuns. The name "Cajun" is linguistically related to the manner in which the last syllable of the French word "Acadien" is pronounced by Acadians. The "d" has a "j" sound.

A2. The "sexism" was related to doing what average boys throughout the world prefer: having other boys as friends, and especially best friends; this means excluding girls from their more intimate groups, as girls also tend to exclude boys. Major violations of this rule nonetheless occur, especially with boys or girls deemed to be gender nonconformable; they identify more with individuals of the opposite sex and often prefer having opposite sex individuals as best friends. Preference for same-sex individuals, however, has been reported to exist in young babies who, in experiments, manifested a preference for crawling toward same-sex babies (even when sex-identifying traits were hidden). The socially constructed heterosexuality we were expected to have and manifest was of a preying kind. As many sex educators have noted, even on television, average boys who date girls are generally out "to score," or to at least see how far they will get in their quest for self-gratification, and some [homosexual-to-be] males do this to hopefully counter frightening and dangerous suspicions that they are homosexual. Many gay-identified males also manifest similar sexualities and treat others as commodities (to also be purchased, or just to be used) for the benefit of one's orgasm, or to maintain one's closeted status. The homo-sexuality I manifested in childhood and early adolescence was of a "sharing" and "equal" nature, also characterized by the wonderful trait most children manifest: a desire to learn about all things (including human sexuality) with the associated "fascination / wonderment" response.

Missing from this section is one of my first memorable sexual experience, not for the sex but with respect to my mother's response after my sister (one year younger than myself when I was about 5-years old) walked into the tent, saw me sexually involved with a boy one year older than myself, and told my mother. Being a nurse, she coded this as "child sex play" and nothing happened, but I remember the decision made at the time. I would continue relating in such ways if I wanted to; next time, I would make sure interruptions could/would not occur, thus avoiding any possible disapproving responses. Something so enjoyable was maybe thought to be negative by others, but the opposite applied. At a very young age, I had acquired what I would eventually call "bio knowledge;" someone else touching me was infinitely more pleasing than touching myself, and this law certainly applied to genitals. Furthermore, I never had reasons to perceived male genitals negatively, and especially not as "the weapons" they have been portrayed by some feminists. By late childhood and early adolescence, although masturbation was a recognized pleasure, it was nonetheless recognized to be a selfish act. Masturbation not only means keeping for yourself what could be shared, but it also involves depriving another person - let's say a good friend (including oneself) - of an infinitely more pleasurable experience.

The decision at the age of 5 years to behave in a way that I would "not get caught" in the future marks the age (but only in memory) when I was actively making decisions, not only about avoiding problems (to be caused by others) but also about the ones I would be sexually interacting with. Children in this category not only "consent" to being sexually active with same age (or even older) individuals, but they are also actively participating in having other "wanted" experiences - whether this be conning or manipulating parents into buying them a certain toy, or taking them to an enjoyable place, or even avoiding anything or anyone they dislike. Furthermore, I was also acting on the basis of being intelligent. Because I was a male, I knew (and understood, which is also related to love) more about the male body and mind than I did about female bodies and mind, thus innately making me (and all males) experts not only with respect to better knowing/understanding another male (compared to knowing / understanding females), but super-experts with respect to "male genital" knowledge and understanding.

In many societies, there is a great denial of this innate knowledge, which now extends into the "child sexual abuse" therapy industry. When a child or adolescent reports (even later, as an adult) that he enjoyed the sex experienced because of the erection and possible multiple orgasms, therapists generally say something like: "It was only child's sex play and means nothing." But this is not how a child perceives the situation. OR: "You were abused. You could not consent to sexually relating with an older individual," as I did. This socially (legally) dictated belief, however, has little to do with the reality existing in a boy's mind in such cases. By the age of five, I was not only choosing who I would relate with sexually, but I was also making sure that the ones who could create problems would not interfere. In such cases, therapists are likely to continue with: "Your erection and orgasms meant nothing. It was just biological (and therefore insignificant)." Why any society (and its professionals) would attempt to do such a program override on the human sensorial apparatus - the child's innate ability to determine what is painful as opposed to what is pleasing (or neutral) - remains to be documented, explored and understood. There are also serious implication, especially with respect to brain/mind development and potential psychopathology of the socially induced kind.

As a young boy, I could therefore be said to have been "innocent," but only thanks to the innate sensorial "bio knowledge" noted above. I also was not vulnerable to "con jobs," such as someone offering something so that I would agree to be used for their own sexual gratification. Even as a child, I recognized the huge difference between sharing oneself with an individual one likes and being used - which is always associated with rewards such as money, a desired object, or even status fabricated by the ones seeking to selfishly use others. At the far end of the "abuse" spectrum are the ones who just impose or inflict themselves on others; they take what they want, and the victim may be a child, an adolescent, or an adult. Sadly, a high level of abuse exists in modern (and past) socially constructed homosexual to heterosexual male worlds.

A3. When reporting the absence of anal intercourse to others, some have responded with the idea that we somehow avoided anal sex, the assumption being that anal sex should have existed. The concept, however, was quite foreign, even non-existent, probably because we perceived ourselves to be equals. In such "equal" (friend & best-friend) situations, one does not seek to dominate another (nor even think of it), as in 'just' using one's friend for one's [selfish] gratification. In many societies, "fucking" someone has a definite use/abuse flavor, honestly rendered in social responses to the ones doing the sexual penetrating (males with penis). They are deemed to be the superior ones, and the penetrated individuals (whether it be males or females) are defined to be "inferior" simply 'because' they are being sexually penetrated, or as it is made evident via an expression everyone has learned and understand so well: They are "being fucked!"

A4. The Passion was acted in for 2 consecutive years, in grades 4 and 5. The most fascinating experience on-stage was having my head on Richard's chest and listening to his heartbeat. It was a wonderful experience, opening up new possibilities. To this time, my sensual/sexual interactions with males had not involved such intimate behavior - almost replicating the "I and mother are one" situation existing in the womb, or even later when I would fall asleep next to my mother or the other individual (soon to be my aunt via marriage) who took care of me after I was born. At a very young age I was manifesting a strong determination to not sleep alone - in a crib which was more like a cage. Even dogs or cats would not think of imposing such isolation on their newborn offspring, thus indicating that they are not as arrogantly intelligent (ignorant?) as many humans claim to be. Later, I became infamous for making super messes in my diapers, but no one apparently realized that toilet training meant losing the most enjoyable bio sex (complete with erections) I had been experiencing since birth when either of my two mothers were gently cleaning my genital area - with highly predictable results.

A5. My working-class community was interesting, especially because none of the homosexually active boys could ever look at the world, see only men sexually attracted to women (and vice versa) - and therefore conclude - at some level in their minds, possibly in an effort to fit into the only known paradigm - that they must be women (or female) simply because they sexually desire (and would enjoy sexually relating with) likable (or lovable) males. Such a conclusion would have certainly made us all females - an impossibility - and also made us lesbians (another impossibility). Furthermore, we could not conclude that we were "homosexual or fags"  for one simple reason: we then would have all been "homosexuals or fags." This was impossible because we had been told that such individuals were rare, and sick too! The idea that we were all homosexual would have been not only a great violation of social beliefs, but it would have involved conceiving the possibility that all males could be homosexual (which may be the case by biological law as applied to sentient beings such as ourselves), but the conclusion would be an even greater violation of social / cultural (religious, and even professional) beliefs.

The idea, however, that all males could enjoy relating sensually and sexually with other males was a fact, and a homosexual was therefore something else: a man who was somehow like a women and accepted the so-called female sexual role, complete with the manifestation of at least some telltale culturally specific (learned) female-like behavioral indicators. Therefore, by adolescence, homosexual males were believed to be anally receptive, which is the male homosexual behavior most closely resembling the traditional heterosexual main menu: penis-vagina sex. The desire to be friends with the one acting as Jesus and, of course, to have sex with him, was related to not knowing anything about males in the 'milder' category, but I made no effort to become friends with him with given that I was experiencing a life of plenty. He also lived about a mile from my home, thus making a friendship development problematic and time was not available for such endeavors.

A6. Marginal to my immediate community, however, there had been some attempts (not directed at me) at exploitation, but being conned was not a 'therapy-for-life-is-now-needed' situation; it was just perceived to be an act of naivety, often called being "not too bright!" These outcomes also usually happened to young girls who were touched sexually by men - with no "involved" sexual activity resulting from such encounters. As kids, these encounters were not responded to with trauma; it was just a part of growing up in a world where most males would somehow be acquiring a preying-like self-serving (often using / abusing) heterosexuality, or a similar hetero-homosexuality. Both are the opposite of the altruistic "with equality" homo-sexuality I experienced in childhood and early adolescence.

In childhood, I had only one experience with a mid-teen male who exposed himself. Although some people consider this to be child sexual abuse, I have always relegated the word "abuse" to ABUSE, and do not place this event in the "abuse" category. The event, however, was significant, in that I was learning more about true human sexuality in its many forms. Interestingly, one major event for many neighborhood boys (but not for me) was the discovery or realization that their parents were (or at least had been) sexually relating with each other. Proscriptions had also been made with respect to hetero-sex, but nothing had been mentioned about male homosexuality. By the age of 12, another altar boy and I were in a garage discussing whether what we had been enjoying with each other for years was a sin or not, but we did know that sexually relating with girls was a sin. 

To solve this problem, I decided to throw in "sexual activity with other boys" in the list of sins I would be confessing to a Roman Catholic Priest. If the activity was a serious sin, given that sins exist in degrees of seveirty, the priest would surely let me know, but the experience left me without some answers. The priest (and all other priests to whom I later and regularly confessed the same sin) never mentioned that it was a "special sin" and they treated it with no greater severity than saying common swear words.  Furthermore, given that I was accustomed to a certain penance for the sin list, adding homosexual activity had not increased the penance. This experience was a validation experience, as opposed to possibly getting a "mental disorder" diagnosis likely resulting if a psychiatrist or psychologists had been consulted. Luck, however, was on my side, mostly because people in my working-class neighborhood could not afford the expensive harming services of these professionals.  At the age of 12, my friend and I had therefore evaluated our enjoyed experiences and concluded: 'OK, having sex with a girl was a sin because she was obviously different than we are. But having sex with each other, given that were basically the same, was probably not a sin, or a much lesser sin.' To this time, relating sexually with another male had been absolutely NATURAL and highly positive, with bio-negative responses never having been experienced. Furthermore, because we were bio-informed and educated, we perceived males who did not want to relate sexually with other males to be somewhat dysfunctional, but we respected their wishes.

It was therefore almost impossible for us to think of male-male sexual activity in negative terms, except maybe if we had been seriously mentally disordered; this may happen in societies (including ours) where children are taught to think of their bodies in negative terms, and especially to consider genital-related wonderfully positive bio-responses to be negative, bad, and evil. When a society performs such a hard-wiring override of its biological units, anything may then be possible, and knowing this may greatly help those seeking to understand why, in most human societies, the average male can so easily be made into mass-murderers in war situation, no matter what side of a war one is on. Not surprisingly, this outcome is achieved with great effectiveness simply as the result of "the state" pointing to those who are to be hated and destroyed, and mass-murderers do their duty which has increasingly included (especially during the 20th century) the mass-murdering of enemy women and children.

A7. Although I have used the word "gay" to describe myself in the gay/lesbian/bisexual community and in discussions with Dr. Bagley, I have also qualified the description by stating: "But if a scientist did my sexual orientation profile, I would be deemed "bisexual." During adolescence, masturbation fantasies generally involved women, possibly because so many males were sexually available; I also only had romantic love responses for females plus/minus my own age and had girlfriends throughout adolescence and into adulthood. In my late 20s, the last significant relationship with a female resulted in pregnancy and an abortion, and I then was on a road to having and exploring a loving relationship with another male (Note A7.1). It was only at the age of 22, however, that I experienced a strong romantic love response for a same-age male as the result of a male bonding situation, and the response was mutual as revealed by the other male after I reported my wonderful feelings to him. The romantic love response was unexpected because I had not considered the possibility that a male could fall in love with another male, but it was greatly enjoyed and appreciated even if it challenged my beliefs. It was this experience, more than any other, which initiated a quest to understand human sexuality (and related emotions), especially the male sexuality spectrum ranging from heterosexuality to homosexuality, but I was also seeking to understand many other aspects of the universe in which all things are interrelated. (See: The Save-the-World Factor.) My childhood had also given me a wonderful reality foundation related to homo-sexuality so that, by eight-years-old (1958), my knowledge and understanding of homosexuality far exceeded whatever the majority of mental health experts had acquired - most of it being the opposite of reality for these professionals.

A7-1. I have found the psychology of women to be most interesting, especially because they seem to have great difficulty  perceiving themselves to be a male's equal, thus possibly making a relationship between equals nearly impossible between men and women; the problem also involves men's traditional firmly held belief that they are superior to women, thus making friendship (usually an "equality" experience between males) almost impossible between males and females. An important question would therefore be: "Are human females psychologically programmed to be inferior to men and do they behave accordingly?"  At special education forums, women were asked to spend some time looking at television and, for all women appearing on screen, they were asked to substitute a male under all the "learned" and non-biological attributes: such as mannerisms, attitudes, hair length & style, make-up, clothing, etc, and then give an evaluation of this male. The same request was also made of males, and the results were spectacular. As a rule, these substituted males were deemed to be severely lacking, as were the traditional (and contemporary) responses of men (and women) to males deemed to be "like women," or effeminate. Such responses are manifested by boys at a very young age, meaning that their extreme sexism is programmed early (noted also by Bem's "sexual orientation" theory: http://comp9.psych.cornell.edu/dbem/ebe_theory.html..  What is exotic may be erotic (sexually stimulating), but what causes sexual stimulation may not necessarily imply that "love has anything to do with it."  Nor would it be "indifference."  So what is left?

A8. The idea that male homosexuality involves men with adolescent boys has been common, or more like the rule. In fact, it is the most prevalent form of male homosexuality reported to have existed. The "bio knowledge" I had acquired did not permit me to condemn such relationships, but we nonetheless considered such activities to be a bit foreign - somewhat of a violation of the "equality" characterizing our homosexual interactions; some boys involved with men may not perceive themselves to be unequal, and they may even know (and use) their greater power as it was certainly the case for the career delinquent boys Reiss (1961) studied. For us, however, sex was just a part of life in a day mostly dedicated to engaging in non-sexual activities with friends. A learning desire rooted in "curiosity" nonetheless motivated me to set up situations where older males - about 3- to 4-years older - were to request sexually relating with me. After giving the right signals, I would let them make all the moves, thus making it very clear this was something they really wanted. Furthermore, knowing that they masturbated - and especially by juxtaposing in subtle ways "a lack of intelligence" to a potential refusal - was always an ace to be used as needed for the more reluctant. This success was related to the fact that, even by late adolescence, males on the road to becoming self-proclaimed "100% heterosexuals" were still not completely socialized into assuming such mindless identities, and appealing to one's innate self-knowledge - and intelligence - was still possible before adulthood, and even after entering adulthood as I was to discover.

By the age of 32 (1982), I had ventured into the world of (apparently) nonhomophobic males claiming to be 100% heterosexual. This was a challenge requiring access to their body, as it was requested given that their "100% heterosexual identity" claim was being challenged. They were about to learn how they had been socially constructed to become unconscious of certain biological facts, and also unaware of other facts related to their developmental socially constructed heterosexualities.  Jean Genet (from his experiences in prisons, and via his fictional character, Divine) and Norman Mailer's deeply troubled mind when confronted with Divine's assertion that a man who fucks a man is twice the man who does the same to women, greatly contributed to my ability to deconstruct male heterosexuality. Is it possible that heterosexual males who fuck (and even assault) women have all along been everything (such as "wimps") they have accused homosexual men of being? The same "wimp" evaluation also applies to heterosexual males (often in groups) who seek out homosexual males (usually the more effeminate and physically weaker ones) to assault and possibly kill them. Could it therefore be that, someday, the average heterosexual male of today (and yesterday) will been deemed "pathological" in some future DSM book?  What are the psycho-structural implication of men for whom the "projection" phenomenon has been the rule?

Most important, however, would be the implications of human "100% biological bisexuality" in "homophobia" research. The research indicates that males claiming to be 100% heterosexual are the least homophobic (or even apparently, non-homophobic) if they are having regular close contact with homosexuals and if they believe that the cause for homosexuality is biological. Their non-homophobia (or low homophobic levels), however, may be a research-based created delusion which could be called the "Cher syndrome." Cher would have likely been classified non-homophobic, but she manifested her true highly homophobic colors when her daughter, Chastity, revealed her lesbian orientation. It is entirely possible that most (all?) apparently non-homophobic self-identified "There's not a bit of homo in me!" heterosexual people need to be constantly assured of their likely (but non-apparent) highly homophobic delusion. Doing this would be accomplished by having homosexuals in their midst - even very close to them - so they can endlessly be comforted with:

I am not like them! I could not ever be like them because, as most of them always say, and as gay researchers have been demonstrating, "being homosexual" is biologically-based. This means that my heterosexuality is also absolute: biologically-based. Therefore, there's nothing to question! There's no way that I could even be the least bit homosexual! That I could ever be anything like them!
Researcher have yet to learn that pathology, when it comes to "repressed homosexuality," may manifests itself in numerous highly interesting forms, one of the most lethal - disguised as caring, but being in total violation of their medical oath - was the psychiatric decree that all homosexual were mentally disordered. When such a lethally harmful deception is orchestrated by the ones society had deemed to be the experts in a field, anything else must also be possible.

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The Adams et al. 1996 Study - Basic Information  Research Highlights  Discussion/Implications

A Part of P. Tremblay's biography published in Children, Sex and Social Policy by Dr. C. Bagley (1997).

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Implication of the Adams et al. (1996) Study Results for Males Claiming to be 100% Heterosexual.

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The high risk of young males being raped in prisons.

The "high risk" status of gay street youth: North America, Ireland, Australia. Includes great abuse by some homosexually oriented males.

The "Trade" and "Rough Trade" Males: Heterosexual-identified males (including adolescent males) who have "insertive" sex with gay-identified males.

The serious problem-causing harmful nature of Calgary's "Gay & Lesbian Community Services Association" (Formerly gay-identified and called "Gay Lines") when it became under the domination of totalitarian reality-denying lesbian individuals and a similar group of lesbian-approved gay males.

"The basic of "The Psychology of Sperm" concept based on historical North American gay male sexual realities. This phenomenon must be understood if anything positive is ever to develop with respect to ending the ongoing AIDS epidemic in the gay/bisexual male population.

AIDS Calgary (and similar organizations) as a major factor at the causal end of the ongoing AIDS epidemic in the GB male population.

The implication of the human "bisexuality" theory on "homophobia" research and related results.

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